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How to Call Thailand from Philippines Easily & Cheaply?



how to call Thailand from Philippines

Everyone loves their family, friends, and motherland, and it can be difficult to be apart from them. Calling your family and friends to Thailand from another country can be costly, and it may be difficult to call them regularly while the calls are expensive. 

But don’t worry, In this post, you’ll learn how to make international calls to Thailand and different types of phone numbers from the Philippines as quickly and easily as possible.

So, let’s say you’re in the Philippines and trying to call a loved one or make a business call in Thailand. In that case, you should be aware of various factors such as traditional methods, calling, alternative calling methods, and so on.

International Call to Thailand: What is it & Why does it matter?

An international call to Thailand is dialing a phone number in Thailand from another country.

Suppose you’re dialing from the Philippines to Thailand number.

As so many Filipinos live in different countries worldwide, making international calls to Thailand is essential.

Many Filipinos who live in other countries prefer to regularly communicate with their friends and family, so international calls to Thailand are essential.

It could also be a professional debate. Individuals and businesses alike contact Thailand for business purposes.

Telephone codes you need to know before dialing Thailand from the Philippines

Every country has different dialing codes, and phone number types and Thailand is no exception. So, before calling Thailand from anywhere, you should be aware of the country’s dialing codes and the types of numbers you want to call.

  • Types of Phone Numbers in Thailand 

  1. Mobile Phone Number – Example: 00-66-123876533
  2. Landline Phone Number – Example: 00-66-02- 2124563
  3. Toll-free Number – Example: 00-66-1800-122-678
  4. Emergency number – Example:  199 ( Emergency number of Fire )


  • Philippines Exit Code 

The Philippines’s exit code is 001, required when making an international call.

Country  Exit code 
Philippines  00
  • Thailand Country Code 

Country Codes, also known as Dialing Codes or Access Codes, are used to identify the country of a phone number.

For example, Thailand’s country code is a unique code required to connect Thailand and other countries in a telecommunication server.

Country  Code 
Thailand  66 
  • Thailand Area Code 

The different area codes of Thailand are as follows: 

City Area code
Bangkok 66-2
Burirum 66-44
Chanthaburi 66-39
Chiang Mai 66-53
Chiang Rai 66-54
Chon Buri 66-38
Kanchanaburi 66-34
Lampang 66-54
Nakhon Ratchasima 66-44
Nakhon Sawan 66-56
Namphaengphet 66-55
Nong Khai 66-42
Pattani 66-73
Pattaya 66-38
Phitsanulok 66-55
Phuket 66-76
Ratchaburi 66-32
Saraburi 66-36
Songkhla 66-74
Surat Thani 66-77
Tak 66-55
Ubon Ratchathani 66-45
  • Thailand Emergency Number 

In an emergency, emergency numbers are numbers assigned to the police, fire, ambulance, or other similar services for use by the public in contacting those services.

For government assistance, you may need to call Thailand emergency lines daily. There are several emergency phone numbers in Thailand, including

Emergency field  Emergency number 
Highway Police  1193
Medical  1669
Ambulance Service Center 1691
Fire  199

How to Call Thailand from the Philippines?

You can direct dial Thailand from the Philippines using the international dialing format given below. From the Philippines, you can dial Thailand mobile or landline numbers with the same dialing format.

To call Thailand from the Philippines, dial:

  • 00 – 66 – Area Code – Landline/Local Phone Number
  • 00 – 66 – 9 Digit Mobile Number


  • 00 – The exit code for the Philippines, used for international calls
  • 66 – Thailand’s ISD code or country code
  • Area code – Thailand has 79 area codes. After dialing the ISD code, dial the area code for the city you are calling in Thailand. When there is no area code, dial the recipient’s telephone number.



Traditional methods of communication are becoming more expensive nowadays. However, when dialing the number from the Philippines to Thailand, the old method instantly connects people.


1. Call Thailand Landline numbers from the Philippines

To call a Thailand landline number from the Philippines, Dial: 00 – 66 – Area CodeLandline Phone Number


For example, 00-66-039-2134567


  • 00: The exit code for the Philippines is required for any international call.

