how to get clients for virtual call center
  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 27 Apr 22
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13 Proven Strategies to Get Clients for Virtual Call Center

  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 27 Apr 22
  • 11 min read

Are you looking for ways to get clients for your virtual call center? If so, you’re not alone.

A lot of businesses are making the switch to virtual call centers in order to take advantage of the many benefits they offer. But, if you’re not careful, attracting clients can be a challenge.

When it comes to finding clients for a virtual call center, there are a number of proven strategies you can put into place to get your business up and running – and thriving – in no time at all. These strategies will bring clients knocking down on your door in no time!

However, the challenge is to decide which strategy works the best for your business. 

In this article, we will learn how to get clients for virtual call center with the help of 13 proven strategies. 

Before get there, let’s learn about virtual call centers first. 

What is a Virtual call Center?

A virtual call center uses cloud technology and is not stationed in a physical location. It can be a remote office or even a home office. Virtual call centers are growing in popularity, as they offer many advantages over traditional call centers.

Unlike an on-premise call center, a virtual call center requires an internet connection to handle inbound and outbound calls. 

virtual call center agent

For businesses, virtual call centers provide the ability to expand operations quickly and easily without the need for additional physical space or employees.

For workers, virtual call centers give the flexibility to work from home and other convenient locations.

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What is a Virtual Call Center Representative?

Virtual call center representative, also known as virtual call center agents, is an employee in a call center who handles inbound and outbound phone calls of clients. Generally, they address client queries and client complaints from home or remote instead of office workspace.

The call center representative follows a sales telemarketing script while interacting with the clients. Their goal is to make relationships with clients and solve their issues. They play a big part in converting potential clients into actual clients.

How to Get Clients for Virtual Call Centers : Top 13 Proven Strategy

Usually, virtual call centers get clients when clients themselves contact them. But this isn’t enough for businesses to get clients as much as they estimated. 

A centralized call center itself needs to set up different remote call centers and train its agents with quality customer service experience to get clients.

There are different strategies that virtual call centers need to implement into their system for improving their services. 

These strategies help call centers give the best possible services and interactions to clients without complications.

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1. Omnichannel experience

In this modern world of technology, virtual call centers are not limited to phone calls. They use different forms of communication channels to connect with clients. The use of multiple communication channels provides an omnichannel experience.


As things are changing and now people aren’t relying only on phone calls, they communicate via text messages, real-time chats, social media, and more. It allows businesses to connect with clients in their preferred way.

Such a strategy assists businesses to pull people from different channels. This way they can get a larger number of potential clients and more chances of converting them.

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2. Third-party app integrations

Call center agents don’t only rely on virtual call center softwares. They also use other tools such as sales automation, ticketing system, CRM platforms, etc. to manage the clients.

But switching between the apps can be really troublesome and time-consuming. Indirectly, it could frustrate clients to drop their calls.

third party integration with krispCall

That’s why most call center software consists of a powerful feature called third-party app integrations. It allows businesses to integrate all the tools into one single platform and use it simultaneously. This way agents can get information from clients and keep them interested in dealing with you.

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3. Examine key performance indicators (KPIs)

Today, businesses require some form of measurement to check the efficiency of call centers. There are various call center key performance indicators (KPIs) like Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), First Call Resolution (FCR), etc that give an overview of the performance of agents and customer satisfaction levels.

It helps to determine which areas of the call center are performing well and which aren’t. This is a great way to see if the call center is doing well enough to get the clients. It also helps businesses to see which areas need improvement for better results.

4. Strong knowledge base

It’s necessary to deliver the information required by the clients at the right time to satisfy them. For this, the call center needs a customer service knowledge base to find all the information easily and quickly.

Businesses need to build their knowledge base to easily address client queries without any issues. Not just the query but it helps clients to find the path they need to choose after addressing their current problem.

It’s very important to update the customer service knowledge base to provide the most relevant information to the clients.

5. Reduce queue time

Although call centers cannot exactly determine the exact queue time so that they can minimize the time clients have to wait in the queue by using call center queue management strategy, they can work their way around depending on their experience.

Call centers need to deeply monitor different KPIs to evaluate the average queue time. It also helps them to identify what areas are forcing clients to wait for more than usual.

This way they can improve the performance of their system and agents to give services to clients as fast as possible.

6. Use a ticketing system

One of the most popular methods for call centers to handle clients’ requests is using a ticketing system. It enables call centers to automatically store all the customer information and type of their queries.

