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How to Choose Best Phone Systems for Car Dealerships Business?



phone systems for car dealerships

Whether you are just starting your car dealership or having an inaugurated business, choosing the best phone systems for a car dealership’s business becomes one of the essential factors to lead the industry.

Phone systems offer numerous phone lines while securing their scalability. Businesses are dangling on phone systems to help them provide top-notch customer service and perfect their day-to-day business activities. 

With the undeniable fact, the development of the phone system has made tremendous changes in the working environment, whether it’s call center business or car dealerships business, and made communication clear through companies. 

However, the miracles of the phone system don’t stop here! So, in this article, we have compressed stuff entirely about choosing the best phone systems for car dealerships.

So, stick till the end!

What is a Car Dealership Phone System? 

A phone system consists of many connected telephones which feature approaches such as advanced telephony functions like call handling and call transferring, call metering and call accounting, conference calling, voice message boxes, and so on. 

It can range in complexity from simple home-based or small business phone systems to a complicated private branch exchange (PBX) system used by SMBs.

Business phone systems can also be supplied as a hosted service (often referred to as a centrex), removing the requirements for companies to invest in expensive hardware.

Whereas we get different types of the phone system option, we get in today’s market such as:

  1. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Legacy Phone System,
  2. Internet (Internet telephony or VoIP), or 
  3. A mix of the two (hybrid).

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Types of Phone Systems Available in the Market for Car Dealership Business

When looking into phone systems for car dealerships business, it is essential to know your options. There are three general categories of phone systems that are available in the market for the auto car dealership internal and external communication. They are:

  1. Legacy Phone System 
  2. VoIP Phone System 
  3. Hybrid Phone System 

The legacy phone system is the traditional phone system that has basic features. A VoIP phone system is more modern and has many additional features beyond just voice calls and messaging, and the mixture of both is hybrid. 

So, comprehensively understand them: 

1. Legacy Phone System 

Most people are familiar with the traditional phone system called a POTS, or plain old telephone system. This system consists of landlines, intricate wiring, and a communications stack (usually located in a closet). 

This system is reliable because some versions do not need electricity to function, meaning even during a power outage, you can still use your phone lines.  

One of the most significant downsides is that POTS can be expensive to maintain. Whenever there is an issue, you will need to call your service provider and have a representative service your lines or keep an IT tech in-house.

POTS can also be very limiting. Any calls coming into your business lines are directed only to your brick-and-mortar location with hardwired components.  

2. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System  

Voice over Internet Protocol, better known as VoIP, processes your calls through the internet. It means you no longer need a communications stack or hard wires to receive phone calls. With all maintenance handled on the backend, service calls are near nonexistent. 

VoIP offers several features that legacy phone systems cannot.  


Because VoIP phone systems only need the internet to work, you can bring your work with you wherever you have an internet connection, including your home, commute, and out of town. 


To make VoIP even more mobile, most systems come with desktop and mobile apps, allowing you to receive work phone calls from anywhere without compromising your personal information.  


You can send your clients reminders, special promotions, and more with SMS messaging and Voice mail. 

Auto Attendant

Auto attendant help filter phone calls to the right customer service representative or service area the customer is trying to reach before the phone even rings in-office.  

Call Rules

Call rules allow you to set up “rules” for your phone. For instance, you can send the call to an after-hours phone number or voice mail if someone calls after hours. 

Call Forwarding, Hold, Park

With a VoIP system, transferring calls between employees is easier than ever. You have options like call forwarding, call hold, or call parking to make these transfers smooth.  

And there is so much more! VoIP packs in the features, so you can pack in the conversations! 

3. Hybrid Phone System

The hybrid system combines a digital phone system with a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone system. The system will be installed in your automobile dealership and will provide you with the option of using cordless or fixed handsets. 

A hybrid phone system has the advantage of being more dependable than both VOIP and digital phone systems. 

It can automatically redirect calls in and out of a backup line if one type of line fails. There are no obvious drawbacks to hybrid phone networks, and they genuinely are a combination of the best of both worlds. 

Benefits of Using the Online Business Phone System in Car Dealership

There are various benefits of using the business phone system for the car dealership industry. Some of them are: 

Expenses Management 

Communication costs are almost certainly a large portion of your small business budget. It is one option to say “Good BYE” to the individual phones and phones, encouraging the integrated phone system that can truly help you for expenses management and simplify monthly phone bills processing.  

Installing a phone system will also make it easy to examine your monthly expenditures and discover any disturbing calling trends, such as an employee driving personal calls on company time without permission.

Accessible Resources 

One of the most significant benefits of using a dedicated phone system for business is that all employees will access the same voice resources.

A phone system in place allows employees to pass calls to one another, which can help the company run more smoothly. 

Consider how much time it takes for a worker from one part of the office to travel to another desk to answer a simple phone call versus how simple it is to transfer a call immediately to the person who can answer the question or solve the problem.

Increase Productivity 

Productivity will be pretty straightforward once your phone system is in place and scaling it up as your company system. 

Beginning with a small dedicated phone system that meets your demands is a fantastic approach to keep costs under control during the crucial start-up phase. 

Then, if your company expands with its productivity, you can upgrade to a more extensive system that can handle more personnel and new features.

Advanced Features 

You can access helpful extras that make it easier to manage your business and keep track of critical meetings and clients when your company installs its phone system. 

