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Cheapest Way to Call South Africa from USA



Easy & Cheap Way to Call South Africa from the USA

It isn’t easy to be away from one’s family and friends. People are also likely to contact them regularly, either to speak with family or friends or to conduct business communication; thus, calling them daily can be costly.

But don’t worry, you’ll get there in the end!! This article will learn the simplest and cheapest way to call South Africa from USA.

Before calling South Africa from the United States, you should be familiar with the various calling methods, dialing codes, area codes, and so on.

This article will learn the easiest and cheapest way to call South Africa from the USA using various dialing formats and other calling techniques.

You will learn every aspect of contacting South Africa from the United States. We’ll also show you how to get a South African virtual phone number in under a minute.

International Call to South Africa: What is it & Why does it matter? 

Making a call to South Africa from another country is an “international call to South Africa.”

Let’s suppose you’re calling South Africa from the United States.

International calls to South Africa are necessary since many South Africans residing in other countries wish to communicate with their friends and family daily. It could also be for business calls.

Types of Phone Numbers in South Africa

  • Landline number: Example – 27 – 21 – 123 9876
  • Mobile number: Example – 27 – 72 123 4567
  • Toll-free number: 27 – 0800 172972
  • Emergency number: Example – 112 ( for any emergency)

Different types of South Africa Telephone Codes

Before dialing for an international call to the USA, you must understand the different South African number calling codes.

USA Exit Code

The US exit code is 011. To make international calls you need to dial this code first whenever you make calls from the USA to other countries.

USA Exit Code011

South Africa Country Code

The country code for South Africa is 27. You need to dial this code after the exit code whenever you make an international call to South Africa.

CountryCountry Code
South Africa27

South Africa Area Codes

There are different area codes for different locations in South Africa. You need to dial this area code to call in different locations.

LocationArea Code
Cape Town21
Northern Cape27
Port Elizabeth41
Richards Bay 35

South Africa Emergency Phone Number 

You might need daily South Africa emergency numbers for government help. There are four separate emergency numbers in South Africa, they are 

Emergency FieldEmergency Number
Police10 111
Ambulance, Fire10 177
For Any Emergency112
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How to Call South Africa from USA? The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

To call South Africa from the USA, first dial the USA exit code 011; following the exit code, dial South Africa country code 27, then add 2-digit local area codes. Finally, add the 7-digit local number you are reaching.

To call South Africa from the USA, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Dial the exit code 011: Begin by dialing the US exit code, which is 011
  2. Country code: Enter the South African country code, which is +27
  3. Area code and phone number: Add the 2-digit local area code and the 7-digit phone number.

Example: If you’re looking to call someone in Cape Town, South Africa, with a landline phone number 124-0567, then the dialing format would look like 011 27 21 124-0567

A. Using Traditional Way 

You can call South Africa from the USA directly using a traditional calling method, which is quite outdated & expensive these days.

However, there are several methods to call South Africa from the USA under the traditional way, and they are as follows:

1. Dial the South African Landline Number from the USA

The dialing format to call South African landline number from the USA phone number is

Dial: 011 27 Area Code Landline Number

Example: 011 – 27 – 21 – 123 9876


  • 011 (USA Exit Code): This is an exit code of the USA that you need to dial first to make calls to South Africa from the USA.
  • 27 (South Africa Country Code): 27 is the South Africa country code that you need to dial after exit code to call South Africa from the USA.
  • 21 (South Africa Area Code): This is an area code of Cape Town, South Africa. Like that, you can dial different area codes for different locations of South Africa that we already provided.
  • 123 9876 (Landline / Local Number): This is the rest of the numbers that you need to dial. It is an example of a landline or local number in South Africa.

2. Dial the South African Mobile Number from the USA

The dialing format to call South African mobile numbers from the USA is:

Dial: 011 – 27 – Mobile Number

Example: 011 – 27 – 72 123 4567


  • 72 123 4567 (Mobile Number): This is an example of a mobile number in South Africa that could be 9-10 digits long depending on mobile providers.

