Best Healthcare Call Center Software for Hospitals & Medical Houses
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  • Last Updated: 25 Oct 22
  • 11 min read

Best Healthcare Call Center Software for Hospitals & Medical Houses

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  • Last Updated: 25 Oct 22
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In the world of technology and digitalization, if there is anything that a healthcare business could use for some improvement, it’s in the patient experience.

If your healthcare business wants to build an experience your patient likes to work with, call center software is a great place to focus. Healthcare call center software help ease staff and patient grievances by filtering calls and answering simple questions.

It provides patients with information about illnesses, healthcare resources, services offered, and information critical to a patient’s care plan.

So. This guide to choosing the best healthcare call center software for hospitals and medical houses will help you understand exclusively call centers.

What is Healthcare Call Center Software?

Healthcare call center software is software that automates the flow of incoming and outgoing calls and allows businesses to manage communication through multiple channels, and platforms in the healthcare industry.

call center

Such healthcare call center software comes together with various interesting features such as phone, email, live chat, instant messaging, SMS text, IVR, pre-recorded greetings, menu options, and answers to frequently asked questions that can uplift any business.

It supports or helps desk software with ticketing features that assist agents to respond to customer problems and resolve issues.

Now, let’s talk about the importance of call center software!

Importance of Healthcare Call Center Software for Hospitals & Medical Houses

With the various features in-built into a healthcare call center software, its importance isn’t neglectable and can support enhancing the business to its next level.

  • Improve Customer Services and manage the resources
  • Enhance the productivity of agents and an overall business
  • Budget-friendly can be affordable by anyone or any business
  • A step ahead to improve the professional image
  • Increase the turnover and deals
  • Make alert of emergency calls immediately
  • Customer satisfaction automatically become a priority
  • Hard in the security, have a secure business
  • and many more…

Call center software is not only limited to its specifications but also seeks for the entire development of the business. Any type of business can get its different advantages with its personalized requirements and needs.

Benefits of Using Healthcare Call Center Software in the Medical Industry

The idea of providing your patient with an improved experience has been every healthcare business’s dream. The idea of employing call center software can give new and overwhelming experiences to your healthcare business.

Healthcare call center software not only introduces a new working strategy but also in helping the healthcare business by attracting features like call routing, call recording, unified callbox, and also social media presence.

Moreover, it provides some exciting benefits. Some of those benefits are as follows:

1. Improved patient retention and new patient admission

If you are an owner of healthcare business and if you added a healthcare call center software as a service, you can expect growth in patient retention and an increase in the number of new patients.

All this is possible because of healthcare call centers’ modern tools.

2. Lower operating cost

Switching to modern healthcare call center software lowers phone bills and eliminates the need for routine maintenance with running an in-house call center. You can save money by outsourcing your patient scheduling to a call center.

3. Decrease Patient show rate

A healthcare call center keeps track of all patient interactions and appointments to ensure that everyone is reminded and confirmed for their upcoming visit. To help reduce patient no-show rates and enhance overall operations.

4. Increases Referrals to your healthcare business

Call center software helps to reduce customer complaints by treating each customer’s issues with the utmost care. As a result, patients tell others about their great experiences at your healthcare facility, expanding your brand’s reach and reputation.

5. Flexible to demand

Seasons of high demand might overwhelm your team with various inquiries and patient demands, necessitating the help of extra employees. In comparison, a healthcare call center is flexible and expandable to fluctuating patient needs and call volumes.

6. Better patient care

Patients dial phone numbers to contact the hospital in an emergency, for clarification, to arrange or reschedule appointments, and for other reasons.

Healthcare call centers increase the quality of treatment provided to patients by responding quickly when necessary.

What Services Can A Healthcare Call Center Provide?

Since the beginning of time, the healthcare business has had one major issue, communication breakdown problems. This has always created a negative impact on patient experience and treatment outcomes.

Some of the major communication challenges and the reasons why healthcare business needs a call center are as follows:

High Call Volumes: The task of patient registration, follow-up/appointment booking, billing, etc., from patient service-related calls, can be very complex. This can put front-desk staff under a lot of pressure and might even distract them from servicing patients seeking treatment in the facility.

Long Hold Times: Nobody likes to be put on hold, especially for a long time. In the medical field, we have seen a patient being put on hold for a long time even if he/she wants a piece of basic information.

Delayed Reminders: The patient is likely to miss the appointment due to frequent delays in providing follow-up or appointment reminders to patients. This might cause a patient to miss the service they need.

Subpar Customer Service: In today’s world, the healthcare business has one of the lowest quality of customer service. Patients nowadays expect customer service on par with other top-tier businesses in a healthcare facility.

Healthcare call centers can help the business to improve patients’ experience regarding the flow of information while the staff can focus on providing the utmost treatment care to patients.

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Best Healthcare Call Center Software for Hospitals & Medical Houses

According to the above five key features that healthcare call center software should have, there are different healthcare care call center solutions and their ranking in the market.

The top 6 call center services for healthcare businesses are:

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is one of the affordable, flexible, and cloud-based solutions that provide huge features in one place.

KrispCall call center

It provides a unified call, which can help your healthcare business into a smaller and better workflow. All the calls and messages will be altered for you which ensures better performance and better client satisfaction.

KrispCall is robust and provides powerful calling features such as:

KrispCall and flexibility are the same terms with easier and more cost-effectiveness through its web portal.

