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Best Call Center Services for Taxis and Shuttle Companies



Best Call Center Services for Taxi and Shuttle Business

Searching for the Best Taxi and Shuttle Call Center Services for your business in 2024? With more competition, we can’t deny that taxi and shuttle services have grown much more than ever. 

It’s up to cab drivers and shuttle services to provide reliable, quality service to every rider, and they must have excellent communication

The transportation industry is a huge business that includes the entire customer’s interaction and for the interaction, we must have call center services as the best option.

A call center takes care of your entire call process from incoming communication to outbound calls, from answering emails, or responding to text messages, a call center does everything that business requires.  

In this article, we have considered the best call center services for taxis and shuttle companies in 2024 that provide the best call center solutions on a single platform. 

So, let’s get started!

What are Call Center Services for Taxis and Shuttle Companies?

Call Center Services for Taxis and Shuttle Companies refers to the professional and dedicated team members who handle all the inbound and outbound communication related to business companies. They are the central communication hub for customer interactions, providing services like data collection and analysis, lost & found, customer service, and booking and dispatching. 

7 Best Call Center Services for Taxis and Shuttle Companies in 2024

Now, let’s talk about the best call center services and get into the choices.

Here, we have listed the best call center service provider for Taxis and shuttle companies to enhance and fit with you! based on the following criteria:

  • Advanced Call Features
  • Pricing Plan
  • Customer Reviews & Testimonials
  • Communication-based Solutions
  • Customer Support

1. MAP Communications

MAP Communications is one of the best call center service providers that supports any type of business and believes in providing the best customer service.

Its services are flexible, compatible, best for low-volume call center plans, and provide 24/7 agent help to every business to get the caller engaged in your business. 

MAP Communications Services

Map Communication provides services such as forwarding calls or choosing a new 800 number. 

You also can receive messages via your secure portal, email, SMS, digital, or alpha paging. Some of the other services:

Map Communication Pricing:

MAP communication includes three packages and we have also designed a custom plan: 

  • Standard: For no calling minutes, $39 per month (an additional $1.15 per extra minute) 
  • Business: For 125 minutes, $149 per month (additional $1.09 per extra minute)
  • Executive: For 225 minutes, $249 per month ( additional $1.07 per extra minute)

2. Go Answer

Go Answer is more than just a phone system for communicating with customers. They also manage email, webchat, and SMS communication which has access to all of your messages and voicemails. 

go answer

Go Answer also provides the function of pushing text, emails, updates, real-time notifications with customized service according to your business demands and, overall its agents will function as an extension of your team.

Go Answer Services

For customer support inquiries, Go Answer also allows multi-channel communication and ticketing. It also has some of the industry’s quickest pickup times.

Some of the other services of Go Answer: 

  • Order entry 
  • Legal intake
  • Appointments
  • SMS and email alerts 
  • HIPAA compliance 
  • 24/7 live agents
  • After-hours availability
  • Real-time mobile app and dashboard

Go Answer Pricing: 

The pricing of GO Answer goes like this:

  • Pay as you go: For $50 per month, an additional $1.15 per minute
  • 100 minutes: For $110 per month, an additional $1.10 per minute 
  • 250 minutes: For $250 per month, an additional $1 per minute 
  • 500 minutes: For $475 per month, additional 95 cents per minute 
  • 1,000 minutes: For $900 per month, additional 95 cents per minute 
  • 2,500 minutes: For $2,200 per month, additional 90 cents per minute 
  • 5,000 minutes: For $4,200 per month, additional 90 cents per minute 
  • 10,000 minutes: For $8,200 per month, additional  90 cents per minute

3. Signius Communications

Signius communications is a 100% US-based call center service that works together with small to huge business dealers in the market. 

Signius communications

Involving Signius Communication in your business provides a customer-live call center that meets your business reputation within your budget.

It also offers the entire services that call center services should provide to the customer.

Signius Communications Services

Some of their Signius communication services are: 

  • Customer care
  • Hotlines 
  • Order taking 
  • Help desk 
  • Disaster backup 
  • After-hours or overflow answering 
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Lead generation 
  • Paging or dispatch services

Signius has become an extension of your existing team, making them take time to understand your business, providing quick pickup times with modern technology, and 24/7  reporting services.