3. Dial the South African Toll-Free Number from the USA

The dialing format to call South African toll-free number from the USA is

Dial: 011 – 21 – Toll-Free Number

Example: Dial 011 – 27 – 0800 172972


  • 0800 172972 (Toll-Free Number): This is an example of a toll-free number. The number starts with “0800,” supposed to be a toll-free number in South Africa. It could be ten digits long.

B. Non-traditional approach to call South Africa from the USA

A non-traditional approach to calling South Africa from the USA is always the best alternative to traditional calling methods.

Using cloud telephony & VoIP services is the non-traditional way of calling. It is less expensive & more reliable, compared to the traditional way of calling.

Let’s check different providers for a non-traditional approach to calling.

1. Cloud Telephony: KrispCall

When it comes to VoIP services for your business, KrispCall is regarded as one of the top solutions available. Users appreciate the service’s extensive functionality and the ability to use their phones from various devices.

KrispCall as best alternative way to call South Africa from USA

It comes with several advanced features and integrations. It is also simple to set up, adaptable, secure and delivers unified communication. KrispCall offers a Schedule Free KrispCall demo now for businesses.

KrispCall Features

KrispCall offers live call monitoring, forwarding, filtering, recording, call-on-hold, and many features.

One of KrispCall’s most important features is toll-free calling. You may set up toll-free phones for your customers no matter where they are so that they can contact you for free.

The KrispCall platform supports over 100 nations. This implies you can utilize the phone system from anywhere. But, more significantly, clients from all across the world can contact your customer service.

Its unified cloud communication system can manage calls, and text messages and interact with colleagues.

KrispCall Pricing

KrispCall offers a variety of options to meet your business’s needs, including the essentials plan for 15$/Mo, the standard plan for $40 per user/month, and the enterprise plan for customized solutions.

Types of numbers you get a call from KrispCall.

The following are the kind of numbers you can acquire via KrispCall:

2. Viber

Whether calling someone in another country or sending a text message to a coworker, Viber is free. When you’re abroad, you may continue chatting with and calling other Viber users for free, just like you can at home.

Alternative way to call South Africa from USA

You should download and install Viber if you don’t have it. You may then use Viber to text, phone, and video call your friends from anywhere in the world.

3. Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing service that runs in the cloud. It is designed for businesses to operate remotely and provides a wide range of services to meet the demands of each company.

International call to South Africa

It’s simple to use, comes at various pricing points to suit any business’s budget, and is dependable. It also includes all of the basic capabilities a business requires in a video conferencing platform and auxiliary functions for collaboration and creativity.

4. Whatsapp

It is a VoIP calling app, which means it connects calls over the internet. It has made worldwide communication more accessible than ever before. Because WhatsApp is based on the internet, it is easy to avoid international calling limits and prices.

Call a South Africa number from the USA

Download and use WhatsApp to make international calls with more freedom and reduced costs.

How to get a South African phone number instantly? Step-by-step Guide

You can instantly get a South African phone number by choosing the right cloud telephony providers.

Let’s look at how to get a South African phone number using KrispCall.

Step 1: Pick KrispCall as the best Cloud Telephony Service Platform for your needs.

Step 2: Choose a phone number from the phone numbers section or page.

Step 3: In the area section, select South Africa as a country and various areas of South Africa.

Step 4: Choose a phone number from the list provided.

Step 5: Select the most appropriate subscription package for you.

Step 6: Acquire a phone number.

What is the Right Time to Call a South Africa Number from the USA?

Before making calls to South Africa from the USA, you should know the time difference between South Africa and the USA to call at the right time. 

So, the time difference between South Africa and the USA is 7 hours. USA time is 7hrs behind the time of South Africa.

The best time you can call is between 1 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the local time in the USA. It would be 8 A.M – 10 P.M in South Africa.

