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Dialpad Pricing, Plans, & Features: Is It Worth It?



Dialpad Pricing, Plans, & Features Breakdown

Dialpad is a comprehensive AI-driven platform for customer support, sales enhancement, and team collaboration. It emphasizes the integration of advanced automated functionalities to achieve optimal efficiency.😊

Many businesses choose Dialpad because it offers a unified phone system and AI-powered contact center solutions. However, is Dialpad pricing truly the most cost-effective option considering its offerings?🤔

In this article, you’ll find information about Dialpad pricing, its plans, and features to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your business requirements. Additionally, we’ll explore areas where alternative solutions, such as KrispCall, might offer a better fit.

🗝️Key Highlights

  • Dialpad is an AI-powered cloud-based business solution for efficient communication.
  • Dialpad’s essential products are Dialpad AI Voice, Dialpad Meetings, AI Contact Center, and AI Sales.
  • Dialpad offers three plans billed annually: Standard ($15 per user per month), Pro ($25 per user per month), and Enterprise (custom pricing), with additional costs for features such as toll-free numbers and international calls.
  • KrispCall stands out as the top alternative to Dialpad, offering competitive pricing and a comprehensive range of features.
  • KrispCall’s pricing plan is more cost-effective than Dialpad.

Let’s get started.🚀

What Is Dialpad?

Dialpad is an AI-powered cloud business solution for customer service, sales, and team collaboration. It merges cutting-edge automated features for calls, video meetings, instant messaging, and AI-powered tools to achieve the best results. It lets you connect teams, increase ROI, and serve consumers in one AI-powered app.

What Is Dialpad

Dialpad’s distinctive feature is its built-in voice recognition (Dialpad Ai), which gives insights into how you engage with clients to improve their experience. 

Some of the key products of Dialpad are:

  • Dialpad Ai Voice: Unite teams, automate repetitive tasks, and connect clients to the correct person.
  • Dialpad Meetings: You can connect teams worldwide with one-click video conferencing and live AI transcriptions.
  • AI Contact Center: Track compliance with best practices, streamline coaching, and automatically measure client happiness.
  •  AI Sales: Accelerate the onboarding process, respond promptly to consumer inquiries, and close sales more quickly.

Dialpad Pricing, Plans, And Features

Dialpad provides a wide range of communication solutions to suit the demands of any business size.

Dialpad Pricing, Plans, And Features

Here is a breakdown of its three primary business communication plans with features:

1. Standard Plan (For Limited Teams)

Dialpad’s Standard plan costs $15 per user per month if billed annually or $23 if billed monthly. It offers unlimited calling, allowing you to make calls without restrictions on the number of minutes or calls made. It also includes unlimited AI Meetings, which means you can host meetings with artificial intelligence features for up to 10 participants without additional charges.

Features of the Standard Plan

  • Unlimited calling within the US and Canada
  • Unlimited AI meetings for up to 10 participants
  • Call recording
  • Three-way calling
  • Web & chat support
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Google Workspace Integration
  • Real-time analytics & reporting
  • Business phone numbers (per user): 1 local number
  • Multi-level auto attendant
  • High-definition (HD) voice
  • Visual voicemail
  • Toll-free number support: 1
  • Custom call routing
  • Automatic spam call detection
  • Number porting: Local & toll-free
  • SMS, MMS, & team messaging
  • File sharing


  • Support is restricted to web and chat channels; phone support is not provided.
  • Users can only have one local business phone number.
  • The plan lacks advanced call routing features.
  • It also lacks CRM integrations.

2. Pro Plans (For Expanding Enterprises)

The Dialpad Pro plan is priced at $25 per user per month if billed annually, or $35 if billed monthly. It is for businesses looking for more advanced features. It provides all the features from the Standard plan, adding new features and increased limits in certain areas.

For instance, departments and ring groups can now accommodate up to 25 users, and the maximum office capacity has been raised from one to 10 (although the minimum seat requirement has also been increased to three).

Features of the Pro Plan (include all features of the Standard plan, plus):

  • 25 ring groups (departments)
  • Global SMS capabilities
  • 10 office locations
  • Multiple phone numbers per account
  • Open APIs & Webhooks
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • CRM integrations ( Zendesk, Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, & more)


  • The Pro plan offers additional features but still limits the number of users per department/ring group to a maximum of 25.
  • Maximum office locations are increased to up to 10, but a dedicated support number is not included.

