Best Sales Dialer Software To Automate Dialing Process
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Top 6 Sales Dialer Software in 2023 to Close More Deals

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There are many ways to make the dialing process easier for any sales team to work on. This software helps you dial a list of numbers fed to the software and connect to someone’s live or pre-recorded message.

You can use it to dial multiple or individual contacts at once. These software products are time-saving and help close some actual deals with the customers over a phone call.

Sales dialer software eliminates the tedious job of dialing each potential customer and waiting for one call to finish. It can simply deliver the required content to the customer by connecting live with them or sending a pre-recorded message.

There are many sales dialer software in the market these days as it has become a beneficial tool for the sales team to work with.

What are the features of Sales Dialer Software?

Sales Dialer software has many valuable features and capabilities to manually help us juggle through the hectic work of dialing to potential customers.

Here are some features of sales dialer software:

1. Preview dialer features

  • To be aware of the call context, the software user will be given information about the customer.
  • It has a Dialer CRM integration system that extracts information about calls and users and keeps a record by managing it.
  • Users can integrate the software with social media to extract the customer’s social profile that will help in contact with them.
  • You can use the Notes and Tags feature to keep relevant information and essential tips about the phone call so that it’ll be easier to handle the potential customer.

2. Core dialer features

  • It allows the repetition of outgoing calls to the shoppers by the user.
  • You can change and edit your caller id for your customer to see.
  • The software has a button on the computer that can directly make a call when clicked.
  • You can pre-record a voicemail and drop it for the customers if a live sales team member cannot receive the call at the moment.

3. Call follow-up features

  • The software can produce a list of unanswered or unaddressed calls and automatically dial them.
  • Users can send sales emails to the customer that they’ve not been able to reach via call.
  • This application syncs with e-calendars.
  • You can record your calls using this software.
  • As to manage the sales performance, you can use a monitoring tool as well.

Types of Sales Dialer

Sales dialers are very important for your sales team to be efficient and for business to boom. There are primarily three types of sales dialers, and choosing the right type of sales dialer according to your needs is crucial.

1. Click-to-call Dialer

Click-to-call dialer is a valuable feature. If you check a website and you want some more information about it, what do you do? You need to search for its number on the contact us page and then call it from your smartphone. It is a bit tedious of a job.

This feature gives you a call button at one of the corners of the website so that you can click on it without giving any numbers as input or using your smartphone. You can call directly from your laptop, which makes your job easy and time-efficient.

2. List-based Dialer

A list-based Dialer, also known as a Flow dialer, is a type of sales dialer with a list of numbers of the customers you need to call fed to the CRM beforehand. After you initiate the first call, the system automatically regulates all the calls in the sequence flow.

This feature helps your software to schedule the next call and progress quickly towards it. This means that it will be time-efficient and easy to work with.

3. Agent-assisted Dialer

Agent-assisted dialer has an assistant, either a robot or a human agent, who helps filter out the calls that need to reach the sales team. They keep the conversation going and avoid voicemails, gatekeepers, wrong numbers, and other busywork to stay away from the sales rep.

Distinguishing a robot agent and a human agent is crucial. A human agent who can negotiate with your customers and address their compliance would benefit rather than a robot. When the sales rep is ready to take the next call, the agents dial it to them, which helps the sales rep to have a smooth conversation with a potential customer.

Top Sales Dialer Softwares for 2023

1. Krispcall

Krispcall is the perfect software to implement the sales dialing tool. It is a virtual cloud-based softphone system that indulges all the features of a telephony system. Sales dialer is one of the software’s significant facilities. This software helps automate your dialing process, leading to optimization to your sales team productivity.

krispcall cloud-based phone system

Benefits of Krispcall

  • It has a unified dashboard with all the calls, SMS, voicemail in the sab tab.
  • Krispcall gives a shared number that helps to receive calls from multiple devices, hence avoiding a customer’s missed call.
  • The software allows easy international calling for customers that are across the border.
  • It has a call recording and monitoring facility.
  • It has a click-to-call widget.

Pricing Details

This software has three subscription plans.

