Google Voice Not Working: 7 Common Issues and Their Solutions

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google voice not working common issues and solution

Popularity does not always correlate with quality. And what better example than Google Voice itself? It has nearly been 15 years since Google Voice started its service, and it has amassed a good reputation and market share in all that time. As a result, Google Voice has been one of the market leaders in the VoIP market. 

That being said, the service of Google Voice has not changed in these many years, and many of the problems remain unaddressed. Given the rise of other popular VoIP and the inability of Google Voice to tackle its issues, it is only a matter of time before this popular service provider becomes its own shadow. 

There are many better alternatives in the market. However, if you’re already using this phone system or are intrigued by its affordability and features, you must know a few things to enhance your overall experience. There are some common problems that you might come across while using this service. 

So, we have listed 7 common issues and their solutions when your Google Voice is not working.

Let’s start.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice does not need an introduction, given its name and use in the VoIP and communication market. And there are indeed some fair reasons for its extensive use and popularity. To start with, VoIP is a cloud-based communication platform that offers service in the USA, Canada, and a number of European countries. 

google voice home page

Like any other business communication platform, it can be used for making voice calls, video calls, sending messages, and using other features. One thing that has made Google Voice very popular among individual users is the availability of free phone numbers, of course, with limitations in features and integrations. 

One of the market leaders for a long time, Google Voice now faces a lot of challenges as users and customers complain about its service quite frequently. We will discuss the major reasons for complaints in the blog. 

7 Most common Google Voice Problems & Solutions

Google Voice is considered a top player in the VoIP industry. However, it falls short of being the solution for all your communication requirements. There are issues you may come across while using Google Voice, and we will discuss some of them below.

most common google voice problems

1. Incoming Call Does Not Ring

A frequent issue encountered by users of Google Voice is the lack of ringing for calls. Consequently, users may find themselves unable to respond to these calls, leading to communication gaps between customers, clients, departments, and other parties.

Google Voice tends to have difficulty functioning in the background. It will automatically mute calls if you remain inactive on the platform for a long period. So, ensure to jump back on the tab and click a few times frequently. This is the simplest way to solve the ring problem. However, the problem might be a little serious.

There is a good chance that you might have turned on the do not disturb (DND) mode. You can go to the app setting and turn it off. In another case, you might have turned off the web, Android, and iPhone call-answering options. You can turn it on in the App setting. 

2. Not Receiving Incoming Calls

Not being able to hear the ring of incoming calls is already infuriating; now, imagine not receiving the calls at all. This can also lead to missing important calls, increasing the communication gap, and creating problems on a professional level. 

The main reason for not receiving incoming calls is the call forwarding feature. To manage this, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘setting’ icon in the top right corner
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on the “Phones” tab
  • Configure your phone number correctly so that you can receive calls.

If the call forwarding is not the issue, check the internet connection. If you are still facing the issue, check whether the app is updated. This shall solve the issue of not receiving incoming calls. 

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3. Failure to Send Messages

Net, we have a failure to send messages in Google Voice. Not being able to send text messages, even after many attempts, can be frustrating. There can be a number of reasons behind this problem. First, there can be internet issues. Second, there can be issues with the app itself. 

You can follow these steps to address the message issue. 

  • Check the internet connection and internet connection settings in your device.
  • Check if the app update is available
  • Clear the cache of the application
  • Uninstall and reinstall the application. 

4. Google Voice Sound Quality Issue

The sound quality of any VoIP is much better than the traditional phone system. However, 

sometimes, this statement might not be practical in the case of Google Voice. A large number of Google Voice users complain about the Google Voice sound quality. 

If it is an internet issue, you might solve this problem by yourself. However, if the issue is not with the internet connection, we have some bad news for you. This issue cannot be fixed by your own efforts. In addition, if you are a free user, you will not have access to the customer service. 

Assess your internet connection and check if it is stable. If you frequently face internet stability issues, consider updating your internet plan or changing the provider. Furthermore, if you use Google Voice on your PC, use ethernet to have a stable connection. 

5. Can’t Make International Calls

With the premium plan, you can make international calls with Google Voice. However, even the premium plan is not immune to issues and glitches. First and foremost, remember that you can buy calling credits. However, it is impossible to purchase calling credit via the app for iPhone users. Moreover, users are only allowed to have a maximum of $70 in their account account.

However, if you update to Voice for Google Workspace, you may pay as much as $20 per user per month. After all these hassles, sometimes you might not be able to make international calls. 

If you are unable to make international calls, try restarting your device first. If this does not work, check the calling credit in your account. If you have the required amount of credit, check if Google Voice is available in the country you are calling.

6. Can’t Find Your Number 

Sometimes, users use Google Voice accounts only to realize that they cannot find their number. There are many reasons for this issue, some easier to solve than others. First, if you had not used the number for a long time, Google Voice might have revoked your service. In this case, you have lost your phone number, and you cannot do anything to resolve it. 

Remember: You must perform any kind of activity in Google Voice, including call, text, or just open the Google Voice app at least once every six months. You still have 45 days to reclaim the number if your service is revoked. However, your number is permanently gone if you fail to do it.  