The phone system includes voicemail, caller ID, and automatic call forwarding. Those features can be quite beneficial to a small business, with the option to forward an office phone to a cell phone or pager being particularly useful for busy salespeople.

Enhance Professional Image 

There’s a lot of different jobs when you’re running a small business at the same time. But it doesn’t matter that you must act like a pro, whether it’s small or huge. 

A phone system can help maintain the professional image in your corresponding market and enable you to make every project smooth, successful, and effective.

Phone systems’ advanced features of easily and quickly routing the calls to the right employee, automated assistants, advanced voicemail, call notifications, tracing a customers’ requirement helps to provide flexible, seamless customer service. 

How are the Impacts of Phone Systems on Businesses?

Phone systems on businesses have a significant impact on the businesses, and it provides stable contact with clients and companies and impacts the development of the companies. 

However, here are some points to illustrate the impacts of the phone system on businesses.

Improve Connection 

The phone system is now available anywhere to make your employees receive the calls wherever they are working. 

It provides the features of reaching out to the right employee when clients appear with specific queries, provides a unified callbox to the businesses, makes calls easier to locate the employee with the ability to be in constant contact, and speeds up decision making.

It improves business communication and provides CRM between businesses and clients. 

Better Customer Experiences 

While establishing better communication between the business and clients and locating the clients to the right employee at any time. It also makes a vital contribution to the customer experience services. 

Customers become confident when they reach their right representative on the first attempt to call. 

For instance, Employees, like call-center agents, require expert assistance or knowledge to handle a client call. They can quickly and easily find the correct individual. 

It allows employees to respond to inquiries more swiftly and efficiently, resulting in higher customer experiences.

Encourages the Collaboration 

Phone systems play a crucial role in making the employees collaborate with their co-workers or clients and join meetings or collaborate from anywhere.

VoIP or Hybrid phone systems provide the features to support teleconferences or video or web conferences from anywhere in the world.

It encourages users to join the project, group meetings, sales conferences, or manage sessions and let everyone contribute to the collaboration. Collaboration makes the business maintain the momentum of the projects.  

One-stop for Service Data

Phone system provides authorized people with quick and easy access to the essential data needed. 

For example, in a call center, an agent can download a report of customer experiences, make records, and keep the data when the company carries out maintenance or repairs. 

They can also use databases for known issues to resolve, speed up the process, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Enhances the Sales Support 

Sales agents can use phone systems to enhance their sales process with telemarketing scripts. Before a meeting, they can acquire customer records to get up-to-date information on sales, queries, and difficulties. 

However, they can send new orders, sales reports, or support requests through email to expedite the response time even after the meeting.

So, When should a business like a car dealerships business seek a phone system? 

The answer to this question is elaborated below:

When should a car dealership business look for phone systems? 

There’s always a time when any business seeks a phone system, and finding them can be complicated but straightforward if your current phone system isn’t working correctly. 

And that not working issues correctly or not providing enough resources and services can irritate anyone. So, here we have compiled some of the problems that you may be facing with your current phone system and should look at other phone systems:

  • You consider that often engaged tones and services are costly.
  • When you want a phone system that integrates with your customer management software, you may greet consumers by name and save time.
  • Even when you consider that client inquiries are not always handled properly, you want to track and improve how your team interacts with them.

So, you have known the reason behind when your car dealership business requires a phone system. The  next question arises here: “ How to choose the best phone system for car dealerships.” 

How to Choose the Best Phone System for Car Dealerships?

When you decide which phone system would be the best fit for your business needs, you need to consider the features of individual phone systems and what type of car dealership you run.

For instance, if your dealership is small and you are not planning on growth, a traditional solution may work for you but could cost you more.

However, if your car dealership has more than three employees, more than one department, and has the potential to grow, a VoIP phone system is going to be the better solution.  

Your car dealership needs a phone system that will not just connect its calls but allow for more accessible communications otherwise look at the following points for better understanding. 

User Experiences

When you are looking for something to buy, you initially look at what the other people have to say about it. Analyze all user experiences before choosing a phone system you intend to utilize.


At varied costs, each phone system offers distinct features and services. You should examine the rates of each phone system and choose the one that provides you with more features at a lower cost.

Because price plans vary from one phone service provider to the next, make sure to look into what each one has to offer.

Market Value

Market value is important in addition to pricing, user evaluations, and features. In general, the more well-known a company is, the longer it has been providing the service.

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As a result, you should check to see if the phone system is well-known in the phone system sector. It’s also a good idea to look for any honors or accomplishments that each phone system has received.


When your company has the potential to expand to a bigger audience, who doesn’t want scalable services? Keep in mind that scalability is one of the most important considerations when selecting a virtual phone system.


Because your speech data flows via the internet, there is a risk of data breaches or hackers. Your phone system providers should be up to date on security practices to ensure that your information is safe.


Put a work number in each of your sales teams’ pockets so they can contact their customers from any location. Enable your front office to send a message to the detailing team from the floor.

Remove conversational barriers for your customers trying to schedule services. Your capabilities are endless when unleashing phone system features that help your car dealership!

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It meets all basic business standards and needs while also allowing users to manage their personal and organizational distribution in a single app.

The following are some of KrispCall’s features:

  • Call Forwarding 
  • Call Recording 
  • Security 
  • Sequential Calling
  • Number Porting 
  • Auto-Attendant Groups
  • Call distribution automated
  • IVR and a slew of others…

It provides speedy services, is scalable, and is suitable for your car dealerships business. 

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