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Signius Communications Pricing:

There are three packages, and we have also designed a custom plan. Signius communication includes: 

  • Starter: For 50 minutes, $45 per month (additional $1 per extra minute) 
  • Pro: For 125 minutes, $109 per month (additional $0.95 per additional minute)
  • Premier: For 250 minutes, $213 per month (additional $0.92 per extra minute)

4. KrispCall 

KrispCall is a cloud-based business call center service provider that provides entire call center functioning and features within your budget without any difficulties to your transport business. It allows you to access international contact information in the privacy of your own home.

KrispCall allows the comfort of working from any place to acquire international virtual phone numbers. You may immediately make your customized plan, a toll-free, local, short, and international phone number (for over 100 countries).


It supports you in maintaining a balanced record of your call logs. Its unified callbox detection handles business calls, audio recordings, SMS, and voicemails. KrispCall provides all the features that a Taxi call center requires for enhancing their customer engagement and experience.

KrispCall Services

KrispCall keeps track of audio and screen activities during phone calls. It also estimates the audio recordings of a user-agent dialogue.

Some of the best services of KrispCall are:

  • Call center and Contact Center software
  • Call recording 
  • Call distribution 
  • Customized & Personalized greetings for voicemail
  • Record Calls.
  • Distribution of Calls (Automatic)
  • In-built widget  for sales calls from the website
  • Add agents and team members
  • Create custom tags and advanced filters

It also facilitates client interactions such as phone calls, audio conversations, and email. It stores specific data that represents the company and its consumers.

KrispCall Pricing:

The cost and plans for KrispCall’s call center services begin at:

  • Essential: For $15 per month
  • Standard: For $ 40 per user/month
  • Enterprise: For Customized Solution

5. SAS ( Specialty Answering Services)

SAS stands for Specialty Answering Services primarily focused on answering calls. SAS Call center’s services provide dedicated call centers, outsourcing, virtual receptionists, and lead generation services.

Specialty Answering Services

SAS also operates as a personal guide for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and huge marketing industries.

SAS Services

SAS provides services like bilingual receptionists, virtual office abilities, live operators, however, it also offers a wide range of services.

Some of the SAS services: 

  • Order processing 
  • Customer service
  • Lead capture
  • Message receipt.
  • Notifications of text, email, or fax.
  • Relay in real-time
  • Communication channels 
  • Call Monitoring and responding

SAS Pricing: 

The SAS call center service begins:

  • Economy: For $31 per month, an additional cost of $1.19 per minute
  • 100 minutes: For $117 per month, the additional cost of $1.09 per additional minute
  • 220 minutes: For $199 per month, the additional cost is $1.09 per additional minute
  • 500 minutes: For $490 per month, an additional cost of $0.99 per additional minute
  • 1,000 minutes: For $925 per month , additional cost $0.95 per additional minute
  • 2,500 minutes: For $2,200 per month, additional cost $0.89 per additional minute
  • 5,000 minutes: For $4,199 per month, additional cost $0.85 per additional minute
  • 10,000 minutes: For $7,749 per month, additional cost $0.79 per additional minute

6. RingCentral 

RingCentral offers single-level and multi-level auto-attendants and voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) services that can help your taxi and shuttle business. 

This VoIP solution allows you to cut costs while maintaining excellent customer service. 



RingCentral is an automated service provider, providing a dial-by-name directory, and a user-friendly phone tree editor which allows businesses to get every incoming call with a warm immediate hello!

RingCentral Services

RingCentral facilitates a business with its routing of any number and voicemail boxes. However, it offers many other services such as answering FAQs, promoting your recent promotions. 

Some of the other RingCentral Services

  • Unlimited domestic texting and calling 
  • Toll-free or local phone number
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Real-time analytics
  • Integrations with Microsoft, Google, and Slack 
  • Team messaging 
  • Audio and video conferencing 
  • Call whisper and call barge
  • Call recording

RingCentral Pricing: 

RingCentral’s pricing and packages start: 

  • Essentials: For $29.99/user/month
  • Standard: For $39.99/user/month
  • Premium: For $49.99/user/month
  • Unlimited: For $59.99/user/month

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7. TeleDirect

TeleDirect is a versatile call center with budget-friendly and can be the perfect option for any type of business.

It has unique, flexible pricing packages which facilitate incoming and outbound calls, and especially it’s best for small, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs people. 


Nearly 400 people work for TeleDirect, which offers services for shared, semi-dedicated, and dedicated agents.

TeleDirect Services

TeleDirect provides the entire box of services that a business requires to give the best customer experience. 

