how to call france from philippines
  • Arun Chaudhary
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How to Call France from Philippines Different Locations?

  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 09 Jun 22
  • 13 min read

When you’re living anywhere outside of your home, city, or country, it’s crucial to communicate with your loved ones and express everything you’re doing. Conversely, also to know about theirs.  

One of the best ways to avoid communication gaps between you and them is to make calls. It makes them feel like you’re there for them, and even for you, it doesn’t make you feel all alone at an unknown place.

France and the Philippines both countries have a strong bond, and they are helping each other in every possible factor. However, Filipinos seem more desiring to move to France for various reasons, and France welcomes them with all their heart. 

According to a report, there are 150,000 and 200,000 Filipinos living in France in 2020, and the blowing fact is “Paris is home to a small Filipino community.” 

However, if you’re living in France from the Philippines, and trying to call your family, friend. You should know about different aspects such as calling, dialing code, area code, and many more. 

In this blog, you will know how to call France from Philippines with additional dialing formats you have known before and alternative calling methods. 

We will also guide you to get France’s virtual phone numbers in a few minutes. 

So, stick till the sum up and FAQ!

You will answer every essential detail with the affordable methods that may have made you in a dilemma regarding calling France from the Philippines.

International Call to France: What is it & Why does it matter?

A call to France can be defined as “the act of making a voice or audio call from another country to France.”

However, when making international calls, one should know that we should begin with a specific international calling code mainly of that country to make phone calls.

For instance, someone calls France from Philippines to contact their loved ones.  

Moreover, it is a matter that should be considered. Many Philippians live in various nations worldwide, along with France, and want to connect with their friends and family each day.

Conversely, an international call to France could also be a business conversation, as the various countries have interacted with France for different business resources, trades, or extensions. 

Anyone or for business attempts can call France, and these matters are the aspect for making an international call to France. 

So, are there different types of phone numbers in France? 

Well, there is! 

Types of Phone Numbers in France

There are precisely four types of phone numbers in any country, and even in France:

  • Landline Number: For example, 00–331– 23 – 45– 67– 89
  • Mobile Number: For example, +331–23 – 45– 67– 89
  • Toll-Free Number: For example, +33 — 0800 – 1234– 5566 – 7788
  • Emergency Number: For example, 17 for Police

France Telephone Codes

There are different French telephone codes that you should know before making the call to France. 

Philippines Exit Code

Whenever you want to dial any international call from the Philippines, it is needed. The exit code of the Philippines is 00

Philippines Exit Code 00

France Country Code

France country code or France ISD code is specifically needed to make an international call before dialing the number, and it is the most crucial aspect to connect the numbers. The country code or ISD code of France is 33.

France Country Code or ISD Code 33

France Area Code

There are different area codes of other France locations that help you connect an individual living in that area in France.

The area codes of the different locations of France are:

City / Region Area Code
Basse Normandie 250
Haute Normandie 276
Bretagne 290
Champagne – Ardenne 351
Alsace 369
Southeast France and Corsica 4
Corsica 420
Auvergne 463
Limousin 587
Bourgogne 345
Côte d’Azur 489
Franche Comtè 363
Languedoc Roussillon 434
Lorraine 354
Northeast France 3
Northwest France 2
Paris Region 1
Picardie 360
Poitou Charente 516
Southwest France 5

France Emergency Phone Number

We don’t know when an unexpected event can happen. So, it is vital to know or save the emergency number. 

There are four different France emergency phone numbers of varying emergency departments that will help you take off government aid. 

Emergency Field Emergency Number
Police  17
Ambulance 15
Fire 18
Other Emergency Services 112

How to Call France from Philippines: The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

There are different approaches to calling France from the Philippines. Here we will talk about the quick, easy, and cheap ways offered by virtual cloud-based telephony providers such as KrispCall with better call quality, security, and affordability. 

A. Using Traditional Way

The traditional way is quite an expensive and challenging method compared to cloud telephony & VoIP but connect the person directly by dialing the person number in France from the Philippines. 

However, we should have basic details called through the traditional ways.

So, here are some of the conventional methods of making calls to France from the Philippines:

1. Dial the France Landline Number from the Philippines

The dialing format of making a call from the Philippines landline number to France is 

Dial: 00–33 – Area code – Landline Number

For instance: Dial 00–33– 250 – 123 – 4567


00 ( Philippines Exit Code): Philippines exit code is needed when you make an international call from the Philippines. So, it exits your number from local dialing and connects to the global calling server.  