  • Schedule Free KrispCall demo now.
  • The Essential subscription package at $15.
  • The Standard subscription package at $40.
  • The Enterprise subscription package is designed for large enterprises and KrispCall provides customized solution for understanding the requirements.

2. NICE CXone

NICE CXone is one of the best to use for sales dialing management purposes. People find it easy to use, and it has a user-friendly interface. It has a Click-To-Call feature that makes it easier to dial the customer with just one button.

nice cxone cloud contact center software

Benefits of NICE CXone

  • The software has a predictive dialing facility.
  • It has CRM software integration.
  • It has got an interactive voice response.
  • It has call forwarding and tracking features.

Drawbacks of NICE CXone

  • There might be some glitches while receiving a contact.
  • The audio quality of the recorded call is low.

Pricing Details

NICE CXone (formerly known as NICE inContact) is a free software product. It doesn’t require installation charges either.

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3. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is a perfect tool to use for companies that require call priority management. The software helps in making the most out of the calls. If you used to call 20 agents, after using the software, you’d be able to call more than 30. This software will prove to be very helpful for you to seal the deal with your customers.

vanillasoft sales engagement software

Benefits of VanillaSoft

  • It has an activity dashboard to keep track of your work daily.
  • It has a feature to set appointments.
  • It is easy to use.

Drawbacks of VanillaSoft

  • Logs you out itself once in a while.
  • It freezes temporarily.

Pricing Details

  • Free trial period.
  • For the premium services and features, you need to pay $80, which is the starting price.
  • It does not require any entry-level setup fee.

4. PowerDialer for Salesforce, from XANT

PowerDialer is a software that is popular for its taking down notes feature. PowerDialer for Salesforce, from XANT, formerly has a Click-to-dial feature as well.

powerdialer for salesforce from xant

Benefits of PowerDialer for Salesforce, from XANT

  • It makes the conversation so much easier by enabling writing notes and tags during the call with a customer.
  • You can call with local area codes, making it easier for you to connect with your customers.
  •  The dialing-up speed is rapid.

Drawbacks of PowerDialer for Salesforce, from XANT

  • There may be some problems with the call logs.
  • The performance and speed need to be improved.

Pricing Details

There is no trial version in this software, and it is completely paid for. It also requires an entry-level setup fee.

5. CloudTalk

CloudTalk helps in personalizing your customer support and calls. It’s cloud-based software inspired by the idea of a softphone. This software can help in sales for companies of different reach and sizes.

cloudtalk call center software

Benefits of CloudTalk

  • The voice call has a good audio quality which is very important to close a sales deal.
  •  You can call all your customers at the same number.
  • It has a simple and user-friendly UI.

Drawbacks of CloudTalk

  • The desktop version is a bit unstable.
  • It needs faster support.

Pricing Details

There are three subscription packages for this software:

  • CloudTalk Starter for $20
  • CloudTalk Essential for $25
  • CloudTalk Expert for $40

The features add up as you take the premium subscription. It does not require any entry-level setup.

6. AirCall

AirCall is a sales dialer software with many features to make automated sales dialing very easy and effective. It provides a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) calling feature in its software.

aircall cloud-based call center software

Benefits of Aircall

  • It is effortless to use and user-friendly with an excellent voice audio quality
  • Aircall has a stable connectivity system.
  • The software allows the call recording feature.
  • Another privilege you get by using this software is you can transfer calls between consultants.

Drawbacks of Aircall

  • Countries that don’t have their local server have a problem with connectivity.
  • It can sometimes have audio issues.

Pricing Details

It lets you have a free trial and then has two types of subscriptions.

  • $30 for Essentials package
  • $50 for Professional package
  • The fee for entry-level setup is optional.


Sales Dialer is software that automates calls to your customers by setting up the contact number. It connects you live with your customers or can send them pre-recorded audio. Using a sales dialer, managing your customers, and operating your sales team is more efficient. There are a lot of sales dialing software in the market.

Sales dialing and sales automation features help save your company’s business time and money and help in dealing with your customers efficiently. With this software, you can be more productive with your potential customers than communicating and handling them manually.


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