Best OpenPhone Alternatives and Competitors

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Best OpenPhone Alternatives and Competitors

Are you having trouble finding the best business phone system other than OpenPhone for your business?

If the answer is yes ✔️, then you are in the right spot.

OpenPhone provides feature-packed solutions for businesses of all sizes, but it may not perfectly match your needs due to its limitations in features, scalability, integrations, pricing, and more.

That’s why, we have compiled the Best OpenPhone alternatives that offer better phone systems that may suit your business needs. 

🔑 Key Points

  • We have compared features, considered top customer reviews, and gathered a list of the Top 10 OpenPhone alternatives and competitors.
  • KrispCall is one of the Top alternatives for OpenPhone in terms of features, pricing, customer support, & CRM integration.
  • Vonage, Ooma, RingCentral, and KrispCall offer affordable pricing plans for basic plans.
  • Before choosing the best OpenPhone replacement, Look out for things like features, scalability, integration, 24/7 customer support, and pricing, according to their business needs.

Let’s Get Started! 👇

What is OpenPhone?

OpenPhone is a business phone system suitable for small businesses, solopreneurs, and startups, allowing each business to initiate a secondary phone number. It provides features like VoIP solutions for small companies, routing calls and messages, number porting, unlimited calling minutes, and text to businesses.

What is OpenPhone

It offers a robust and cost-effective business solution for those who need a decent phone system. It integrates with various business tools like Gong, Salesforce, Webhooks, and many more. 

Why are people looking for an OpenPhone alternative?

OpenPhone is a well-known modern business phone system available in the market and provides its services to many small businesses, but due to some of its limitations and drawbacks,  users are seeking an alternative better than OpenPhone.

There are some restrictions and disadvantages to the OpenPhone phone system that people are looking for a better replacement:

  • Lacks Advanced Features: In comparison to its competitors, Openphone lacks features like multi-level IVRs, auto attendants, call routing, and integrations with advanced CRMs.
  • Limited Scalability: It is suitable for small teams; however, as your team expands, you may find it less cost-effective and may lack some advanced features required by larger companies.
  • No Call Recording Feature for the Basic Plan: Unlike its comparison, Openphone offers this feature only in premium plans whereas its top competitors offer this feature in their basic plan.
  • Limited Global Coverage: It has limitations in terms of providing international phone numbers and coverage around the world, which can be a major drawback for businesses with a global presence.

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10 Best OpenPhone Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

There are many OpenPhone alternatives and competitors available in the market offering better phone systems platforms. Due to growing competition in the business phone system market, there are some options available but they may not meet users who are seeking better options. 

So, we have selected the 10 Best OpenPhone alternatives as replacements based on the following criteria:

  • Global Reach
  • Customer Support
  • Advanced Features
  • Scalability
  • Pricing Plan
  • Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Here is what we found in the Top OpenPhone Alternatives Comparison overview:

ProvidersPricingFeaturesBest for
KrispCallStarts at $15 /user/monthShared Phone Number, Number Porting, Smart IVR, Voicemail, Call Routing, Unified CallboxSuitable for all types of business
AircallStarts at $30 /user/monthWarm Transfer, International Numbers, Shared Contacts, IVR, Business HourSmall to large-sized businesses
NextivaStarts at $25.95 /user/monthCall Forwarding, Auto Attendant, Unlimited Calling, Call Transfer, Video ConferencingSmall and medium-sized businesses
CloudTalkStarts at $25 / user/monthConference Calls, Call Back, Performance Reports, International Numbers, Call MonitoringSmall to large-sized businesses
JustCallStarts at $25 /user/monthJustCall Workspace, Call Monitoring, Team Management, Call WhisperingSmall to medium-sized businesses
GrasshopperStarts at $29 /user/monthReporting, Ruby Receptionist, Instant Response, Extensions VoicemailSmall businesses and entrepreneurs
Vonage Starts at $13.99 /user/monthCall Routing, Extension, Simultaneous Ring, Business MMS & SMS, Do Not DisturbAll businesses sizes 
RingCentralStarts at $20 /user/monthVisual Voicemail, Fax, Caller ID, Extensions, Routes Call AutomaticallySmall to medium-sized businesses
OomaStarts at $19.95 /user/monthCall Analytics, Call Waiting, Text Messaging, Multi-Ring, Ring GroupsSmall to medium-sized businesses
GoTo ConnectStarts at $27 /user/monthPhone Number Extension, Number Porting & Transfers, Call Routing, Custom Message & Greetings, Virtual FaxSmall-mid sized  business

1. KrispCall

KrispCall stands out as one of the best alternatives to OpenPhone, a business phone system that enhances the call management process of your business with a range of cloud telephony features. It offers a virtual phone system to make inbound and outbound calls, making it cost-effective and efficient communication.

