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Best SMS Marketing Software & Services in 2022

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The global populace is getting increasingly dependent on smartphones. And text messaging is becoming one of the direct methods for communication. So SMS marketing is emerging as one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers.

These days, SMS marketing has been an essential part of multichannel marketing as brands continue to target customers on the go. Also, there are only a few digital marketing agencies with SMS marketing as their core service.

So SMS has been an untapped marketing arena that promises a huge communication channel with big ROI opportunities.

There is a common misconception that mobile marketing requires heavy investment in apps. Some organizations also believe mobile marketing does not allow personalized and targeted communication.

However, the truth is mobile communications are better and far more accessible than most people realize. It is also easy to reach the customers since all it takes is to send a simple text message.

Two-way SMS messaging can be a boon to building brand awareness for businesses. However, it should be done to maintain the privacy of the customers providing the option to opt-out.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing refers to sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages through text messages. Such promotional text messages are mostly sent for marketing purposes.

Through these messages, you can inform people about your time-sensitive offers. And for those who have opted-in to receive SMS, you can also give updates and alerts about the company.

No matter how great your products are and how compelling your services are, customers won’t reach out to you if there are unaware of it. But that being said, it’s not plausible to go knocking on people’s doors to promote your products.

Also, traditional and online marketing campaigns have limited reach and effectiveness. You can fill in the gap with a more effective SMS marketing campaign. All it takes is sending a simple text message.

Rules and Best Practices for SMS Marketing

1. Your contacts need to opt-in to SMS

A text message is a very effective and direct way to communicate with a customer. However, you should consider many factors when developing your SMS marketing strategy.

The most important of all is to receive consent from your contacts. So you need to make sure that all the contacts have opted-in to receive SMS before sending messages to them.

SMS’s open rate is quite high, but this won’t help you if you’re sending messages to people who don’t want them. Furthermore, opt-in is compulsory in most countries.

2. Send your messages at the right time.

Unlike emails, text messages have a quick opening time. But that usually happens if the receiver is active or engaged in their phone.

Disrupting people in the middle of the night definitely won’t be good after all. So it’s crucial to take note of the timing while running your SMS marketing campaigns.

In some countries, the timing of text marketing messages is even strictly regulated. For an instance, France doesn’t allow SMS marketing on Sundays, holidays, or after 10 pm.

3. Send messages with the name of your company.

While sending SMSs in bulk, companies use shortcodes. Short codes are short numbers with 5-6 digits in them. These are specially designed for sending bulk SMS as they have high throughput.

Although these numbers promise great results in your marketing campaigns, your contacts may not know who is sending them. Due to short and unconventional number type, they can be hard to trace back.

Isn’t it inconvenient to send out a promotional coupon and not know where your customer can redeem it? So it’s always necessary to include your company name in your SMS marketing campaigns.

4. Your SMS marketing strategy should complement your entire digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing gives you so many channels to interact with your customers. Businesses can build strong relationships with customers through an integrated marketing communications system.

Email and SMS marketing complement each other very well. Communicating through both channels can help you share more detailed and urgent information.

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How does SMS marketing work?

Shortcode is the usual tool when it comes to sending text messages in bulk. Such numbers are 5-6 digits long and can be associated with one or multiple senders.

In most countries (including the US), the sender’s information cannot be altered. This means your SMS will appear as a text message from the shortcode your provider used, and not from your business). So, your company name should be included in your message.

SMS marketing uses two types of messages:

1. Campaigns

Campaign messages are bulk texts sent to many recipients at once. It is normally used to communicate promotional information (coupons, sales, etc.) or general information (e.g., upcoming events, weather alerts, etc.).

2. Transactional

A transactional message is a one-to-one message that is triggered by a certain event or behavior. A shipping notification or order confirmation for an online purchase would be an example. The messages provide individuals with relevant and timely information.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

1. It’s a direct, immediate channel

A 97% read rate within 15 minutes of delivery makes SMS one of the most immediate channels. So, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to get your time-sensitive message across almost instantly.

When combined with other channels such as email and social media, more than 50% of SMS campaigns generate a successful ROI.

2. Mobile-Friendly

It is incredibly important to ensure that your business is mobile-friendly these days. The use of mobile devices for browsing and shopping has escalated in recent years. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

SMS marketing is important for making your business mobile-friendly. It can contribute greatly to your mobile marketing strategy.

3. Enhances customer engagement

The benefit of SMS marketing is more than making your customers feel more engaged. Furthermore, it can provide your customers with an opportunity to communicate with you.

By doing so, you let them know your business is easy to reach. Your business becomes a part of their lives rather than just a store that they visit occasionally. Rather than absence, you are present on their mobile, encouraging them to remember you.

4. It can support and integrate with other channels

A multichannel marketing mix must-have channels that work well together. And SMS is no exception. Besides being an effective standalone channel, SMS can also promote and strengthen other marketing methods, such as social media and email.

Furthermore, SMS can serve as a complementary tool to other popular communication channels, such as Facebook and email. As a result, they can provide a reminder that a brand sent out email hours or even days earlier.

A simple follow-up message like, “Have you read our email”? Can help to increase the email open rates by 20-30%.