3. Enterprise Plan (For Large Businesses)

Dialpad’s Enterprise package is designed for large organizations that need a communication solution for many employees. It requires a minimum of 100 seats but can be used in an unlimited number of office locations.

It is vital to remember that the cost of the Enterprise plan is not publicly available. Interested firms may contact Dialpad directly to assess their organization’s cost.

Features of the Enterprise Plan (include all features of the Standard and Pro plans, plus):

  • Unlimited office locations
  • Data retention policies
  • Priority live agent support
  • Azure AD SSO integration
  • Guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Dial-by-extension feature
  • Integrations with top SSO providers such as Okta and OneLogin
  • Unlimited ring groups (departments)


  • Meeting participation is limited to 10 individuals per session.
  • Pricing details and specific feature availability are customized and require direct contact with Dialpad for clarity.
  • The plan’s unique nature means some features may not be readily available without consultation with Dialpad.
  • Access to advanced features and pricing specifics necessitates direct communication with Dialpad’s team.

Additional Expenses And Benefits Of Dialpad Plans:

  • Toll-Free Numbers: There are additional costs for obtaining and maintaining toll-free numbers in addition to the base plan.
  • Per-Minute Fees: Extra charges apply for international calls beyond the included minutes and for premium features like toll-free numbers.
  • Billing Cycle: Choosing the annual billing option saves money compared to monthly payments.
  • Free Trial: Dialpad offers a free trial with limited features and user access to experience the platform.

Dialpad Pricing & Features Compared To Competitors

The Dialpad starting plan costs $15 monthly and includes features like visual voice calls, SMS, MMS, unlimited calling, real-time call analytics, multi-level auto attendant, contact syncing, call forwarding, and automatic spam call detection. Although Dialpad comes with numerous features, its limitations in certain areas may encourage you to look into alternative options.

One of the most reliable business phone providers among Dialpad’s alternatives is KrispCall.  It offers dynamic features such as unified callbox, voicemail transcription, number sharing, IVR, advanced call analytics, and many more. 

Furthermore, KrispCall’s monthly cost is less than Dialpad’s, starting at just $12 per user per month(billed annually). Unlike other solutions, which may charge more or lack specific capabilities, KrispCall offers a wide variety of functionality and reliability for a fee. 

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KrispCall Plans & Pricing And Features

KrispCall is a modern cloud telephony system for your business. KrispCall’s pricing plans offer various features in different price ranges.

You can discover the monthly and annual price plans in KrispCall. Annual or yearly payments are slightly less expensive than monthly payments. Furthermore, it even provides customized plans that you can choose based on your business needs and requirements.

KrispCall offers a range of pricing plans to suit different business needs. You can choose the plan that best fits your requirements.

KrispCall Pricing and Plans

1. Essential Plan: $15/User/Month (Billed Monthly)

KrispCall’s basic plan has a limited number of services that are suitable for small enterprises, startups, and freelancers.

Some of the features provided by this essential plan are:

  • Custom Caller ID
  • Integration with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamic 365, Nimble CRM, and many more
  • Call Analytics for better customer experience
  • Multiple Agents and Agents Groups for effective call center management
  • IVR features
  • DND for phone numbers and callers
  • Number sharing
  • SMS and MMS messaging features
  • Notes in Callbox and Dialers
  • Voicemail and filter
  • International Messaging (US & Canada)
  • Advanced call-handling features like Call Forwarding, Call Listening, Call Barging, Call Blocking, and Call Whispering
  • Internal Reply Thread

2. Standard Plan: $40/User/Month (Billed Monthly)

KrispCall introduced this standard pricing plan mainly for medium-scale businesses and call centers.

 It includes all the features from the essential plan plus:

  • Call Transfer
  • Recording Playback Fast Forward
  • Pause and Resume Call Recording
  • Bulk SMS
  • Integration with Slack is available
  • Call Recording and Storage are unlimited
  • The number of users is unlimited

3. Enterprise Plan: Custom Charges

KrispCall’s enterprise plan is created for businesses with changing needs. Similarly, you may customize this plan to meet your advanced needs. To acquire this plan, you can easily contact KrispCall’s sales team and offer information about your company’s needs and requirements. 

