How to Call Anonymously? A Complete Guide

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How to Call Anonymously

In a world where privacy is increasingly valued, anonymous communication has become a powerful tool. 🕵️Whether you’re protecting your identity, expressing controversial opinions, cracking business deals to prevent competitors, or safeguarding others, making anonymous calls can be both liberating and practical.

But making an anonymous call can be pretty challenging and won’t be fully secretive if placed incorrectly. 

Therefore, in this complete guide on anonymous calling, you will know several methods and techniques for calling someone anonymously, along with some industry-in-use tools. ☎️ 

So, if you ever wished you could make a call without the world knowing it’s you on the other end? Catch up with the blog till the end. 😉


  • To make an anonymous call, you can use several ways, such as dialing blocking prefix code (*67), using VoIP services, getting a burner phone, or blocking your caller ID. 
  • On an Android phone for placing an anonymous call, open the Phone app, tap the phone icon, go to Settings > Call (or similar setting) > Caller ID > Hide Number. 
  • To enable anonymous calling on your iPhone, open the Settings app, scroll to the Phone section, select ‘Show My Caller ID‘ under Calls, and toggle the switch off.

What is an Anonymous Call?

What is an Anonymous Call

Anonymous Call refers to any phone call that doesn’t reveal the caller’s identity, personal information, or the number from which they are calling. Using this method, the recipient’s caller ID displays messages like “Unknown Caller” or “Private Number” instead of revealing the caller’s name or phone number.

An anonymous call is similar to a ghostly presence; it communicates a message without leaving behind a trace of the caller’s identity. These types of calls are often made to protect the caller’s privacy, maintain confidentiality, or for various other personal or professional reasons. 

How to Call Someone Anonymously? 6 Methods

Dial *67 Prefix

The simplest and easiest way to call someone anonymously is by adding the *67 prefix to their number before dialing. This *67 prefix is also known as blocking code

To use the blocking code method, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open your phone app.

Step 2: Key in the blocking code prefix, i.e., *67.

Step 3: Enter the actual phone number that you want to call and dial in. 

For example, if you want to call your friend at 415-123-5678, you must dial *674151235678 to make an anonymous call. 

Blocking codes vary depending on the geo-location and the network carriers. 

Blocking PrefixGeo-location/Carriers
*67Most of the North American mobile phones and landline (except AT&T)
#31#Some North American (i.e., AT&T) and Canadian mobile phones.
*31#Argentina (landline), Germany, Switzerland (landline)
141United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland
*31*Iceland, Netherlands (most service providers), Romania, South Africa (Telkom phones)

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Use VoIP Services

VoIP services are another great alternative for making anonymous calls. You can subscribe for service providers such as KrispCall that offer features like Call Masking, and Custom Caller ID. To use VoIP services for placing anonymous calls, all you have to do is, signup with one of the providers using a VPN for extra-added anonymity, and start making calls.

Additionally, you can also purchase international virtual numbers from VoIP providers like KrispCall. Virtual numbers aren’t located in any physical geographical location as they are based on the cloud, so they are pretty difficult to trace, providing you the confidentiality you require to place anonymous calls. 

Use a Payphone

Finding a Payphone quickly can be hard nowadays, but if you have one, you can use it to anonymously call anyone. Locate a public payphone, insert coins or prepaid phone cards, dial the desired number, and make calls without being identified.

However, the geolocation of payphones can still be traced if the one on your other end has investigative skills. But, for most of the average users, you will easily conceal your personal information.

Get a Burner Phone

Burner phone refers to the secondary set of disposable mobile devices that can be bought easily without giving away any of your sensitive information. The term “burner” comes from the idea that the phone can be used for a short period and then disposed of, or “burned,” to avoid being traced. This way, no link of your identity to the burner phone can be traced. 

You can associate a burner phone with your number without directly linking it, making it both not “unknown” to the end user yet hidden enough to get any desired information. To use a burner phone, purchase a prepaid mobile device from a retailer, activate it with a prepaid SIM card and plan, and utilize it for temporary or anonymous calls. Dispose of the burner phone when no longer required to maintain anonymity.

Block Your Caller ID

Caller ID, or caller identification is the feature of displaying phone number and information of the caller as transmitted by the cell provider. This caller ID can be veiled by changing different settings as provided by your mobile phones. You can hide your caller ID on both Android and iOS devices, making you appear as No Caller ID or Private. 

How to Call Anonymously from iPhone?

Although it is easy to dial the blocking code prefixes like *67*, as mentioned earlier, to call anonymously from an iPhone, dialing the prefix each time is a repetitive task on its own. To get away from this, you can change a particular setting on your phone.

iPhones provide a toggle button in their settings for this task. Disabling this simple setting can help you stay anonymous while calling with your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom section and go to the Phone app with the green icon.

Step 3: Under the Calls option, tap on “Show My Caller ID

Step 4: Now tap on the toggle button to set it off if it’s not already.

Step 5: Once you are done, you can exit the Settings app and start calling anonymously.

How to Call Anonymously from Android?

Similarly, Android phones also provide you with settings to hide your caller ID, though not all. It depends upon your mobile phone brand. And, you can access it from your Phone app. The steps you need to follow can be the following:

Step 1: Open your Android Phone App.