33 (France Country Code): France country code is needed to make an international call and give you international roaming. 

250 (France Area Code):  250 is the area code of Basse Normandie of France, for example. Likewise, there are different area codes for other locations that you need to dial when you call in your specific area.

123 – 4567 (Local/Landline Number): This is an instance for landline number in France. It could be eight digits long.

2. Dial the France Mobile Number from the Philippines

The dialing format of making a call from the Philippines mobile number to France is 

Dial: 00 – 33 – 6XX XXX XXXX

For instance: 00–33 –612 343 9870


612 343 9870 is an example of a France Mobile number that must be ten digits long.

3. Dial the France Toll-Free Number from the Philippines

The toll-free number of France begins at 0800 or 0805. If you are dialing from another to France, the “33” prefix added to the dial

So, the format to dial the France toll-free number is 

Dial: +33 – 0800 – XXXX – XXXX – XXX

For instance: +33 – 0800 – 1234 – 5566 – 7788


1234– 5566 – 7788 is an example of a toll-free number or business telephone number, and it can be 11 digits long. 

B. Alternative Methods to call France from the Philippines

Making calls to France from the Philippines by using VoIP service & cloud telephony is considered an alternative method of calling without spending a lot of money. 

This non-traditional digital way is best compared to the traditional approach for calling France from the Philippines, and it is more compatible, flexible, trustworthy, and easy to use. 

However, this method is less expensive than the traditional calling method. So, there are different methods under an alternative approach that you can use to make France from the Philippines very easy. They are as follows:

1. Virtual Cloud Telephony

We don’t need a physical phone (landline or mobile phone) to call from France to the Philippines. Various virtual cloud phone systems assist in doing international calls.

That enhances the calling experience and makes it easier to get a virtual phone number with service providers within a few minutes and begin making calls without any problem. 

However, there is a long list of virtual phone number providers, KrispCall is creating quite a mark in providing international calling.


KrispCall is overload jam-packed with handy cloud telephony features and provides a virtual phone number for more than 100 countries. 


It provides unified tool features with virtual phone number providers to handle solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, commercial, enterprises, and business telephony needs. 

Features of KrispCall 

Some of the features of KrispCall are: 

  • International Calls

KrispCall’s global calling features to assist you in making quick international calls, permitting you to grow your client platform worldwide. 

  • Affordable Cost

KrispCall provides virtual numbers at a very affordable cost. However, the calling rate with KrispCall is at a reasonable price. Overall, KrispCall accomplishes all your needs for other gears setup.

  • User-friendly 

KrispCall has an entirely user-friendly configuration with a simple process and is easier to use. You can use and execute it in your business as well. However, KrispCall’s layout gives acceptance & information. 

  • Anytime Customer Support

One of the best ways to interact is to be available for your clients 24/7, and KrispCall ensures to present in your duty for 24/7 online support. You can ask for help from KrispCall at any time without hesitation if you’re facing any problems. 

  • Number porting of your wish 

With KrispCall, you can also convert your present specified number to cloud telephony or virtual phone number. You don’t hold on to complicated procedures to get a new number. 

Some of the other advanced features of KrispCall that help you to attract more clients to your Business

  • Call Monitoring 
  • Call Recording 
  • Voicemails
  • Call Transferring 
  • Call Management 
  • Caller ID
  • DND option 
  • Call History 
  • Call Filters

What type of France Numbers do you get from KrispCall? 

There are various kinds of France numbers that you can obtain from KrispCall. They are as follows:

  • Toll-Free Number
  • Local Number
  • Easy Number Porting 
  • Bring your Own Number
  • Vanity Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • And, many more…

KrispCall is the leading solution for you and your business. It supports Android, IOS, & the web better than any other telephony system or VoIP service providers in terms of cost, compatibility, flexibility, and many more.

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2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most famous VoIP service provider that shares a free every time motto. It allows you to make and receive calls all over the internet within a few minutes. 

WhatsApp is accessible worldwide and trusted by more than billions of people these days. You need to sign-up with your number to create a WhatsApp account with an internet connection.


And after that, you can conduct phone calls with other WhatsApp users worldwide.

Now, you may have already known that you can make calls to France from the Philippines using WhatsApp for free, and most surprisingly, it is one of the best choices for personal phone calls but not for business calls.  

