How to Call Italy from Germany Mobile Landline Toll Free Number
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How to Call Italy from Germany Mobile, Landline & Toll-Free Number?

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  • Last Updated: 23 Dec 22
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More than 800,000 Italians live in Germany approximately, and there is a good relationship between these two European countries.

There is a significant probability that some people will try to contact Italy from Germany every day.

Sounds Relatable!

This article helps you know how to call Italy from Germany with different dialing formats & alternative methods of calling on different types of Italian phone numbers.

You get every detail related to calling Italy from Germany in this article. You will know Italy area codes, Italy emergency numbers, the best Italian virtual number providers, etc.

Stay connected till the end!

What is an International call to Italy?

The procedure of performing phone calls to Italy from other countries, using different techniques, is known as an international call to Italy.

For example: Making an international call from Germany to Italy.

Types of Italian Phone Numbers

You should know the several types of numbers available in Italy before calling Italy from any other country. The list of different numbers in Italy is given below:

  • Landline Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Emergency Number
  • Toll-Free Number

Telephone codes you need to know before dialing Italy from Germany

  • Germany Exit Code

You should know the German exit code before calling internationally from Germany. The Germany exit code is 00.

Germany Exit Code00
  • Italy Country Code / ISD Code

You should know the Italian country code before making calls to Italy from other countries. The Italian Country Code or ISD Code is 39.

Country                                                                                                         Country Code / ISD Code
  • Italy Area Code

The area code of Italy is 2-4 digits long. Area codes of different locations in Italy are:

  • Italy Emergency Number
City                                                     Area Code
Acqui Terme0144
Lamezia Terme0968
Reggio Calabria0965
S. Angelo dei Lombardi0827
S. Benedetto del Tronto0735
S. Marino (Rep. di)0549
S. Severo0882
San Remo0184
St. Vincent0166
Vibo Valentia0963
  • The Italian emergency number for different fields are:
Fields                                      Number
Coast Guard1530
Other Emergency112

How to Call Italy from Germany?

1. How to call an Italian Landline Number from Germany?

To call the Italian Landline number from Germany, Dial: 00 – 39 – Area Code – Landline / Local Number

Example: Dial 00 – 39 – 06 – 12345678


  • 00 (Germany Exit Code): 00 is an exit code of Germany that you need to dial first whenever you wish to make an international call from Germany. 
  • 39 (Italy Country Code): This is Italy’s country code & ISD code that you must dial to make calls to Italy.
  • 06 (Area Code Italy): 06 is the area code of Roma, as an example. Same as that, you can use different area codes for other cities to make calls to various locations in Italy. 
  • 12345678 (Landline / Local Number): this is an example of a landline or local number that could be around eight digits.

2. How to Call Italy Mobile Number from Germany?

To call the Italy Mobile number from Germany, Dial: +39 – 3XX – XXXXXXX

Example: Dial 00 – 39 – 300 – 1234567


  • 300 (Prefix): In Italy, mobile numbers have a three-digit prefix that starts with 3.
  • 1234567 (Mobile Number): This is an example of a number that is supposed to be 6-7 digits long.

Best and Cheap Ways to Call Italy from Germany

It is supposed to be called someone using a cloud telephony system or internet service. There are various software or providers that you can use as a non-traditional approach to reach Italy from Germany.

KrispCall is a unified tool that allows you to handle your personal, commercial, and organizational telephony needs. It provides you with a virtual phone number.

KrispCall Italy Number

KrispCall enables you to quickly create your own national, toll-free, local, shortcode, and international phone numbers (for over 100 countries).

Using KrispCall cloud telephony, you can quickly contact anyone in Italy from Germany. KrispCall could be your first choice to make calls at cheap rates.

Why Choose KrispCall?

The reasons to choose KrispCall Cloud Telephony are as follows:

Cheap Rate

KrispCall offers you a virtual phone number at a low rate. Even a calling rate using Krispcall cloud telephony is very cheap, and it reduces the need for hardware installation, extra IT infrastructure & expensive on-site PBX systems.