5. You can learn more about your customers

Sending SMS surveys to your customers is a good way to get feedback from them. A survey shows that, on average, 31% of participants will respond via SMS, with the average response time being just over 5 minutes. Therefore, you can achieve great results in a short period.

6. You can monitor, track, and improve performance based on response data

SMS marketing makes it possible to track meaningful ROI. It also helps to identify customers who engage with text message marketing and monitor delivery rates.

This capability dispels the myth that SMS is an untrackable channel. It also brings it in line with what has been possible with email for years.

With these analytics, businesses can plan more targeted campaigns and continuously build greater knowledge of their mobile database. As well as saving money and improving ROI, SMS enables companies to target their customers via other channels such as emails if they are less likely to respond via SMS.

Best SMS Marketing Software and Services in 2022

Now let us look at some of the top SMS marketing software and services in 2022:

1. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting provides software that enables SMS marketing to be simple and clear. Its speed, ease of use, and affordable pricing make it the ideal SMS marketing tool for any business size. The entire list of your contacts can be sent opt-in SMSs.

You can send bulk SMS messages and create drip campaigns through automated follow-up messages.

Using popular SMS marketing software, you can add promotional items to SMS messages, such as images and opt-in links. It also allows you to track which users clicked on a particular link and facilitate hassle-free two-way communication. There is even dedicated customer support for handling issues.

simpletexting all-in-one sms texting sms messaging

SimpleTexting Features

  • Easy-to-use two-way messaging
  • Scheduling messages in advance
  • Ability to create drip campaigns based on autoresponders
  • Available for both IOS and Android apps.
  • Segmentation and tracking of audience
  • Powerful integration via SimpleTexting API
  • Self-cleaning texts and group texts

SimpleTexting Pricing

  • Starter Plans starts at $18.75/month
  • High Volume Plans start at $108.75/month
  • Custom Plans based on customized requirements

Pricing for all of the services above is based on yearly billing, with a free trial of 14 days. With the SMS marketing service, you have unlimited incoming messages as well as access to 50 outgoing messages with complete access to complete SMS marketing features.

2. ClickSend

ClickSend is an SMS marketing service that lets businesses conduct global SMS marketing campaigns at a cost-effective rate.

You can use the software online without downloading anything. ClickSend allows you to send SMSes and even emails through cellular services. Additionally, you will be able to send bulk text messages through social media channels, such as Facebook Messenger.

Third-party applications can easily be integrated with ClickSend through its dedicated APIs. Your marketing strategy can be further streamlined by integrating this functionality with other marketing automation platforms.

clicksend business sms marketing messages

ClickSend Features

  • Provides online dashboards and APIs
  • Global coverage and fast delivery
  • 256-bit SSL security at military-level
  • Uptime SLA of 100%
  • Integrates easily with applications like Salesforce, Zapier, and others
  • Customer service is available 24/7

ClickSend Pricing

ClickSend offers unique pricing plans based on the services it offers. If you send fewer than 2000 SMS messages, the rates for SMS marketing start from just $0.0911. If you send more messages, the prices per message will be lower.

You always receive free inbound messages with any plan, as well as a dedicated number and short code.

Meanwhile, ClickSend offers free customization and delivery reports and charges no setup fees or hidden fees. You can even choose between prepaid and postpaid services.

3. Salesmsg

Salesmsg is a perfect fit for small businesses as it provides small businesses with the tools required for conducting successful mass text campaigns at affordable prices. There are integrations with applications such as Zapier, Hubspot, and Zoho that Salesmsg offers.

In addition, through it, you can generate new phone numbers to reach out to your prospects.

salesmsg two-way sms mms business texting software

Salesmsg Features

  • Highly scalable, simple, and secure
  • Two-way text messaging online
  • Offering both local and toll-free phone numbers
  • Integration with third-party CRMs and marketing automation platforms
  • Automated and canned responses
  • Prior scheduling of text messaging
  • Archived conversations and private conversations

Salesmsg Pricing

  • Pro plans start at 35$/month
  • Premium plans start at $300/month
  • Customs plans based on customized requirements

Likewise, the pricing plans for Salesmsg are transparent and simple to understand. Salesmsg offers plans in three tiers, which are available in the United States and Canada. All plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee, so the customer has nothing to worry about.

4. EZ Texting

SMS marketing software like EZ Texting allows you to create campaigns that allow you to send text messages continuously in real-time. With the message marketing of EZ, you will have access to all the tools necessary to get the job done.

All business sizes can benefit from EZ Texting because it features flexible packages. Most of its features can be controlled directly from the dashboard, which makes it easy to use. You can even take a guided tour and start using mobile marketing quickly.

Its dashboard is extremely user-friendly and offers intuitive controls that are easy to use. Adding contacts, monitoring performance, and analyzing reports is incredibly easy thanks to the extreme user-friendliness.

ez texting sms marketing software business

EZ Texting Features

  • A straightforward and intuitive contact management system
  • Monitoring and detailed reporting
  • Customizing text messages to increase open rates
  • Free incoming messages
  • Integration with third-party apps.
  • Forwarding and scheduling of text messages
  • Text-to-landline messaging

EZ Texting Pricing

  • Value plan starts at $19/month
  • Essentials plan starting at $29/month
  • Premium plan starting at $49/month
  • Custom plan starting at $299/month


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