KrispCall one of best OpenPhone Alternative

It offers affordable pricing plans and provides advanced call management features like voice-to-email transcription, call forwarding, custom greetings, call routing, and many more, enhancing your team’s workflow and efficiency.

KrispCall is well known for excellent 24/7 human support, live call monitoring, and 99.99% uptime reliability.  KrispCall provides an IVR phone tree feature to increase engagement, simplify caller interactions, and boost interaction efficiency.

KrispCall integrates with popular CRM tools like Zapier, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zendesk, Zoho, Slack, and Salesforce to enhance customer experience and interaction.

🔍 KrispCall Top Features

💰 KrispCall Pricing

Essential$15 /user/month
Standard$40 /user/month

What our Customers are Saying

“KrispCall is a game-changer for small businesses like ours. Its flexible cloud phone system allows us to stay connected on the go. The reliable performance and ease of use have greatly improved our communication. KrispCall truly has been a valuable asset for our operations.

  – Robert Jones, Account Executive

❌  KrispCall Limitations

  • Applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux are unavailable right now.

2. Aircall

Another best OpePhone competitor is Aircall, It is a virtual phone system that offers complete solutions to sales, phone systems, eCommerce, and contact centers. It integrates with various business tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Pipedrive, and many more.

Aircall as  OpenPhone Alternatives

Aircall is one of the well-established and reliable business phone systems that offer a budget-friendly pricing plan, ease of use, and provides great quality calls to make the customer delighted. 

🔍 Aircall Features

  • Warm Transfer
  • International Numbers
  • Shared Contacts 
  • IVR
  • Business Hours

💰 Aircall Pricing

Basic$30 /user/month
Premium$50 /user/month
EnterpriseContact Sales

❌ Aircall Limitations

  • Limited Global Coverage.
  • Customization Options are limited.
  • Lacks customer support for Mac users.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva, a great alternative to the OpenPhone phone system, is a modern business phone system that provides a wide range of business solutions for simplifying business communication and enhancing productivity. 

Nextiva as OpenPhone Alternatives

Nextiva offers a user-friendly interface for making business communication easier. It provides advanced features like auto attendant, call routing, caller ID, toll-free numbers, voicemail transcription, and many more.

🔍 Nextiva Features

  • Call Forwarding
  • Auto Attendant
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Call Transfer
  • Video Conferencing

💰 Nextiva Pricing

Plans Pricing
Essential$25.95 /user/month
Professional$30.95 /user/month
Enterprise$40.95 /user/month

❌ Nextiva Limitations

  • Expensive for startups and small businesses.
  • The customization option is limited.
  • Customer support is not good.

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4. CloudTalk

CloudTalk emerges as an OpenPhone alternative, a virtual phone system that offers 70+ features like call monitoring, business hours, call transfer, click-to-call, call back, real-time customer card, and many more.

Cloudtalk as OpenPhone Alternatives

CloudTalk is well known for its quick, efficient, and supportive customer service accessible via multiple customer channels. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for the users to steer through its features and manage the calls.

🔍 CloudTalk Features

  • Conference Calls
  • Call Back
  • International Numbers
  • Call Monitoring

💰  CloudTalk Pricing 

Starter$25 /user/month
Essential$30 /user/month
Expert$50 /user/month
CustomContact Sales Team

❌ CloudTalk Limitations

  • Carriers are Limited.
  • Unstable performance of CloudTalk IOS mobile apps.
  • To get customer service, you need to purchase top packages.

5. JustCall

JustCall, another OpenPhone alternative, is a feature-packed business phone system suitable for support, sales, and report teams. It allows you to automate various tasks and connect with many clients at a time. 

JustCall as OpenPhone Alternatives

It helps business owners and managers streamline their business operations, leading to team productivity, and can enhance your communication with your valued customers. It offers features like call extensions, call forwarding, scheduled calls, voicemail, and many more.

🔍 JustCall Features

  • JustCall Workspace
  • Call Monitoring
  • Team Management
  • Call Whispering

💰 JustCall Pricing

Standard$25 /user/month
Premium$50 /user/month
EnterpriseRequest Quote

❌ JustCall Limitations

  • Steep Learning Curve.
  • Call Quality is not so good.
  • High pricing plan.

6. Grasshopper 

Grasshopper, another best choice as an alternative to Nextiva, is a business phone system that offers both hosted and on-premise solutions for businesses of all sizes. It offers a VoIP phone system to make both inbound and outbound calls via the Internet connection. 

Grasshopper as OpenPhone Alternatives

Grasshopper VoIP phone system is easy to install and offers a wide range of business features like custom greetings, simultaneous call handling, business texting, wifi calling, virtual fax, business phone number, and many more. 

