how to call UK from Ireland
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How to Call UK From Ireland Mobile & Landline in 2022?

  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 09 Jun 22
  • 12 min read

The United Kingdom and Ireland have a close relationship, with many Irish citizens residing in the United Kingdom.

Today, millions of people in the United Kingdom are from Ireland or have Irish ancestors. It is estimated that up to 6 million people in the United Kingdom have Irish ancestors (around 10% of the UK population).

According to the sources, 869,093 individuals born in Ireland reside in the United Kingdom.

There’s also a likelihood that people in Ireland will try to contact the UK daily, either to speak with family or friends or to conduct business communication.

But don’t be worried. Thanks to cloud telephony technologies, making calls to your family, friends, and relatives in the United Kingdom has never been easier.

That sounds great!

This article will show you how to call UK from Ireland using multiple dialing formats and other methods and explain the concept.

This article will show you how to receive several types of UK virtual phone numbers in under 2 minutes.

Read to the end to learn every last detail!

International Call to the United Kingdom: What is it & Why does it matter?

The process of making a call to the United Kingdom from another country is known as an international call to the United Kingdom.

Suppose you’re calling the United Kingdom from Ireland.

There are so many Irish worldwide who reside in different countries that making international calls to the UK is important.

Several Irish living abroad prefer to communicate with their friends and family on a regular basis, so international calls to the UK are crucial.

It could also be a professional discussion. Individuals, as well as businesses, contact the United Kingdom for business purposes.

Types of Phone Numbers in the UK

The United Kingdom offers various types of numbers, including

  1. Mobile Phone Number – Example: 07911 345678
  2. Landline Phone Number – Example: 44 020 – 123456789
  3. Toll-free Number – Example: 44 0808 123 4567
  4. Emergency number – Example: 111 for NHS helpline ( Information about Coronavirus)

Different types of United Kingdom Telephone Codes

Before dialing for an international call to the united kingdom, you must understand the different UK calling codes.

UK Country Code

The United Kingdom country code is +44; this code needs to be dialed whenever you wish to call the UK from other countries.

The United Kingdom country code +44

Ireland Exit Code

Ireland exit code is 0. This code needs to be dialed first to call other countries from Ireland.

Ireland exit code 0

UK Area Code

In the United Kingdom, there are 611 area codes. To make an international call from Ireland to the United Kingdom in different cities, you’ll need to know the United Kingdom area codes.

Area  Area code
London 020
Leeds 0113
Bristol 0117
Coatbridge 01236
Cardigan 01239
Alloa 01259
Dorchester 01305
Edinburgh 0131
Forres 01309
Gairloch 01445
Hawick 01450
Hinckley 01455
Warboys 01487
Martin 01526
Llanwrtyd Wells 01591
Matlock 01629
Newport 01633
Prudhoe 01661
Isles of Scilly 01720

Emergency Contact Details for the United Kingdom

You may need to call the UK emergency lines daily for government assistance. In the United Kingdom, there are various emergency numbers, including

The emergency number  Emergency field 
999 In an emergency, it is used to contact police, ambulance, and fire services.
101 Small charges that do not require an emergency reaction are reported here.
105 Used to report a power outage and to contact an electrical hotline.
111 NHS helpline ( Information about Coronavirus)

How to Call UK from Ireland: The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

There are several ways of calling the United Kingdom from Ireland. They are as follows:

A. Using Traditional Way

Some traditional methods of calling the United Kingdom from Ireland may be difficult and costly.

The following are some traditional ways to call the United Kingdom from Ireland:

1. Dial the United Kingdom Landline Number from Ireland

The format for calling the United Kingdom Landline Number from Ireland are given below:

Dial: Ireland exit code – United Kingdom country code – United Kingdom Area Code – United Kingdom Landline number

Example: 0 – 44 – 020 – 12345678


  • 0: Ireland’s exit code is required for any international call made.
  • 1 (UK Country Code): You must dial United Kingdom’s country code or ISD code if you make international calls to the UK.
  • 020 (Area Code) of UK: This is the area code of London as an example. Area codes are three, four, and five in the UK, while phone numbers range between 8 to 9 digits. 
  • 123456789 (Local / Landline Number): This is an example of a landline number. This number could be between 9 to 10 digits long.

