how to call vietnam from malaysia
  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 13 Dec 22
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How to Call Vietnam from Malaysia Without Spending a Fortune?

  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 13 Dec 22
  • 12 min read

Malaysia and Vietnam have a close relationship, and many Vietnamese live in Malaysia.

There is also a good chance that people in Malaysia will try to contact Vietnam every day, communicate with family or friends, or conduct business.

Sounds Good! 😀

This article will teach you how to call Vietnam from Malaysia using various dialing formats and alternative approaches to calling and help you grasp the concept.

We will guide you to get different types of Vietnamese virtual phone numbers in less than 2 minutes as well in this article.

Read till the end to get every detail possible!

International Call to Vietnam: What is it & Why does it matter?

The technique of conducting a call to Vietnam from another country is referred to as the international call to Vietnam.

For instance, suppose you are calling Vietnam from Malaysia.

Numbers of Vietnamese living in different countries worldwide. International calls to Vietnam matter because every day so many Vietnamese living in foreign countries try to contact their friends & family.

It could be a business talk as well. Individuals or companies try to make calls to Vietnam for business purposes as well.

Types of Phone Numbers in Vietnam

Vietnam offers various types of numbers, including:

  1. Mobile Phone Number: Example, 09 86888888
  2. Landline Phone Number: Example, 84 – (0)34 – 1234567
  3. Local Number: Example, 84 – 8 – 1234567
  4. Toll-free Number: Example, 120 11 123
  5. Emergency Number: Example, 113 for Police

Different Vietnam Telephone Codes

Before dialing for an international call to Vietnam you must understand the different Vietnam calling codes.

Malaysia Exit Code

The Malaysia exit code is 00. This code needs to be dialed first whenever you wish to call other countries from Malaysia.

Malaysia exit code00

Vietnam Country Code

The Vietnam country code is +84. This code needs to dial whenever you wish to call Vietnam from other countries.

Vietnam country code+84

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Vietnam Area Codes

Vietnam has a total of 62 area codes. To make a perfect international call to Vietnam from Malaysia, you’ll need to know the different Vietnam area Codes.

The area code of Vietnam is 2-3 digits long. The Vietnam area code is listed below:

Area Area code
An Giang76
Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu64
Bạc Liêu781
Bắc Kạn281
Bắc Giang240
Bắc Ninh241
Bến Tre   75
Bình Dương   650
Bình Địn56
Bình Phước651
Bình Thuận62
Cà Mau780
Cao Bằng26
Cần Thơ71
Đà Nẵng511
Đắc Lắc50
Đồng Nai61
Đồng Tháp67
Gia Lai59
Hà Giang19
Hà Nam351
Hà Nội04
Hà Tây34
Hà Tĩnh39
Hải Dương320
Hải Pḥòng031
Hoà Bình18
Hưng Yên321
TP.Hồ Chí Minh8
Khánh Hoà58
Kiên Giang77
Kon Tum60
Lai Châu23
Lạng Sơn25
Lào Cai20
Lâm Đồng63
Long An72
Nam Định350
Nghệ An38
Ninh Bình30
Ninh Thuận68
Phú Thọ210
Phú Yên57
Quảng Bình52
Quảng Nam510
Quảng Ngăi55
Quảng Ninh33
Quảng Trị53
Sóc Trăng79
Sơn La22
Tây Ninh66
Thái Bình36
Thái Nguyên280
Thanh Hoá37
Thừa Thiên Huế54
Tiền Giang73
Trà Vinh74
Tuyên Quang27
Vĩnh Long70
Vĩnh Phúc21
Yên Bái19

Vietnam Emergency Phone Number 

Sometimes you need to daily Vietnam emergency numbers for government immediate help. There are four separate emergency numbers in Vietnam, they are: 

Emergency field Emergency number 
Child protection111

How to Call Vietnam from Malaysia: The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

There are several ways of calling Vietnam from Malaysia. They are as follows:

Using Traditional Way

There are some traditional ways to call Vietnam from Malaysia that might be challenging & expensive for you.

