What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of WiFi Calling?

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Advantages & Disadvantages of WiFi Calling | pros and cons

Using cellular network services to perform calls is expensive and cellular phone tower is not accessible everywhere.

WiFi calling could appear to be a cost-effective alternative to cellular network providers and cellphone towers.

Just by using a WiFi connection, you can perform WiFi calling from anywhere in the world.

In this article, you will get to know what WiFi calling is, how it works, the advantages and disadvantages of WiFi calling & how to enable it on a different device.

Especially, stick to the end of the article to know the advantages and disadvantages of wifi calling.

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What is WiFi Calling?

Wifi Calling refers to the call performed by using the wifi signals or wireless internet access rather than using a standard cellular phone network. The IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance have developed a set of standards that govern Wi-Fi.

wifi calling


Wi-Fi calling works much like a normal phone call in terms of user experience, you dial a contact number as you usually would. Just like a normal phone conversation, you can utilize all of the usual features in wifi callings, such as three-way calling and speakerphone.

You should take benefit of this quick development in the phone system by using WiFi calling. Even though you’re not nearby a mobile network, you can perform WiFi calls using your home broadband or WiFi hotspot.

What Are The Benefits Of WiFi Calling?

The common benefits of WiFi Calling are as follows:

1. Cellular networks are not available everywhere

If you’re too far away from cellular towers for the signal to reach you, or if the signal isn’t powerful enough to penetrate your house, then this could happen.

2. Save cost on phone calls

One of the reasons to choose wifi callings over cellular network phone calling is that wifi calling simply saves your money on phone calls.

If you use the free VoIP application then you just need an internet connection to make a call, it will be free of cost.

3. WiFi Availability

Using a wifi connection, you can make wifi calls from anywhere in the world. Nowadays, wifi connection is even available in public places like hotels, restaurants, marts, malls, public transport, park, etc.

Benefits of WiFi calling

But those public wifi connections might not be reliable as your personal & office wifi. However, you can make wifi calls from those public places with wifi connections as well.

These are some of the reasons for using wifi calling but we will discuss its benefits in brief in this article.

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After knowing what is wifi calling & some reason to use it, you might eagerly want to know how does it work.

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How does Wifi Calling work?

If you dial after turning on Wifi Calling, your phone will automatically find the powerful network available. The call will then be routed over a Wi-Fi or cellular network, depending on which is the strongest at the moment.

If a Wi-Fi network outperforms your carrier’s cellular network then only your call can be routed through Wifi.

However, a technology called “VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)” service is the easiest & best way to make a Wi-Fi call. It establishes a phone service by connecting to a provider over internet service.

It appears to you to be very simple & uncomplicated, but there are a lot of things that happen behind the scene to make it work.

VoIP technology is used to make calls via apps like KrispCall, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and many other VoIP Applications. You can easily make wifi calls using those VoIP applications with the help of a wifi connection.

You don’t need to do much to obtain a robust network connection with today’s powerful devices. Businesses or individuals can use applications like KrispCall to make Wi-Fi calls using any device with internet access, even if it doesn’t have a cellular network signal or even SIM Card as well.

Wi-Fi calling, at its most basic level, employs VoIP to give callers a better calling experience.

What are the differences between VoIP Vs WiFi Calling?

The “Wi-Fi calling” function on mobile devices has become more prevalent in recent years. In fact, you’ve undoubtedly utilized Wi-Fi calling if you’ve ever performed a call when your smartphone was linked to the internet.

Wi-Fi calling appears to be a relatively new function, VoIP is the technology that supports it has been around for a long time.

VoIP’s accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and dependability prompted carriers to act immediately: Carriers developed a new competitive feature known as “Wi-Fi calling” using VoIP technology. Wifi calling works on your device automatically while you using the wifi signals.

When people talk about Wi-Fi calling, they’re talking about the carrier-branded calling that comes standard on your cellphone. Wi-Fi calling does not require the installation of any software. You just need to enable it.

And, when people talk about VoIP, they usually mean a separate program or platform that has to be installed such as Krispcall, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

How to enable Wifi Calling?