Some of the other services of TeleDirect: 

  • Live to answer
  • Message taking
  • Customer Support 
  • Tech Support 
  • Order processing 
  • Lead follow-up
  • Client portal 

TeleDirect Pricing: 

TeleDirect call center service’s plans are as follows: 

  • 300 minutes: For $387, additional cost $1.29 per minute
  • 1,000 minutes: For $1,100, additional cost $1.10 per minute
  • 3,000 minutes: For $2,970, additional cost 99 cents per minute
  • 6,000 minutes: For $5,580, additional cost 93 cents per minute
  • 10,000 minutes: For $8,800, additional cost 88 cents per minute
  • 20,000 minutes: For $15,000, additional cost 75 cents per minute

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What Can Taxi and Shuttle Business Owners  Expect from a Call Center?

At call centers services, they involve agents who can help customers to answer incoming calls from distinct businesses, and each agent follows a different customer-agent script to get the flow and know the client’s needs.

taxi and shuttle call center services

Taxi and Shuttle Business owners can expect the works from call center services such as:

  • Never missing inbound calls. Calls will be forwarded to live agents even after your office hours or on weekends, or holidays.
  • Requested assistance if your employees are not in reach. 
  • Getting specific extensions or phone numbers
  • Direct response from the call center

However, when calls are forwarded to the agent, the agent obeys the custom telemarketing scripts to answer entire FAQs related to the company, and route calls to your team. 

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What Services Will be Provided by Call Centers for the Taxi and Shuttle Industry?

Call centers have various features that provide many services. However, a good call center takes care of fundamental call answering and forwarding to complicated client service but overall a call center may include services such as: 

  • Telemarketing 
  • Webchat
  • Hotlines
  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Order-taking and subscription renewals
  • Customer Support or troubleshooting
  • Debt collection 
  • Telephone answering services 
  • Emergency or disaster response
  • Respond to text messages on social media
  • Answer questions in online chat forums 

Call centers provide businesses with security to enhance their customer relations. The main benefits of implementing call centers in taxi and shuttle companies or enterprises are improving communication and listening to the client according to their needs and demands. 

How to Involve a Call Center With a Taxi Company?

Setting up a call center for a taxi and shuttle company sounds easier, but it’s not. It requires reaching out to professionals, but when you have decided to get involved in a call center with your taxi answering service business, you should consider some of the points. 

  1. Do detailed research through reviews.
  2. Know about their number of employees. Don’t just assume how many employees they may have because it’s about your business and running. 
  3. Know the exact contact center location
  4. Cut down on their core management team.
  5. Choose only companies that match your business needs. 
  6. Don’t do extra expenditures. 
  7. Available on every platform

These points can help you out when engaging with call cabs, but the stress doesn’t reduce here. You should know how shuttle and taxi call answering services can help your business. 

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How Can Shuttle and Taxi Company Call Center Services Help Your Business? 

Taxi and shuttle company business depends on the call, and failing to answer often means missing out on valuable business and damaging the business reputation. 

Thankfully, the best call center services providers offer a high degree of clients and reliability with dispatching call center solutions. 

Best call center and communications offer several administrative solutions, including a Shuttle and Taxi call answering service for busy transportation companies and help your business phone line get to the clients even if your driver is busy picking up fares. 

Passengers don’t love it when their driver is busy on the phone arranging their next trip while driving. 

call center services for taxi company

Beyond that, customer satisfaction in the transportation business is one of the top priorities, and involving call center services are ideas for handling calls. 

In contrast, your drivers can focus on the passenger behind them and the road in front of them. 

And, let other things call centers for handling, whether it’s a late-night out or an early flight. Keep in mind that the best call center is always on your back to get your business profitable, secure, and trustworthy whenever your clients try to reach out. 

Best call centers are available 24 hours a day, letting their agents always be ready to answer the call, text emails, or call drivers with information. 

In contrast, logging call/caller data to a secure online portal for your management purposes lets you focus on your business and provide services to many customers at once.


Hiring additional workers to handle incoming calls might be costly for taxi and shuttle companies. On the other hand, call center services allow you to fulfill demands without having to hire full-time personnel. 

A call center service can also assist with lead creation and other marketing activities. However, KrispCall stands for meeting your entire demand. 

KrispCall is an artificial intelligence-driven cloud call center for the automotive industry and taxi businesses that streamlines internal and external communications.

By automating your customer support tasks with personal greetings, voicemails, auto attendance, IVR, and more, KrispCall helps you provide the best possible customer support.

Try out the Schedule Free KrispCall demo now!

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