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How to Call Indonesia from Philippines Different Locations?



How to Call Indonesia from Philippines Different Locations

Are you currently in the Philippines? If you are looking for the right way of making a phone call from the Philippines to Indonesia then you are at the right spot.

There are a few ways to make an international phone call, and the method you choose will allow you to dial the international phone number of the country you’re calling.

Whether you want to make a personal phone call or a business phone call, there is a pre-defined pattern you need to know to dial the Indonesia phone number from the Philippines. 

In this article, we will briefly learn about how to call Indonesia from the Philippines using different methods.

International Call to Indonesia: What is it & Why does it matter?

The process of dialing Indonesian phone numbers from another country is called International Call to Indonesia.

The purpose of making a phone call to Indonesia can be either personal or business. Whatever the reason is the caller must dial a predefined pattern for actually placing a call the right way.

indonesia flag

While making an international phone call, you must be aware of international calling rates. Normally, the international calling rates are different for different countries. It also varies from one phone service provider to another.

International Call to Indonesia is really crucial for connecting with people in Indonesia from other countries.

You may want to communicate with your loved ones, customers, or business associates. The fastest way to contact them is by placing an international phone call to Indonesia.

Types of Phone Numbers in Indonesia

Generally, there are four different types of phone numbers in Indonesia. Each serves its own purpose for making the lives of people and businesses easier. Let’s have a look at them:

Landline number+62-31-1234-5678
Mobile number+62-811-123-4567
Toll-free number+62-008-803-123-4567
Emergency number110

Different types of the Indonesia Telephone Codes

Before you dial an Indonesia Phone Number, you must know about the different Indonesia Telephone codes:

Philipines Exit Code

While making an international phone call from the Philippines, you need to dial the Philipines Exit Code. This code indicates that you are looking to place a phone call outside the Philippines.

Country Exit code 
Philippines 00

Indonesia Country Code

The purpose of a country code is to indicate the country whose phone number you are dialing. The Indonesia Country code denotes that you are going to place a call to a phone number in Indonesia. 

Country code 

Indonesia Area Codes

There are different area codes for different geographical areas of Indonesia. The area code is necessary to indicate the phone number of the area you are looking to call. Here are some of the area codes in Indonesia.

Area NameArea Code
Denpasar- Bali(0)36
Irian et Maluku Islands(0)9
Kalimantan Islet(0)5
North Sumatra(0)6
Solo- Yogyakarta(0)27
Sulawesi Islet(0)4
West Sumatra(0)75

Indonesia Emergency Number

Emergency Number is crucial at times when an unexpected emergency event has occurred and requires assistance from government organizations. Here are some important Indonesia emergency numbers.

Emergency ServicesEmergency Number
Ambulance and rescue118
Medical Emergencies119

How to Call Indonesia from Philipines?

To call Indonesia from the Philippines, dial:

  • 00 – 62 – Area Code – Landline Phone Number
  • 00 – 62 – 9, 10 or 11 Digit Mobile Number


  • 00 – Exit code for the Philippines, and is needed for making any international call from the Philippines.
  • 62 – ISD Code or Country Code of Indonesia.
  • Area code – area codes in Indonesia.

The conventional method is the old way of dialing a phone number from a landline phone or mobile phone to make a phone call. Although this method is commonly popular for calling within the country, it can be used to make international phone calls.

However, you must keep in mind that international calling rates are very expensive in comparison to local call rates. On top of that, since the signals for international calls need to travel a long distance before reaching the destination, the call quality isn’t in the best shape.

Now let’s learn about the way to dial different types of phone numbers in Indonesia from the Philippines.

1. How to Call Indonesia Landline Number from Philipines?

To call the Indonesia Landline phone number from the Philippines, dial:

00 – 62 – Area Code – Subscriber Number


00-62-021-1234-567 is a landline phone number where:

  • 00 is the Philippines exit code.
  • 62 is the Indonesian country code.
  • 021 is the area code of Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • 1234-567 is the subscriber’s landline number in Indonesia.

2. How to Call Indonesia Mobile Number from Philipines?

The format for dialing an Indonesia mobile phone number from the Philippines is:

00 – 62 – 8NN – Subscriber Number


00-62-811-123-4567 is a mobile phone number where:

  • 00 is the Philippines exit code.
  • 62 is the Indonesian country code.
  • 811 is the prefix code.
  • 123-4567 is the subscriber’s mobile phone number in Indonesia

3. Dial the Indonesia Toll-Free Number from Philipines

The format for dialing an Indonesia toll-free phone number from the Philippines is:

00 – 62 – Trunk Code – Toll-Free Prefix – Subscriber Number


00-62-008-803-123-4567 is a toll-free number where:

  • 00 is the Philippines exit code.
  • 62 is the Indonesian country code.
  • 008 is the trunk code.
  • 803 is the toll-free prefix.
  • 123-4567 is the subscriber’s toll-free number in Indonesia.

