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JustCall Pricing: Can It Beat KrispCall?



Can JustCall pricing beat KrispCall

When looking for a virtual phone system for your business, the options can be unlimited. In the world of different types of virtual phone systems, it is common to compare different prices for the services they offer. Most of you have probably heard of JustCall and KrispCall, two popular choices with their own sets of features and pricing plans. 

At first glance, JustCall seems to be seemingly attractive. However, when it comes to any business decision, the devil is in the details. It’s important to dig deeper and understand what features they offer for those prices. 

So, can JustCall beat KrispCall when it comes to pricing and features? Let’s have a closer look at it.


  • The subscription plan for JustCall starts at $29/ user/month.
  • The subscription plan for KrispCall starts at $15/ user/ month.
  • KrispCall’s pricing plan is more affordable than JustCall.
  • The most popular plan of KrispCall is the standard plan, costing $32/user/month.
  • The most popular plan of JustCall is the pro plan, costing $69/user/month.

JustCall Plans and Pricing 

JustCall is an AI-powered communication platform for instant Voice, SMS, and WhatsApp connections. It boasts various features, including inbound/outbound call management, SMS/MMS messaging, conversational intelligence, automatic call scoring, sentiment analysis, and more. This system assists in transforming businesses by offering purpose-built features that boost productivity and elevate customer satisfaction.

Now, let’s dig into its pricing plans.

JustCall Pricing and Plans

Essential Plan: $29 per user/month (Billed Monthly) 

An essential plan is ideal for small businesses or for single use. It is the starting basic plan and requires a minimum of a single user to start it. It is for the jumpstart of customer communications. 

Features of the essential plan include: 

  • Outbound calling and SMS 
  • Unlimited inbound calling
  • Free local number
  • Basic call & SMS analytics
  • Core calling features (Voicemail, call forwarding and transfer, call tracking)
  • Productivity tool integrations

Team Plan: $39 per user/month (Billed Monthly)

This plan is designed to empower teams with AI and integrations. It is a rather premium version of the essential plan with several added features. It is suitable for small to mid-size businesses. This pricing plan requires a minimum of two users to start.

Features of the team plan include: 

  • AI-powered call transcripts & summary
  • 100+ integration
  • WhatsApp messaging
  • Team performance analytics
  • IVR / Call menus
  • Collaboration Workspace 
  • Toll-free numbers
  • API and webhook access
  • Free local number

Pro Plan: $69 per user/month (Billed Monthly)

This is JustCall’s most popular pricing plan. This plan will help businesses to unlock their peak performances. It includes all the features of the team plan plus other additional features. This plan also requires a minimum of two users.

Features of the pro plan include: 

  • Sales dialer – Auto dialer
  • Predictive & Dynamic dialers
  • Bulk SMS Campaigns & workflows 
  • Advanced analytics & reporting 
  • Roles & permissions
  • Live call monitoring
  • Queue callback
  • Intelligent routing
  • Salesforce integration
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Higher API limits

Business Plan: Custom pricing (Contact Sales for Detailed Information) 

These are premium, customizable plans that allow businesses to customize features and prices that suit their needs. This pricing plan requires a minimum of 10 users. It offers all the features of the pro plan and some additional can be added as per the user preferences. This plan requires a detailed conversation with the sales team. 

Features of the business plan include: 

  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Custom outbound call/SMS bundles
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Premium support
  • Highest API limits
  • Service-level agreement (SLA)

Note: JustCall also offers a free trial and a Demo for user reference.

KrispCall Plans & Pricing

KrispCall is a cloud telephony phone system designed for modern businesses. KrispCall offers everything you need to grow and prosper, from cloud phone systems and virtual phone numbers to call center software. With KrispCall, users gain access to many call management functionalities, such as unified callbox, call transfer, call forwarding, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call monitoring, and many more.

Let’s dig into its pricing plans.

Krispcall Pricing and Plans

Essential Plan: $15 Per user per month (Billed Monthly) 

The essential plan is ideal for small businesses, startups & freelancers. Calling and SMS charges are applicable to this plan. This plan has a user limit of 5 people. 

