Best Ways to Make Money from Phone Numbers in 2024

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Best Ways to Make Money With VoIP Remote Income Opportunities

Generally, we use our phone and phone number for buying things, communicating, reading updates, and taking care of various other tasks. 

But, have you ever considered converting your phone number to a source of income to make money online? 

Earning online can be entirely your choice; you can run an online business full-time or make passive income by doing it as a part-time job with your phone number. 

In this article, you will learn how to make money from phone numbers in any business for both individual freelancers and large enterprises. 

Have patience and stick till the end with us!😉

What are Phone Numbers?  (Physical Phone Number and Virtual Phone Number)

Previously phone numbers were only focused on interpreting over a single phone line that was direct-connected physically to your home or business from phone number providers. It only had the feature of receiving and dialing the number to that specific physical location. 

While landlines are limited, we can perceive that mobile is still dependent on network towers to get coverage. 

Conversely, a number gives a business greater control and flexibility in receiving calls by removing these physical limitations. 

Virtual phone numbers or  (direct inward dialing (DID)) phone numbers are commonly known as “Online numbers.” It is not associated with a physical phone system or line but provides the user to divert and route calls from one number to another. 

Virtual phone numbers come with various features and perks to help small businesses compete with giant corporations. They offer a lot of hardware flexibility, many localization choices, and cost-cutting potential. 

It also provides various opportunities to enhance any business compared to traditional business landlines with multiple advantages.

How to make money from virtual phone numbers?

People pay their phone bills by recharging their monthly or weekly packages, thinking it for only making calls and receiving but only a few people know how to make money from phone numbers. 

Like any other service,  virtual phone numbers need to be sold on the benefits it provides rather than the cost reductions they may offer – even if that initially drew many businesses’ attention. 

Here are 13 different ways to make money from virtual phone numbers that will ensure a lucrative business for you:

1. Virtual Phone Numbers for Call Centers

Call centers are at the front line of any customer service and need peak efficiency with maintaining the best customer experience. They face many obstacles in managing and operating calls. 

You can sell your specified virtual phone number to a call center, and generate your passive income to call centers. 

They can use it for their pitching, telemarketing, call recording, or as a call forwarding number, and at the same time, they can ensure you sufficient income without making you invest in any excess channels.

And, the thing you must know is that you can sell virtual international phone numbers from anywhere to authorize call centers, but do comprehensive research, look for reviews of personal experiences of their clients about the call center to whom you will sell your phone numbers.  

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2. Renting Phone Numbers

You can rent your virtual phone number as many carriers and virtual phone number providers pay rent to individuals for their virtual phone numbers every month and not everyone knows about it. 

You can easily provide your number willingly, and they can use it as a domestic number or international phone number according to their requirement.

And yes! You will be notified about each activity performed through your phone number. With HTTP or API, you can supervise the retrieval flow of incoming and outgoing messages directly from third-party activities. 

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3. Connect your phone number to CRM or Apps

Start collaborating on your phone number and customer relationship management for making money effortlessly, compatible, and always working together to achieve more than each could alone. 

CRM has become one of the versatile platforms for generating more significant revenue and a source of solid competition with relatively low-cost investment for personal or any kind of business. 

Once you integrate a CRM app with a cloud-based phone system, it will allow you to track the calls easily, manage customer information, have contact records pop up on an incoming call, and analyze marketing campaign sources which enhances productivity and monetization. This information is necessary for businesses to increase and convert sales leads.

4. Use the phone number for Cold Calls

You need to understand your aim for a phone number, whether it’s to sign them up for something or set a target. 

Contact centers can use virtual phone numbers for cold calling and eventually close a sale, qualify a lead, or whatever your goal may be. You must be clear about what you want from the person you’re talking to before hanging up the phone. 

Inquire your sales manager to tell you how you can enhance your income through cold calls. Ask about cold calls for sales, whatever the product or service, through your phone numbers. Most importantly, before letting them sell anything. 

It is wise to know their 80/20 principle for cold calls or telemarketing scripts for sales of anything and leads for contracts. 

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5. Make the Phone Number as PPC on Internet

Pay-per-click is the simplest way to make money from phone numbers through advertising networks. 

Once your website signs up with your phone number, you are considered authorized and remarkable; people start trusting you and start receiving traffic. 

PPC ads start taking place on your website, you require a place for code provided by an advertising platform, and then you can quickly begin making money without doing any hard work yourself. 

6. Use phone numbers for Affiliate Marketing

We can’t deny that gen Z is addicted to spending most of its time on smartphones, and affiliate marketing has not failed to adapt to this rising trend. To get into affiliate marketing, one should sign up through their phone number to be an acknowledged user. 

And then use several techniques to start affiliate promotion from their smartphone and virtual phone number.

You can use social media, which already considers your phone number details to share information about the brand and services. Your phone number provides geographically targeted ads to your audience. 

