How to Set up a Virtual Call Center from Home
  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 09 Jun 22
  • 16 min read

How to Set up a Virtual Call Center from Home Professionally

  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 09 Jun 22
  • 16 min read

Why do you want to start a virtual call center business opportunity on your own when you can work for a virtual call center company?

Establishing your own virtual call center can be a successful business opportunity for you. You can earn good profits from this business.

You’ll need a silent room where you won’t be interrupted while on the phone, as well as small money to purchase basic equipment and the right planning and execution.

Sounds like you are in right place?

This article provides you with a list of strategies that help you set up a Virtual Call Center from your home effectively. 

And also don’t forget to read the list of requirements for the virtual call center office.

Stick to the end of the article to get professional guidance regarding setting up a virtual call center from home.

What is Virtual Call?

Virtual call refers to a phone call or audio conference that is performed using the internet connection to communicate with other people virtually.

Virtual Call offers a cost-effective VoIP-based Cloud Telephony solution for your domestic and global business. The products are specifically designed to meet the needs of small, medium, and big businesses, which allows you to take advantage of advanced VoIP telephony.

A secure internet connection is used to make a virtual phone call. VoIP technology is used to drive these virtual calls which provide a multimedia communication solution via the internet service.

What is a Virtual Call Center business?

Virtual Call Center (VCC) business is a system that allows contact center workers to perform customer service contacts while being geographically dispersed rather than operating from a single physical location.

A virtual call center business functions similarly to an on-site call center, with the exception that customer support or sales agents are not physically situated in one of the company’s locations.

These are the reason that digital contact centers are becoming more popular is that they eliminate much of the operational costs associated with maintaining a traditional office.

How does a virtual call center work?

The virtual call center can be configured in a small area & it takes fewer IT resources to run, it is less costly than a typical physical call center.

Central VoIP software is used to manage virtual call centers which keep all of your agents connected to the main network in case they need to assist one another.

Even if most skilled call center employees are capable of managing their own concerns and giving answers to client issues, they will occasionally require assistance from coworkers or top management.

Inbound and outbound calls are handled by virtual call centers, which allow agents to make and receive calls as required.

Virtual Call Center Vs Physical Call Center

While the terms are the same and the work is also the same, there are some differences between virtual call centers & physical call centers, as shown in the following table:

Factors Physical Call Center Virtual Call Center
Physical Infrastructure Telephone wires, PBX boxes, analog circuitry, and telephone devices are all necessary. There are no hardware requirements for telephony. Calls can be handled via a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a good internet connection.
Integration It presents itself as a siloed telephony system that is difficult to combine with other software. Incorporates a variety of different systems, including CRM, helpdesk, billing software, analytics, and more.
Call Quality Due to analog circuit instabilities, call quality is average. High-quality voice data is ensured by the usage of IP networks on both the LAN and WAN scales.
Hardware To organize incoming and outgoing calls, desk phones, PBX systems, and a slew of other devices are required. No telephony equipment is required. Accessible via a browser on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or VoIP phone.

What are the advantages of working in a Virtual Call Center?

Virtual call centers are getting more popular after the covid pandemic. It is the same as work from home patterns where remote agents make inbound and outbound calls.

Here are some of the benefits of working virtual call center are:

  • If you’re setting up work from a home call center, your beginning expenses are likely to be limited to the computer and phone equipment you’ll need to take and route calls.
  • You could use the internet to serve local customers as well as those from all around the world.
  • Additional staff can be recruited if they are able to answer calls from their own houses if you are running your business from your home. Additionally, you can save employees and your time in traveling, launch breaks, and so on.
  • For organizations with a high frequency of incoming calls, incoming calls can be a drain on resources, thus there is always a need for dependable contact centers.
  • For a single source of information, bring all client data to the call center representative’s screen.

What are the Disadvantages of  Working in Virtual Call Centers?

Although there are many advantages of virtual call centers it brings some disadvantages which include:

  • Calls might come in fast and frequently, making it difficult to keep up. It’s essential to be able to thrive in a fast-paced setting.
  • Telephone equipment can be costly, and you might require special training to use it effectively.
  • To satisfy clients in different time zones, you need to be flexible with your operating hours and able to work evenings and weekends.
  • Teams have a weak bond. Personal relationships aren’t as strong as in a physical office setting.

How to Start a Virtual Call Center business from Home?

When it comes to setting up a virtual call center, there are a number of additional factors to consider. The 10 steps listed below will assist you in getting your virtual call center off to a good start.

1. Planning

You need to have a clear vision that what you’re gonna do with a virtual call center business, why you are doing this business & so on, before starting a virtual call center.

You need to make a proper plan first & set up the objectives to achieve it. You need to be clear with your goals first.

2. Select Your Area of Expertise

Call centers offer a wide range of services and might require various degrees of skill. Will your call center be a sales call center or a contact center that provides customer service? It’s also feasible to put up a system that combines the two.

Choose a specialty that corresponds to your qualifications and interests. This not only makes marketing your services to new clients easier, but it also makes the business more fun.

