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Best Google Voice Alternatives & Competitors



Google Voice alternative and Competitor krispcall feature

Are you a Google Voice user?🌐Google Voice is a popular tool allowing easy and simple communication. Many users find it easy to communicate. However, when it comes to business needs, exploring advanced options like Google VoIP for business becomes crucial.

But, technology evolves so quickly that people want more advanced features that Google Voice does not😢 have. There are limited features and lots of challenges in Google Voice.

Don’t be sad this is the reason we have listed the Best Google Voice VoIP alternatives.😄

This article will explore the top Google Voice alternatives and competitors’ prices, features, and many more.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • We analyzed the top features compared the customer reviews, and created a list of the best Google Voice competitors and alternatives.
  • KrispCall is one of the best Google Voice replacements for telecommunication including features like Unified callbox and 24/7 human support at a very affordable rate.
  • Zoom Phone is among the top apps for Google Voice alternatives, providing a free telecommunication service for its basic plan
  • Goto Meeting offers top features like an Automated Attendant and Drag and Drop interface 
  • Tips before choosing a Google Voice alternative include key features and game-changing features.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is the telecommunication service provided by Google to manage your communication including various features like managing phone numbers, text messages, voicemail transcriptions, call forwarding, and many more. 

Google Voice for Business

With Google Voice number users can handle both personal and business communication. For 😳seamless integration with your business activities, consider exploring options like Google Workspace.

Example: John wants to handle his business as well as personal life with a single phone number, with lots of features like transcribing voicemails into texts, Call forwarding, and many more, Google Voice is a tool where you can manage all of these.

Why are people still searching for Google Voice alternatives when Google Voice is so popular?

Despite standing💪 as a leading player in the VoIP industry Google Voice does not😒 entirely satisfy the the telecommunication as well as a business owner also. It still has lots of issues and limitations which is why people look for Google Voice alternative for business.

  • Lack of customer service support: Google Voice does not offer good customer service support, if you have any problems or questions, it can be very difficult to get the answer
  • Call quality issue: Users may experience issues with the quality of the phone calls on Google Voice. Call may not always sound clear and reliable.
  • Texting and calling limitations: Google Voice has specific restrictions when in terms of texting and calling. For example, there are limitations on international calls, and not all countries are supported.
  • Google Voice app not ringing: Another common problem is the app does not ring when you get an incoming call.
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10 Best Google Voice alternatives and competitors in 2024

There are many Google Voice substitutes available in the market, But not all of them are suitable for your needs. 

So, we have listed the best Google Voice replacements, based on the following criteria so, you can choose the right one that suits your needs🙌

  • Customer Reviews
  • Call Quality
  • Modern Features
  • Customer Support & Many more

Here is what we get in the best services similar to Google Voice or personal use and business comparison overview:

KrispCallStars from 15$ per monthUnified callbox, Advanced IVR, In-app call analytics/ VoIP or wifi calling
Twilio Flex1$ per active user per hourCall recording, Call monitoring, Voicemails, and Call controls
Ooma OfficeStarts from 19.95$Live captions, Screen sharing, Call recording
Goto MeetingStarts from 12$ per monthHD Video conferencing, Up to 25 webcams, Live chat, One-click meetings
8×8Starts from 12$ per user per monthSpeech and text analytics, Reporting & Analytics, CX journey mapping
VoicentStars from 29$Auto dialer, IVR studio, Call monitoring, Call transfer
Zoom PhoneThe basic plan is FreeTeam chat, Virtual meeting, Call delegation, Call takeover
Ring CentralStarts from 30$Answering rules, Call park, Call forwarding 
AircallStarts from 30$Interactive voice response, Call routing, Business hours
DialpadStarts from 15$Number porting, Visual voicemail, Call park, Call flip

1. KrispCall 

KrispCall is one of the best Google Voice replacements, providing advanced telecommunication features for those who are searching for alternatives to a Google Voice account.

KrispCall Best Google Voice Alternative

It includes advanced telecommunication features like advanced IVR, Phone tree, Call routing, Call forwarding, 24/7 customer support, and many more. 

Between your communication, you can easily manage your conversation without switching the apps. Connect effortlessly with popular platforms like HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Zapier, Zendesk, and many more. With excellent call quality, KrispCall features allow you to manage personal, and business telephony through a user-friendly dashboard.