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Similarly, if you have ported your number and have not paid the required fee, your service will be revoked, and you might not be able to find your number. To address this problem, you can simply check if you have paid your fees after porting the number. If you have not paid the fees, ensure you pay them in time, and your service will continue. 

7. Can’t Access the Google Voice Account

Last but not least, we have the most common problem of using a Google Voice account. There are many reasons for this issue. First and foremost, it might be because of the internet connectivity issue. Likewise, if your Google Voice app is not up-to-date, there might be issues in accessing your Google Voice account.

As a result, you can solve this issue by ensuring a reliable and stable internet connection and updating your Voice app. 

Google Voice Limitations

google voice limitations

The fact that Google Voice is one of the biggest players in the VoIP market has not prevented it from having its fair share of limitations. How? Let’s see. 

1. Limited Coverage

Google Voice has a service area catering exclusively to the United States and Canada, in North America, along with select European countries. Hence, if your business spans across international boundaries or interacts with customers and departments globally, Google Voice may not be a suitable choice for you.

2. Limited Number of Features and Integrations

Google Voice lacks some of the features that are available with other VoIP providers. For example, it doesn’t offer conference call support. It has options for call forwarding and international calls, but it has limited use. 

It’s also worth noting that despite being a Google product, Google Voice doesn’t seamlessly integrate with Google services such as Google Chat or Google Meet.

3. Difficulty in Verifying Certain Services

Sometimes, certain online platforms or services may not allow you to confirm your Google Voice number. This can become a problem when you’re trying to sign up for an account on a product or service that requires phone number verification.

4. Privacy Concerns 

Lastly, there are some privacy concerns surrounding the use of Google Voice. To be more precise, Google Voice stores and processes all kinds of user information, including call history, Short Message Service (SMS) messages, recorded conversations, voicemail greetings, voicemail messages, and other data to provide the service that might raise privacy concerns.

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Having problems with Google Voice? Try Using KrispCall

If you’re experiencing difficulties using Google Voice, it may be worth exploring an alternative, like KrispCall.

krispcall home page

KrispCall provides a cloud-based phone system at affordable prices, offering a comprehensive range of features, integrations, and coverage. At KrispCall, we serve businesses of all sizes and industries. Additionally, we also specialize in providing services for individuals seeking communication solutions.

1. Wide Coverage 

KrispCall is available in over 100 countries. Moreover, KrispCall has a huge number of customer base around the globe. To be precise, it is used and trusted by over 4500 customers around the world. So, whether you are operating a business in an international market or want to communicate with someone personally in another country, KrispCall might be your best choice. 

2. Affordable Pricing 

KrispCall offers one of the most competitive pricing in the market. What’s better is there are no hidden charges or additional fees for using this Cloud-based phone system. Here is a snapshot of the pricing range of KrispCall.

  • Essential: $ 12 Per user per month
  • Standard: $ 32 Per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

3. Excellent Customer Service 

KrispCall prioritizes its customers first. KrispCall has a dedicated team just for the customer, offering 24/7 service. If you have any technical difficulty or confusion while setting up the phone, configuring the settings, using features and integration, or even the basic functions of the cloud-based phone system, the team will assist you at the earliest time possible. 

4. Wide Range of Features

KrispCall offers a wide range of advanced VoIP features and integration options. Some of the features like Unified Callbox, Call Forwarding, Monitoring, International Calling, Call Recording, Routing, Conference Calling, and Messaging make it an ideal alternative for both personal and business use. 

In addition, some of the features like voice assistant are under development, which can significantly improve voice calls. 


Summing up, Google Voice is a very powerful cloud-based phone system in the market. However, it has a number of issues which have been a big problem to the regular user. If you also use Google Voice, there is a good chance that you have come across one or maybe more issues. 

You can cover the points mentioned above to learn about these common issues and how to solve them. Even though Google Voice has a strong presence in the VoIP industry, it is no longer free from limitations. If you’re feeling frustrated by the constraints of Google Voice, you may want to explore alternatives such as KrispCall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use Google Voice with my existing phone number?

Certainly! It is possible to use Google Voice alongside your phone number by going through a process known as porting. Once your number has been successfully transferred, you will be able to make and receive calls, exchange text messages, access voicemail, and enjoy features.

2. Does Google Voice track my calls and messages?

Yes, Google Voice tracks your calls and messages. Google Voice collects and stores your information for future reference.

3. Is Google Voice compatible with all devices?

No, Google Voice is not compatible with all devices. That being said, Google Voice offers compatibility options for these devices:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • tablet
  • iPad
  • Personalized computer
  • Laptop
  • Desk phone.

4. What are some common technical issues with Google Voice?

Some of the common technical issues with Google Voice include:

  • The incoming call does not ring
  • Not receive incoming calls
  • Failure to send messages
  • Google Voice sound quality issue
  • Inability to make international calls
  • Can’t Find Your Number 
  • Can’t Access the Google Voice Account
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