3. Equipment for Call Center

Your call center’s equipment will most likely be determined by the demands of your customers. Determine what equipment your call agents will require in order to operate remotely.

A computer, a headset, and a stable internet connection are usually required. Install current anti-virus, malware protection, and a firewall on your computer.

You’ll have to determine if your organization will provide a computer and headset, or whether they’ll be responsible for purchasing them.

To achieve optimum call quality, you need to invest in broadband internet and a wired telephone (not a cordless phone).

You need to equip a good-quality headset so that you can type & make notes without having to deal with the physical discomfort of having a receiver placed against your ear all day.

4. Software Interfaces that Work

To support the objective of your call center operations, you’ll need more than just a VoIP system. You’ll also need the correct computer telephony integrations.

It is up to you to handle your job if your first client does not already have call center software.

There are a number of call center applications marketed at various price ranges. You should be able to trace calls, send emails and chat messages using the software you choose, as well as queue calls with recorded messages or music.

Use free trial packages to engage yourself with the software before investing. Your digital call center application supplier can provide an app marketplace where you can use other software programs to handle sales and support operations and boost customer satisfaction.

5. Creating the right workflows

Workflows should be designed depending on your call center’s objectives. For example, you might want to employ software connections that offer you to implement automatic emails to assist consumers through your sales channel if you run a sales contact center.

Utilize the voice call and software capabilities that will assist you in providing the best possible client experience. Consider using an interactive voice response system (IVR), voicemail, a skills-based routing tool, and self-service alternatives to ensure that consumers get the support they need quickly.

6. Recruit the Skilled People

Keep in mind that when you set up a virtual call center, you aren’t bound to the talent that lives within driving distance of your office, if you even have one. You have the option of reviewing resumes from people all around the world. You just need to hire the right person that fits your organization.

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7. Metrics Are Important

To monitor and measure the performance of your call center, create daily, weekly, and monthly call center metrics and KPIs.

8. Finding Your Client

You don’t have to limit your customer marketing efforts to your local city because your call center is virtual. Use social media to let others know whatever you have to supply, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Include information about your other languages on your social media pages if you are fluent in them.

Marketing your businesses through the internet will be the best option to attract more customers. You can do social media marketing, email marketing, blogging & so on to introduce your business in mass.

9. Growing Your Business

Make connections with others who provide comparable services across the nation or around the world.

For example, if you are in Australia then you can interact with others from the US, you might be able to assist each other in acquiring clients that want a multi-time zone call center.

To enhance your sales and profit, you may choose to associate with these people or outsource them.

10. Evaluations of Call Center Agents

Create a system for evaluating the performance of your call center staff. Ensure that it is done on a regular basis. Then figure out how to praise them for achieving their objectives.

Those are the 10 steps you need to follow to successfully set up a virtual call center online business opportunity from your home.

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Virtual Call Center Office Requirements

Small things matter most in the overall growth. A remote office or virtual call center also needs various supporting things to work perfectly.

Here are the virtual call center office requirements you need to consider before starting a call center business from home effectively.

  • Manpower: Remote sales team who has both pieces of knowledge in the products, services he/she try to sell and trained and skill in both hard and soft skills to handle the clients remotely without any supervision.
  • Hardware
  • Software: Knowledge about the different software like cloud telephony systems, project management systems, HRMS, call handling tools, and so on
  • High-Speed Broadband internet connection: Dropless fast internet connection to make inbound and outbound calls
  • Room or building

What is Virtual Call Center Software?

A virtual call center software is a customer support contact center in which operators are not restricted to a single physical location.

It allows you to work from a variety of distant places, including your home or multiple businesses. It enables businesses to deploy services across several time zones while lowering infrastructure costs.

Top 5 Virtual Call Center Software

Businesses can use call center software to manage numerous communication channels such as phone, SMS, and MMS.

There is various best leading virtual call center software available in the market that you can implement in your virtual call center business.

Here are some of the cloud telephony you can consider for your virtual call center startup.

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a next-generation call center that engages businesses and customers using internet-based calling technologies.

KrispCall’s call center technology will assist your organization to communicate more effectively by removing the need for expensive equipment and automating calling operations.

krispcall cloud telephony system

Krispcall Call Center Software Key Features

  • Cost-effective: With Krispcall’s extensive call management and automation tools, you can remove hardware expenditures and drastically reduce operational costs when using our call center system.
  • Increased Security: Internal data security, data backup, and restoration features are among its security features, which may help you protect sensitive data and avoid losses due to data mismanagement.
  • Highly Scalable: With KrispCall, you can scale up or down your call center system to keep up with ever-changing communication methods. Enhance your services by including real-time functionality and CRM connectivity.
  • Intelligent Calling Feature: With its advanced features for call flow, call routing and redirection, interactive voice response, and more, you can automate your call management procedures and reduce response time.
  • Rich Customer Insight: The dedicated dashboard in KrispCall gives you a quick overview of all your client and team interactions, as well as vital data on consumer behavior. Call tracking and voicemail dropping are two features that assist you in better understanding your customers’ demands.
  • CRM Phone System: Integrate KrispCall with your existing CRM systems to keep track of your team’s and customers’ activities. With its comprehensive call analytics, you can improve customer satisfaction.
  • Cloud Telephony: With KrispCall’s cloud telephony, you can move your phone system to the cloud. It can be used to set up a unified communication system with top-of-the-line business capabilities.
  • Contact Center Software: With KrispCall, you can set up a virtual contact center and improve your customer service. Using its system, simplify multi-channel contact with consumers.