Some of the features of enterprise plans are:

  • Both essential and standard plan features
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Customizable feature option
  • Developer Support

If you’re unsure which KrispCall plan to choose, you can schedule a meeting with their sales team for a free demo. KrispCall’s support team is available 24/7, making scheduling easy with just a click.

Common Features Across All Of KrispCall’s Plans

Common features of all KrispCall plans are:

  • Multiple Agents and Groups designed for call centers.
  • Call Analytics to keep track of customer activities.
  • Voicemail, voicemail filters, and voicemail transcription.
  • Integration with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamic 365, Nimble CRM, and many more.
  • Phone Trees (IVR).
  • Custom Caller ID (Number Masking).
  • DND for phone numbers and callers.
  • International SMS and MMS messaging features.
  • Call handling features like number sharing, call blocking, listening, whispering, barging, and forwarding.

Which Is The Best KrispCall’s Plan?

The Essential plan is ideal for small businesses as it offers the most affordable and essential features necessary for running a small business. This plan includes all the standard features required for day-to-day operations.

The Standard Plan offers a comprehensive set of features suitable for both small and mid-level businesses, all at an affordable price point. This plan is highly recommended, particularly for call center businesses, and is a popular choice among customers.

The Enterprise plan is ideal if your business requires customized functions. The customizable option allows you to pay for your specific requirements only, making it a cost-effective choice.

Why Choose KrispCall Over Dialpad?

KrispCall vs Dialpad

KrispCall is a compelling alternative to Dialpad, standing out with several advantages. Here are five key points highlighting why businesses choose KrispCall over DialPad:

  • Unified Callbox: KrispCall offers a centralized interface that gathers voicemails, conversations, SMS, contact details, and call logs in one place, making it easier to manage communications compared to DialPad.
  • Comprehensive Call Management: KrispCall provides advanced call management tools like call recording, monitoring, SMS and call filters, analytics, DND modes, and more, offering complete solutions for efficient communication, surpassing Dialpad in this aspect.
  • Custom Caller ID: KrispCall ensures privacy by hiding real contact details with custom caller ID, masking the original number on the receiver’s device, a feature that adds an extra layer of privacy not available in Dialpad.
  • Virtual Phone Numbers: KrispCall stands out with virtual phone numbers from over 100 countries, allowing businesses to establish a global local presence, purchase and share multiple numbers with the team, and even monitor them remotely—features that Dialpad doesn’t provide to the same extent.
  • Feature-rich Call Center: KrispCall offers live call monitoring, call queuing, and seamless integration with popular business apps. These enhancements enhance agent performance, customer satisfaction, and overall efficiency, making it a preferred choice over DialPad for many businesses.
  • 24/7 Support Available: KrispCall offers reliable 24/7 support, ensuring consistent assistance for businesses. Dialpad’s support quality has been inconsistent and may not meet all customer needs, making KrispCall a more dependable choice for troubleshooting and peace of mind.
  • Call Quality and Reliability: KrispCall uses VoIP technology to provide highly reliable and high-quality calls. This guarantees excellent customer and team experiences and transparent communication.
  • Easy Integration with CRM Software & Business Apps: KrispCall offers easy integration with CRM software and business apps, supporting scalability from day one with a simple setup process. In contrast, Dialpad’s integrations may require more time and effort, making KrispCall a preferable option for new businesses launching operations.

KrispCall Vs. Dialpad (Comparison Table)

Here is the comparison table of Dialpad with KrispCall.