Some traditional ways to call Vietnam from Malaysia are as follows:

1. Dial the Vietnamese Landline Number from Malaysia

The format for calling the Vietnam landline number from Malaysia are given below:

Dial: Malaysia exit code – Vietnam country code – Vietnam Area Code – Vietnam Landline number

Example: 00 – 84 – (0)34 – 1234567


  • 00: Malaysia’s exit code is required for any international call made.
  • 84 (Vietnam Country Code): It is the Country code or ISD code of Vietnam that you must dial if you make international calls to Vietnam.
  • 34 (Area CodeVietnam): This is the area code of Berlin as an example. In Vietnam, area codes range from 2 to 3 digits, while phone numbers range from 7 to 8 digits. In total, Vietnam’s landline phone numbers have 11 digits, including the trunk code (0)
  • 1234567 (Local / Landline Number): This is an example of a landline number. This number could be 7-8 digits long.

2. Dial the Vietnamese Mobile Number from Malaysia

In Vietnam, cell phone numbers are formatted as 09x-xxxxxxx and new prefixes are 03x, 05x, 07x, 08x and 09y. .

The trunk code is the first 0 in the sequence.

The next two digits indicate the mobile phone operator (3x, 5x, 7x, 8x, or 9y). More than one operator code has been assigned to some mobile phone companies. 

3. Dial the Vietnamese Toll-Free Number from Malaysia

The format to dial Vietnamese toll-free numbers from Malaysia are

Dial: 00 – 84 – Toll-Free Prefix – xx xxx 

Example: Dial 00 – 84 – 120 – 11 123


  • 120 (Toll-Free Prefix): This is the toll-free prefix.
  • 11 123 (Toll-Free Number): This is an example of Toll-Free number which supposed to be 5-6 digits long.

A non-traditional approach to call Vietnam from Malaysia

Consider the case when you have customers from Vietnam. It would be hard to handle all of them on a regular phone line, especially given their expensive international call costs.

On the other hand, taking care of them is a piece of cake with an international phone line.

But with a virtual phone number provider, when a customer wants to call you, they dial a phone number specific to their nation; their phone call is then forwarded to your main call center.

Additionally, calling through VOIP has a lot of advantages and is both easier and less expensive than calling from a landline with a phone number.

There are various virtual phone numbers to call Vietnam from Malaysia; however, after conducting research, we have identified the best virtual phone number supplier that would assist your business to grow.

1. KrispCall : Modern Business Cloud Telephony

KrispCall Cloud Telephony is a well-known cloud phone technology that simplifies and improves communication.


KrispCall is a service that allows businesses to purchase local, toll-free, internet, and virtual phone numbers. It has an easy-to-use user interface, excellent customer assistance, comprehensive, advanced features, and low price.

To know more about KrispCall, sign up for the Schedule Free KrispCall demo now

Benefits of Krispcall

There are numerous benefits of having an international phone number. What are the advantages of having a virtual phone number? Virtual phone numbers are important in 21st-century lives for various reasons, including lower phone expenses and the ability to establish a local presence.

Take calls from any location.

As it is not linked to a physical device, you can accept calls from anywhere in the world. You might, for example, use a Krispcall phone number as your toll-free customer service phone number.

Customers will be able to call you from anywhere, unaware that they are dialing a virtual phone number.

Working remotely is a great approach to increase their efficiency when your team is working remotely.

Maintaining a Professional Image

Another important benefit of virtual Krispcall is that they aid in the establishment of a professional image for enterprises.

These figures represent your business as a highly professional firm that places a premium on customer service and does not take its clients for granted.

Customer trust in your company will grow due to this, resulting in increased success and profit. In addition to surpassing your competitors, international phone numbers will help you build a trustworthy brand image for your company.

Easy Integration

It is important to consider the integration aspect while choosing any tools or technology.

Software integration allows you to connect your company’s other tools and software to your VoIP system, streamlining and centralizing customer support and other activities.

You’ll be able to link a VoIP system or a worldwide phone number with various tools and applications, sync their data, and switch between them if you prefer one. Productivity, performance, and customer service will all improve due to this.

Advanced features 

You can only make and receive calls through a regular phone system. 

In addition to making and receiving calls, Krispcall offers various advanced communication services such as call-forwarding, call-routing, auto-attendant, call-queuing, IVR, SMS/text messages, and toll-free numbers.

These enhanced communication options enable you to perform better customer service and plan a more focused future strategy.

