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Best business phone services that are affordably cheap



best cheap business phone services

Business communication should be the top priority while running a company. It is the source of lead generation and making sales through a phone.

But a business phone service is costly to set up. Traditional phone service is already expensive due to infrastructure costs and higher call rates. So, businesses prefer cloud phone services that cost low.

However, not all cloud-based business phone services are cheap. Their price varies on the basis of features, solutions, and package deals. So let’s delve straight into this article to find out the top 10 cheap business phone services.

Top 10 cheapest business phone services

Business phone services come in all shapes and sizes. Different services are shaped with different kinds of features and solutions. They offer different sizes of pricing structures for using their sophisticated services. Here are the top 10 powerful  yet cheap business phone services:

1. KrispCall

If you want more functions while paying less money, then KrispCall would be an obvious choice. KrispCall is an all-in-one cloud phone platform where you can find every solution for your business calls.

krispcall cloud-based phone system

KrispCall provides you with an environment to make phone calls using phone numbers. It offers different kinds of virtual phone system from a set of more than 100 countries.

The best attribute of KrispCall is the Unified Callbox. Whether it’s virtual phone numbers, contacts, call history, messages, or workplaces, you will find everything in one dashboard without switching apps.

KrispCall is known for Cloud Telephony-CRM integration. You can smoothly integrate any sales automation tool to improve your sales.

KrispCall’s key business solutions:

  • Cloud telephony
  • Call center Software
  • Contact Center Software
  • Sales automation455
  • CRM phone system and more.

KrispCall’s Pricing:

PlanMonthly (per user/month)
EssentialUSD 15
StandardUSD 40
EnterpriseCustomized Solution

2. RingCentral

Your plan to get the overall best business phone service can come true with RingCentral. RingCentral follows a unified communications strategy to provide solutions for any type of business.

ringcentral cloud-based business phone system

RingCentral is a trusted and hassle-free VoIP phone platform for companies of all sizes. It provides affordable solutions for business communications and collaboration.

RingCentral assists you in streamlining your business’s sales processes for any kind of offices whether they are in real estate or other kinds of industries by centralizing all your data in one shared location. It handles role-based access control to grant users permissions in the system. Its RingOut feature enables one-touch calling.

RingCentral’s key business solutions:

  • Contact center software
  • App developer platform
  • Cloud phone system
  • App developer platform and more.

RingCentral’s pricing:

PlanAnnually (per user/month)Monthly (per user/month)
EssentialsUSD 29.99USD 39.99
StandardUSD 34.99USD 49.99
PremiumUSD 44.99USD 54.99
UltimateUSD 59.99USD 69.99

3. Ooma

Do you want to phone experience large enterprises in your small business? If yes, then Ooma is appropriate for you.

Ooma is a simple and amazing internet phone system. It is the perfect option for small businesses which has traditional offices with desk phones. With Ooma, you will end up saving a lot more by purchasing hardware at a meager cost.

ooma office small business phone system

For a new growing business, Ooma offers enough core features to interact with your customers. Keep in mind that it lacks support for CRM integration. It falls behind other phone services, but it gives you a simplistic experience.

Ooma’s key business solutions:

  • Cloud Phone Systems
  • Hosted PBX Solutions
  • Ooma Meeting
  • Add New Locations and more.

Ooma’s pricing:

PlanPrice / Month / User
OfficeUSD 19.95
Office proUSD 24.95
EnterpriseUSD 27.99 with contract
Enterprise call centerUSD 49.99 with contract

4. 8×8

8×8 is another simplistic phone system for new and small businesses. You can tailor-make any corporate features for your employees using 8×8.

8x8 voip vcaas ccaas xcaas business communications

8×8 makes handling administrative interface super easy with its Easy administration features. It is best known for enterprise-grade security. You have the option to set permissions with Role-Based Access Controls.

You can save big money as it eliminates any PBX maintenance and upgrade costs. Also, you can cheaply get an additional extension for new employees. Although it has fewer features than most services, it is an effective platform for you to use.

8×8’s key business solutions:

  • Open Communications Platform
  • Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Cloud migrations
  • Decision-Making Acceleration and more.

8×8’s pricing:

PlanAnnually (per user/month)Monthly (per user/month)
8×8 ExpressUSD 12USD 12
X2USD 24USD 32
X4USD 44USD 57

5. Grasshopper

For small and mid-size businesses (SMBs), Grasshopper provides an amazing calling service. It contains calling services like extensions, call transfers, etc., but it isn’t a comprehensive, unified communications solution that includes email and video conferencing.

grasshopper virtual business phone system

Grasshopper is a small-business-focused virtual phone service. Grasshopper’s business phone service is mostly focused on calling, while many of its competitors offer tools to keep employees connected as well as integration with other apps.

It enables users to make their company appear larger by using automated greetings that direct consumers to different departments. Users can even pay a modest amount to have their greeting recorded by a professional voice actor.

Grasshopper’s key business solutions:

  • Virtual phone system
  • Remote working solutions and more.

Grasshopper’s pricing:

Plan Annually (per user/month) Monthly (per user/month)
Solo USD 26 USD 29
Partner USD 44 USD 49
Small business USD 80 USD 89

6. CallHippo

CallHippo is a feature-rich cloud-based phone system tailored to the needs of startups and small companies. It offers a user-friendly interface with extensive functions.

