Sales Calls from Website

Enable inbound sales calls from website and increase your accessibility to potential leads

Clients can reach you directly from the website by using KrispCall’s easy click-to-call widget. Our sales call feature ensures that you don’t miss out on any interested clients.

What is KrispCall’s Sales Call from Website Feature?

KrispCall’s sales call from website feature enables your company to embed KrispCall widget on your websites so clients can reach you directly from the webpage.

The feature ensures that you capture maximum leads from your website and digital channels.

Sales Calls from Website of KrispCall


How Does KrispCall’s Sales Call from Website Feature Work?

KrispCall’s click-to-call widget can be embedded on your website, banner ads, email links, or hyperlinks. You can personalize the widget button and set it up with our cloud phone easily.

Any customer browsing your website will be able to call you in seconds using the KrispCall widget!

Benefits of KrispCall’s Sales Call from Website Feature

KrispCall’s Sales Call offering allows your clients to reach you with a single click offering higher lead conversions.

1) High Lead Conversions
KrispCall provides a very convenient option for interested customers to reach your team. Potential clients can reach your sales team within seconds, driving lead conversions from your website.
2) Access to International Clients
KrispCall web calling allows international clients to reach you without worrying about call charges. Use KrispCall local number options, so the clients feel comfortable contacting you.
3) Improved Efficiency
Improve efficiency by directing client queries from your website to the sales team so your team can anticipate client needs in real-time.
4) Improved Customer Satisfaction
Enable co-browsing between sales agents and clients to solve customer concerns within minutes. Improve overall browsing experience for interested customers with our web calling feature.
Benefits of KrispCall Sales Call from Website Feature