The more handy features of Krispcall are as follows: 

Call-queuing: You can construct customized call queues if you receive various types of calls. You can sort calls there according to the rules you set up previously in the program. Following that, all queries are sent to a certain agent or department.

Call recording – With Krispcall, you can automatically record all of your calls. When the call is finished, you can listen to the recording whenever you choose.

Interactive Voice Response- You can construct an IVR menu with multiple options to help your caller identify the right department and agent for their inquiry and issue using Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Types of Numbers you get from KrispCall

The type of numbers that you get from KrispCall are given below:

  • Local Number
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Easy Number Porting
  • National Number
  • Shortcode
  • Easy Number Porting

2. Viber

Viber is a popular VoIP program that allows you to easily make calls over the internet.

Viber is a web-based phone service that allows users to call other Viber users for free throughout the world.


Before using Viber, you must first download the Viber application and then register with your phone number. Then You may make a phone call to Vietnam from Malaysia using Viber.

3. Messenger

Almost everyone nowadays uses Messenger to communicate with friends, conduct business, communicate with family, etc.

facebook messenger

You must first download and install the Messenger application if you haven’t Messenger. Then you can use Messenger to communicate with your Facebook friends from anywhere globally as long as you have internet access.

You may easily make a phone call to Vietnam from Malaysia using Messenger, and its interface is simple and easy to use.

How to get a Vietnam virtual phone number instantly?

Purchasing an international virtual Vietnam phone number for your company is a simple and quick process that involves only five basic steps, as detailed below.

Step 1: Sign up with Krispcall

Step 2: Go to the dashboard by logging in with your username and password.

Step 3: In the ‘Country’ column, select Vietnam. After that, you can filter the numbers according to your preferences and choose a number from the pool.

Step 4: Complete the payment process.

Step 5: After you’ve created your centralized virtual phone number, you’ll need to add the rest of your team members.

Step 6: Get a Vietnamese phone number and Enjoy!

What is the Right Time to Call Vietnam Number from Malaysia?

Before making calls to Vietnam from Malaysia, you should understand the right time to call so that you avoid untimely calls.

So, The time difference between Vietnam and Malaysia is 1 hour. Vietnam is 1 hour behind Malaysia.

You can call in between 8 A.M – 11 P.M local time in Malaysia. That would be 7 A.M – 10 P.M in Vietnam time.

Challenges while calling from Malaysia to Vietnam

Some challenges you might face while calling to Vietnam from Malaysia are as follows:

  • Unstable Call Quality
  • Expensive Calling Rates
  • Lost Privacy
  • Untimely Calls

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Vietnam: Dos and Don’ts

Some code & behaviors you need to follow while making business phone calls to Vietnam are as follows:

  • Never call unexpectedly. Always plan ahead of time for phone calls.
  • You should avoid untimely calls. First, you need to understand the time difference between Vietnam and the country you are calling from.
  • Use salutations first, then your complete name to introduce oneself (first name and last name).
  • Unless the person specifically requests it, do not address them by their first name. Use “Mr” & “Mrs”.
  • Do not be offended if the person you’re phoning arrives late to the meeting.
  • Maintain a professional tone in small conversation. Do not mention personal matters or ask intimate inquiries of those with whom you are conversing.

Conclusion: And, the best way to make a Call to Vietnam from Malaysia is…

Daily, calling Vietnam from Malaysia can be costly. There was no new technology to call Vietnam from Malaysia at a low cost in the past, but today you have numerous possibilities to phone Vietnam from Malaysia at a low cost.

And in that case!! KrispCall Cloud Telephony can be your first choice when looking for the best cloud telephony & VoIP service because it offers a wide range of services that allow you to business call Vietnam from Malaysia at a low cost.

KrispCall offers prices & plans according to your business size. You need to register first in KrispCall and you can also enjoy a Schedule Free KrispCall demo now with that.


Which is the best Vietnam virtual phone number provider?

KrispCall is the best Vietnam virtual phone number provider.

IS calling Vietnam free?

There are several VoIP applications that help you to call Vietnam from any location around the world for free of cost.

What are the best VoIP applications to call Vietnam for free?

The best VoIP applications that allow you to call Vietnam for free are given below:


What is the area code of Hanoi?

The area code of Hanoi is 04.

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