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Best BroadVoice Alternatives & Competitors



Best BroadVoice Alternatives And Competitors

Tired 😴 of BroadVoice’s lack of features? Are you looking for a substitute for BroadVoice?

In this article, you will get to know about BroadVoice, its features, and limitations. We will help you explore the top 10 BroadVoice alternatives and compare their features with pricing so that you can choose the 👍best alternative among them.

Get Ready to find the perfect VoIP alternative for your business. 💡

🔑 Key Highlights

  • We compared pricing structures, and features, and compiled a list of the top BroadVoice alternatives and competitors.
  • KrispCall stands out as the best alternative to BroadVoice in terms of features, customer service, quality, and price.
  • GoTo Connect offers 100+ features making it the best alternative for BroadVoice in terms of advanced features.
  • 8×8 can include up to 500 members in a video conferencing call with no time limit.
  • One should book free demos, run free trials, check the price, and look at customer reviews and ratings before choosing the best alternative to BroadVoice.

What is BroadVoice?

BroadVoice is a cloud-based communication provider that provides VoIP solutions for businesses. It provides various services like Cloud PBX, Virtual Contact Center, and SIP Trunking to optimize business connectivity.


BroadVoice’s primary platform is b-hive, a cloud phone solution, that provides various features according to the subscription plan.

Top Reasons Why People Look for BroadVoice Alternatives 

Having a reliable communication system is essential for any business in today’s fast-paced business environment. Although BroadVoice offers various VoIP solutions and contact center services, businesses may seek alternatives to BroadVoice to meet their specific requirements due to plenty of reasons. 

Here are some of the limitations of BroadVoice due to which people are looking for its alternatives:

  • Limited Business Integration Tools: One of the main reasons why people are looking for other alternatives to BroadVoice is because of its limited integration of business tools. If people use various CRM business tools like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zendesk, then people might look for other substitutes since BroadVoice lacks these platforms.
  • Lack of Customer Support: Another main reason why people are looking for BroadVoice Alternatives is because of the lack of customer and sales support. According to many customers, the customer support of BroadVoice is slower than other competitors, and sometimes, they take a lot of time to answer their queries.
  • Lack of User-Friendly Interface: The limitation of BroadVoice is the lack of a user-friendly interface. Customers want to experience a good UI design while using any application, so they can easily access any features. However, BroadVoice lacks a better user-friendly interface, so many customers opt for other VoIP alternatives.
  • Limited Service Availability to Other Countries Besides the US: The final reason why people are looking for other alternatives is that there is a monthly call limit of just 1000 minutes and their main platform b-hive is not available internationally. BroadVoice is primarily focused on the US market and only people living in the USA can use this platform.

10 Best BroadVoice Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

There are various alternatives and competitors of BroadVoice. We have selected the list of BroadVoice substitutes with a comparison of features and pricing based on the following criteria:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Cost
  • Advanced Features
  • Quality of Calls
  • Business Integration Tools
  • Global Reach
  • UI/UX Design
  • Customer Support
CompetitorsPricings/ monthFeaturesBest for
KrispCallStarts at $15Unified Callbox, Voicemail Transcription, Call RecordingCloud PBX, Call Management, and Analytics
CloudTalkStarts at $25Call Queuing, Call Routing, IVRBusinesses looking to collaborate with integration tools.
GoTo ConnectStarts at $27Video Conferencing, Call AnalyticsGood Call Quality 
8×8Contact Sales TeamOmniChannel Analytics, Streamlined Video ChatEnhancement of Customer Service in the businesses with contact center
RingCentralStarts at $30Cloud PBX, Call Management and AnalyticsSet of Advanced VoIP Features
VonageStarts at $20Call Monitoring and Analytics, Team MessagingTeam Messaging
NextivaStarts at $19Call Pop, Call Recording and AnalyticsUnified Communications
WebEx CallingStarts at $15Webinar, Video Meetings, Call RecordingHD Video Conferencing
AirCallStarts at $30Power Dialer, Real-time Call MonitoringCustomer and Sales Department Team in Call Centers
DialerHQStarts at $15Power Dialer, Real time call analyticsFlexibility and Scalability in Businesses

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a cloud-based telephony platform whose primary objective is to provide virtual phone numbers with the best and most modern VoIP features. It is suitable for all types of organizations. You can get connected globally with your clients, and business partners in an affordable price range through KrispCall. 

