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Best Sonetel Alternatives and Competitors



Best Sonetel alternatives and competitors

Are you looking for an improvement over Sontel? If yes, your search ends here. ⌛

Sonetel is a top business phone number provider. However, the desire for additional features and exploring better solutions for your business might have led you here in the pursuit of an alternative. 

Fortunately, we’ve come up with the best Sonetel alternatives and competitors making your hunt easier. 

These alternatives could fill the gap and provide you with an enhanced business communication solution. 


  • We compared features, considered top customer reviews, and combined a list of the 10 best Sonetel alternatives and competitors.
  • KrispCall is one of the best Sontel alternatives in terms of affordability, extensive features, business-focused solutions, and 24/7 human support.
  • Nextiva provides nationwide unlimited calling, texting, faxing, and number porting services.

Let’s dive in! 👇

What is Sonetel?

Sonetel is a business phone number provider that aims to empower entrepreneurs worldwide with communication solutions. It has been able to gain the trust of 2,465,744 companies in 239 countries. 

Sonetel’s AI provides text summaries including key takeaways, the caller’s expectations, the caller’s mood, and a full transcript. Sonetel allows businesses to answer phone calls with voice-response menus to guide callers to the right destination. 

Why people are looking for Sonetel alternatives?

While Sonetel is a well-recognized business communication solution, it still has its limitations that lead people to look for alternatives. 

Some of its limitations and reasons people are looking for a Sonetel alternative are:

  • Call notifications might experience occasional disruptions.
  • The phone numbers are incapable of receiving MMS text messages.
  • Sometimes, there are glitches with call forwarding to the right number when multiple numbers are involved. 
  • Limited features are available on mobile apps. 
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10 Best Sonetel Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

Many Sonetel alternatives and competitors are available on the market. However, not all are suitable for users looking for a better solution. 

So, we have listed out Sonetel alternatives and competitors in 2024 based on the following criteria: 

  • Extensive features
  • Affordability
  • Business-oriented Solutions
  • Review and Testimonials
  • Integrations

Here is what we found in the top Sonetel Alternatives comparison overview:

ProvidersPricingFeaturesBest for
KrispCallStarts at $15/monthUnified Callbox, Shared Number, Call Routing, Business Texting
All business sizes
AircallStarts at $30/monthSMS Business Text Messaging, IVR, Voicemail, Shared Contacts
Small to large-sized businesses
Nextiva Starts at $18.95/monthUnlimited audio and video meetings, Call Analytics, Integrations, Business Apps

Small to large-sized businesses
GoToConnect Starts at $27/monthLive Chat, Conference Calling, Screen Sharing, Video Conferencing
Small to mid-sized businesses
Vonage Business Communications Starts at $13.99/monthAuto Attendant, Admin Portal, Business Inbox, Business SMS and MMS

Small businesses
TollfreeforwardingStarts at $144/monthFax2MyEmail, Real-Time Reporting, Ring-to Number, Auto Attendant

All business sizes
GrasshopperStarts at $26/monthBusiness Texting, Desktop + Mobile Apps, VoIP + WiFi Calling, Call Forwarding

Small businesses
AvoxiStarts at $19.99/monthCall Forwarding, Integrations, SIP Trunks and URIs, Programmable Voice APIs
Small to large-sized businesses
Freezvon Starts at $12/monthIVR, Callback, Background music, Blacklist and whitelist

Small to middle sized businesses
ZadarmaStarts at $39/monthSIP Trunking, Softphone Apps, Click to call button, Call Tracking
Small-sized businesses

1. KrispCall – Top Business Phone System Features + 24/7 Human Support

KrispCall is among the best Sonetel alternatives offering business phone numbers from over 100 countries at an affordable price. It allows businesses to create a local presence even if they are not physically located there. 

krispcall best Sonetel alternatives

KrispCall provides various business phone numbers including local, toll-free, mobile, and vanity phone numbers. With the KrispCall number porting service, you can easily migrate your existing number to KrispCall’s cloud telephony. 

The standout feature of KrispCall, a unified callbox enables users to handle all the business communication effortlessly from a single place. Its shared number features let you share your numbers with the team members for customer interactions eliminating the chance of missed calls. 

KrispCall has been loved by thousands of Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Team Leads. It integrates with popular tools like HubSpot, Zapier, and Pipedrive for better communication solutions. 

KrispCall features

  • Unified Callbox
  • Shared Number
  • Call Routing
  • Business Texting
  • Integrations
  • DND mode for Agents
  • Simultaneously Call Handling
  • Custom Greeting
  • Power Dialer
  • Extensions
  • Smart IVR
  • Call Forwarding

💰 KrispCall’s Pricing

Enterprise  Custom

❌ KrispCall’s Limitations

  • Features, like Bulk Messages and Call Barging, are still in progress.
  • Incompatible with Windows and Linux systems.