KrispCall Features

  • Make calls to anyone, with just one tap on your screen: Stay connected with loved ones, colleagues, and clients without international calling charges or distance barriers. Build stronger relationships and collaborate seamlessly across borders.
  • Always on a voicemail never miss a call: Enjoy peace of mind knowing every caller reaches you, day or night. Respond at your convenience and never miss important updates.
  • View all conversations in one dashboard: Professional sitting at your desk, smoothly switching between calls, emails, and team chats on a single screen.
  • Automated call routing through menus: Direct call to the right person or department in seconds, eliminating hold times and frustration.
  • Voicemail to Email: With voicemail to email, your messages land safely in your inbox, even if you’re offline. Never miss important, even if there is no Wi-Fi. 

💰KrispCall Pricing

Essential$12/user/month (if paid annually)

KrispCall limitations

  • Incompatible with Linux system
  • Limited problem solving

What are our Customers Saying about us?

“KrispCall is a game-changer for small businesses like ours. Its flexible cloud phone system allows us to stay connected on the go. The reliable performance and ease of use have greatly improved our communication. KrispCall truly has been a valuable asset for our operations.” – Robert Jones, Account Executive

“Overall call quality was great. Also call recordings are of high quality.” – Olivia Morris, 

Try KrispCall free demo

Instant Activation-Cancel Anytime

2. Twilio Flex 

Twilio Flex is similar to Google Voice, it is a platform where you can add your communication setups, whether new or already in use. Twilio provides customizable voice calls and lets you set up a flexible contact center. 

Twilio Flex as Google Voice Alternative

You can know how your contacts are doing and how people are using them, and you can make changes to improve your program.

Twilio Features

  • Smart Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Power Dialers 
  • Integrations 


Contact Sales Person

Twilio Limitations

  • Complex and limited features
  • Expensive Pricing

3. Ooma Office

Ooma is one of the best Google Voice alternatives for small businesses. It is a virtual phone system that is designed for personal and business communication. It provides services similar to Google Voice for small businesses and large ones.

Ooma Office as Google Voice Alternative

Ooma office connects with popular software including Skype, and Google Workspace, and it also supports API integrations to make it easy for business activities.

Ooma Office Features

  • Call recording
  • Caller ID 
  • Multi rings
  • Rings group



Ooma Office Limitations

  • Limitations in Ooma business products
  • Issues in call logs update
  • Lack of customizable options.

4. Goto Meeting

Goto Meeting is one of the best Google Voice similar apps for online meetings, desktop sharing, and video conferencing, allowing users to connect over the internet.

Goto Meeting as Google Voice Alternative

 It provides a set of tools for online meetings, including live screen sharing and integrated audio.

Goto Features


EnterpriseContact sales team

Goto Limitations

  • Challenging setup which may confuse users
  • International Dailing restrictions for a few countries
  • Limited Access

5. 8×8

8×8 is an affordable VoIP service, it comes with useful phone system features. The x2 plan is the basic one that offers unlimited calls within the country, messaging, and video meetings.

8x8 as Google Voice Alternative

 You can share content and hold audio or video conferences with up to 500 people.

8×8 Features



8×8 Limitations

  • The customer score is not very impressive
  • The more advanced the service becomes the higher the price 

6. Voicent 

Voicent provides services similar to Google Voice. It boosts productivity by dialing numbers automatically. It skips busy signals, no answer, and disconnected lines. If it reaches an answering machine, it will leave a voicemail.

Voicent as Google Voice Alternatiive

Predictive dialers make agents more productive by saving time. Instead of manually calling and waiting for lines to connect, the dialer handles it faster.

Voicent Features

  • FTC Compliance
  • Lead Management
  • List Management
  • Reporting/Analytics


EnterpriseContact sales team

Voicent Limitations

  • Challenges in setting IVR
  • Limited integrations

7. Zoom Phone

Another Google Voice similar app is Zoom Phone. Zoom is considered one of the best services similar to Google Voice for texting and managing small and large businesses. It’s a platform that gathers all your communication tools in one place, including meetings, chat, phone, and more.

Zoom Phone as Google Voice Alternative

Zoom Phone offers a free telecommunication service for its basic plan, making it an attractive Google Voice alternative free of charge.

Zoom Features

  • Chat thread summarized
  • Multi-language support
  • Draft an email response
  • Online webinars 


Business PlusContact sales team

Zoom Limitations

  • Privacy issues
  • Difficulty in multi-tasking
  • Technical issues

8. RingCentral

Ring Central is one of the top choices for Google Voice alternatives. It combines communication and collaboration features, where you can use them on different devices.

RingCentral as Google Voice Alternative

RingCentral gives you unlimited calling in the US, Canada provides your call log reports, and many more. If you pay a higher price you will get more advanced features like toll-free numbers and others.