Not only that, the 24/7 customer and sales assistance will help you choose a better and more affordable BroadVoice alternative for a cloud contact center platform. 

KrispCall as the best BroadVoice Alternative

One of KrispCall’s unique features, Unified Callbox, helps to manage all cloud communication services which includes SMS, MMS, and inbound and outbound calls, all in a single dashboard platform.

KrispCall has integrated with various business tools like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Slack to improve the customer’s communication and satisfy the user’s experience.

With a better user-friendly interface, high audio quality, and an affordable contact center solution plan, KrispCall is the best option for BroadVoice.

🔍KrispCall Features

💲KrispCall Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
Standard $40
EnterpriseContact the Sales

🔊Hear what customers are saying about KrispCall

“KrispCall is a great fit for our large business. It has an amazing dashboard and quick purchasing system for UK numbers which allows us to do our job much faster.”

Peter Reese Team Lead, Eva Guru

❌Limitations of KrispCall

  • Incompatible with Mac and Windows systems
  • Lack of Multi-Language feature
📆Request a free KrispCall’s demo now!

2. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a cloud-based business calling software that’s mainly used by call center organizations which includes customer and sales services. It automates their workflow tasks and improves work performance through call analytics.

CloudTalk as BroadVoice Alternative
CloudTalk as BroadVoice Alternative

CloudTalk is a better alternative to BroadVoice if you are using CRM tools often for better business communication. With over 20+ business integration tools, it empowers businesses to maintain the customer engagement rate and manage their relationship with them.

🔍CloudTalk Features

  • Call Center Software
  • Call Queuing and routing
  • Performance Analytics

💲CloudTalk Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)

❌CloudTalk Limitations

  • No Option for Number Sharing
  • Limited Features in the Starter or Lower priced plan

3. GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is a robust cloud-based phone system that integrates with various business communication tools through 100 features. The cloud-based solutions of GoTo Connect have the scalability feature which enables organizations to maintain the workload according to the change in business needs.

GoTo Connect as BroadVoice Alternative

GoTo Connect has its main feature, Dynamic Call Matching, which updates and organizes your information automatically. What makes GoTo Connect a better substitute or a competitor is its faster customer service, better call quality, easier setup, and integration with business CRM tools.

🔍GoTo Connect Features

  • Unified Communications
  • Auto Attendant
  • Virtual Voicemail

💲GoTo Connect Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
EnterpriseContact the Sales Team

❌GoTo Connect Limitations

  • Video Conferencing feature is limited up to 40 minutes with only 4 people.
  • Must Need a reliable internet connection, otherwise there will be a lag.

4. 8×8

8×8 is a cloud-based communication system offering various VoIP services to enhance better business productivity. It provides an easy-to-use and secured UCaaS and XCaaS (Experience Communication as a Service). It boosts employee productivity by integrating videos, chats, and contact centers into one single platform.

8x8 as BroadVoice Alternative

8×8 could be a better alternative to BroadVoice because of its better call routing, HD voice quality, handle the high volume of calls. Also, it can include up to 500 participants in a video conference with no time restrictions.

🔍8×8 Features

  • Call Distribution
  • Omnichannel Analytics
  • Visual Voicemail

💲8×8 Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)

❌8×8 Limitations

  • Users have issues with dropped calls while Call Transferring
  • No Caller ID data in the Call History 

5. RingCentral

RingCentral is another BroadVoice alternative in this list, that provides collaboration features, and AI-based solutions, that empower businesses with Quick Messaging, and Transparent Audio Calls using a single platform.

RingCentral as BroadVoice Alternative

RingCentral could be another appropriate BroadVoice alternative for small to medium-sized businesses. Its main service, The AI- First Contact Center RingCX provides voice channels in a single platform for the effectiveness of all call agents.

