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Best VoIPStudio Alternatives & Competitors



Best VoIPStudio Alternatives & Competitors

Are you looking for a better VoIPStudio alternative that offers enhanced features and more competitive pricing in 2024? 🤔

If yes, you’ve come to the right place.  

VoIPStudio is good, but what if there’s something even better? 

Discover more features and cost-effectiveness for your business. Let’s explore what’s beyond “good” together – because your business deserves the best!

Let’s get started ⬇️


  • We have listed the 10 Best VoIPStudio Alternatives and competitors according to pricing, features, quality, and customer testimonials. 
  • KrispCall provides global coverage, a user-friendly interface, unified communication management, transparent pricing, seamless integrations, and reliable 24/7 customer support.
  • CloudTalk offers an intuitive interface, 70+ features, and exceptional customer service with an emphasis on user-friendly navigation and automated workflow.
  • RingCentral MVP delivers seamless voice calls, video conferencing, messaging, and collaboration with advanced features.
  • Out of all the best competitors, KrispCall ranks as the top alternative for VoIPStudio in terms of pricing, features, customer support, and audio quality. 

What is VoIPStudio?

VoIPStudio is a cloud-based phone service provider that offers features like call recording, virtual conference rooms, a fully equipped call center, virtual numbers, virtual switchboard, and 40+ advanced features.

What is Voipstudio

It reduces your communication costs💰, especially for international calls, and offers a wide range of features. You can easily add or remove users as your business grows without needing extra hardware.

You can integrate VoIPStudio with your existing CRM, helpdesk, or other business applications for a seamless workflow. 

Why are people looking for VoIPStudio alternatives?

Even though VoIPStudio offers a feature-rich service at an attractive price with a range of advanced features, it has its own drawbacks and limitations❌, and some of them are convincing people to look for a replacement.

  • Lack of advanced features: It lacks features like in-depth call analytics, international toll-free numbers, or custom integrations essential for some businesses.
  • Complexity and User Interface Issues: There are limited options for personalizing the UI, making it difficult for users to adjust the interface to their preferences and workflows. 
  • Pricing structure:  Choosing the most cost-effective plan is confusing due to various options like pay-as-you-go, call bundles, and custom choices. And the additional charges for features like call recording or analytics are not clearly presented, leading to unexpected expenses. 
  • Compatibility Issues: It has compatibility issues mainly with older operating systems. The desktop app may not be compatible with outdated versions of Windows or macOS. And the mobile app may face limitations on older or less common phone operating systems. 

10 Best VoIPStudio Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

There are various alternatives✅ and competitors for VoIPStudio, but not all are suitable for users seeking an improved option. 

So, we have listed out the best VoIPStudio alternatives and competitors based on the following factors: 

  • Advanced Features
  • Pricing Plan
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Global Coverage
  • Business-Oriented Solutions
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Here is what we found in the Top VoIPStudio Alternatives Comparison overview:

VoIPStudio AlternativesPricingFeaturesBest For
KrispCallStarts at $12/user/month ( If paid annually)Unified Callbox, Shared Number, In-app Call Analytics, VoIP/WiFi Calling, Call Forwarding, Smart IVR, DNS Mode for AgentsBusinesses seeking a combination of affordability, features, ease of use, and reliability
CloudTalk$25/user/month (billed annually)Unlimited Calling, Call Analysis, Caller ID, Speech To Text, Custom Greetings, Session Routing, Concurrent CallingSmall businesses with basic needs and good customer support
Nextiva$25.95/user/monthVideo Calls, Automated Attendants, Instant Messaging, Conference Calls, Call Routing, Mobile Access, Screen SharingLarge businesses seeking extensive features and integrations
GoTo Connect$27/user/month
Video Calls, Automated Attendants, Instant Messaging, Conference Calls, Call Routing, Mobile Access, Screen SharingBusinesses wanting seamless integration with GoTo suite tools
RingCentral MVP$20/user/monthVideo Meetings & Webinar, Collaboration, Meeting Insights, Ring Out, Team Messaging, Automatic Call RecordingBusinesses needing basic features and scalability at an affordable price
8×8Contact Sales TeamCall Routing, Automated Call Attendant, 3-way Calling, Call WaitingBusinesses with international operations or frequent communication across borders.
AirCall$30/license, 3 licenses for $1080, billed annuallyVideo Calls, Automated Attendants, Instant Messaging, Conference Calls, Call Routing, Mobile Access, Screen SharingSales teams focusing on call analytics and international calling
Dialpad$27/user/monthVideo and Phone Calls, Automated Attendants, Instant Messaging, Conference Calls, Software Pairing, Screen SharingBusinesses prioritizing AI-powered features and ease of use
3cx$175 billed annually per systemVideo Conferencing, Live Chat, CRM Integration, Call center features, Business SMS, Call Management, Call Forwarding, Remote Collaboration, Deployment OptionsTech-savvy users or budget-conscious businesses seeking self-hosted PBX options
Ringover$19/user/monthUnlimited calls and texts in the US and Canada, Business SMS, Voicemail-to-text, Visual Voicemail, Voicemail-to-email, File Sharing, Team MessagingBusinesses seeking collaboration across channels.