RingCentral Features

  • Multi-device usage
  • Unlimited calling for the US and Canada
  • Call logs reports
  • Document sharing



Ring Central Limitations

  • No CRM integration in the basic plan
  • No support for the base plan
  • Some issues with the mobile application

9. Aircall 

Aircall is one of the best Google voice replacements that enables you to have meaningful conversations. 

Aircall as Google Voice Alternative

You can easily set up a phone system within minutes, integrate it into your workflow, and enhance conversations with valuable data.

Aircall Features

  • Interactive voice response
  • Call conference solution
  • Parallel calls
  • Time-based routing


Contact sales team

Aircall Limitations

  • At least three users must register for the service
  • The price per user is expensive

10. Dialpad 

Dialpad is one of the best Google voice choices. Their AI-powered solution is designed for customer sales and team collaboration. 

Dialpad as Google Voice Alternative

Their filters help you to stop annoying automated spam calls, so you can only receive calls from people who genuinely want to talk to you.

Dailpad Features

  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Three-way call
  • High definitions of phone calls
  • Call Routing


EnterpriseContact sales team

Dialpad Limitations

  • Cost extra for toll-free numbers
  • 24/7 support included in premium plans

🎁Bonus Tips: Things to consider before choosing Google Voice Alternative

While looking for alternatives, look for a Google Voice equivalent that not only meets your needs but also comes at an affordable cost.

When you think🤔 about VoIP, Google Voice comes into your mind but there are major limitations like lack of customer service support and difficulty in managing contacts that’s why people search for  Google Voice substitutes. 

  • Key Features to Look for: Search for a Google Voice alternative with essential features like Advanced IVR, Voicemail to email, Toll-Free support, 24/7 customer support, and vanity numbers.
  • Game-Changing Features: Look for game-changing features, such as multiple numbers in a single phone and a dedicated business phone number, which can significantly impact business marketing.
  • Effective Business Marketing: Consider how features like multiple numbers and a business phone number can be effectively utilized in your business marketing strategies. 
  • Look for a free demo or free trial🔍: Make sure that the service provider offers a free demo, allowing you to explore and learn more about the Google Voice alternative before purchasing.
  • Affordability Check: It’s a good idea to verify that your chosen Google Voice replacement not only meets your needs but also comes at an affordable cost.

Final Thoughts & Best Google Voice Substitutes is..

Google Voice is one of the top-level telecommunication service providers, but there are superior service providers in the market. You can look for factors like features, cost, demos, trials, etc. 

While telecommunication service providers like Ooma and Aircall offer lots of features, KrispCall stands out as our top choice, along with other Google Voice similar apps, with smooth communication features like predictive dialers, smart dialers, and phone tree IVR in over 100 countries with 24/7 human support. 

KrispCall offers communication solutions at a budget-friendly price of just 12$ users per month ensuring no comparison of features.


What are the best alternatives to Google Voice?

There are plenty of apps like Google Voice each offering unique features, and advantages. Some of the top choices are KrispCall and Twilio Flex which provide services similar to Google Voice. KrispCall offers you advanced features like Call Analytics and Phone Tree IVR

Which alternative allows for international calling?

Almost all of them allow for international calling, but KrispCall offers international calling in more than 100 countries including rich features like Toll-Free Numbers, Vanity, Local, and many more at only 12$/user/month. 

Which Google Voice alternative is most user-friendly?

KrispCall is recognized for its user-friendly interface and seamless communication features. Its cloud-based virtual phone system is trusted by thousands of global companies, offering advanced IVR, call routing, call forwarding, and 24/7 customer support. Additionally, alternatives like Zoom Phone and Aircall are known for their user-friendly setups and interfaces. 

What is Google Voice alternative UK?

If you looking for a Google Voice alternative for the UK, KrispCall can be the perfect solution for you where you can have many advanced features like Unified Callbox, Phone Tree, and many more at an affordable rate 

What app is similar to Google Voice?

There are plenty of apps similar to Google Voice, which offer better than Google Voice plans one of them is KrispCall offering many rich features like Local, Vanity, and many more.

Google Voice alternative to text?

If you are looking for a Google Voice alternative for texting there are many apps like Zoom Phone, Voicent, and 8×8 but KrispCall remains the top spot for text alternatives. 

Is there any Google Voice alternative for personal use?

Yes, there are plenty of alternative Google Voice for personal use, some of them are Ooma and Twilio Flex, but KrispCall stands out best replacement for Google Voice.

Are there any costs associated with porting a number to Google Voice?

Google Voice may charge a one-time fee for porting your number. Check the official Google Voice website for the latest information on fees.

Can I use my existing phone number with Google Voice?

Yes, Google Voice allows you to use your current phone number. You can port your existing number to Google Voice.

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