WiFi calling isn’t turned on by default on your smartphone, but it’s an easy step to activate it. The absolute procedure to enable Wifi Calling

You have to assure first that your device is connected to the wifi signals, then you have to complete the given steps below:

How to enable Wifi Calling on iPhone?

Want to make wifi calls from your iPhone? We will provide you with a procedure that works similarly for almost every iPhone device like iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone X, & iPhone XS.

Steps to Enable Wifi Calling on iPhone are:

  1. From Home Screen go to Settings, click on the Mobile Data or Cellular option.
  2. You will see the Wifi Calling option, then Select it. (You can search Wifi Calling in search tools alternatively)
  3. Slide Wifi Calling button to right (Green).
  4. Click Enable after the pop-up appears.

After that, you can perform wifi calls from your iPhone using a wifi connection.

How to enable WiFi Calling on Android?

Steps to Enable Wifi Calling on Android phones are:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Network & Internet option.
  3. Select Mobile Network, you will see the WiFi Calling option. (You can search Wifi Calling in search tools alternatively)
  4. Slide the Wifi Calling button to right (On).

After that, you can perform wifi calls from your Android Phones using a wifi connection.

If your device doesn’t have the wifi calling enabled choice, then you can simply download VoIP applications like KrispCall, WhatsApp, Skype, and so on. You just need an internet connection to make a call using those VoIP apps.

What Are the Advantages of WiFi Calling?

Wi-fi calling allows you to perform calls or send messages from any location that has access to a wi-fi network.

The advantages of wifi calling are:

1. The Alternative Solution over Poor Cellular Service

People that reside in an area with poor cell phone service might rely on wi-fi calling. It basically serves as a backup for your phone conversations.

It’s usually a good idea to have a backup plan in case your cell phone connection goes down for an extended period of time.

2. Improved Voice Quality

Wireless operators have been working on improving the phone’s wi-fi connectivity for several years. As a result, LTE audio sounds far superior to cellular systems.

3. No need to Install Apps

Wi-Fi calling does not require the installation of any apps or software. Many phones have wi-fi calling capabilities built-in.

4. Free Calls using Wifi Network

By using a strong wifi network connection, you can perform wifi calling free of cost. It means that you can perform a phone call using your wifi connection if you haven’t paid for your phone service to make normal calls.

5. Doesn’t ask for Extra Services

It doesn’t necessitate any special planning or services. Every month, your call minutes will be totaled and credited to your voice plan.

6. Doesn’t need a higher bandwidth

Wi-Fi calling does not need a large amount of bandwidth. As a result, if a good wi-fi connection is available nearby, you can use it.

7. There are no additional logins required

Only your existing cell phone number is used for WiFi calling. It does not necessitate any additional logins in order to function.

8. Provide a More Reliable Home Connection

You’re probably within just 50 feet of your Wi-Fi router if you’re making a call from home. The connection will be more reliable compared to making calls from far away.

9. Extends the life of the battery

The frequent search for cellular networks might reduce the battery of your cellphone.

Those are some advantages of wifi calling that will be beneficial for you. However, wifi calling also has some drawbacks.

What Are The Disadvantages of Wifi Calling?

Without a suitable wifi network, wi-fi calling is hard to establish. If you want to know the disadvantages of wifi calling, here we provide some of the downsides of wifi calling.

1. Poor Signal Quality in Public Places

Though Wi-Fi calling is a fantastic choice for calls made from home, it is far less effective when used in public places. Several users share the same wifi connection while they are in public places.

When your phone is competing for bandwidth, the quality of your calls may degrade.

2. There aren’t always Wi-Fi Hotspots available

You shouldn’t be sure that everywhere you go there is wifi hotspot available.

3. Wifi Calling doesn’t support every device

It’s necessary to have a smartphone with WiFi calling built-in. Many Android smartphones and the latest iPhones include WiFi calling capability.

4. International phone calls are restricted

International phone calls might not be offered for some countries using wifi calling. For example, the major carriers offer WiFi calls to the United States when traveling internationally, but not to other countries.

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5. Charges for Data usage

If you disconnect your WiFi connection and a call switches to your data plan when you aren’t utilizing your home or business internet service for WiFi calling, you could be charged access fees or other unexpected expenses.