2. Dial United Kingdom Mobile Number From Ireland

Cell phone numbers in the United Kingdom are formatted as 07XXX XXX XXX, with other prefixes such as 071x, 078x, 07911 2xx xxx, and so on.

Within the area codes 073xx, 074xx, 075xx, 07624, 077xx, 078xx, and 079xx, different mobile phone carriers are assigned distinct ranges.

The following is the format for dialing a UK mobile number from Ireland:

Dial: 00 44 07XXX XXX XXX

Example: Dial 00 44 – 07123 456 789

3. Dial the United Kingdom Toll-Free Number from Ireland

If a customer wants to call a toll-free number in the United Kingdom from Ireland, they must dial 0 44 0808. In this case, the country code for the United Kingdom is 44, while 0 is the exit code for Ireland.

The following is the format to dial a Uk Toll-free number from Ireland.

Dial: 0 – 44 – Toll-Free Prefix – XXX XXXX

Example: Dial 0 – 44 – 0808 -271-1509

B. A non-traditional approach to call the UK from Ireland

There are various non-traditional ways to contact Uk from Ireland. On the other hand, calling via VOIP has a lot of benefits and is easier and cheaper than calling from a landline with a phone number.

1. KrispCall – A Modern cloud telephony 

KrispCall is the market leader in supplying cloud telephony solutions and can grow with new features. Providing a feature-rich business phone system, unified communication, and full-service support has helped a variety of professions, businesses, and organizations accelerate their growth.


In addition to virtual phone numbers, KrispCall offers local, toll-free, internet, and vanity phone numbers in over 100+ countries.

Benefits of Krisp Call

Having an international phone number has various advantages. Virtual phone numbers are useful in today’s world for various reasons, including decreased phone costs and the opportunity to develop a local presence.

Call Transfer 

It is a very important feature because it allows you to transfer a connected call from your phone number to another team member.

The transferred call is then established as a new connection, and it is the most straightforward technique to ensure better service from your organization’s extensions or divisions.

Employees are Much More Productive

Employees may use the phone system to be more productive and collaborative thanks to calling recording, easy transfers, and extensive analytics.

They’ll have the tools they need to handle calls easily and ensure that customers are dealing with the correct personnel.

More flexible contracts

Some providers demand businesses to sign long-term contracts when signing up for a traditional phone system.

This means they’ll be stuck years down the road when the system can no longer provide the support the company requires due to its expansion and growth.

Providers of cloud telephony systems, such as KrispCall, provide more flexible and adaptable solutions that make it easier to start and stop. You have a wide selection of alternatives to choose the plan that best meets your company’s specific needs.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) 

KrispCall virtual phone numbers’ automated voice response saves time, money, and energy by eliminating the need for a receptionist to take calls at the front desk. Customers can get better service at any time of day and automatically routed to a certain extension or department.

Any physical boundaries don’t bind you.

KrispCall’s cloud telephony system will speed up disaster recovery times and procedures. So, if your business suffers a crisis of some sort, calls can be routed to another site swiftly and easily.

Because employees may use the client app to accept calls from wherever they are, business downtime is avoided or at least greatly reduced.

Types of Numbers you get from KrispCall

The type of numbers that you get from KrispCall are given below:

  • Local Number ( SMS and voice)
  • Toll-Free Number ( Voice, MMS, and SMS)
  • Mobile Number ( Voice, MMS, and SMS)
  • National Number ( Voice)
  • Easy Number Porting
  • Bring Your Own Number (Voice)
  • Shortcode ( SMS and MMS)

Instead of coping with excessive phone bills, everyone should know how to make international calls for free or at a reasonable cost. Let’s start with how to make a low-cost international call:

2. Facebook Messenger

Instant messaging appears to be one of the most successful office communication tools, and it is now utilized widely in the business world. 