  • 66: If you make an international call to Thailand, you must dial the country code or ISD code, i.e., 66

  • 039 (Area Code) of Thailand: As an example, this is the area code of Chanthaburi, Trat. 

  • 2134567(Local / Landline Number): An example of a landline number is 2134567. 

2. Calling  Thailand Mobile Number from the Philippines


To call the Thailand mobile number from the Philippines, Dial: 00-66-9 digits mobile number

For example, 00-66-231456756


  • 231456756 ( Mobile number ) – This is an example of a Thailand mobile number that is nine digits long. 

3. How to Dial Thailand Toll-Free Number from the Philippines?

The Thailand toll-free number format consists of the toll-free prefix “1800” followed by a six-digit number.

Customers calling from the Philippines must dial 00 66 1800 to reach a toll-free number in Thailand. In this case, the country code for Thailand is 66, and the Philippines ‘ exit code is 00.

The format for dialing a Thailand Toll-free number from the Philippines is as follows.

00-66-Toll free number -xxx-xxx

For example, 00-66-1800-123-8765

Challenges while calling Thailand from the Philippines 

You might face many challenges while calling from the Philippines to Thailand with traditional methods, but here we have mentioned the common challenges that you might face while calling. 

  • Poor call quality 
  • Expensive call rates 
  • Missed calls
  • Fewer features   
  • Lack of privacy. 

Best and Cheapest Way to Call Thailand from the Philippines

The drawbacks of traditional telephony systems are many and they can be expensive, less effective, and unavailable to every person which is why VoIP phone services are popular nowadays. 

Using Krispcall for your personal or business calls can subsequently reduce the cost and maintenance and increase smooth communication as per your need. Moreover, it provides many advanced features to make international calls, number porting, call recording, call forwarding, etc.

Besides, its secure platform and easy configuration with cheaper expenses can be greatly utilized. Krispcall is the best option to make calls to Thailand from the Philippines without any hassles.

Get a Phone Number to Call Thailand from the Philippines

Make cheap international calls to Thailand from the Philippines for your personal & business needs.

Select numbers :



What is the Right time to call Thailand from the Philippines?

To avoid missed calls, keep the time difference between Thailand and the Philippines in mind when planning calls.

But it’s simple for you, and you won’t have to worry about the time difference between Ireland and Thailand if you call from the Philippines number because the time zones are only a little bit different. 

Thailand is 1 hour behind the Philippines, so if it is 1: 00 pm in Thailand, it is 2: 00 pm in the Philippines.

For example, when calling from the Philippines, you can call from 11: 00 am to 5: 00 pm, which is 10: 00 am to 4: 00 pm in Thailand.

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Thailand: Dos and Don’ts

To avoid confusion, Business Phone Call Etiquette states that the call should begin with identifying yourself and your business. A positive tone of voice always elicits a better response and aids in developing a positive rapport.

Some of the Business Phone Call Etiquette in Thailand are as follows: 

Thank you and please; good manners are a way of demonstrating respect and courtesy to those with whom we interact.

Speak properly, clearly, and at a volume neither too high nor too low. People should understand what is said to them if they are enunciated and spoken slowly enough.

Talking on the phone with your customers, you should always be cautious and considerate as an employee. Because you never know who might be offended by something, it’s best to use formal language instead of slang.

When speaking on the phone, avoid using the word “you”; instead, emphasize what you can do rather than what you can’t.

Prioritize your customer calls; if you need to put them on hold, ask for their permission first and give them the option of leaving a voicemail message.

To Summarize 

Making a daily phone call from the Philippines to maybe Thailand is extremely expensive. But don’t worry, we have a fantastic solution for you.

In business, now is the time to transition to a cloud-based platform; you should better understand what a good fit for your organization is; additionally, the virtual phone provides many advanced capabilities.

KrispCall is the best cloud phone and VoIP service for Singapore calling, whether you want to contact a family member or make a business call. It provides several options for users to make low-cost business calls.

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