ways cloud telephony can save your business
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6 Ways Cloud Telephony can save your business

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  • Last Updated: 30 Mar 22
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Communication is an essential part of any business because its presence helps them stay in the game for the long run. There are a multitude of reasons, like a financial problem or poor management, that force 50% of businesses to fail in the first five years, but if there is something that can save businesses from falling victim to these statistics, then it has to be effective communications with customers.

Effective communication is vital for business success because it helps attract potential customers and retain existing ones. It helps to promote your business and persuade prospects to buy your product through good marketing campaigns.

In addition, it helps you to collect customer feedback to understand your customers and identify areas of improvement. All these essentials required for your business growth are part of effective communication that every business owner must consider if they want to make it to the 10+ year mark in the business industry.

But how exactly the cloud telephony can save your business and help you survive in the industry? Let’s find that out!

How Cloud Telephony can save your business?

Using cloud telephony, you can take care of all your communication needs. You can proactively identify communication gaps and work with the right business tools to reduce these gaps by becoming more available to your customers. In addition, cloud telephony helps to reduce the steep cost required for installing and maintaining a traditionally hosted phone system.

Furthermore, your calls are handled through a virtual cloud platform rather than a server within your premises. The benefits of cloud telephony are many, including portability and access to new features. But the most significant of all has to be its ability to save money. In this article, we will go through all key points that show how cloud telephony can help you survive and thrive.

1. Improve Customer Engagement

Every business counts on customers, but handling their calls is not easy all the time since they come from multiple locations with varied concerns. Similarly, they run over time and, worst of all, require glued attention from your executives. Over time, companies lose track of their customer interactions and start focusing exclusively on operations.

Understanding the needs of customers and engaging them with a company’s product are critical elements for businesses.

Cloud telephony helps your customers stay informed regarding campaigns, promotions, loyalty awards, feedback, etc., and ensures that your customers have access to the information they need to better understand what your company offers.

Cloud Telephony comes with exclusive business features such as Interactive Voice responses (IVR), call transfer, call forwarding, call recording, call routing, custom greetings, and many more to increase your accessibility to clients and automate communications to support multitasking.

2 Supports remote working

It is impossible to be in the office every time to conduct all business-related tasks. For instance, you or your team may need to travel to meet a potential buyer in another country or communicate with a potential customer abroad. As the customer base grows, businesses find it challenging to manage customers in different regions.

Cloud telephony inherently supports the rising remote work culture and allows employees to work or access business calls from anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet connection.

You can have clients contact you using a single number, and you can forward their calls to any business line/device of your choice using virtual phone numbers. This will surely save you money and increase revenue over time since more staff will be available to call customers and chase up any leads you missed working from a small office.

3. Low call and maintenance cost

You don’t have to worry about a lot of hardware and installation if you choose a cloud-hosted phone system. With cloud telephony software, businesses can communicate more effectively without investing in hardware and keeping it up-to-date. In addition, you don’t need to spend money on replacing equipment or spending on updates on a regular basis.

On the other hand, you will benefit from the low prices without costly charges to make calls over the internet. Moreover, your business will be able to save money while maintaining its professionalism as calls will be cheaper but more transparent in quality.

Moreover, you don’t need to invest in numerous business tools like video conferencing, cloud communications, file storage, and SMS because cloud telephony consolidates all these platforms’ costs into one single fee.

4. Scalable upgrades

Businesses often find it challenging to expand potential markets because of the inability to scale their business operations.

As a growing company, you understand the importance of expanding your presence to continue to grow. However, if all activities cannot be scaled, managing them becomes problematic.

With a cloud telephony system, you can add more business lines within the same number and manage caller traffic seamlessly. You can make all your business communications accessible through one single channel, and consequently, your business can scale up or down without compromising the customer relationships.

5. Detailed call Analytics

A good cloud telephony system provides precise data on every sent or received call and SMS, which further helps organizations analyze patterns and trends related to call volumes, number of missed calls, time spent solving queries, etc. These detailed call analytics help businesses to improve the quality and speed of the response.

That’s not the only benefit you can get from the detailed call analytics of a cloud telephony system. You can track every agent’s performance as well as identify areas of improvement by analyzing conversations with the customers.

Cloud telephony systems also offer advanced features where your agents can add experts of the related domain during a call to get to the bottom of a technical question outside their expertise. That means you can provide feedback and personalized training without putting in the extra effort.

6. Efficient Internal Communication

It is difficult for large companies to maintain good internal communication, resulting in a lack of alignment among their employees and a failure to present a consistent image to customers.

Efficient internal communication is vital to make sure everything is concise, obvious, and according to the company’s regulations.

With Cloud Telephony system, you can assemble all the employees, even those working from home, in one single frame. The system records information on customers and makes that information available for all the agents so that they don’t have to start over every time.

Efficient internal information helps to create a collaborative work culture within the organization and eventually increases productivity.

The bottom line

Investing in a cloud telephony system can save your business in the long run by easing the pain points most companies face. While you now know how cloud telephony can do that for you, you may still need to go through the difficult part of choosing a reliable cloud telephony system for your business.

The marketing is overcrowded with cloud phone services. Some are even available at a dirt-cheap price. But the features are often confusing and not all of the features are available at a budget price. However, breaking the norm, KrispCall is making quite an impression in the market these days.

KrispCall comes with an abundant set of handy features at an affordable price. So even struggling businesses can subscribe to their service and make the most out of it.

The handiest feature of all has to be its Unified Callbox. No matter the size of your business, you can divide your works into small chunks, known as workspace.

On each workspace, you can find an in-depth communication log with your clients and contacts in a single window. That way, none of the messages from your client will go unnoticed. Since KrispCall also gives alerts for any missed new leads, you can quickly get back and nurture them to finally turn into a conversion. So there won’t be any missed opportunity for new and struggling companies.

What’s even more impressive is that you can share your numbers with multiple members in the workspace. This way, it further saves you from making extra expenditure on buying new numbers.

KrispCall also supports integration with several CRM software and business tools. Such integrations will help you unleash more useful features and get comprehensive insights regarding customer behavior and team productivity. So by identifying your weaknesses and finding ways to improve them, you can push your limits and ultimately find success in your business endeavor.

Since you get all these amazing features at a modest price, why not give KrispCall a try. If you are dubious about their offerings, you can use it on a trial for 15-days without spending a penny.


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