🔍RingCentral Features

  • Push to Talk
  • Video Meetings and Webinar
  • AI First Smart Automation

💲RingCentral Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
Advanced $35

❌RingCentral Limitations

  • Lacks Do Not Disturb Mode Feature
  • Limited Features in Core Plan
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6. Vonage

Vonage is a telecommunication service provider that provides conversational AI and automation features with UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) solutions through Vonage Fusion.

Vonage as BroadVoice Alternative

Vonage offers a better multimedia platform with a simple and easy interface for the users. With better customer service and 99.99 uptime reliability, Vonage could be another better replacement for BroadVoice


  • AI and Automation
  • Team Messaging
  • Call Monitoring and Analytics


PlanPricing (month/user)

❌Vonage Limitations

  • There is a limit of 30 API requests per second when sending outbound SMS via US-long virtual numbers.
  • Might be Hard to set up for some users.

7. Nextiva

Nextiva is a cloud phone system providing virtual communication software that offers various VoIP features to boost employee productivity.

Nextiva as BroadVoice Alternative

Nextiva offers a better dashboard than BroadVoice to improve clients’ satisfaction as well as low hold time to measure the efficiency of inbound and outbound calls. It eliminates the need for traditional phone systems by providing cloud-based communication services to businesses.

🔍Nextiva Features

  • Call Screening
  • Call Park
  • Three Way Calling

💲Nextiva Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)

❌Nextiva Limitations

  • No SMS, VoiceMail, and Call Filters
  • Single Sign-in feature only available at the Enterprise Plan

8. WebEx Calling

WebEx Calling is a cloud-based telephony system that provides features that are built mainly for mid-sized businesses. WebEx has a Virtual PBX system capability by making calls with extension as well as Direct Dial numbers.

WebEx Calling as BroadVoice Alternative

WebEx Calling uses CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) solutions to transform user experience with better customer interactions than BroadVoice.

🔍WebEx Calling Features

  • Webinar
  • Video Meetings
  • Call Recording

💲WebEx Calling Pricing 

PlanPricing (month/user)
EnterpriseContact Sales

❌WebEx Calling Limitations

  • WebEx User Interface Design
  • Can Send up to 6 messages per minute

9. AirCall 

The other BroadVoice Alternative in this list is AirCall. AirCall provides various features like Interactive Voice Response and Call Analytics. It could be used mainly by the customer and sales team for proper analysis of calls.

AirCall as BroadVoice Alternative

AirCall can be the best alternative if you are looking for better call monitoring through integration of various CRM business tools. 

🔍AirCall Features

  • Call center software
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Power Dialer
PlanPricing (month/user)
EnterpriseContact Sales

❌AirCall Limitations

  • Expensive for small-scaled and startup businesses
  • Issues in Call Quality Sometimes
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10. DialerHQ

If you are looking for another BroadVoice alternative, DialerHQ could be a good choice. DialerHQ is a cloud-based VoIP service provider. Its Power Dialer platform enables businesses to improve communication and manage outbound calls.

DialerHQ as BroadVoice Alternative

DialerHQ offers various VoIP features that can improve communication for personal as well as professional purposes. It provides flexibility and scalability in business since it operates cloud-based infrastructure and offers scalable dialing capacity to increase or decrease call volumes.

🔍DialerHQ Features

  • Power Dialer
  • Call Recording
  • Real-time Analytics

💲DialerHQ Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
Silver $25

❌DialerHQ Limitations

  • Toll-Free Numbers are limited to the US and Canada only.
  • Hard to Handle High Call Volumes

And The Top Contender For BroadVoice Alternative Is…

You can find many BroadVoice alternatives or replacements in the business market. Each VoIP service provider has its platform, features, and capabilities that can be specialized according to the size of your business and needs as well as budget and preference of what type of services you want.

Among various alternatives, the best alternative you can go for is KrispCall with its affordable pricing plan, global reach of up to 100+ countries, best customer 24/7 support, and unique Unified Callbox dashboard.

KrispCall serves all your business needs whether your business is small, mid-sized, startup, or large-scale with a limited budget. If you are seeking more advanced VoIP features, KrispCall is the perfect BroadVoice alternative.

So, Hurry up and book KrispCall’s free demo right now to get a reliable business phone system.

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