Challenges while calling from the USA to South Africa

You have to face different challenges while calling from the USA to South Africa if you choose the traditional way of calling or the wrong cloud telephony.

Some of the issues you might face while calling South Africa from the USA are as follows:

  • Weak Call Quality
  • High Calling Charges
  • Security Issues
  • Untimely Calls

Using Cloud Telephony like KrispCall helps you to solve all of the above problems while calling South Africa from America.

Business Phone Call Etiquette in South Africa: Dos and Don’ts

To move forward or close deals with global customers and clients, you’ll need to have in-person, phone, and video conversations. 

People are often so accustomed to conducting business within their own country or regionally that they are uninformed of international business practices.

International phone etiquette entails understanding the distinctions and nuances of countries and regions and negotiating these variances to communicate efficiently.

So, when doing business with overseas customers, what aspects of international communication should you bear in mind? 

Below we have a few important points to keep in mind before dialing for a south African business call:

Make Appointments

Make appointments well ahead of time, at least a month. Never call out of the blue. Calls should always be scheduled ahead of time.

Listen attentively and take notes

When paying attention to your customers, you must listen to them actively throughout the dialogue.

Rather than following a script, active listening involves hearing what they say and responding according to their views.

This shows your customers that you’re aware of their problems and are sympathetic to their annoyances.

Don’t use Slang 

Phone calls between businesses and individuals are differentiated by the language used. If you’re talking with friends, it’s okay to use slang and swear words, but this can cost you a customer for life.

When you’re on the phone, always be mindful and considerate. It’s better to use formal language since you never know who might be offended by something you say.

Maintain a positive attitude

It’s impossible to predict when a consumer is having a terrible day. When someone on the phone is nasty to you, your first instinct may be to put them in their place.

You should always be cheerful and friendly, even when things aren’t going well. Having the right attitude might be enough to turn a bad call around.

While on the phone, never eat or drink anything

If you are responsible for answering the phone, whether full-time or as a standby, you mustn’t eat or drink while on call. During your break, have a drink or something to eat. Customers don’t want you chewing in their ears.

Use Suitable Titles

When chatting with someone on the phone, especially if they are not someone you know, it is critical to address them with the right title. Mrs., Mr., Dr., and other titles are appropriate. Unless the caller has permitted you, you should never address a caller by their first name.

Before putting a call on hold, get permission

It will be necessary to put customers on hold if you are responsible for many calls. Before putting a customer on hold, you should always ask them respectfully if they want to be put on hold. 

It would be best if you attempted to return a customer’s call as soon as feasible after being placed on hold. Customers should not be left waiting for more than a few seconds, as this may irritate them and cause them to hang up.

Conclusion: And, the best way to call South Africa from the USA is…

Calling South Africa from the United States might be costly daily. But remember to follow the proper dialing instructions.

If you’re looking for the best cloud phone and VoIP service for Africa calling, KrispCall should be your first choice because it provides a wide range of options that allow users to make low-cost business calls.

KrispCall has very low pricing and is a very adaptable solution. 

You can try KrispCall for 14 days for free. So, hurry up and sign up for KrispCall.


What numbers should You add to a mobile number to contact South Africa?

To call a South African mobile phone, dial the international calling code, the area code, and the phone number. To access a cell phone outside South Africa, dial +27 11-digit area code followed by the 9-10-digit phone number.

What is the easiest way to call South Africa?

Viber and WhatsApp are the most convenient ways to call.

What is the Toll-free number of South Africa?

The toll-free number of South Africa is 0080. For example Dial: 27 – 0800 172972

What is the ideal virtual phone number provider in South Africa?

KrispCall is the greatest virtual phone number provider in South Africa right now.

What is South Africa’s country code?

South Africa’s country code is +27.

How much does it cost to call South Africa from the US?

It depends upon the service provider you choose. However, KrispCall offers $15/user/month with advanced features like call forwarding and call analytics.

How do you call South Africa from USA free?

To call South Africa from USA without any cost use the application like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger


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