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How to call Australia from the Philippines?



How to Call Australia from the Philippines

Australia is one of the best target places to conduct or expand a business. Whereas, the Philippines is the best place for tourism. And, there are numbers of Australian are in the Philippines right now.

So, calls conducted between these two nations is normal. And it can happen every day. It could be a personal call, business call & conference. 📞

That’s why!

This article will show you how to call Australia from the Philippines utilizing a variety of dialing formats and alternative cheap calling methods.

You get to know every little detail regarding calling Australia from the Philippines step-by-step.

Let’s get started! 👇

International calls to Australia: What is it and How does it matter?

The term “international call to Australia” refers to making a call to Australia from another country.

For example, let’s say you’re phoning Australia from the Philippines.

The Number of Australian people residing in various nations throughout the world. Because so many Australians living in other countries want to contact their friends and family every day, international calls to Australia are essential.

It might also be a business conversation. Individuals and businesses attempt to call Australia for commercial objectives.

Types of Phone Numbers in Australia

To directly make a call from the Philippines to Australia, use the international dialing method listed below. Calling a cell or landline in Australia from the Philippines follows the same dialing protocol.

Australia offers various types of numbers, including

  • Landline Number – 2 digits for the area code followed by eight digits for the rest of the telephone number. For example (+61 2 1234 4321)
  • Mobile Number – 10 digits (there is no area code). For example (+61 400 000 000)
  • Toll-free Number “1800” followed by a six-digit number.
  • Emergency Number – Example, 000 for Police, ambulance, and fire brigade.
  • Vanity Phone Number – Phone numbers with keywords in them.
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Phone Number Structure in Australia: Breaking down Australian Telephone Codes

Here are some of the codes that are used in Australia:

Philippines Exit Code

The Philippines exit code is 00. This code needs to be dialed first to call other countries from the Philippines.

Philippines Exit Code00

Australia Country Code

The Australian country code is +61. This code needs to dial whenever you wish to call Australia from other countries.

All consumers in Australia have an 8-digit local mobile phone number with a 2-digit STD telephone number (dialing codes).

The ACA (Australian Communications Authority) webpage has instructions for converting superseded six or seven-digit to eight-digit numbers format.

Australian Country Code (for overseas originated calls)     61

Outgoing IDD access code (from within Australia)     0011

When phoning from outside Australia, permanently remove the preceding “0” from the area code or the mobile phone number.

Australian Area Code List

Area CodeRegion State or Territory
02 Central EastNew South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
03 South East  Victoria & Tasmania
04 Mobile Telephones  Australia-wide
07North East  Queensland
08Central & West Western Australia, South Australia & Northern Territory

Australian Emergency Number

FieldsEmergency Number
Police, Fire, Ambulance000

How to Call Australia from the Philippines?

To call Australia from Philippines, dial:

  • 00 – 61 – Area Code – Landline Phone Number (for Australian Landline/Local number)
  • 00 – 61 – 9 Digit Mobile Number (for Australian Mobile number)

Example, Dial: 00 61 02 5301 4390


  • 00 – Philippines Exit code
  • 61 – Australia Country or ISD code
  • (02) Area Code – Sydney area code.
  • 5301 4390 Australian Landline/Local Number

Traditional methods of calling Australia from the Philippines may be difficult and costly for you.

1. How to call landline in Australia from Philippines?

The following is the format for dialing an Australian telephone number from the Philippines:

Dial: Philippines exit code – Australia country code – Australia Area Code – Australia Landline number

Example:  00-61 – 2 – 1234 – 5678


  • 00 (Philipines Exit Code): Philippines’s exit code is required for any international call made.
  • +61 (Australia Country Code): It is Australia’s country code or ISD code that you must dial if you make international calls to Australia.
  • 07 (Area Code Australia): As an example, this is Queensland’s area code. Area codes in Australia are 2 to 3 digits long, whereas phone numbers are 7 to 8 digits long. The landline phone numbers in Australia have a total of 11 digits.
  • 1234 4321 (Local / Landline Number): 2 digits for the area code followed by eight digits for the rest of the telephone number.    

2. How to Call Australian Mobile phone Number from Philippines?

To call Australia’s mobile number from the Philippines, dial: 00– 61-XXXXXXXXXX.

Example: 00 61-0481606127

3. How to call 1300 or 1800 Australian Toll-Free Number from Philippines?

To call the Australian 1300 or 1800 toll-free number from the Philippines, Dial: 00 – 61 – Ten Digit Toll-Free Number

Example: Dial 00 – 61 – 1300 371882


  • 00: Philippines Exit Code
  • 61: Australia Country/ISD Code
  • 1300 371882: Australian Toll-Free number

Best and Cheap ways to call Australia from the Philippines

Consider the situation when you have Australian clients. It would be tough to control all of them on a typical phone line, especially considering their high international call fees.

