Affiliate Terms

Affiliate Terms

This is a legal agreement between you (Affiliate) and KrispCall, located in Melbourne, Australia. Please read the entire Agreement carefully before registering and promoting KrispCall as an Affiliate.

Last updated on March 21, 2021

As mentioned in the Agreement, the term “we,” “us,” “our” means KrispCall, and “you” means Affiliate. The terms mentioned here is legally binding terms regarding your participation and involvement with KrispCall.

By signing up for the KrispCall affiliate program (program), we confirm that you have read all the terms and conditions of our affiliate program, and you accept to comply with these terms.


Referred Customers:

They are new and unique customers referred via the affiliate link provided by the affiliates.


It contains all the affiliate data such as transactions, revenues, and payments, providing an easier means to view the affiliate’s statistics.

Referral link/affiliate link/URL:

Affiliate links are used by the advertiser to record the traffic sent to their website. They are specific URLs provided in the dashboard containing the IDs or usernames of specific affiliates.

Commission Threshold:

Prior to receiving payment from KrispCall, an affiliate must accrue the specified amount, which is referred as the commission threshold.

Qualified Sale:

If an affiliate successfully makes a customer purchase any of KrispCall plans, it is referred to as qualified sales.

Sub IDs:

Sub IDs are non-unique values used by the publisher to gain insight into which affiliate links or platforms or page leads to conversions. Sub IDs values will be stored whenever affiliate links are clicked and then returned in the conversion report.

Application Approval/Rejection:

We hold the right to approve or reject any application for our affiliate program in our sole and absolute discretion. To join the affiliate program, you must sign up as a KrispCall affiliate and fill up the application form. The details provided in the form, including the platform provided for advertisement, will be assessed and authenticated by our associate team. We may cancel your application if we determine that you are using the program to promote.

Any illegal or unauthorized process.
Sexually implicit materials or violence.
Discrimination based on sex, race, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, and nationality.

Affiliate Dashboard and Affiliate URL:

Once approved to be a KrispCall affiliate, you will find a link/navigation bar that will take it to your dashboard. Your dashboard will serve as an admin page. Your dashboard will provide you with information on your sales, commissions, revenue, etc.

You will find a referral link/affiliate link/URL in your dashboard, which you can use on your platforms. The platforms can be your websites, blogs, social networks, emails which you intend to use for advertisement purposes. You can use only those platforms that are registered in your name. The provided affiliate link will be unique to you only.

Whenever any visitor opens the URL, the cookie file is saved in the cache for 60 days, and companies/customers need to make a purchase within this time. You can also assign Sub-IDs if you are making advertisements with multiple platforms. It will help you and us to identify which of your platforms is generating maximum traffic.

Commissions :

You will be paid a 30% commission on every successful signup made by your referred customers. The commission will only become payable once you reach the commission threshold (details provided in Payment->Threshold section below). The affiliate period of your referred customers, who make purchases through your unique affiliate link, lasts 9 months after their first payment. However, you will not be eligible for a commission if.

You or your household makes the signups.
You refer customers who are currently or previously using KrispCall.


Requirements for Payments :

For receiving payment, you must

Agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Provide us with necessary and valid PayPal account information.
Submit the necessary and valid tax documents.

The documents should be provided to us complying with the required delivery method and must be submitted before 30 days of requesting the payout. All the payments by KrispCall will be made via…., therefore you must responsibly provide us with the account details to facilitate the transfer. In case the documents are not received within the time frame or without following the delivery method, the payment shall not be processed. Once you comply with all the requirements mentioned above, you will be eligible to receive payment.

Payment Method & Duration

For each successful sign-up made by the customer through the affiliate link, we will pay your earnings from the affiliate program as per the agreed payment rates. Since we only support PayPal, you must have a PayPal account for this purpose.

Once we receive the submitted request by you, the payment is made in AUD within a week. Make sure you provide us with the correct details and payment methods so that the transactions can be made without any hindrance.

Your affiliate commission will be paid once your referred customer completes the refund duration of 30 days. The payment is processed in the second week of the month.

For instance, if a sale is earned in Jan, it will be processed within the second week of March.


To be eligible for receiving the payments, you must make 3 successful referrals as you should have a minimum $100 affiliate balance.


Affiliates are responsible for paying all the applicable taxes regarding the commission. We will provide you with all the legal documentation regarding the deduction or withholding.

Payment error

As mentioned earlier, the detail of the payment should be provided precisely. In contrary to this, we will have to hold your earnings. In addition, the supplied contact details should be accurate, and you have to make sure that your payment request is successfully submitted. Besides, affiliates are liable for all the costs of converting the amount from Australia into your preferred currency.

Liability :

KrispCall is not liable for indirect or accidental damage (loss of income, commission) due to errors in tracking, loss of database files, or intent to damage the program and / or our website. We do not claim that the program’s operation and / or our website is error-free, and we are not liable for any interruptions or errors.

Termination :

This Agreement will be applicable as long as you are associated with the KrispCall Affiliate Program. You must agree to fulfill all the requirements under this program until terminated. In the events when the Agreement is updated or replaced, you may terminate this Agreement within 5 days after the notice regarding the change is sent by us. Besides, KrispCall may terminate this Agreement if.

You are found incapable of meeting the program requirements as a KrispCall Affiliate.
Any breach of the Agreement is found.
You are unable to keep up the confidential information.
You have become the subject of a petition in bankruptcy.
You are found to act such that your action has a negative impact and reflection on our prospects and customers.