Features of the essential plan include: 

Standard Plan: $40 per user per month (Billed Monthly)

This plan is specially designed for mid-size businesses and call centers. It includes all the features of the essential plan along with some additional plans. 

Features of the standard plan include: 

  • Unlimited users 
  • CRM Integration
  • Unlimited call Recordings and Storage
  • Call Transfer
  • Phone Trees (IVR)
  • API and Webhook access
  • Customer caller ID (number masking)
  • Do-Not-Disturb

Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing (Contact Sales for Detailed Information) 

This plan offers customized solutions for teams, especially large businesses, with specific and advanced telephony conversation requirements. The enterprise plan offers all the features of the standard plan with other custom-added features. In order to subscribe to this plan, detailed interactions must be made with the sales teams regarding the features businesses want to include for their specific needs.

Features of the enterprise plan include: 

  • Developer Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Bundle Calling and SMS Rate and other custom features.
  • Integration with CRM software
  • Bulk SMS
  • Phone Tree (IVR)
  • Unlimited call recording and storage
  • Number sharing

Note: KrispCall also offers a free Demo for user reference.

Common Features Across All of KrispCall’s Plans

Some of the common features available across all of KrispCall plans are: 

  • CRM integration
  • DND for phone numbers and callers.
  • Unified Callbox 
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Core calling features (Voicemail, call forwarding and transfer, call tracking)
  • Call Analytics
  • Call Notes in Callbox and Dialers
  • Custom Caller ID (Number Masking)
  • Number Porting 
  • Multimedia Messages (MMS)
  • Call management features (call recording, message alerts, call transfer, etc.)

Which is the Best KrispCall’s Plan?

One of the best plans offered by KrispCall is the Standard Plan. This plan is specially designed for mid-sized businesses and call centers with diverse communication needs. It encompasses all the features of the Essential plan, plus other additional features that help to enhance the user experience and streamline workflows.

The price for this plan is $32 per user per month when billed annually and $40 per user per month when billed monthly, which makes it an affordable option for businesses.

One of the best things about this pricing plan is that it offers unlimited user capacity, which allows businesses to add as many users as they want at the same cost. Further, it includes CRM integration capability, which helps businesses manage their sales pipeline, track customer interactions, and automate workflows. Likewise, the API and Webhook features enable enterprises to integrate KrispCall with their existing software to automate their communication workflows. 

Key Features of JustCall & KrispCall

Before considering one of the service providers, it is necessary to compare their key features.  Now, let’s look at the features JustCall and KrispCall provide.

Top JustCall Features                                                                                                

Some of the top JustCall features include:

  • AI-driven SMS Copilot: It helps businesses generate personalized SMS messages based on specific templates. This feature will help businesses to save a lot of time and improve their SMS communication.
  • SMS workflows: This feature allows businesses to send automated SMS based on specific triggers. It helps businesses to automate their SMS communication and improve their customer engagement.
  • Call Scoring: It scores calls according to multiple factors like customer sentiment and satisfaction, agent etiquette, and agent communication skills (Talk-listen ratio, dead air time, filler words, empathy, etc.)
  • Integrations: JustCall seamlessly integrates with third-party applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoom, Google Calendar, Slack, Agile CRM, Zapier, Pipedrive, Intercom, etc.
  • Business phone system features: JustCall provides local, toll-free, and international phone numbers from over 70+ countries. It further includes advanced solutions such as outbound auto dialer, call routing strategies, multi-level interactive voice response (IVR), call monitoring, etc.