Taking care of them, on the other hand, is a simple task with a worldwide phone connection.

When consumers call you using a virtual mobile number, they dial a mobile phone number relevant to their country, which is then redirected to your primary contact center.

Furthermore, calling using VOIP has several advantages, and it is both cheaper and more straightforward than dialing a phone number from a landline. Here are some of your options for making a VoIP call.

With SIM-less cloud phone on the rise, virtual cloud phone is the new trend in the telephony industry. Compared to plain old telephony systems (POTS), telephony features on virtual cloud phones are abundantly high.

In addition to having regular telephony features, virtual phones come loaded with amazing features. So these days, such phones are not just preferred by businesses and enterprises but also for personal use.

KrispCall is one of such virtual phones, which is making a huge mark in the telephony market these days. It embraces a sophisticated technology that makes communication cheaper, more accessible, and more efficient.

Get Cheap Phone Number to Call Australia from Philippines

Make cheap international calls to Australia from Philippines for your personal & business needs.

Select numbers :

KrispCall is a company that sells local, toll-free, web, and digital phone numbers to companies and personnel. It boasts a simple user interface, excellent customer service, complex features, and affordable pricing.

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What is the Right Time to Call Australia Number from the Philippines?

Before calling Australia from the Philippines, you must know the best time to call to prevent unnecessary calls.

There is a 3 hours time difference between Australia and the Philippines. Australia is 3 hours ahead of the Philippines. That means when the clock ticks to 12 PM in the Philippines, the time in Australia would be 3 PM.

In the Philippines, you can call between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m; at local times. In Australia time, that’d be 8 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Challenges while calling from the Philippines to Australia

Challenges that may occur while reaching Australia from the Philippines are listed below: 

  • Privacy has been violated.
  • Call Quality is Unstable
  • Unexpected Calls
  • Calling Rates Are Expensive

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Australia: Dos and Don’ts

Here are some guidelines and habits to follow when making financial phone calls to Australia:

1. DO – When conversing with others, smile. Even though they can’t see you, your Voice will have a grin on it, and the caller will be a lot more relaxed in their interaction with you. Individuals like conversing with cheerful people.

2. DON’T – Keep the caller on hold for an excessive amount of time. Nobody enjoys waiting on hold. If you keep your caller on hold for an extended period, they may believe they have indeed been forgotten and hang up. 
3. DO – Speak loudly and clearly. You have plenty to say, and the person on the other end of the line is interested in hearing it. During a conversation, no one likes to repeat oneself several times. To avoid this, speak as plainly as possible.

4. DON’T – Scream or whisper. Being too loud or quiet during a phone conversation can make it unpleasant and may result in you not getting all the information to the people on the receiving end. Make an effort to talk in a calm tone that is simple to hear and comprehend.

5. DO – Greet the caller warmly. Even if it’s a phone conversation, if your responses are brief or you don’t seem engaged, the caller may feel unwelcomed and that their question or problem hasn’t been handled.

6. DON’T – Allow yourself to get distracted. But even though the callers may not have been able to see how you’re doing, they will be able to tell if you’re not paying attention by your tone and replies. 

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Conclusion: And, the best way to make a Call to Australia from the Philippines is…

Calling Australia from the Philippines might be expensive daily, and there was no new technology for calling Australia from the Philippines at a cheap cost in the past. Still, currently, there are several options for calling Australia from the Philippines at a low price.

In that case, yes!

When seeking the most exemplary cloud phone & VoIP service, KrispCall should be your first pick since it offers a broad array of services that allow users to make low-cost business calls to Australia from the Philippines.

You can just use free VoIP apps like  WhatsApp, Messenger, etc to make calls to Australia from the Philippines. But they are only suitable for personal calls, not for business calls & conferences. But KrispCall is appropriate for both personal & business use.

KrispCall offers different prices and packages based on the scale of your business. You can schedule a free Demo to find out more about KrispCall and its features. Or you can just sign up and explore the product yourself.


How do Australian phone numbers work?

There are ten digits in an Australian phone number: Landlines – the area code is two digits, followed by eight digits for such rest of the phone number. Mobile phones – ten digits (there is no area code).

Is it necessary to dial 011 while calling Australia? 

Whether it is necessary to dial 011 while calling Australia or not, it depends on your location and phone carrier. To make a call from the United States to Australia, follow these steps: To begin, call 011, which is the US exit code. Then dial 61, which is Australia’s country code. After that, dial the one-digit area code.

To contact Australia, what numbers should I put in front of a cell number?

To contact a mobile phone in Australia, first, call the international dialing code, then 04, and after that the phone number. When getting a cell phone outside of Australia, dial +61 4, followed by the 8-digit phone number.

How much does it cost to make a phone call in Australia?

You may get a fantastic discount on calls to Australia, with costs ranging from $0.01 per minute to $4.00 per minute on various carriers.

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