Step 2:Tap the phone icon in the top right corner or under a “more” option.

Step 3: Tap on “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Look for “Call” or similar options in the menu and tap it.

Step 5: Navigate to “Caller ID” in the private call menu.

Step 6: Tap on “Hide Number” in the caller ID settings menu.

Note: The option may be titled differently (e.g., HIDE).

If the option is not available, you may need to check steps for your android device online or use other methods for the purpose.

How to Call Anonymously on a Landline?

Using a landline means you don’t have changeable settings like in iPhone and Android to play around with. So, the way to call anonymously on a landline is to use the blocking code corresponding to the telephone provider you’re using.

However, you can also try consulting with your provider to find the specific steps and blocking code features required to hide caller ID and stay anonymous. 

Use an Anonymous Calling Apps

Last but not least, you can also hide your true identity while calling by using third-party apps on your Android or iPhone. For Android platforms, you can use applications such as CSipSimple, Primo, and LibreSingle. These apps offer temporary phone numbers for making calls and sending texts discreetly, preserving your anonymity. 

On iPhones or iOS, some widely used options like Sideline, Line2, and TextMeUP provide similar functionalities. 

Popular anonymous calling apps like “Burner – Second Phone Number,” “Hushed – Second Phone Number,” and “TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited” cater to both iPhone and Android users. Using these apps users can acquire temporary phone numbers, ensuring privacy and anonymity in their communications.

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What are the Reasons for Calling Someone Anonymously?

There might be several reasons for you to place an anonymous call. Some of them are as follows. 

Escape Promotional or Scam Calls

Nobody wants multiple promotional or spam calls in a single day that try to either sell you stuff or scam you. But in today’s digital world, it is not so easy to completely escape from these kinds of activities, especially if your personal information is passed through calls. So, as a prevention step, it’s wise to conceal your information and call anonymously.

Maintain Safety and Security

Not only spam or scam calls, but revealing your sensitive data through calls can pose serious safety and security hazards to you. From stalkers and bullies to abusers and whatnot, people of such kind are just a lead away from infiltrating your comfy life. So, by staying anonymous while calling, you can reduce those chances.

Call Blocked Numbers

If someone blocked your number and you find difficulty to contact the person to pass your message, you can easily turn to anonymous calls as a way to get through. By hiding your identity, you can call a blocked number and make sure your message is reached to the intended recipient. 

Check Identity

Another reason you can opt for anonymous calls is to check the identity of the person you’re calling. By concealing your own identity, you can look up to the other party’s response or intentions without revealing your own personal information upfront. 

Safeguard your privacy by calling anonymously with KrispCall

call anonymously with KrispCall

KrispCall,  an all-in-one solution for safeguarding your privacy during calls. With KrispCall’s innovative features, you can communicate confidently without compromising your personal information.

With KrispCall’s Call Masking feature, you can protect your identity by hiding your real phone number from the recipient. Instead, your calls will display a generic, non-identifying number, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Moreover, KrispCall offers a Custom Caller ID feature, allowing you to personalize your outgoing calls with a designated phone number or name of your choice. This adds a professional touch to your communication while maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information.

So, why wait? If you are a business entrepreneur or an individual wanting to safeguard your privacy while still maintaining seamless communication, try KrispCall now. 


To wrap things up, calling anonymously is a straightforward way to overcome communication obstacles and convey messages without revealing your personal information. To place an anonymous call, you can use one of the various methods, such as entering the blocking prefix code (*67), disabling caller ID from settings, using third-party applications, utilizing VoIP services, or calling from a payphone. 

If you want to call someone anonymously, whether locally or internationally, at a cheaper cost, along with additional call management features, don’t forget to check out KrispCall. It is one of the best VoIP service providers in the market right now. With 99.99% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 dedicated human support, and advanced call-handling features for anonymous calling at only $15 per month, KrispCall fits the needs of every individual and business alike. 

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What is an anonymous caller ID?

Anonymous caller ID refers to a feature or setting on a phone that hides the caller’s identity from the recipient. When a call is made with an anonymous caller ID, the recipient sees either “Unknown Caller,” “Private Number,” or a similar message on their caller ID display instead of the caller’s phone number or name. 

Does * 67 work on Android?

Yes, the *67 blocking code does work to conceal caller ID on an android phone. It is not a device-specific blocking code, but rather provided by cell providers like AT&T, Verizon, etc. Thus, if you’re using those providers’ cell connections, regardless of your device, you can use *67 to call anonymously. For other providers, you may have to search for their own blocking codes.

Can anonymous calls be traced?

No, anonymous calls cannot be traced. Blocked numbers, private numbers, and restricted numbers are traceable. But anonymous calls, out of area or unavailable calls cannot be traced as they lack necessary data for tracing. 

How do I hide my number on Android?

By using the blocking codes or simply changing the Phone settings, you can hide your number on Android. Codes like *67 can be used as your prefix while calling anybody in order to remain anonymous. But if you don’t want to redundantly use the prefix, you can change the setting to conceal your number. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open your Phone App and tap the phone icon, usually on the top right or under “More.”
  2. Select “Settings” from the drop-down and navigate to “Call” or similar.
  3. Go to “Caller ID” in private call settings and tap on “Hide Number.”
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