Top KrispCall Features 

Some of the top KrispCall features are:

  • Unified Callbox: Unified Callbox provides a centralized hub for streamlining and centralizing various communication channels such as phone calls, emails, and chats. It allows businesses to manage diverse communication channels effectively.
  • IVR(Interactive Voice Response): This feature of KrispCall allows users to create customized greetings and automated attendants. It guides callers through a menu system, helping to direct calls to the appropriate department or individual. 
  • Live Call Monitoring: The real-time monitoring feature of KrispCall enables managers and supervisors to listen in on live calls, whisper to agents during calls, and barge in on calls if necessary. 
  • Virtual phone numbers: KrispCall offers virtual phone numbers from over 100 countries worldwide. This feature enables businesses to expand their customer base and provide greater customer support in any country they prefer. 
  • CRM integration: This feature offers seamless connectivity between the cloud phone system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like Salesforce, Keap, etc. By integrating CRM, businesses can automate their day-to-day tasks such as call logging, data entry, and report generation, saving time and improving performance.

User Feedback Based on Price

As per the feedback on different platforms like Trustpilot, it can be concluded that the majority of customers are not very satisfied with JustCall’s pricing plans. It was noticed that many people complained about charging an extra amount than the amount mentioned on the page. Some people even complained that they were charged randomly. 

Not only this, but some also complained that the price wasn’t worth the service it provided. Similarly, few liked the features and services offered by JustCall but still said that it needed to reduce its prices.  

In the case of KrispCall, most customers were satisfied with the pricing. The majority of them reviewed the fact that the price of the plans is affordable for the service it provides. Besides, the offerings and prices suit small to large businesses. Overall, the customers think that it is worth the price for the number of features it offers. 

Comparison Table 

Here is a brief comparison of the plans and features of JustCall and KrispCall: 

Features JustCall EssentialsJustCall BusinessKrispCall Essential
Monthly price per user$29Price not listed online $15
Users limit1 user minimum10 users minimumUnlimited
Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
Voicemail to email 
Call and SMS filter
Shared Phone numbers 
Call analytics
Advanced appointment scheduling 
Free number porting 
Call QueuingComing soon
Toll-free numbers 
Unified callbox
Live call monitoring (Call Listening, Call Whispering & Call Barging)

JustCall or KrispCall: Which Is The Right Provider for Your Business?

The right provider for your business depends upon your company’s size, needs, plans for growth, and other required features. 

So, if you have a business with a huge customer flow, you will require an advanced appointment scheduling function, which is available in JustCalll. Similarly, if your business’s current concern is customer engagement and you want to send messages that are more appealing, you probably need to try out JustCall SMS co-pilot rephrasing. However, this may not be available in the starter plan. 

If you examine the features available in JustCall closely, you will see that you need to purchase the pro plan to enjoy most of the functionalities, priced at $69/user/month. The Essentials plan lacks features such as live call transcription, shared phone numbers, call summaries, toll-free numbers, live call monitoring, etc. Even the Team plan lacks some of these features.

On the other hand, the KrispCall essential plan, which costs $15/user/month, includes most of the call management and team management features included in JustCall’s essential and team plan. So, what can be more beneficial for business than this?

This affordability and comprehensive offering make KrispCall an attractive option for businesses seeking robust telephony solutions without breaking the bank. 

KrispCall: Offering Premium Value at Affordable Prices

KrispCall’s pricing plans start at just $12 per month per user when billed annually, making it one of the most cost-effective options on the market.  Despite being affordable, KrispCall doesn’t compromise on features and functionalities, offering a range of impressive VoIP features.

Customers worldwide commend KrispCall for its competitive pricing. Each pricing plan offers several features like shared phone numbers, Unified Callbox, live call monitoring, voicemail greetings, CRM integration, and many more.

Moreover, businesses have the option to upgrade to the standard plan, which unlocks even more diverse features at a reasonable rate. For those with specific needs, KrispCall also offers the flexibility to customize plans, including the option to purchase an enterprise plan tailored to suit individual business requirements.

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Dinesh Silwal Co-Founder KrispCall

Dinesh Silwal

Dinesh Silwal is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of KrispCall. For the past few years, he has been advancing and innovating in the cloud telephony industry, using AI to enhance and improve telephony solutions, and driving KrispCall to the forefront of the field.

Dinesh Silwal

Dinesh Silwal

Dinesh Silwal is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of KrispCall. For the past few years, he has been advancing and innovating in the cloud telephony industry, using AI to enhance and improve telephony solutions, and driving KrispCall to the forefront of the field.

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