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Best and Cheap Way to Call Indonesia from the Philippines

Nowadays, international calling is cheaper and better thanks to non-conventional methods of calling. Instead of using the telephone company network to make phone calls, non-conventional methods rely on an internet connection for establishing a connection.

There are several platforms that let you make an international phone call using the internet. Here are some of them

The world of communication has taken a huge leap with the introduction of cloud telephony. One of the best aspects of cloud telephony is the use of VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to handle phone calls via the internet.

Cloud telephony has a huge impact on business communication. Since it allows one platform to be remotely accessible to all users from different locations, communicating with branch offices or remote employees is effortless, productive, and cost-efficient.

Talking about platforms there are various cloud-based phone systems offering cloud telephony features and services. Among them, KrispCall is growing as one of the best options in the market.

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What is the Right time to call Indonesia from the Philipines?

Indonesia and the Philippines have different time zones. So, if you want to make phone calls to Indonesia from the Philippines then you need to know about the time difference between the two countries.

The Philippines is one hour ahead of Indonesia. There is not much difference but still, it is necessary to know to coordinate the business hours in Indonesia.

The ideal time to call Indonesia from the Philippines is 7 A.M in the morning to 11 P.M at night depending upon the reasons for your call.

Challenges while calling Indonesia from the Philipines

International Calling isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are many factors that challenge you during a phone call to Indonesia from the  Philipines. These challenges can ruin your calling experience to the whole next level.

Here are some of the major challenges that you may encounter:

1. Loss of Call Quality

2. High international calling charges

3. Multiple security and privacy issues

4. Insufficient features and services

5. Bad internet service provider

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Indonesia: Dos and Don’ts

Telephone etiquette refers to how to communicate effectively over the phone. When making a phone call, some of you frequently overlook the proper procedure of talking with someone on the phone. 

The goal of phone call etiquette is for the person you’re calling to understand what you’re saying. Different countries have different ways of doing things. Here is the phone call etiquette in Indonesia:

1. Quickly answer the calls

As soon as you get a business call, you need to answer it. Don’t make your caller wait for a long time because it puts a negative impression on the caller. If it’s impossible to pick up the call quickly then you can add an IVR feature to your phone system.

2. Greet as soon as the conversation begins

It’s really important to greet the caller with the most friendly tone and phrases. Indonesian people are more interested in the conversation when the person on the other end of the phone greets them first. Also, after making a good conversation make sure you tell thank you before ending the call.

3. Make a formal conversation

Business calls are way different than personal calls. While making a business conversation with the Indonesian people, it’s important to use formal language to show your respect. You need to be as polite as possible.

4. Don’t answer other phone calls in a meeting without permission

If you are on a phone call meeting with an Indonesian person, make sure you don’t answer any other calls abruptly. You need to ask permission sincerely from the person currently you are talking to for setting a good impression.

5. Don’t speak too close to the microphone

During any conversation, understanding is very important. One of the main reasons for misunderstanding is unclear voice. You should never speak on the phone by placing your mouth and the mic to close. Put at least 5 cm distance to avoid unclear voice.

6. Speak with a gentle voice

While speaking with Indonesian people on the phone, try to speak with a gentle voice. Don’t be too loud. Keep a medium tone so that the person on the phone can clearly understand what you are saying and doesn’t get irritated with your voice.

7. Don’t hang the conversation first

Indonesian people think it’s disrespectful when the caller hangs up the conversation first. Make sure you let the person you are calling end the phone call after completing a good conversation. It is a small but effective way to gain respect.

8. Try to use the Indonesian language

Indonesian people find it respectful when non-native Indonesian try to use the Indonesian language during conversation. It’s not like you need to make a full conversation using the Indonesian language. Try to use some polite and common phrases and words in between.

Conclusion: The best method to call Indonesia from the Philippines is…

Since International calling using the conventional phone calling method is expensive. The ideal solution for making the calls is by using cloud telephony for business communication. 

KrispCall allows you to make affordable phone calls by giving the best features and services. Any business in the Philippines can enjoy KrispCall’s unified communication to extend their business in Indonesia. 

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