Slack Integration

The best collaboration tool for businesses

Integrate Slack into your KrispCall phone system to simplify business communications and enhance customer satisfaction.

Slack Phone System Integration

Direct Calls in Slack

Contact clients directly within the Slack interface using your KrispCall numbers.

Track your Activities

Keep a better track of your calling activities in Slack by automatically syncing KrispCall call data and notes.

Text Messaging Capabilities

Send texts from your KrispCall phone number and access SMS messages in one centralized workspace in Slack.

Slack Features

Improve your productivity and streamline business communication by integrating KrispCall with Slack.

  1. Call Management

    Manage all your call activities in a centralized workspace in Slack. Integrate KrispCall with Slack to synchronize your contacts for better call handling and processing.

  2. Data Management

    Minimize data leaks by logging calls and storing important call notes in Slack with automatic information synchronization between Slack and KrispCall.

  3. Team Collaboration

    Maximize team interactions by sharing relevant client information in Slack with files sync and sharing features. Share call data and transcripts from KrispCall to Slack for better team collaboration.

  4. Team Productivity

    Eliminate manual tasks with Slack + KrispCall integration. Improve team productivity through automated contact synchronization, instant call recordings, and notifications.

  5. Customer Experience

    Collaborate with your teammates in Slack during client calls to offer the best services to your customers.