What our Customers are Saying

“KrispCall has been a great tool for my business. It’s become easy for our team to talk with each other and share contacts. We integrated our Slack account with KrispCall, so calling our clients has been easier.” – Robert Smith, Business Development/ Tech and E-commerce

“KrispCall allowed our business and our customer base to grow since we need a contact number. Its smooth and easy subscription and user interface were our reasons to choose KrispCall. Most importantly, the customer service works at its best to help us with any troubleshoots we have.” – Berivan Birkan, Founder, TerraMavi

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2. Aircall

Aircall, one of the top Sonetel competitors is a business phone system designed to meet the needs of sales and customer support teams. It has been able to gain the trust of 17,000+ companies worldwide. Aircall easily integrates with popular business tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and many more.

aircall sonetel alternatives

Aircall offers toll-free, local, and international numbers for incoming and outgoing calls in more than 100 countries. It enables you to manage SMS text messages, providing seamless and personalized conversations between you and your customers. The smart IVR feature of Aircall automatically directs callers to the appropriate agent. 

Aircall Features

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • SMS Business Text Messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Shared Contacts
  • Forward-To-Phone

💰 Aircall’s Pricing

Professional $50/user/month
CustomContact sales team

❌ Aircall’s Limitations

  • Call forwarding process is a little complicated.
  • Limited customization options.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva is a popular choice among people looking for a Sonetel alternative. It is a well-known cloud-based VoIP phone system with 99.99% uptime reliability and 24/7 customer support

nextiva sonetel alternatives

Nextiva provides nationwide unlimited calling, texting, faxing, and number porting services. It offers free toll-free, auto attendant, and virtual voicemail features. Nextiva allows you to get every communication across text, phone calls, and emails in a single place. 

Nextiva’s drag-and-drop flow builder makes call routing easy, even for those with no prior experience. It integrates with popular tools like Zendesk, Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, and many more to boost business communication. 

Nextiva Features

  • Advanced VoIP conferencing
  • Unlimited audio and video meetings
  • Call Analytics
  • Integrations
  • Business Apps

💰 Nextiva’s Pricing

Professional $22.95/user/month

❌  Nextiva’s Limitations

  • Lower plan includes limited integration features.
  • Call recording is available in only the Enterprise plan.
  • Mobile App is reported to be buggy

4. GoToConnect

GoToConnect is one of the Sonetel substitutes in the market. Offering 100+ features at an affordable rate, this one-stop communication solution is designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. 

GoToConnect sonetel alternatives

GoToconnect lets you add toll-free numbers and migrate your existing number with a number porting service. It provides unlimited extensions, and integrations with tools like Slack and Salesforce. 

GoToConnect is easy to set up and with its dial plan editor feature, you can easily call flows 

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GoToConnect features

  • Live Chat
  • Conference Calling
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Real-time Reporting

💰 GoToConnect’s Pricing 


❌ GoToConnect’s Limitations

  • Constant issues are found with the text message system.
  • Frequent issues in the mobile app.
  • Customer services need improvement .

5. Vonage Business Communications

Picked by 100,000+ businesses worldwide, Vonage Business Communications is a better option if you want to upgrade from Sonetel. This business phone system provides 50+ enterprise-level features at a reasonable cost making it a perfect choice for small businesses. 

Vonage sonetel alternatives

Vonage Business Communications offers local phone numbers to give your business a local presence. It also provides a toll-free number in the USA and international numbers. It integrates with tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Microsoft Dynamics for enhanced features. 

Admin Portal, Business SMS and MMS, and Busy Lamp Field are some of the standout features of Vonage Business Communications. 

Vonage Business Communications’s features

  • Virtual AI assistant
  • Auto Attendant
  • Admin Portal
  • Business Inbox
  • Business SMS and MMS

💰 Vonage Business Communications’s Pricing


❌  Vonage Business Communications’s Limitations

  • Toll-free numbers are only available in the US.
  • Compatibility issues with some browsers.