1. KrispCall: Budget Friendly + Top Notch Customer Support 

KrispCall is one of the best alternatives to VoIPStudio, offering high-quality features and affordability

With coverage in more than 100+ countries, it has earned the trust of more than 4500+ customers.

KrispCall offers a clean and user-friendly interface making it easy to navigate features and functionalities for non-technical users minimizing onboarding time and enhancing team productivity. 

The all-inclusive pricing🤑 model of KrispCall eliminates confusion and simplifies budgeting by offering transparent pricing. 

Krispcall Best VoIPStudio Alternative

It integrates with various tools like CRM, HelpDesk, and E-commerce to improve communication and enhance customer services.

One of the best features of the KrispCall VoIP phone system is Unified Callbox, where all communication features are integrated into a single platform and aims to manage the users from a single dashboard.

KrispCall is renowned for its 99.999% uptime reliability and excellent 24/7 human customer support📞.

KrispCall’s Features

  • Unified Callbox: Manage all your calls, voicemails, and messages from one unified platform.
  • Shared Number: Share a single phone number across your team, ensuring no call goes unanswered.
  • In-app Call analytics: Gain real-time insights into call performance metrics like duration, success rates, and agent activity.
  • VoIP/WiFi calling: Make and receive calls over internet connections, bypassing traditional phone lines.
  • Call Forwarding: Never miss a call even when you’re away from your desk or on the go.
  • Smart IVR: Guide callers efficiently through self-service options using interactive voice prompts and menus.
  • DNS mode for Agents: Quickly diagnose and resolve DNS-related issues with real-time insights and troubleshooting tools embedded within the agent interface.
  • Global Calling: Connect seamlessly with clients, partners, and customers anywhere in the world with crystal-clear calls.

KrispCall’s Pricing💰

Essential$12/user/month ( If paid annually)
Enterprise  Custom plan

❌KrispCall’s Limitations

  • Limited Integrations.
  • Features like Call Barging and Bulk Messages are still in progress.

KrispCall Vs VoIPStudio

Pricing$15/user/month (all features).Complex & Confusing with Multiple plans, add-on fees, and limited international calling within bundles.
Ease of UseSimple interface, easy to learn & navigate.Complex interface, technical knowledge might be needed.
Crystal-Clear CallsEliminates background distractions for clear communication.Requires additional investment for noise reduction features
Focus on EssentialsCovers basic call needs without overwhelming complexity.Extensive features, some might not be used, can be overwhelming.
Transparency & SupportDedicated customer support is readily available.Long wait times and inconsistent support quality were reported.
Video ConferencingAvailable in all plansAvailable in Pro and Enterprise plans
IntegrationsZapier, Slack, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, HubSpotZapier, CRM integrations, webhooks
Call Quality & PerformanceConsistent & reliable call qualityReports of call drops, lag, and jitters
Scalability & GrowthHandles large teams seamlesslyPerformance issues with scaling, not ideal for bigger teams

What our Customers are Saying

“KrispCall impressed us with its effortless setup and user-friendly interface. We were up and running in no time, and managing our phone system has become a breeze. With its intuitive controls, even non-technical team members can navigate it with ease. KrispCall is a fantastic choice for hassle-free communication.”

Andrew Meier, Sales and Marketing Executive
Get a Free KrispCall Demo Right Now!

2. CloudTalk 

CloudTalk emerges as another best alternative to VoIPStudio, enhancing customer conversations with its intuitive interface, AI-powered insights, and seamless integrations, while VoIPStudio remains stuck in a dial-tone daze. 

It is a comprehensive VoIP phone system packed with over 70+ features

CloudTalk is renowned for its quick, efficient, and supportive customer service that is available through various communication channels.

CloudTalk as VoIPStudio Alternative

Cloudtalk offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to navigate through features and manage their calls. 

It automates tasks and workflow, gets actionable insights, and watches your customer satisfaction rise. 

