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Internet Phone Service: Everything You Need to Know



Internet Phone Service

Is your business still operating in the old-school telephone wires ☎️ era when everyone is moving towards VoIP? 

In the present day, people need a modern communication solution. The next evolution in technology offering telephone service is Internet phone service or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). These solutions provide stronger possibilities for interacting with the clients and the team, which is valuable in today’s world.

Did you know that the global VoIP services market is also expected to rise at a CAGR of up to 10% from 2016 to 2024, with a market value of $195 billion in 2024? Similarly, Small businesses that convert to VoIP cut their local costs by up to 40% while international costs by up to 90%.

So, without wasting a second⏲️, let’s delve into this blog, which will provide you with all the information you need about Internet phone service. We will then discuss the advantages of this approach, briefly point out possible disadvantages, and respond to all the questions asked.


  • Internet phone service is a technology that has changed phone systems, allowing calls on different devices, including smartphones, computers, and even specific VoIP phones.
  • Internet Phone service transfers voice calls over the Internet, unlike outdated phone systems that use local providers to connect calls.
  • Some benefits of Internet Phone services are cost-effectiveness, feature-richness, flexibility and mobility, scalability, and improved call quality.
  • The drawbacks of Internet phone services are reliance on the Internet, Power outages, Security concerns, Limited emergency services, Compatibility issues, and Potential hidden fees.

What is Internet Phone Service?

Internet phone service is a type of phone service that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  technology. VoIP takes spoken conversation, converting it to a series of digital packets. Likewise, those packets are transmitted through the Internet connection, where packets are converted back to the audio for the other end of the phone call. 

VoIP allows calling on different devices, including smartphones, computers, and even specific VoIP phones. This shows that VoIP services provide features such as call forwarding, voicemail, video conferencing, and call analysis, hence making communication more flexible and efficient and the available features provided.

How Does Internet Phone Service Work?

Internet Phone service works by transferring voice calls over the Internet, unlike outdated phone systems that use local providers to connect calls. Using a wide variety of bandwidth connectivity, Internet Phone Service can direct calls in the best way available.

Contrary to the older phone system, this model is restricted to a particular geographical area and uses a physical grid to direct calls. To initiate an Internet call, you need a steady internet connection and an active phone or computer registered to a VoIP account.

Top Features of Internet Phone Service

Here’s a breakdown of some key features offered by many VoIP services that are explained below:

  • Call Queueing: The callers are connected to a virtual waiting line before being connected to an agent on the line; callers hear music or other bulletins while on hold. Call Queueing enhances customer satisfaction by minimizing the time customers wait for a response and stopping them from being connected to an agent’s line. 
  • Call Forwarding: Call forwarding feature enables you to forward incoming calls to another number, such as your mobile phone, a voicemail, or an extension of your friend at work. This prevents you from missing important calls, especially when you are not at your working station.
  • Auto Dialer: This is a valuable feature in dialing outbound calls so that this will be done automatically. If you have a list of contacts, you can upload them, and then the auto-dialer will do the rest and reconnect you. 
  • Call Recording: You can record phone conversations for training, quality assurance, or legal compliance. Recordings can help evaluate agent performance, identify areas for improvement, and resolve customer disputes. This feature helps you listen to recorded calls from an important call even after the call ends.
  • Voicemail and Voicemail Transcription: Voicemail is an extension of the VoIP system, enabling callers to leave messages when unavailable. Voicemail transcription goes a step higher by converting the voice to textual form, thus allowing the individual to deal with the messages effectively.
  • Call Analytics: This feature helps present call details that can be used to create reports on the call activity. With the help of call tracking software, one can follow metrics such as the number of calls made/ received, the duration of the call, and the number of calls missed. With this data, it can be easier to have patterns, marked increases in efficiency, and enhanced call center operations.
  • Integrations: VoIP also integrates well with other business devices, such as customer relations management applications, calendars, or helpdesk software. Data can be transferred from one app to another to increase collaboration and productivity in the company. For instance, every call may be received with a CRM-integrated feature that creates a customer record when activated.

Internet Phone Services Vs. Traditional Phone Services

Internet Phone Service and Traditional Phone Service are different in their mode of transmission and assignment. Internet Phone Service is not linked to any particular place, whereas a regular phone number is given to a physical address through copper phone lines.

Here is the table that presents the differences between Internet Phone Services and Traditional Phone Services.