Messenger also has the benefit of face-to-face interaction and conferences. Instant messaging makes communication easier and more accessible, even if the people you need to connect with are across the nation.

facebook messenger

You can start a video call from any chat with just one tap.

Using Messenger, a simple and easy-to-use interface, you may rapidly make a phone call to the UK from Ireland.

3. Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the most effective communication platform. Messages can be sent to any region of the world for free as long as mobile devices have access to the internet.


You may share images, videos, and audio files make video and voice calls, and leave messages.

 And the best aspect is that all of these features are entirely free! The WhatsApp app is also completely free to download, so there are no hidden costs.

4. Viber 

Viber is a commonly used application that is simple to use, has an elegant design, and has various alternatives for use, such as a touch screen or a keyboard. 

It works anywhere in the world, so you can make calls and send SMS to other phones without signing a contract with a telecommunications company.


Viber allows you to erase any type of message you’ve sent, not only for yourself but also for everyone in your chat, giving you control if you’ve shared anything you shouldn’t have.

You can start a video call from any chat to anyone in the world with just one tap.

5. IMO

IMO is a free cross-platform instant messaging and VoIP app that allows you to call, video call, and chat with other IMO users from around the world.

IMO Messenging App

It is one of the most popular video calling apps with promising features that allow users to make high-quality video calls. To preserve consumers’ privacy, all calls and chats are encrypted.

IMO also allows users to make free video calls, text chats, audio calls, and file sharing.

What is the Right time to call the UK from Ireland?

When scheduling calls, keep in mind the time difference between the UK and Ireland to avoid missed calls.

But it’s easy for you and you won’t have to worry about the time difference between Ireland and the United Kingdom while calling from Ireland because the time zones are the same.

How can you get an instant UK virtual phone number?

The following are the steps to obtain a UK virtual phone number:

UK Numbers

Step 1: Select the appropriate Virtual phone Cloud Telephony Service Platform for your needs, such as KrispCall.

Step 2: Select a phone number from the phone numbers section or page.

Step 3: Select the United Kingdom from the list of countries.

Step 4: Select a phone number from the offered list.

Step 5: Decide on the best subscription package for you.

Step 6: Obtain a telephone number in the United Kingdom.

Following those steps will allow you to obtain UK virtual phone numbers quickly.

Challenges while calling the United Kingdom from Ireland

The following are some of the challenges you may encounter when contacting the United Kingdom from Ireland:

  • Call quality is inconsistent.
  • Cost of Calling Is Expensive.
  • The right to privacy has been infringed upon.
  • Unexpected Phone Calls
  • There are fewer features.

Business Phone Call Etiquette in the UK: Dos and Don’ts

The following are some etiquettes to follow when making business phone calls to the United Kingdom.

Use formal greetings

How you greet a British person is important in making a positive first impression.

In the United Kingdom, business greetings are typically formal at first; if you’re meeting someone for the first time, wait until they permit you before using their first name. Begin by calling men “Sir” or “Mr,” and ladies “Ma’am,” “Miss,” “Mrs,” or “Ms.”

Be considerate with meetings.

If feasible, schedule meetings at least a few days ahead of time. It’s also a good idea to convey the meeting’s goals ahead of time. The British are known for being direct and to-the-point; discussions rarely stray off-topic.

Speak clearly

Speak clearly, with a volume neither too high nor too low. If words are enunciated and spoken slowly enough, people should understand what is being said to them.

Prioritize your customers

If you need to put your customer on hold, ask their permission first and give them the option of leaving a voicemail message

Also, thank the caller when you take them off hold to emphasize that their time is valued.

To Sum Up

Consider your existing and future business requirements to make the best decision.

In business, now is the time to convert to a cloud-based platform; you should have a better understanding of which platforms look to be a suitable fit for your organization; also, the virtual phone offers many advanced capabilities.

KrispCall Cloud Telephony, for example, is always more beneficial because it is less priced and has more features.

KrispCall provides pricing and programs based on the size of your company. You must first register with KrispCall, where you will receive a Schedule Free KrispCall demo now.

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