How to Call Germany from Philippines Mobile and Landline?

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how to call Germany from the Philippines

Feeling the urge to connect with loved ones or colleagues living in Germany? But high international calling costs are making it diffcult❓

Fear not as we’re here to help. We will guide you through everything you need to know while making calls to Germany and also talk about some of the cheapest ways to make calls to Germany from Philippines.😉

In this blog you’ll learn how to call Germany from the Philipines on Mobile phones, landlines, toll-free numbers, as well as dialing number formats to call Germany, alternative ways to make calls over Germany, and some challenges with solutions.

We will help you provide every detail related to calling Germany from the Philippines. 

🔑 Key Highlights

  • Learn how to call Germany from the Philippines using a landline and mobile.
  • Learn the area code of Germany, mobile code, when to call Germany, average cost, etc.
  • Germany follows the Central European Time (CET) and Central European Summer Time (CEST) zone, which is UTC +1 and UTC +2 respectively.

Stick to the end!

What is an International Call to Germany? 🤔

The procedure of conducting calls to Germany from other countries around the globe, using different mediums, is known as an international call to Germany.

You must follow a specific international phone number format followed by exit code, prefix, area code, and phone number else, you won’t be able to make international calls from the Philippines.

👓 Note: Before making an international call, make sure to check if your phone system supports international calls. Contact your phone service provider to make sure international calling is enabled on your number. If not, ask them to enable it to perform international calling.

Types of Phone Numbers in Germany

You should be aware of making international calls from the Philippines before making calls to Germany. For that, you need to know what types of numbers are available in Germany.

Different types of numbers available in Germany to make international calls from the Philippines are:

  • Landline Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Virtual Phone Number
  • Emergency Number

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Germany Country Code / ISD Code

The Country code or ISD code for Germany is 49.

Germany Country Code/ ISD Code49

How to Call Germany from the Philippines? 📞

There are several ways of calling Germany from the Philippines. They are as follows:

1. How to Call Germany Landline from The Philippines? ☎️

The format for calling the German landline number from the Philippines is given below:

Dial: 00 – 49 – Area Code – Landline Number

Example: 00 – 49 – 30 – 1234567


  • 00: The Philippines’ exit code is required for any international call made.
  • 49 (Germany Country Code): It is the Country code or ISD code of Germany that you must dial if you wish to make international calls to Germany.
  • 30 (Area Code Germany): This is the area code of Berlin as an example. Like that, you can use different area codes for other cities. The area code could be 2-5 digits long. We also provide you with an area code of different locations in this article.
  • 1234567 (Local / Landline Number): This is an example of a landline number. This number could be 6-8 digits long.

2. Dials the German Mobile Number from the Philippines 📱

The format for dialing the Germany Mobile Number from the Philippines is:

Dial: +49 – Mobile Code – Mobile Number

Example: +49 – 170 – 83797449


  • +49: The + symbol is used to substitute the international call prefix. Dial 00 49 to call a mobile phone number in Germany from a landline or if your phone doesn’t have the + shortcut. For example, Dial 00 – 49 – 170 – 83797449 
  • 170 (Mobile Code): This is one of the examples of mobile codes of Germany. There are several mobile networks in Germany. One of the mobile area codes will be used by the person you’re contacting. We will provide you with the different mobile codes of various providers.
  • 83797449 (Mobile Number): This is an example of a mobile number for Germany.

3. Non-traditional Approach

There are various non-traditional ways to call Germany from the Philippines. Some of them are as follows:


The most emerging KrispCall Cloud Telephony could be your first alternative to conduct calls from the Philippines to Germany. It helps you to accomplish calls through the internet using cloud-based technology.

KrispCall Germany Number

KrispCall reduces hardware configuration requirements, and it is less expensive than other VoIP providers.

Main Benefits of KrispCall

KrispCall cloud telephony platforms provide many benefits that will assist you in making calls to Germany from the Philippines.

Some main benefits of KrispCall are 

Affordable Price

The price of KrispCall Cloud Telephony is affordable since it reduces the requirements of hardware configuration, additional IT infrastructure, and an expensive on-site PBX system.

Setup is Quick and Easy

It’s far easier to set up a KrispCall cloud telephony system than set up a traditional phone system.

Effortless Calling

KrispCall cloud telephony could provide various features because it functions virtually. With KrispCall, you can make an effortless call with different features such as number porting, group dialing, interactive voice answer, etc.

Easy Number Porting

Krispcall makes it simple to convert your present phone number to KrispCall’s cloud telephony service. You do not have to buy or change a new number. You can simply port your existing phone number to KrispCall Cloud telephony.

Types of Numbers you get from KrispCall

There are several types of numbers you can get from KrispCall, they are:

  • Local Number (SMS & Voice)
  • Toll-Free Number (Voice, SMS & MMS)
  • International Number 
  • Easy Number Porting

KrispCall is much more than just performing calls. It provides you with some additional features like voicemails, call transfer, number porting, call monitoring, SMS, etc.

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What is the right time to call Germany from the Philippines? 🕑

If you want to contact Germany from the Philippines, do it between the hours of 2:00 p.m. & 6:00 a.m. local time. 

Because Germany is 7 hours behind the Philippines, this will take place between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. in their time zone.