It helps you connect with your local people, earn money, and interact with your international audiences to make a global money generation. 

7. Use Virtual Phone Numbers for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing increases sales establish brand allegiance and expand your business. You can reap all the rewards; the first step is signing up and collecting phone numbers.  

It provides a unique, out-of-the-box experience by using different phone numbers for each campaign such as SMS marketing, email marketing, and generating income through different tactics available in digital marketing. 

You can easily target an enormous audience, increase your chances of gathering people, and start your business campaigns that add more value to your service and do not seem like a planned marketing strategy. 

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8. Promote your business in cloud-phone numbers platforms

A cloud-phone number enables dedicated phone numbers to be set up quickly and captures that customer’s attention in the first place. 

It will help you to monitor the full impact of your marketing easily, even with campaigns to measure your return on investment (ROI) without wasted cost, resources, and effort. 

A cloud-based business phone system makes an impact to lead marketing, tracks the number of calls, records the conversion rate to actual sales, and even develops metrics to measure the ROI of each of your campaigns to enhance the process of making money through phone numbers.  

9. Virtual Assistant 

Every business depends on a telephone conversation that will require a phone number or virtual number with a social presence. 

They are never missing tricks and probably additional income and are reluctant to offer their clients call answering or lead prospecting services. 

You can pursue a virtual assistant or virtual receptionist using your phone number phone line, and when the client receives an incoming call, they don’t have to acknowledge if that call is for Clients A or Client B, making it impossible to answer the ring in the right way. 

Conversely, the same problem arises in outgoing calls on behalf of a client; however, you, like the virtual receptionist, tried to get hold of calls back in. You can associate calls from unknown numbers as spam or unwanted marketing calls and get rid of these issues in a while.  

10. Use your virtual phone number for Investment Apps

Everyone wants some extra money right now, and one of their priorities is to seek investment apps. 

Various amazing investment apps work with only one click at the signing up button through your smartphone’s phone number.   

Investment apps are built for people who want to take control of their finances, better at investments and savings. 

One can app to set up goals, set up a personalized investment plan that will help you accomplish those goals, and also aid in setting up an automatic monthly deposit and forgetting about it. 

11. Generate Potential Customers using toll-free numbers

Every business aims to reach its potential customer, and toll-free numbers are one of the best ways to reach potential customers. Toll-free numbers are the numbers where the customers don’t get charged to make phone calls. 

Since phone calls are free, prospects don’t hesitate to call. This way,  those prospects who were hesitant to make calls, get engaged with you, understand your business, and make your business their point of interest which helps you to convert them into your potential prospects.

12. Promote your business phone number in the international market

Promote your business with your international phone number to reach out to prospects in foreign countries. This marketing strategy and calling tactic will help you to get vital information from international customers and convert them into paying customers.

Generally, local people give more emphasis to local businesses. With local virtual phone numbers, foreign businesses can promote their local presence to attract international customers. 

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13. Get Recognized by Huge Businesses

Circulating the phone number in the market can connect you to huge companies leading the market. It can help you collaborate with them more accessible, accustomed to relying on impulsive and expertise to do your small business, or startups allow SMEs to accelerate your strategies and fundamentally change their protocols truly. 

Working with giant corporations and corporate clients is advantageous to small business growth time and time again. This can also give you a significant advantage over your competitors, who may instead listen to their doubts in their heads and play it safe.

Your business will be quite acceptable but make slow, steady progress which will enhance your business and income. The best enterprises of the twentieth century, on the other hand, were those who seized an opportunity when it arose and sought to adapt and change when their sectors were disrupted.

And, the list goes on! Phone numbers are not limited to the specific business, anyone can use them, and if used in the right direction, it will help get some passive income. 

The phone has different features such as call forwarding, call routing, and tracking the phone, which is commonly used in huge businesses, as well it can be one of the success keys of your business. 

Wrapping Up

At first glance, phone numbers may appear to be just another passing technological fad. But they have so much more to give on a deeper level to make money from phone numbers. 

The reasons listed above demonstrate how versatile and robust these simple but effective phone systems are. Using these phone numbers wisely might help you improve your sales approach and expand your current business to other locations.

KrispCall makes phone numbers a breeze with IVR, call recording, call screening, and more. If you want to subscribe to the phone numbers without having to do all of the setup yourself, KrispCall is a good option. 

They have so much more to give on a deeper level to make money.   Using these phone numbers wisely might help you improve your sales approach and expand your current business to other locations. 

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How do I make money with an 1800 number?

You can make money with an 1800 number through selling 1800 numbers to businesses, charging a small fee for 1800 phone calls, and making them accessible from anywhere.

How do I earn money using my mobile number?

You can earn money using your mobile by following tactics such as: 
– Promoting your small business
– Connecting with clients 
– Sell your eSIM number 
– Getting virtual phone numbers through virtual number providers and letting the number be rented 
– Engage yourself in investment apps and many more.

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