Those are some of the drawbacks of wifi calling that we should be aware of.

What Are The Differences Between Wifi Calling Vs Cellular Calling?

Wi-Fi calling enables you to communicate with people who are located in different parts of the world. You do not have to be near a cellular tower to use this service. You just need to have internet access.

But Wifi might have a less reliable connection service compared to cellular networks. If a large number of individuals are utilizing the Wi-Fi hotspot simultaneously, voice quality may suffer. This is very common in overcrowded areas.

One difference between WiFi and Cellular Calling is that you can be irritated if you need to make an urgent call since the signals of your WiFi connection may not be consistent for a long period.

When compared to cellular calling, WiFi calling could make a significant difference. If one has a restricted number of minutes, it is best to invest in a genuine working travel board, since switching to a WiFi-only service like Scratch Wireless does not make sense for most people.

WiFi Calls have an advantage over cellular calls in that there are no roaming costs or international expenses unless you use a lot of data.

Your battery might be reduced that is always looking for a cellular network to connect to. This is not the case with a phone that makes Wi-Fi calls.

How do I make Wi-Fi calls with KrispCall?

You are simply able to make wifi calls by using KrispCall VoIP apps. You just need to go to the KrispCall browser & sign in first. You can even download the KrispCall application for your Android and iOS devices.


You need to buy the plan of KrispCall at your convenience. You will get your virtual phone numbers from more than 100 countries.


Essential Standard Enterprise
$15 Monthly/user $40 Monthly/user Customized Solution Contact Krispcall

KrispCall is a virtual cloud telephony solution that is super easy to configure. You can call whichever number you want using KrispCall but need an internet connection

The KrispCall will not utilize your cellular data if you’ve already enabled Wi-Fi calling on your smartphone. Basically, it would be better to use a wifi connection for wifi calling through KrispCall.

Summing Up

If you have a weak cellular network connection, limited minutes, or frequently travel, having a wi-fi calling facility to perform phone calls can make a tremendous difference in your life.

Wi-Fi calls are more secure, and audio calls have a higher quality. Apart from these benefits, you should exercise safety when utilizing public wifi. Your valuable information can be hacked as well.

As we already discussed, wifi calling is relatively simple to set up, especially on the latest cell phones. If your cell phone doesn’t support wifi calling then you can simply install a VoIP application on your phone.

When it comes to making wifi calls using a VoIP application, you should always try KrispCall first. KrispCall is a leading virtual cloud-based telephony solution for individuals as well as for businesses. Even for your business, it will always help you to stay competitive in the market.

We have already discussed how to make wifi calls using KrispCall above, you just need to follow that procedure. You can also Schedule a free demo to learn more about its features.

Furthermore, make use of wifi calling to improve your life and make communication easier.

Is Wifi calling free?

WiFi calling is often free, but you will have to pay if you wish to conduct an international call.
There is no extra charge for Wi-Fi calls but they are deducted from your monthly voice plan.

Is Wi-Fi calling good or bad?

Since Wi-Fi calling is a fantastic alternative for calls made from homes, it is far less reliable when used in public places.

In-home, you are always near to routers and don’t have to share wifi connections with many peoples. But in public places, several users share the same wifi-connection at the same time.

Does Wifi Call use data?

It does not utilize data from your phone plan if the call is conducted through a Wi-Fi network. But if the wifi calling is made through the mobile network, it obviously uses your mobile data plan.

Is Wifi Calling Safe?

When you’re utilizing a Wifi connection your mobile provider encrypts your audio when you make a call. That makes such calls entirely safe.

However, you have to be careful while using a public wifi connection.

What if WiFi calling isn’t an option?

There is a chance that your device doesn’t have the option of wifi calling. Don’t Worry!

If your cell phone doesn’t support you can simply make wifi calls using KrispCall or other VoIP applications.

Does WiFi calling drain or save your battery?

WiFi calling will help save battery life in locations with weak cellular coverage but a good WiFi signal. If your cellular signal is weak or non-existent, you might consider shutting it off to save your battery.


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