Germany Area Codes

The area codes of different locations for Germany are:

City Area Code City Area Code
Aachen 241 Augsburg 821
Bergisch Gladbach 2202 Berlin 30
Bielefeld 521 Bochum 234
Bonn 228 Bottrop 2041
Brandenburg an der Havel 3381 Braunschweig 531
Bremen 421 Bremerhaven 471
Chemnitz 371 Cologne 221
Cottbus 355 Darmstadt 6151
Dessau 340 Dortmund 231
Dresden 351 Duisburg 203
Duren 2421 Dusseldorf 211
Eisenach 3691 Erfurt 361
Erlangen 9131 Essen 201
Flensburg 461 Frankfurt 69
Frankfurt (oder) 335 Frankfurt am Main 69
Freiburg 761 Freiburg im Breisgau 761
Furth 911 Gelsenkirchen 209
Gera 365 Gottingen 551
Hagen 2331 Halle (Saale) 345
Hamburg 40 Hannover 511
Heidelberg 6221 Heilbronn 7131
Herne 2323 Hildesheim 5121
Ingolstadt 841 Jena 3641
Kaiserslautern 631 Karlsruhe 721
Kassel 561 Kiel 431
Koblenz 261 Koln 221
Krefeld 2151 Leipzig 341
Leverkusen 214 Lubeck 451

Germany Mobile Code

The mobile code for different mobile providers in Germany are:

Mobile ProvidersMobile CodeMobile ProvidersMobile Code
Dolphin Telecom167E-Plus (GSM/UMTS)155
E-Plus (GSM/UMTS)157E-Plus (GSM/UMTS)163
E-Plus (GSM/UMTS)177E-Plus (GSM/UMTS)178
O2 Germany (GSM/UMTS)176O2 Germany (GSM/UMTS)179
T-Mobile (GSM/UMTS)151T-Mobile (GSM/UMTS)160
T-Mobile (GSM/UMTS)170T-Mobile (GSM/UMTS)171
T-Mobile (GSM/UMTS)175Vodafone D2 (GSM/UMTS)152
Vodafone D2 (GSM/UMTS)162Vodafone D2 (GSM/UMTS)172
Vodafone D2 (GSM/UMTS)173Vodafone D2 (GSM/UMTS)174

Germany Emergency Number

Germany’s emergency numbers for different sectors are:

Police, Ambulance, Fire112
The additional number for the Police110

Cost of International Calls to Germany 💶

You can receive a terrific deal with rates beginning at $0.01 per minute on several providers when calling Germany. 

One-hour calls to Germany will cost $0.01 per minute or $0.60 per hour at the cheapest rates. 

Rates as high as $3.00 per minute or $180.00 per hour can be found on the most expensive rates.

Cloud Telephony Vs. Traditional Phone System: Which one is better to make calls to Germany? 🤔

Calling a German landline number is cheaper than calling a German mobile number. However, both of those methods are traditional ways of making phone calls. 

You should use a cloud telephony system when it comes to making calls. Cloud Telephony is an effective alternative to the traditional phone line in any sense.

A non-traditional approach or cloud telephony is a bit cheaper than making calls through traditional phone systems.

Cloud Telephony offers a variety of features along with phone calls. At the same time, a KrispCall cloud phone system is more about just making calls.

Hence, cloud telephony like Krispcall could be the best choice for making a call to Germany from the Philippines. It helps to grow your business & save your time or money more effectively.

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Summing Up

In case you are in the Philippines and wish to perform calls to Germany, then KrispCall Cloud Telephony should always be your first option which is less expensive with a variety of features.

You can call Germany from the Philippines or anywhere globally just by using the internet through KrispCall.

KrsipCall is a less expensive & more powerful system compared to other VoIP providers. You can perform different features like call monitoring, number porting, call transfer, SMS, voice mails, and making calls.

You need to sign up & register first to use KrispCall.  For calling Germany from the Philippines, you need to buy the plan as per your requirements. KrispCall offers you to purchase Germany’s international phone number, so there is no need to use the Philippines number to conduct calls to Germany.

As a result, you can rely on Krispcall Cloud Telephony to make a low-cost international call.


How do I dial directly to Germany from the Philippines?

You have to follow the international dialing format to make direct calls from the Philippines to Germany.

Format: Dial 00 – 49 – Area Code/Mobile Code – Numbers

How do I call Germany from Whatsapp?

You can simply call Germany using WhatsApp, but you need to register first with numbers. And contact any other WhatsApp user in Germany with the help of an internet connection.

Can I call Germany for free?

Several VoIP applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, etc, to make free calls to Germany.

What is the 2 letter country code for Germany?

The country code for Germany is 49.

How do I call Germany on Skype?

You just need to sign up on Skype and use an internet connection, and you can conduct calls to any other Skype users in Germany from anywhere.

What are the best VoIP Applications to make Free Calls to Germany?

The best VoIP application to make free calls to Germany are:
1. Skype
2. WhatsApp
3. Viber
4. Messenger

Which is the Best Germany Virtual Phone number Provider?

KrispCall will be the best Germany Virtual Phone Number Provider in 2022.

What is the Area Code of Berlin?

The area code of Berlin is 30.

What is Germany’s emergency number for Police?

The emergency number to call the Police of Germany is 112.


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