CallHippo’s  Global Connect enables you to make cheap calls to international clients at the right time. If any call connectivity issues arise then, Smart Switch handles all of them. It assists your employee to create support tickets for follow-ups.

callhippo cloud-based business telephony solution

It includes conventional business telephony features such as a virtual phone number, caller ID, and call forwarding, and more. It comes with a simple internet platform that allows you to create users, manage calls, etc. You can also set up departments and direct calls to specific professionals.

Callhippo’s key business solutions:

  • Call center software
  • Automatic call distributions
  • Interactive voice responses
  • Power dialer and more.

Callhippo’s pricing:

PlanAnnually (per user/month)Monthly (per user/month)
BronzeUSD 15USD 20
SilverUSD 30USD 35
PlatinumUSD 45USD 55

7. Vonage

If you want to get a longstanding service, Vonage is your first choice. Vonage has come a long way from giving an internet phone service in the 2000s to giving an advanced phone service today.

vonage business phone voip communication

Vonage is a plug-and-play VoIP service. You have access to Amazon Chime in addition to conventional VoIP features like voicemail to email, call screening, call forwarding, and so on.

Although Vonage has a reasonable price, it charges extra for using toll-free numbers as an add-on. However, Vonage has a crazily large set of features to choose from to allow you to build the ideal business phone system for your needs.

Vonage’s key business solutions:

  • Communications APIs
  • Unified Communications
  • Contact centers and more.

Vonage’s pricing:

Planper month/per line

8. is considered the cheapest system in the marketplace. It strives to be an economical small business VoIP service, offering a base plan that is less expensive than most competitors. voip business phone service

The disadvantage of is that it has a restricted number of phone minutes and text message volumes, which may not be sufficient for most business needs.

They offer a low-cost business phone line for various European nations as well as Canada allowing users to grow their operations in those areas. integrates with a variety of CRM tools, including Zoho and Salesforce.’s key business solutions:

  • Business phone systems
  • Business phone numbers
  • VoIP phones
  • Video Meetings and more.’s pricing:

Plan Annually (per user/month) Monthly (per user/month)
Basic Users USD 10 USD 12
Plus Users USD 15 USD 19
Pro Users USD 23 USD 29

9. Nextiva

To talk about a powerful system, Nextiva is recognized as the best system in the town. Nextiva is based on the principle of providing exceptional service for both small and large businesses. Their team assists customers in migrating phone numbers from existing company lines.

nextiva best business phone software 2021

Nextiva offers users a virtual phone number and provides a CRM application that works in tandem with the virtual phone system.

Nextiva has a fantastic auto-attendant feature that automatically greets and routes your callers to the appropriate location. Voicemail to email is also available to customers, which helps to organize your voicemail inbox.

Nextiva’s key business solutions:

  • Call center
  • Nextiva app
  • Professional services
  • Automation and more.

Nextiva’s pricing (for 1-4 users):

PlanAnnually (per user/month)Monthly (per user/month)
EssentialUSD 23.95USD 30.95
ProfessionalUSD 27.95USD 35.95
EnterpriseUSD 37.95USD 45.95
UltimateUSD 67.95USD 75.95

10. Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a cloud-based phone system that is simple to use and reliable for businesses of all sizes. It enables small enterprises to engage with their customers at a low cost.

freshcaller phone system call center software 2021

Freshcaller is a sophisticated application that allows CRM and helpdesk integrations. With its strong reporting and analytics, it allows administrators to gain real-time information. It provides phone numbers for over 90 countries.

It is simple to operate and allows you to make calls without difficulty. It allows consumers to set up a contact center in a few simple steps with no phone hardware required.

Freshcaller’s key business solutions:

  • Call center software
  • Remote work
  • Customer support
  • Call routing and more.

Freshcaller’s pricing:

PlanAnnually (per user/month)Monthly (per user/month)
SproutUSD 0USD 0
Blossom USD 15USD 19
GardenUSD 29USD 39
EstateUSD 45USD 59
ForestUSD 69USD 99

Summarized list of cheap business phone services

In a nutshell, all the aforementioned business phone service providers can be tabulated as:

S.NPlatformStarting price atHighlight
1KrispCall$15Best cloud telephony platform
2RingCentral$29.99Best Integrated phone system
3Ooma$19.95Simple internet phone service
48×8$12Best hosted phone service
5Grasshopper$26Best for solopreneurs and small teams
6CallHippo$15Best freemium cloud phone service
7Vonage$14.99Best advanced phone platform$10Cheapest VoIP phone system
9Nextiva$23.95Best business phone service
10Freshcaller$0Best call center software

Bottom line

There are a plethora of business phone service providers in the market. And there is fierce competition when it comes to providing services at an affordable price. In the pursuit of providing cheap business phone services, some providers cut down the features in their subscription plans. That’s what makes finding reliable and bang-for-buck business phone services so difficult.

But that’s no longer the case these days. With the introduction of KrispCall, you no longer have to spend a fortune to get yourself a business phone with genuine features.

KrispCall comes aboard with a multitude of features, which can take your business to new heights. No matter the size and type, KrispCall caters well to all kinds of businesses without putting a dent in your wallet. The best feature of all has to be its Unified Callbox, which can help you manage and keep track of all the conversations from a single window. So none of the conversations with your client goes unnoticed. It also gives you alerts when you have new leads in your business so that give them special attention and nurture them well to turn them into conversion.

With a comprehensive of call handling and call management features, you do not have to worry about being out of touch with your customers. And with the Click-to-call widget, you can even capitalize on your website traffic without spending extra.

Furthermore, KrispCall supports integration with a ton of CRM and business tools. Integrating them with KrispCall’s cloud business phone, you can unleash new features to increase workflow and improve team productivity.

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