Ticketing systems help call centers organize all the queries in proper and safe order so that nothing is missed. Also, it assists in prioritizing the queries on the basis of their submission time and the difficulty level of the issue.

7. Hire quality call center agents

One of the most basic issues businesses has that decreases their client number is the performance of the call center agents. So, it’s very important for call centers to hire quality call center agents.

An agent should have patience, fluent communication skills, empathy, and confidence to deal with any type of client and their problems. HR must look for these qualities in the candidates when hiring an agent for the call center.

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8. Focus on positivity

Call center agents cannot solve each and every issue placed by the clients. This can be very frustrating for clients that can directly demotivate agents and provide a bad customer service experience.

If such a situation arises, call center agents need to continue to show a good attitude without talking negatively to clients.

They need to have a positive mindset to give alternative solutions to clients and request additional time for solving their issues properly. Call center scripts can be a big help for handling such calls.

9. Call center scripts

Every call center needs a powerful script to handle all kinds of customer interactions. These scripts contain all the dialogues and possible answers to deal with clients, especially challenging clients. For example, Telemarketing Scripts for Cleaning Service.

However, writing a script isn’t enough. It may sound great to you but may not perform as expected. So, call centers need to perform A/B testing to examine the efficiency of call center scripts.

A/B testing or split testing allows the call center to compare two different versions of the call center script to check which provides the best performance. It’s a wonderful method to determine what the client actually wants to hear.

10. Follow up routine

Not all clients provide customer feedback on how their experience was during their interaction with call center agents. Such feedbacks are real insights to see how the call center is providing services to the clients.

Call centers need to follow up with their clients to get feedback through surveys, feedback boxes, phone calls, or customer interviews. Some call centers offer incentives to clients for providing their honest feedback.

11. Teach Your Customers by Providing informative resources 

There are always common questions that call center agents need to answer regularly to clients. This could be repetitive and increases queue time for other important queries. 

The best way to address this is by providing a FAQ section on the business website where clients can easily find answers to those basic questions.

Such a strategy can reduce the total call volume in the call center and queue time. Eliminating such calls can help agents to focus on clients with urgent or difficult issues.

Call centers can create step-by-step tutorials on their knowledge base for clients to handle such basic queries.

12. Regular training sessions

Call centers need to regularly provide training sessions to their call center agents, especially to new agents. They need to provide core knowledge of company values, product details, various tools, etc.

Call centers need to train the agents to handle all the questions and complaints of clients to give a better customer service experience.

One-time training isn’t sufficient. They need to regularly conduct training for call center agents to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and improve their skills.

13. Marketing and cold calling Campaigns

Call centers need to focus on different marketing campaigns to attract customers. Businesses need to come up with marketing schemes for new and old clients so that make efforts to contact call center agents.

In such situations, agents need to follow a strong script to make sure clients buy the scheme.

On the other hand, call centers can arrange cold calling campaigns to contact a list of potential clients. Call center agents already have the contact details of clients collected through various campaigns.

The 3 Pillars That You Should Focus On to Succeed in a Virtual Call Center

In 2022, running a successful virtual call center is a difficult task but it isn’t impossible. There are three main things a business should prioritize to succeed in a virtual call center.

1. Team Members 

The first pillar of all successful virtual call centers is their team members. Especially, call centers that focus on training, retaining and rewarding team members have the upper hand to establish a healthy virtual workplace atmosphere.

2. Technology

The second pillar for managing all the team members mainly call center agents is technology. To run a virtual call center smoothly, businesses require a set of softwares and tools.

Today, most call centers use call center softwares offered by cloud-based phone systems which optimize the performance and integrate necessary tools into one single platform.

3. Customer experience

The third pillar of a successful call center is customer experience which is outmost the main role of a call center is to provide and manage excellent customer service experience. Generally, call centers serve customers by answering their queries and solving problems.

To wrap up

The virtual call center is an important asset for any business. It provides a direct passage for clients to interact with the company.

It deals with all the queries and complaints that a client has to give a good customer service experience.

However, a virtual call center cannot work with only software. It needs a set of strategies that works the best to give the best performance and satisfy the clients. 

The aforementioned list of 13 strategies is some of the common strategies that are proving very profitable for most businesses.

Analyze your business and figure out which strategy will work the best for you. Sometimes a little trial and error can be a great idea to find out what suits the best for you.

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For more information, subscribe to KrispCall’s newsletter.

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