Sales Automation

Automate time-consuming sales processes with KrispCall’s intelligent call management features

KrispCall’s intelligent features for automating sales can save businesses time and money- both of which are invaluable to a company.

What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation is the practice of using software platforms to automate repetitive and time-consuming sales processes for improving productivity and enhancing customer experience.

With KrispCall, automate important sales tasks like forwarding relevant information to potential leads, routing calls to the concerned person, assigning tasks to sales teams etc., to significantly improve your sales results.

Sales Automation of KrispCall


How Does KrispCall Sales Automation Work?

A sales automation system works by managing your lead generation and distribution, lead prioritization, sales alerting, and reporting processes intelligently through a software platform. Planning the steps to your sales automation strategy will define the quality of support service and the range of your customer satisfaction.

KrispCall’s intelligent solutions for sales automation facilitates the following steps:

1. Lead Generation
Reach out to potential clients through email, SMS, and voicemail automation, allowing you to send information in bulk within minutes.
2. Lead Distribution
Automate lead distribution based on location, product of interest, or closest salesperson using functions such as automated call distribution and call redirection, interactive voice responses, skills-based routing, etc.
3. Lead Prioritization
Model your ideal customer and score your leads with our sales automation system using different features for tagging and filtering.
4. Automated Reporting
Improve sales performance visibility by automating the reporting processes using our advanced call analytics functions to navigate business communication activities.

Benefits of KrispCall Sales Automation

KrispCall Sales Automation features offer multiple benefits to businesses by streamlining the sales cycle, improving the flexibility of the sales team, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

1) Significant Reduction in costs
By reducing the handling times for client communication via our automated call distribution, routing, and redirection features, you can lower the operational costs of sales.
2) Greater flexibility for remote teams
Automating client communications for lead distribution and prioritization with our system helps remote sales teams to operate with higher flexibility.
3) Enhanced Security
KrispCall improves security with features such as internal data security and data backup. Gain higher visibility of your sales activities for enhancing data security.
4) Operational Feasibility
By eliminating additional human resources for sales operations and streamlining the sales cycle, your business can operate with smaller teams more feasibly.
5) Productivity booster
Our sales automation tools enhance the efficiency of your sales team by automating time-consuming manual tasks and streamlining administrative tasks.
6) Improved customer relationships
Automating your sales processes with our system results in lesser waiting times and faster responses in real-time for the clients, greatly improving customer satisfaction.
Benefits of KrispCall Sales Automation