Agile CRM Integrations

The ultimate tool for marketing and sales automation

KrispCall’s integration with Agile CRM elevates your sales and marketing capabilities to improve business performance.

Agile CRM Integration

In-app calling from Agile

An in-app softphone lets you directly call your clients from Agile CRM using KrispCall number.

Call Logging and Automation

KrispCall integration allows you to log calls automatically in Agile CRM, saving you time and improving productivity.

Call Notifications

Get in-app notifications for all your calls in Agile CRM to minimize response time during client calls.

Agile CRM Features

Enhance sales, marketing, and communication capabilities of your business by integrating Agile CRM with KrispCall

  1. Marketing Automation

    Automate your marketing functions with automatic call logging and information syncs between Agile and KrispCall. Run successful marketing campaigns by elevating customer interactions with KrispCall.

  2. Lead Management

    Efficiently manage potential leads by taking notes during live calls, scheduling follow-ups, and saving call information within your Agile CRM.

  3. Advanced Analytics

    Integrate customer data in Agile CRM with KrispCall call details for advanced analytics. Correlate call info with lead conversion and sales data for better insights.

  4. Team Productivity

    Integrate your Agile workspace with KrispCall to automate call logging and information updates. Optimize your workflow and business processes for improving team productivity.

  5. Customer Satisfaction

    Access key customer information from Agile during live calls to deliver a personalized customer experience. Speed up customer responses and call handling with our CRM integration.