It captures leads on a website which helps to convert websites to reach out to potential customers and allows businesses to manage multiple communication channels.

Krispcall Pricing

For a starter plan, $15/user/month; for an essential plan,$25/user/month; for expert/custom, $40/user/month.

Whether being on the phone, via email, live chat, instant messaging, SMS text, or social media, KrispCall focuses on the client’s or patient happiness and customer service.

2. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a HIPAA- compliant software with the facilities of interactive voice recordings, live calls, SMS, and other messaging tools to communicate with patients.


Call center agents and medical experts can deliver virtual treatment using a PC, phone, or tablet.

Talkdesk Pricing

For an essential plan, it will cost $75/user/month; for elevate, it will cost $95 /user/month; for cloud elite, it will cost $125/user/month.

3. Bright pattern

The Bright Pattern is AI-powered software to optimize call routing, quality assurance, and task automation.

Bright pattern

Its AI could also make it a strong fit for larger healthcare institutions, according to HIPAA compliance certifications.

Bright Pattern Pricing

The pricing starts from $70 per user per month for voice search; for professional plans, it will cost $100 per user per month; for premium, it will cost $140 per user per month.

4. NICE inContact

NICE inContact is a cloud-based healthcare solution that supports interactive voice response.

Nice inContact

This Omnichannel solution allows you to connect with your patients through emails, social media, chat, and phone calls.

NICE inContact Pricing

Pricing of NICE inContact starts from $100 per user per month.

5. Five9

Five9 has an AI-powered routing ability that ensures your patients connect to the right agent through HIPAA-compliant video, voice, SMS, chat, messaging apps, and email.


Its virtual assistant technology allows patients to search for answers on their own or connect with an agent who can assist them.

Five9 pricing

Pricing of five9 starts from $100 per user per month.

6. FluentStream

FluentStream is HIPAA-compliant cloud-based phone service that enables medical professionals to securely communicate with patients from any location.


Its online faxing service allows you to quickly get medical documents, insurance notes, and billing information.

FluentStream Pricing

For an essential plan, it will cost $20/user/month; for advance, it will cost $30 /user/month; for complete, it will cost $40/user/month.

Healthcare Call Center Software Comparison

Let’s have a look at a table that compares the best healthcare call center software.

ServicesPricing Best for Call recordingFeatures
KrispCall Pricing starts at $15 per user per monthThe startup, small, large business, freelancersAvailable IVR, Sequential calling, group calling, live chat, email, video call, and many more. 
TalkDeskPricing starts at $75 per user per monthHuge businesses, enterprises, industriesAvailable Interactive voice recordings, live calls, SMS, and other
Bright patternPricing starts at $70 per user per monthHuge businesses, and  enterprisesAvailable All routing, quality assurance, and task automation.
Nice inContactPricing starts at $100 per user per monthHuge businesses, and industriesAvailable Supports interactive voice response, email, call. 
Five9Pricing starts at $100 per user per monthLarge businesses, enterprises, and industriesAvailable HIPAA-compliant video, voice, SMS, chat, messaging apps, and email
FluentStreamPricing starts at $20 per user per monthThe startup, small, large business, freelancersAvailable Online faxing service, medical documents, insurance notes, and billing information

Things to consider while choosing the right Healthcare call center software for Medical Industry

You should opt for a few major features in your healthcare call center software to comply with numerous regulations and limitations regarding patient communications and record-keeping.

1. HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) assures that health information will be kept confidential and private. It also defines security criteria for the protection of patients’ electronically stored information when it comes to your call-center software.

2. Omni-Channel Call Center

The ability of an Omni-Channel Call Center to reach patients in real-time across numerous channels allows your organization to provide high-quality healthcare to more people, regardless of how they contact you.

3. Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare data analytics combines financial and administrative data with information that can help with patient care, better services, and improvements to existing procedures. It helps to better patient care, clinical data, diagnostics, and business management.

4. Cloud-based calling

Cloud-based calling features allow you to keep in touch with your patients as long as you have a secure internet connection. Whether you’re in the office or working from home, they’ll be able to reach you.

5. AI-powered capabilities

Routine tasks like billing and appointment scheduling can also be automated with AI-powered technologies. You can spend less time managing workflows and routing calls and more time serving patients by using AI-generated data.

What other features to look for when choosing the right call center for the healthcare business?

Despite the above-mentioned features, you should also glance at some of the features below when choosing the right call center for your healthcare business:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) or emergency medical services (EMS) Integration
  • Real-time business analytics
  • Voice analytics
  • Workforce optimization
  • Multilingual services
  • Inbound and outbound services
  • Set up price


Proper communication with your patient, be it major test results or due for a routine check-up can provide clarity and peace of mind. You can also keep organized and communicate effectively by using healthcare call center software.

By reducing complaints, simplifying appointments, and maximizing resources, healthcare call centers have revolutionized patient care. Healthcare call centers have become more popular as a way to communicate with patients without potentially exposing them to communicable infections.

KrispCall offers patients a variety of services, including information on illnesses, healthcare resources, services available, and information essential to a patient’s treatment plan.
It finds aid by contacting you to a trustable medical agent. It answers your queries and responds to your healthcare needs.

With KrispCall getting better customer service that is essential for healthcare businesses so to assure your patients won’t have further health complications. Better customer service increases referrals to your healthcare business.

You gotta make it easier for your patients to reach your healthcare business by choosing the best call center software.


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