It focuses on providing features such as audio calling, video calling, voicemails, file sharing, and chats. However, it lacks the best for business calls and requires associated components such as call monitoring, call transferring, call recording, call management, etc. 

Overall, WhatsApp is a good option for personal use, but it’s a BIG NO for business purposes!

3. Viber

Viber is another best option for VoIP service providers, which provides free cross-platform instant messaging and lets you do phone, video calls, chat and connect with other Viber users worldwide. 


It provides benefits of your 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi internet connection to help to dial free international calling from anywhere. It means you can continue chatting and calling your loved ones who have signed up through their phone number to Viber for free. 

Thus, you can make phone calls to France from the Philippines using Viber in seconds. 

4. IMO

IMO is one of the unified platforms of the instant messaging, video call, and voice call which has some exciting features of high-quality video calls around the world. 


It allows IMO users to make free video calls, text, audio calls, and file sharing with undoubtable client’s privacy breaches and implements encryption to all calls and chats.

How to get the French phone number Instantly? Step-by-step- Guide

There are a few steps you should know to get a virtual phone number of France instantly, and they are following: 

Step 1: Choose an appropriate cloud-based telephony service provider that meets all your needs, such as KrispCall. 

Step 2: Get to the phone numbers section or page, choose a phone number. 

Step 3: Select country France and an area of it. 

Step 4: Choose a desired phone number from the suggested list. 

Step 5: Get to know the best subscription packages & plans that fit you. 

Step 6: Afterwards, instantly get a France Phone Number.

And BOOM! by following those processes step by step correctly with KrispCall. You will get France’s virtual phone number in a few minutes.

What is the Right Time to Call the France Number from the Philippines?

The time difference is the factor that you should know before making calls to France from the Philippines to avoid untimely calls.  

The time difference between France and the Philippines is 1hr, and the Philippines is 1 hr behind France. 

So, if you call the local time of the Philippines, it would be 1 hr later in France. For instance, if you make a call between 7 P.M – 8 P.M, it would be 8 P.M in France. 

Challenges while calling from the Philippines to France

Some of the challenges you may encounter while calling from the Philippines to France are: 

  • Low call quality 
  • High call rates
  • Missing calls 
  • Privacy issue 
  • Fewer features 

Business Phone Call Etiquette in France: Dos and Don’ts

A few things are required etiquette you should know to maintain while dialing calls to France. They are as follows:

  • Speaking with a smile when talking to the person. Psychology says, “People love speaking to people who are in a happy mood because it also enhances their mood.”
  • Making calls knowing the time differences between France and the Philippines, untimely calls create an inappropriate presence during their hectic schedule, affecting your business. 
  • Understand their schedule to avoid missing calls.
  • Make the first move with incredible and impact greetings.
  • Introduce yourself with your full name (First name and family name). 
  • Don’t get furious because of delayed calling to the meeting. 
  • Talk smoothly and transparently.
  • Keep a professional tone. Don’t mix up personal issues or ask personal questions of the people you’re speaking with within the small talk.
  • Address the next person with the pronouns “Mr,” “Miss,” and “Mrs.”

Conclusion: And, the best way to Call France from the Philippines is…

Traditional ways are pretty expensive when you talk to your loved ones daily a call to France from the Philippines compared to the alternative methods. 

You can face various challenges such as low call quality, privacy, etc. while making calls to France from the Philippines.  

That’s why using an alternative way like cloud telephone is a perfect option over traditional methods compared to price, performance, and efficiency.

So, you can’t rely on the unknown when approaching alternative methods (VoIP service & cloud telephony). 

Therefore, KrispCall is one you can rely on for various features at reasonable prices. It is the best cloud telephony service provider that provides reliable performance and is suitable for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small businesses, enterprises.

KrispCall makes phone calls inconvenient, more accessible ways, and also helps to enhance your business. It also enhances every edge over your competitors. 

You can test the KrispCall performance for free.Schedule Free KrispCall demo now; you need to sign up first.


Are phone calls from the Philippines to France expensive?

Yes, it can be. However, the calling cost depends on the telecommunication carrier you’re using and the phone number you’re calling (landline or mobile phone).

How to call France for Free?

Yes, you can call France from the Philippines for free through VoIP applications such as Whatsapp, IMO, and implementing VoIP service providers such as KrispCall.

What is the Area Code of Alsace?

The area code of Alsace is 369.

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