CriteriaTraditional Phone ServiceInternet Phone Service (VoIP)
ConnectionRequires a physical phone line.Requires an Internet connection.
CostIt is generally more expensive.It can be cheaper, especially for long-distance.
FeaturesThis has limited (voice calls)This can include video calls, voicemail to text, call forwarding, etc.
SetupRequires technician visit to solve the technical errors.This is often self-installable.
ReliabilityRelies on physical infrastructure can be affected by outages.Reliant on internet connection quality.
PortabilityNot portable.It can be used anywhere with a strong internet connection.

Benefits of Internet Phone Service

Every business today requires a proper phone system, an essential tool critical to success. Here’s how Internet Phone Service (VoIP) can give your business a significant edge: VoIP is an easy-to-implement technology that can put Internet Phone Service (VoIP) to work for your business in the following ways:

  • Cost-effective: Regular VoIP plans spend less than traditional phone lines, especially for long-distance calls. This is very important since it can save a lot of potential for development in another business segment.
  • Feature-rich: Internet phone service offers wide range of features that can be used for different purposes. For instance, call transfer can be used to avoid missing any potential clients or prospects, voice mail to text allows in handling large volume of messages, video calls to eliminate the need for the agent’s physical presence.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: With the use of Internet phone service, you will not be restricted to the physical location of your business. You just need your phone or computer with an Internet connection. Then, you can easily make and receive calls from anywhere, regardless of location. This helps you create work flexibility for your team and allows everyone to be in touch even if they are far apart.  
  • Scalability: If you’re looking for an upgrade, it may be worth considering extending your phone system according to your business’s growth. New people can easily be added to the hiring lines, which means you will always get a new line that fits well with your growth.
  • Improved call quality: As for the quality of sound, in cases where the internet connection is stable, it is possible to make VoIP calls absolutely clearer than in fixed-line telephonic communications. The attention to detail regarding messages also means that the interaction between professionals, clients, and coworkers makes these texts enjoyable.

Drawbacks of Internet Phone Service

While VoIP offers many benefits, it’s important to consider its limitations before switching. Here are some drawbacks to be aware of:

  • Reliance on the Internet: PSTN relies heavily on the internet connection, the biggest strength and weakness of all VoIP calls. Slow or unreliable internet can cause dropped calls, poor-quality audio, and delays, which are not good for those who engage in important conversations and may gravely affect one’s reputation.
  • Power outages: VoIP uses a computer’s internet connection to make calls, so no calls can be made or received if the internet connection or power is lost. Over the telephone lines, a standby generator usually powers the phones in case of a power blackout. This may be a big issue, especially for companies that always need to be available on the phone to their clients.
  • Security concerns: As with most other services that run on the internet, VoIP is not free from emerging security issues. One can quickly transcribe phone calls or capture valuable information that belongs to its consumers. The security measures should also include encryption and two-factor authentication Your chosen provider should have robust security measures.
  • Limited emergency services: While VoIP may not offer full details like normal phone lines in an emergency, the service is typically more efficient and reliable. This can make it challenging for them to find you easily. However, some VoIP service providers may have enhanced emergency service features, so you should consult your service providers for more information.
  • Compatibility issues: VoIP providers cannot work with some devices or commonly used alarm systems.  It is very important that your existing equipment should work with the chosen VoIP service provider and not be a huge shock.

Get a Cloud Based Advanced Phone Service With KrispCall

Talking about internet phone service there are several internet phone service providers that provide you with VoIP phone service. Among them, one of the best internet phone service providers is KrispCall

KrispCall Homepage

KrispCall is an affordable cloud telephony offering high-quality voice calls at an affordable price. It also provides integrations with many business applications. Moreover, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Likewise, KrispCall offers you multitude of features including unified callbox, shared phone number, call barging, call whispering, phone tree, call transfer, and many more. 


As you now understand the relevance of Internet phone service, allow me to assist you in determining whether VoIP suits your business. The choice can depend on the need for communication, available money, and the dependability of the internet connection. It is essential to recall that VoIP is a feature-rich, cost-effective, and easily scaled solution that can enhance the work of your team and customers’ experience. 

Furthermore, VoIP is a new method of communication, and it is time to utilize it and stop fearing the unknowns of this technology. So, is it time to be with VoIP and make a revolution from within?

Take advantage of KrispCall today and see how much it can benefit your business! We provide a full-featured VoIP service with many useful connected functions and high-quality sound. Don’t wait any longer; get your free demo today. 

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Can you get Internet phone service?

Yes, you can get Internet phone service over the Internet. The best thing is that you can get this service at more affordable price than traditional landlines  

How much is Internet phone service?

Internet phone service, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), can cost between $9 and $50 per month, depending on your chosen plan and provider.

Which Internet phone service is best?

KrispCall is the best Internet phone service that offers advanced features at an affordable price range.

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