CloudTalk Features

  • Call Center Analytics
  • Call Center Recording
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Improve Call Flows with IVR
  • Call Monitoring
  • Click to Call
  • Smart Dialer
  • Power Dialer

CloudTalk Pricing💰

Plans Pricing
Starter$25 per user per month (billed annually)
Essential$30 per user per month (billed annually)
Expert$50 per user per month (billed annually)
CustomContact Sales Team

❌CloudTalk’s Limitations

  • Missing features like Custom Call Scripting, Agent Gamification & Call Blending.
  • Lacks Carrier limitations
  • Limited Bandwidth 
  • Users have reported that they have to purchase the top package to get customer service.

3. Nextiva 

Nextiva is a cloud-based phone system that offers a variety of solutions to simplify your business communication and boost productivity

It is a great alternative to VoIPStudio, offering a complete package, better analytics, and easy scalability for seamless communication and collaboration.

Nextiva as VoIPStudio Alternative

Nextiva is known for being user-friendly, affordable, and reliable. It has some of the most advanced features such as advanced call routing, interactive voice response (IVR), call queuing and overflow, and visual voicemail. 

These features are very handy in boosting employee productivity, improving overall customer experience, and staying connected with your team. 

Nextiva Features

  • Unlimited calling and texting in North America
  • CRM and live chat
  • Call logging
  • Video call recording
  • Mobile access
  • Call list management

Nextiva Pricing💰

Plans Pricing

❌Nextiva Limitations

  • Expensive for smaller businesses with basic needs.
  • Multiple plans with add-on options can make it difficult to compare costs transparently.
  • Limited customization options.
  • While Nextiva boasts 24/7 support, some user reviews mention longer wait times or inconsistent support quality compared to competitors.

4. GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is also a great option for VoIPStudio which offers affordable and flexible plans that cater to businesses of all sizes from startups to large enterprises. 

GoTo Connect as VoIPStudio Alternative

It is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, making it a great choice for businesses that require reliable communication across multiple platforms. It also offers 24/7 customer support to ensure that the service is always running optimally. 

GoTo Connect provides toll-free numbers, number porting services, and unlimited extensions. It has introduced a new feature called Dynamic Call Matching that cleans up and updates your contacts automatically.

GoTo Connect Features

  • Call Forwarding
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Virtual Voicemail
  • Custom Messages & Greetings
  • Auto Attendants
  • Number Porting & Transfers

GoTo Connect Pricing💰


❌GoTo Connect Limitations

  • Expensive for businesses with basic needs and low call volume. 
  • Lacks features like Custom Call Scripting, Agent Gamification, and Call Blending.
  • The basic plan limits video conferencing participants.
  • Provides less integration than competitors. 

5. RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP is a more powerful and flexible communication platform than VoIPStudio that provides a seamless experience for voice calls, video conferencing, messaging, and team collaboration

With advanced features such as file sharing, integrations with popular business applications, and a user-friendly interface, RingCentral caters to the diverse needs of modern businesses. 

Ringcentral as VoIPStudio Alternative

It gained recognition in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS worldwide.

RingCentral MVP is a reliable choice for all types of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, making communication efficient and streamlined.

RingCentral MVP Features

  • Automatic Call Recording
  • Call Flip
  • Business SMS
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Hot Desking
  • Heads Up Display
  • Unified Inbox

RingCentral MVP Pricing💰


❌RingCentral MVP Limitations

  • May charge Hidden Fees for International Calling
  • Can handle only nine calls at the same time.
  • You can only join a meeting with a maximum of four users.

6. 8×8

8×8 is a great substitute for VoIPStudio, offering a unified platform for easy collaboration with advanced features.

It provides voicemail menus with visuals, keeps teams connected worldwide, and creates a great call experience with flexible options and multi-level auto attendants.

8x8 as VoIPStudio Alternative

8×8 provides 24/7 customer support with multilingual teams located around the world. It has 35+ data centers to deliver superior call quality and conversation that sounds and feels natural. 

8×8 Features

  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Hold music
  • Auto attendant
  • Call Queuing

8×8 Pricing💰

Contact Sales Team

❌8×8 Limitations

  • Voicemail messages are limited 
  • Limited SMS Campaign
  • Calling Limitation

7. Aircall

Aircall is the preferred choice over VoIPStudio for sales teams, offering a smarter calling experience with a user-friendly interface and superior integrations.

It is an ultimate integrated business phone system that offers a personalized communication platform that helps the business meet the specifications of the sales and support team. 

It ensures excellent call quality through collaboration with global voice carriers and local providers. With distributed data centers worldwide, it maintains a consistent 99.95% uptime and eliminates single points of failure.

