Salesforce Integrations

A complete sales and marketing solution

Seamlessly integrate your KrispCall business phone with Salesforce to enhance CRM experience and improve workforce productivity.

Salesforce Phone System Integration

Direct calls with Salesforce

Make and receive calls directly from Salesforce at your KrispCall number without switching windows.

Efficient call handling

Automatic call logging and data syncing between KrispCall and Salesforce helps you manage client calls more efficiently.

Access call recordings/voicemails

Get access to recordings of your client calls in Salesforce for instantly updating your CRM records.

Salesforce Features

Deploy your KrispCall business phone system in Salesforce for robust analytics and visibility. Simplify and personalize client experience with our Salesforce CRM integration.

  1. Lead Management

    Manage client information by automatically logging calls in Salesforce. Create reports easily in Salesforce by accessing telephony metrics of potential clients for better lead management.

  2. Workflow Management

    Streamline your workflow with complete call control in Salesforce, high visibility of information during calls, and access to the company directory for efficient calling.

  3. Performance Management

    Maximize team productivity with in-app calling and automatic information sync. Salesforce + KrispCall integration lets your monitor call metrics and KPIs to develop and enforce best practices for improving team performance.

  4. Call Analytics

    Transform information into valuable visibility by integrating real-time calling data from KrispCall with customer data in Salesforce. Additional analytics from our integration gives you better insights into your customers.

  5. Customer Satisfaction

    Deliver excellent service to your customers with relevant customer information from Salesforce. Instantly access valuable information during live calls with Salesforce + KrispCall integration for personalized customer experience.