It has been in the global market for more than 15+ years and provides its services to small and medium-sized businesses.

🔍 Grasshopper Features

  • Reporting
  • Ruby Receptionist
  • Instant Response
  • Extensions
  • Voicemail

💰  Grasshopper Pricing

Solo$29 /user/month
Partner$49 /user/month
Small Business$2 /user/month

❌  Grasshopper Limitations

  • Limited Scalability to Larger Teams.
  • Lacks advanced features like CRM Integration, and Call Analytics.

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7. Vonage

Vonage, an OpenPhone competitor, is a well-known business phone system offering a range of enterprise products like unified communication, contact center solutions, and communication APIs. Vonage is suitable for small and mid-sized business organizations, offering a range of services for enhancing your business communication.

Vonage as OpenPhone Alternatives

Vonage offers 50+ exclusive features like never miss a call, Vonage meetings, business inbox, virtual receptionist, and many more, to create an ideal virtual phone system for your business.

🔍 Vonage Features

  • Call Routing
  • Extension
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Business MMS & SMS
  • Do Not Disturb

💰 Vonage Pricing

Basic$13.99 /user/month
Premium$20.99 /user/month
Advanced$27.99 /user/month

❌ Vonage Limitations

  • Lacks Features like Call Analytics and Multi-level IVR.
  • Customer support is not good.

8. RingCentral

RingCentral, one of the top alternatives to OpenPhone, is a well-known and trusted VoIP phone system suitable for businesses of all sizes. It has been in the market for more than 20+ years, providing feature-rich and affordable solutions for business communication. 

RingCentral as OpenPhone Alternatives

RingCentral allows you to link your actual number to a toll-free or business phone number, allowing you to handle both calls and messages effectively from any part of the world. It is easy to use and integrates with many business tools like Zendesk, Slack, Zapier, Salesforce, and many more.

🔍 RingCentral Features

  • Visual Voicemail
  • Fax
  • Caller ID
  • Extensions
  • Routes Call Automatically

💰 RingCentral Pricing

Core $20 /user/month
Advance$25 /user/month
Ultra$35 /user/month

❌ RingCentral Limitations

  • Limited Extensions.
  • Limited Voicemail Storage.
  • Limited call analytics and collaboration tools.

9. Ooma

Ooma is another noteworthy OpenPhone alternative, offering a business phone system to small business owners and managers to enhance their teamwork and productivity. It allows businesses to make and receive calls, and manage and access business conversations from any geographical location.

Ooma as OpenPhone Alternatives

RingCentral phone system is easy to set up and offers more than 35+ features including call park, voice mail, ring group, call screening, virtual receptionist, and many more. It provides better call connection for many businesses with unlimited calling available in the country like Canada, Mexico, and the USA.

🔍 Ooma Features

  • Call Analytics
  • Call Waiting
  • Text Messaging
  • Multi Ring
  • Ring Groups

💰 Ooma Pricing

Ooma Office Essentials$19.95 /user/month
Ooma Office Pro$24.95 /user/month
Ooma Office Pro Plus$27.99 /user/month

❌ Ooma Limitations

  • Doesnot integrate with Third-party tools like CRM or HelpDesk.
  • Occasionally a Call drops.
  • Lacks advanced features for large enterprises.

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10. GoTo Connect

Lastly, GoTo Connect is another best choice as an OpenPhone Alternatives is a cloud-based business phone system suitable for small or mid-sized businesses offering a wide range of features like virtual voicemail, hot desking, call filtering, call on hold, and many others.

GoTo Connect as OpenPhone Alternatives

It offers an all-in-one communication platform where you can manage phone calls, messages, and video meetings, from any part of the world.

🔍 GoTo Connect Features

  • Phone Number Extension
  • Number Porting & Transfers
  • Call Routing
  • Custom Message & Greetings
  • Virtual Fax

💰 GoTo Connect Pricing

Basic$27 /user/month
Standard$32 /user/month

❌ GoTo Connect Limitations

  • Integration with third-party tools is limited
  • Buggy Mobile apps 
  • Outbound call handling is limited


OpenPhone is one the best modern phone systems available on the market however there are even better alternatives in terms of features, pricing, customer support, and many more. 

When searching for an OpenPhone alternative, focus on what’s essential. We’ve explored the top choices, each with its strengths to fulfill your business requirements.

If you’re wondering about having a phone system with a feature-packed solution, KrispCall is our top pick. It provides plans starting at just $15 /user/month with advanced features like a Unified Callbox, 24/7 human support, and an impressive 99.999% uptime.

Arun Chaudhary

Arun is SEO Analyst at KrispCall. He has written in extensively in the field of cloud telephony and call center solutions.

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