Aircall as VoIPStudio Alternative

Aircall has earned the trust of over 15,000 global businesses, and admins can add numbers from more than 100 countries instantaneously and gain rich insights through real-time analytics. 

Aircall Features 

  • Power Dialer 
  • IVR
  • Call Routing
  • Call Center Analytics
  • CTI Integration
  • Click to Dial 

Aircall Pricing💰

EnterpriseContact Sales

❌AirCall Limitations

  • Expensive compared to other competitors.
  • Lacks native video conferencing software.
  • The most affordable plan limits users to a minimum of only three teams. 
  • Customization abilities are limited compared to other VoIP platforms.

8. Dialpad

Dialpad is a superior option to VoIPStudio, elevating productivity through AI-powered features and a modern interface that surpasses VoIPStudio’s outdated tools.

It is an intelligent corporate phone system with real-time transcription, sentiment analysis, live coaching, predictive CSAT, and more.

It makes communication effortless for teams, whether big or small, by providing a unified workspace for calling, messaging, meetings, and customer support. It integrates with popular services like CRM, Help Desk, Google Workplace, and Microsoft Teams.

Dialpad is a secure and reliable platform that offers a variety of benefits for businesses of all sizes. Setting up your new business phone is a quick process, and you can use a unified workspace to easily switch between calls, video, and texting.

Dialpad Features

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Phone Number
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Power Dialer 
  • Contact Center Analytics
  • Virtual Receptionist 

Dialpad Pricing💰

Standard $32/user/month

❌Dialpad Limitations

  • Limited Call Center Features
  • Lacks Customizable Options
  • Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is not available for outbound calls
  • Some integrations are restricted to the higher-end Enterprise plan
  • The mobile app is good, but somehow not as reliable as the desktop software

9. 3CX

3CX is another affordable VoIPStudio alternative that provides both on-premises and hosted PBX solutions for all business sizes to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction.

It helps businesses save money, boost productivity, enhance customer service, and work remotely.

3CX Best VoIPStudio Alternative

3CX offers advanced features like call queue strategies, call reports, call recording, video conferencing, live chat, WhatsApp, SMS, and more at no extra cost. 

Unlike other competitors, it charges on an annual basis at a very low cost based on concurrent calls, not users.

3CX Features

  • Video Conferencing
  • Live Chat & Messaging
  • Chat Reports
  • CRM integration
  • Auto Callback
  • Real-time Analytics & Monitoring

3CX Pricing💰

3CX FREE$0 forever up to 10 users
3CX SMB$175 billed annually per system not user
3CX PRO$145 billed annually per system not user 
3CX ENT$180 billed annually per system not user

❌3CX Limitations

  • Requires IT expertise for installation, configuration, and maintenance.
  • Free edition only supports up to 10 users and 4 simultaneous calls.
  • Limited Integrations with other popular tools
  • Lacks Reporting Features

10. Ringover

Ringover is a cloud-based SaaS solution designed to handle communication with clients and prospects across different channels. 

It is a better option than VoIPStudio, making communication smoother with its unified platform and integrations, while VoIPStudio’s disconnected tools fall short.

Ringover provides advanced features like a contact center for efficient call management, sales CRM integration for lead tracking, team collaboration tools, and AI-powered features such as call transcription and sentiment analysis. 

Ringover Best VoIPStudio Alternative

It is known for its ease of use, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration with popular business tools. 

Ringover Features

  • Unlimited Calls
  • Ivr and call forwarding
  • Instant messaging
  • Call logs and recordings
  • Dual listening
  • Click to Call

Ringover Pricing💰

EnterpriseCustom pricing based on your specific needs.

❌Ringover Limitations

  • Limited customization options for certain features
  • Additional costs associated with some third-party integrations
  • Mobile app functionality is limited compared to desktop versions

And the Best VoIPStudio Alternatives is..

VoIPStudio is a good VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system but there are even better alternatives available on the market. As you look for alternatives to VoIPStudio, consider what matters most. We’ve checked out the top choices, each with its strength💪 to meet your business needs. 

If you’re wondering to have a budget-friendly💸, feature-packed, and reliable option, KrispCall is our top pick. It offers plans starting at just $12/user/month with features like a unified callbox, 24/7 human support, and an impressive 99.999% uptime. 

Finding the right✔️ VoIP solution is about knowing your business size, goals🎯, and preferences. Remember: communication is key to business success. Make the right choice, embrace innovation, and make sure your business thrives with a communication solution that’s not just good but the best. 

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