Krispcall Pricing



(For small businesses, start-ups, & freelancers)



(For mid-level  business)



(For Large Enterprise)







Contact KrispCall

KrispCall call center software makes it easier to communicate with your colleagues and customers. Innovative automation capabilities and choices allow your company to enhance response times, reduce operating costs, and improve the customer experience.

Sign up for a Schedule Free KrispCall demo now, to learn how you can grow your work-from-home call center business with the KrispCall cloud telephony system.

2. Talkdesk

Talkdesk CX Cloud is the call center software that is part of Talkdesk’s customer service package. It employs AI to assist clients in finding answers before they contact your agents, and it also uses AI-powered recommendations to aid your agents in real-time.

talkdesk cloud-based call center software

Key Features

  • Notifications, analytics, and voicemail transcription
  • To make a call from the helpdesk, CRM, e-commerce platform, or website, simply click
  • Call monitoring, recording, barging & queuing
  • Automated Call Distributor
  • Talkdesk Live is a real-time dashboard that allows you to track activity
  • Customer Surveys
  • Calls can be forwarded to mobile phones or landlines
  • IVR System


Essential Elevate Elite Experience










Talkdesk enables businesses to more intelligently unleash the promise and potential of outstanding customer service.

3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is another helpdesk program that integrates its ticketing system with Freshcaller, a built-in phone system. It also utilizes AI to deliver real-time guidance to operators conversing with clients.

freshdesk contact center call tracking software

Key Features

  • Call monitoring & recording
  • Freshcaller allows you to make calls directly within Freshdesk
  • Agent Assist, backed by AI, gives agents advice to help them enhance their customer care
  • Agent scripting is available in AppConnect through apps
  • In over 40 countries, call masking enables you to purchase a local phone number
  • Provide assistance through chat, email, phone calls, an AI-powered chatbot, social media, and WhatsApp
  • Ticket, trend, and group monitoring dashboard


Free  Growth Pro Enterprise
$0 $15


agent/month, billed annually



agent/month, billed annually



agent/month, billed annually

$0 $18


agent/month, billed monthly



agent/month, billed monthly 



agent/month, billed monthly

With intelligent omnichannel assistance, you can spend less on customer acquisition.

4. Aircall

This relatively new all-in-one solution has many call center workers raving about the user experience. Aircall includes all of the essential features of virtual call center software, plus more. It works with over 60 apps and integrations.

aircall cloud-based call center software

Key Features:

  • Call routing, queuing, monitoring & recording
  • On a live conversation, call whispering allows you to talk to teammates without disturbing the customer.
  • Set business hours for when you can receive calls
  • In more than 100 countries, you can get toll-free numbers with local area codes as well as international numbers
  • Calls can be forwarded to a mobile device
  • Call center analytics
  • Before transferring an in-progress call, team members can check in with each other via warm transfer


Essential Professional Enterprise



billed annually




 billed annually


With the IT-approved cloud call center solution for sales and support teams, you can transform customers’ experiences.

5. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is used by over 2,500 call centers and phone systems, including DHL, Glovo, and Mercedes-Benz. It connects to all of the major companies, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk.

cloudtalk call center call tracking software

Key Feature:

  • Call recording, queuing, forwarding & masking
  • Voicemails
  • Before transferring the caller, you can chat with another agent in private
  • Toll-free numbers and international numbers from more than 140 countries
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Ring group
  • Call monitoring, whispering & barging
  • Number porting


Starter Essential Expert Custom



billed annually




billed annually




billed annually


As soon as a call is in the queue, CloudTalk provides you with a 360° customer perspective, allowing you to completely understand and anticipate your customers’ demands.

These are the best virtual call center software you can implement in your virtual call center business in 2022.

Cost to start virtual call center in 2022

How much does it cost to start a virtual center in 2022?

  • A virtual call center business requires a minimum investment of $1,313 to get started.
  • A virtual call center business requires a maximum investment of $11,659 to get started.
  • The average cost of starting a virtual call center is $5,911.

Those are the average assumed cost estimations to start a virtual call center business.

In Final Word

Starting a virtual call center is not a huge task. You just need the right planning and the right manpower and tools to start your call center startup business opportunity anywhere in the world. 

You can follow the above 10 steps to open your virtual call center business from home professionally. You have to consider every step clearly.

After starting a Virtual Call Center business your motive should be reaching out to more customers & earning more profits, by providing a quality service.

The best way to start and lead your competitors in the Virtual Call Center business is to use the best call center software like KrispCall which engages businesses and customers using internet-based calling technologies. Try Krispcall and feel the differences. 


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