The setup is quick & easy. The layout & design of KrispCall is very user-friendly, and everyone can use it easily. It offers you 24/7 customer support as well.

Strong Calling Features

Because KrispCall is based on a cloud network, this could offer a wide range of features. Using KrispCall cloud telephony, you can make a call with various features such as voicemails, number porting, call transferring, call monitoring, etc.

Get Unlimited Number

KrispCall allows you to purchase an unlimited number of virtual phone numbers to meet your personal & company needs. You can buy many numbers as you wish with KrispCall.

What types of Numbers do you get from KrispCall?

You can get various numbers with KrispCall for personal use and business purposes.

The different types of numbers you get from KrispCall are as follows:

Get Italy Virtual Number in Less than a Minutes.

What is the Right Time to Call Italy from Germany?

To overcome untimely calls, you should know the time difference between Italy and Germany when scheduling calls.

The time in Italy is the same as the time in Germany.

So, the appropriate time to call Italy from Germany is supposed to be 7 P.M – 10 P.M, which will be the same in Italy.

Cost of International Calls to Italy

An hour-long call to Italy costs $0.60 per hour at the lowest cost.

You can find charges as high as $3.00 per minute or $180.00 per hour on the most expensive rates.

The cost depends on the providers or methods that you choose. That’s why VoIP providers like KrispCall should be the best option for a low price.

Conclusion: Which one is the best & cheap method to call Italy from Germany?

Calling Italy using a landline phone & mobile number will be expensive compared to using a cloud telephony system. 

Cloud telephony is always the best alternative to calling over the traditional way of calling. Cloud telephony is always better than traditional phone systems on the basis of calling quality, security, & affordability.

However, there is significant competition between the numbers of cloud telephony providers. You should be aware of picking up the best cloud telephony & VoIP service providers.

In that case!

KrispCall Cloud Telephony should always be your first pick when selecting the best cloud telephony & VoIP service.

If you are in Germany and wish to make calls to Italy, then KrispCall is always the best option because it is affordable & secured.

KrispCall is a robust system & it is not expensive compared to other cloud telephony systems. You can perform other features with KrispCall such as voicemails, number porting, call tracking, call recording, SMS, etc.

First, you have to sign up at KrispCall; with that, you can utilize the Schedule Free KrispCall demo now as well.

As a result, you can trust Krispcall Cloud Telephony to create a low international call. It is always the best option to call Italy from Germany.


How do I make an international call to Italy?

You can make an international call to Italy from any other country directly on a landline or mobile number using dialing format. You can also use cloud telephony services like KrispCall to conduct calls at a cheap rate.

Can I call Italy for free?

Yes, several VoIP providers help you conduct free international calls to Italy from any country around the world.

What are the Best VoIP Applications to make Free Calls to Italy?

The best VoIP application to make a free call to Italy are:
1. WhatsApp
2. Messenger
3. Skype

How do I call another country from Germany?

You can use dialing format to call another country from Germany. The dialing format to dial another country from Germany is:
Dial: Germany Exit Code – Other Country ISD Code – Area Code of other Country – Numbers

Can I call Italy on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can conduct calls to Italy using WhatsApp freely, and you just need to have a WhatsApp account & internet service to make calls.

Is +39 the same as 0039?

Yes, +39 is the same as 0039. You can use any of these to call Italy landline or mobile numbers.

What does +39 replace?

00-39 can replace the +39 while calling Italy from other countries.

Which is the Best Italy Virtual Number Provider?

KrispCall is the best virtual number provider compared to other providers. You can buy an Italian virtual number in less than a minute.

What is the Area Code of Rome?

The area code of Roma is 06.

What is the emergency number to dial the Police of Italy?

The emergency number to dial the Police of Italy is 113.


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