Sales Calls from Website

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Sales Calls from Website

Enable inbound sales calls from website and increase your accessibility to potential leads

Clients can reach you directly from the website by using KrispCall’s easy click-to-call widget. Our sales call feature ensures that you don’t miss out on any interested clients.


#Enable Inbound & Outbound Sales Calls from Website


What is KrispCall’s Sales Call from Website Feature?

KrispCall’s sales call from website feature enables your company to embed KrispCall widget on your websites so clients can reach you directly from the webpage.

The feature ensures that you capture maximum leads from your website and digital channels.

How Does KrispCall’s Sales Call from Website Feature Work?

KrispCall’s click-to-call widget can be embedded on your website, banner ads, email links, or hyperlinks. You can easily personalize the widget button and set it up with our cloud phone. Site visitors can click to call.

Set up Widget: Connect your website with the KrispCall widget, customize it to fit your business theme for mobile or desktop, select operating hours, and save.
Customers click to call: Customers can click on the widget on your website to make calls and connect with your dedicated teams to help customers.
Dedicated teams answer queries: Customer calls from your website get connected to your sales or customer support without dialing numbers. Convenient for customers.

Benefits of KrispCall’s Sales Call from Website Feature

KrispCall’s Sales Call feature allows your clients to reach your sales team with a single click, offering a seamless customer experience.

High Lead Conversions: KrispCall provides a convenient option for interested customers to reach your sales team within seconds, propelling lead conversions from your website.
Access to International Clients: KrispCall web calling allows international clients to reach you without worrying about call charges.
Improved Efficiency: Enhance business efficiency by directing client queries from your website to the sales teams so your team can anticipate client needs in real-time.
Improved Customer Satisfaction: Enable co-browsing between sales agents and clients to solve customer concerns within minutes. Improve overall customer experience.

The Features that Will Make You and Your Business Successful

Access advanced call management, call routing, & analytics solutions with our top-end features.

cloud telephony
Cloud Telephony

Move your phone system to the cloud with KrispCall’s cloud telephony. Set up a unified communication system with top-line business features using KrispCall.

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Call Center Software

Minimize your call center overheads with KrispCall’s low-cost and customizable call center software. Get a premium calling experience with our feature-rich platform.

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Contact Center Software

Set up a virtual contact center and elevate your customer service with KrispCall. Simplify multi-channel communication with customers using our solution.

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Sales Dialer

Speed up sales calls with KrispCall’s sales dialer tool. Automate and manage call dialing processes to connect with leads and raise your team productivity.

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Sales Automation

Enhance your sales metrics and sales team efficiency using KrispCall’s sales automation. Automate call routing and sales processes for higher lead conversions.

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CRM Phone System

Integrate your existing CRM systems with KrispCall to keep track of your team and customer satisfication with our advacned call analytics

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Capture Leads on Website

Convert website visitors to potential clients using KrispCall’s click-to-call widget. Drive lead conversion process with one-click calling and 30 seconds callback features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, CRM systems allow for the storage of sales calls from a website. You can store lead information, follow customer exchanges, and share details with colleagues. Every customer interaction and communication gets stored for future usage, creating summarized prospect data for more personalized communications.

Engage your website visitors with authentic quality content, compelling them to contact your sales team through diverse channels. Click-to-call widgets can be effective and precise for those interested leads to reach your sales unit. People do not want to go through hurdles; instead, they search for the easiest ways to conduct business.

Of course, you can follow up with a client phone from the website since that integrated CRM stores available attributes of the client, which you can use anytime after the conversation to conduct further research with sales automation. You can use the gathered information to follow up with the client and personalize the conversation to enhance the possibility of lead conversion.

Yes, you can customize the call-to-action buttons of the sales call from a website feature. You get to customize the button’s themes, position, text to appear on the button, and which team to connect to the action. The best part is customizing the call-to-action button separately for websites and mobiles.

Click-to-call widgets alone do not provide automated call management and website sales tracking features but can combine with sales dialers for automated call management and CRM for website sales tracking features. Sales Calls from the website can leverage CRM features to store prospect information, track their activities, manage leads, forecast sales, and manage those contacts.