6. Tollfreeforwarding

Tollfreeforwarding is among the top Sonetel competitors in the industry. It is a cloud-based telecommunications solution providing local, toll-free, national, and international phone numbers from 1000+ cities of over 120 countries globally. 

tollfreeforwarding sonetel alternatives

The signing up process of only takes 3 minutes. Its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu easily directs customers to suitable agents, improving customer satisfaction.’s Voicemail2MyEmail records the message and sends it to your email whenever your calls go unanswered. You can listen to or download all voicemails from the online message center anytime, anywhere.’s features

  • Fax2MyEmail
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Ring-to Number
  • Auto Attendant
  • 24/7 Account Management

💰’s Pricing

Starter$144/month (Pay As You Go)$139/month (44 minutes)
Medium$164/month (80 minutes)$214/month (179 minutes)
Large$244/month (265 minutes)$294/month (415 minutes)
High VolumeContact the Sales Team for      Customized Pricing

❌’s Limitations

  • Spam calls are common
  • Pricing plans are complicated.
  • Poor call quality.

7. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the top Sonetel replacements. It is an affordable phone system tailored for small businesses. It provides several business numbers including local, toll-free, and vanity numbers. Their number porting allows you to easily transfer your current numbers to their phone system.

Grasshopper sonetel alternatives

Grasshopper helps you handle business calls and texts from anywhere using desktop or mobile apps. It offers customer greetings and extensions to welcome and guide callers to the appropriate departments. Its major drawback is that it is currently available only in the US and Canada.  

Grasshopper’s features

  • Business Texting
  • Desktop + Mobile Apps
  • VoIP + WiFi Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail Transcription

💰 Grasshopper’s Pricing

Partner $44/user/month
Small Business$80/user/month

❌  Grasshopper’s Limitations

  • Grasshopper is currently available only in the USA and Canada.
  • Difficult to add audio messages.

8. Avoxi 

Avoxi is another Sonetel substitute on our list. It is a one-stop communication solution expanding its service to over 150 countries and is endorsed by 5000+ global brands

avoxi sonetel alternatives

Avoxi provides local, toll-free, vanity numbers and easy number porting services. It additionally offers non-geographic numbers to forward calls both nationally or internationally and Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN). The UIFN allows businesses to use a single toll-free number for reaching customers in multiple countries globally. 

Avoxi integrates with apps like HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and many more to enhance communication experiences.  

 Avoxi features 

  • Call Forwarding
  • Integrations
  • SIP Trunks and URIs
  • Programmable Voice APIs
  • MS Teams Direct Routing

💰 Avoxi Pricing

Engaged Enterprise$39.99/user/month

❌  Avoxi Limitations

  • It has many hidden charges 
  • Account cancellation is a complicated process.
  • Poor customer service
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9. Freezvon

Freezvon, one of Sonetel’s competitors is a cloud-based telephony that provides virtual numbers for calls, SMS calls and SMS, fax, and calls and fax. Additionally, it also offers virtual PBX and toll-free numbers

freezvon sonetel alternatives

Freezvon is flexible, easy to use, and the ideal solution for small and middle-sized businesses, and sales and customer support teams.  

Freezvon features

  • Call recording
  • IVR
  • Callback
  • Background music
  • Blacklist and whitelist

💰 Freezvon Pricing

  • Contact Sales Team

❌ Freezvon Limitations

  • The refund process is prolonged.
  • There is a difficulty with topping up.

10. Zadarma

Zadarma is one of the top Sonetel alternatives. It is a cloud telecommunication solution providing its services in more than 100 countries. It offers toll-free numbers, mobile numbers, and number porting services. 

zadarma sonetel alternatives

Zadarma’s phone numbers have multichannel functionalities, ensuring customers can always reach you, and eliminating the chances of incoming missed calls. Its free cloud PBX allows you to establish an affordable business phone system for enhanced customer services. 

Zadarma’s features

  • SIP Trunking
  • Softphone Apps
  • Click to call button
  • Call Tracking
  • Video Conferencing

💰 Zadarma’s Pricing

Standard$0/5 users/month
Office$39/10 users/month
Corporation$79/20 users/month

❌  Zadarma’s Limitations

  • Poor customer service.
  • No options to deactivate or delete your account.
  • Do not have a clear and straightforward pricing policy.
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Final Thoughts: And the best Sonetel Alternative Is..

Although Sonetel is a great option for entrepreneurs, exploring better alternatives can notably enhance business communications. You can consider several factors like affordability, features, demos, customer reviews, and integration capabilities when making a choice. 

KrispCall is our top recommendation as it provides wide coverage in over 100 countries. It offers business phone numbers including local, toll-free, mobile, and vanity phone numbers at a reasonable price. 

KrispCall presents you with extensive features, 24/7 human support, outstanding call quality, positive customer feedback, and budget-friendly pricing plans starting at just $12/user/month, ensuring it meets the needs of all business sizes. 

Don’t miss out—try KrispCall now and set a whole new standard for your business communication. 🚀

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