Functionality of Feature KrispCallDialpadComparison
Pricing (Monthly)Essential – $15, Standard – $40,Enterprise – Customized Solution
(Billed Monthly)
Essential – $15, Standard – $40, Enterprise – Customized Solution
(Billed Monthly)
KrispCall offers lower-priced essential and standard plans compared to Dialpad.
Unified CallboxYesNoKrispCall offers a unified callbox, providing a more integrated communication experience.
International Phone Numbers100+ Countries50+ CountriesKrispCall offers access to a broader range of international phone numbers.
24/7 Support 24/7 Support is available in all plans The basic package offers chat and online help; Pro and Enterprise provide 24/7 service.KrispCall offers 24/7 support across all plans, providing better assistance to users
Mobile apps (iOS and Android)YesYesBoth KrispCall and Dialpad offer mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Recording Playback Fast ForwardYesNoKrispCall allows Recording Playback Fast Forward.
IntegrationsSalesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, Zoho, Pipedrive, Keap, Nimble, Pabbly Connect, FreshSales, Integrately, Microsoft Dynamic 365, ActiveCampaign and moreCopper, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, APIs, Salesforce, G Suite, Helpwise, Azure, Zendesk, Google and moreKrispCall supports a broader range of integrations, enhancing workflow flexibility.
Call ScriptingNoYesDialpad offers Call Scripting.
DND for Contact NotificationsYesNoKrispCall offers DND for Contact Notifications.
Additional phone numbersStart with $2.Requires upgrade plus $10 per numberKrispCall allows starting with $2 for additional phone numbers.
Vanity phone numberYesNoKrispCall supports vanity phone numbers.
StorageUnlimitedLimitedKrispCall offers unlimited storage.
Number SharingYesNoKrispCall allows Number Sharing
Automatic Call Distribution, Phone Trees (IVR)YesYesBoth KrispCall and Dialpad support automatic call distribution and phone tree(IVR).
OthersDeveloper Support, Dedicated Account ManagerDeveloper SupportBoth offer Developer Support.

Dialpad or KrispCall: Which Is The Right Provider For Your Business?

Now that you understand what each provider offers, you can easily determine which one is better suited for your specific business based on your needs, size, and workforce.

Go With KrispCall If:

KrispCall is the right provider for your business if you’re looking for an intuitive platform with robust call management features. It offers a unified callbox that gathers all communication elements for easy access. You’ll benefit from advanced tools like call recording, monitoring, and analytics, along with custom caller ID for privacy. 

KrispCall also offers a wide range of virtual numbers in over 100 countries, helping your business establish a global presence.

It has a feature-rich contact center with live monitoring and 24/7 human support, streamlining your business operations.

Additionally, KrispCall is integrated with various business applications. This enhances your business’s overall communication efficiency and contributes to customer satisfaction.

Go With Dialpad If:

Dialpad is the right provider for your small to medium-sized business looking for a unified communication and collaboration platform.

You’ll benefit from features like a 14-day trial period to try out features before buying, unlimited domestic calling, a business phone number, multi-level auto attendant, video meetings for large teams, and multi-device use. 

Furthermore, Dialpad’s AI analytics platform is valuable if you prioritize comprehensive insights and analytics. It provides essential metrics and advanced data analysis tools, empowering you to refine operations and elevate customer experiences.

Conclusion: Is Dialpad Worth it?

Dialpad offers a wide range of features, yet it might not be the most cost-effective or suitable choice for every business. You might want to explore other alternatives if you need integration access or 24/7 support without an upgrade.

Moreover, Dialpad lacks international calling features that might challenge businesses operating internationally. It may not be reliable enough for complex call center systems, and larger enterprises might face scalability issues.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Dialpad, KrispCall is an excellent choice. KrispCall is a modern cloud telephony system that supports lead generation through calls, offering features such as one-click dialing, automatic dialing, and call forwarding.😊

Additionally, KrispCall offers lower-cost plans and 24/7 support. With its affordability and robust functionality,it can be a valuable asset in driving business growth.

Schedule a demo now to learn how KrispCall can meet your needs. Its accessibility and usefulness make it an attractive alternative to more expensive alternatives that may not fit your budget or special requirements.💫

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Dinesh Silwal Co-Founder KrispCall

Dinesh Silwal

Dinesh Silwal is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of KrispCall. For the past few years, he has been advancing and innovating in the cloud telephony industry, using AI to enhance and improve telephony solutions, and driving KrispCall to the forefront of the field.

Dinesh Silwal

Dinesh Silwal

Dinesh Silwal is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of KrispCall. For the past few years, he has been advancing and innovating in the cloud telephony industry, using AI to enhance and improve telephony solutions, and driving KrispCall to the forefront of the field.

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