Does *67 Still Work in 2024? A Complete Guide 

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Does star 67 Still Work

Do you want privacy when you call someone? Do you also want to have your anonymity essence to avoid getting spam calls? 🥷

We totally understand your concern, so we have brought the best solution for every call you make: Star 67. As it sounds, it’s a 🎇shooting star that fulfills your wish, ensuring privacy and control over outgoing calls in a traditional way. 

If you are wondering does *67 still work on Android & iPhone the midst of modern technologies, you don’t have to overthink it. 

This blog will explore the answer, including how it hides your number, how to implement it, conditions when it does not work, and its best alternatives. It will then conclude with a relevant conclusion.


  • Star 67 hides your caller ID from the person you intend to call.
  • *67 works by letting the carrier send the modified data such as “Restricted,” “Blocked,” and “Private Number” to the recipient’s screen during the call.
  • Star 67 still works on landlines and cell phones, including Android and iPhone.
  • *67 does not work when you call toll-free or emergency numbers or when someone blocks your number; sometimes, it depends on your phone service providers.

What does Star 67 do? 

Star 67 hides your caller ID when you make a phone call to someone. It works on devices like landlines and smartphones. You can temporarily block the Caller ID from revealing your number for a specific call with the Star 67 feature. 

How does Star 67 hide your number

The recipient will then see your number as a “Private Number,” “Unknown Caller,” or “No Caller ID” on their phone Screen. Hence, it gives you privacy and anonymity during the call.

How does Star 67 hide your number? 

Star 67 hides your number by allowing your phone carrier to send a signal to your phone to request privacy for that specific call. Then, the carrier disconnects your number from the data sent with your call, and recipients receive the altered data. 

Finally, Through the modified data, the recipient gets a message such as “Restricted,” “Blocked,” and “Private Number” rather than your original number.

Does *67 still work in 2024? 

Yes *67 still works on landlines and cell phones. Regardless of the device you use, whether iPhones or Android, dialing star 67 before a number hide your phone number during calls. However, its capabilities are for phone calls only, not text messages.

How to use *67? 

How to use *67

We understand your urge to stay anonymous when making a call. So, we have curated the step-by-step process of using *67.

  1. Firstly, get your phone and go to the call application.
  2. Secondly, go to the call log and dial ‘*67+ the number of the person you want to call’.
  3. Thirdly, Hit the dial button after dialing the star 67 and the phone number.
  4. Finally, you have successfully used *67. Your call will go to the recipient as usual, but your number will be displayed as “Private” or “Unknown” on their end.

However, you must be thoughtful on your next call because it will be visible again unless you use *67 on every call.

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When Does Star 67 Not Work?

Star 67 doesn’t work when you call specific numbers, such as toll-free or emergency, or when someone blocks your number. 

When you call toll-free numbers

Star 67 does not work when you call toll-free numbers, which must be easily accessible and identifiable for callers. 

However, there might be systems that override the star 67 function, allowing callers to view the caller’s ID even when the number is blocked.

When you dial emergency numbers 

Emergency numbers are essential to acquire valid caller information to respond promptly for help in emergency conditions. 

Therefore, Emergency numbers don’t work with caller ID blocking features such as Star 67. This feature ensures that every caller reveals their identity and location.

When your phone number is blocked 

Sometimes, other than dialing toll-free or emergency numbers, circumstances like blocked numbers prevent Star 67 from working. To elaborate, if someone blocks your number on their device, Star 67 will not prevent them from seeing your caller ID. 

Such a situation happens because the recipient’s block settings prioritize over any endeavors to hide your caller data.

Depends on your phone service provider 

In some cases, Star 67 does not work because of your phone service provider. You may find variations in phone service providers that handle caller ID blocking differently

The effectiveness of Star 67 in blocking caller ID depends on the phone service provider’s factors, such as phone settings, blocking services, and recipient contact lists.

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What are *67 Alternatives? 

There are still alternatives if you don’t want to use *67. Here are the other options for Star 67:

Use the default setting on iOS and Android 

You can adjust your device’s settings to confirm that nobody can discover who you are when you call them. 

Keep scrolling📜 to learn how to use the default setting on your iPhone and Android devices.

How to hide your number on your iPhone? 

You can hide your number on your iPhone without dialing Star 67 by the given step-by-step process:

  1. Go to the Settings application on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Phone”. 
  3. Choose the “Show My Caller ID” option.
  4. Now, toggle off the “Show My Caller ID” switch. This action hides your number for every outgoing call.

How to hide your number on Android? 

You can hide your number on your Android with the following steps:

  1. Open the Phone app on your Android device.
  2. Press on the three-dot menu in the app.
  3. Go to Settings>Call Settings>Additional services or Calls.
  4. Scroll down and press on the options like Caller ID or Show your Caller ID.
  5. Choose Hide number or Never to permanently hide your number for every outgoing call.

Use VoIP Services 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services are the best modern alternatives to Star 67. You can employ the leading VoIP phone service provider like KrispCall. With KrispCall’s Call Masking feature, you can hide your real phone number from the recipient and display a non-identifying number, protecting your privacy.

Furthermore, KrispCall provides a Custom Caller ID feature that enables you to customize your outgoing calls with a designated phone number or name of your choice. This enhances your professionalism while also safeguarding the privacy of your personal information.

Contact your carrier 

The other best alternative for Star 67 is contacting your carrier. You can find many carriers that provide services to block your number. You can set up a line block to hide your number permanently by reaching out to them. 

It is helpful if you need a consistent solution that doesn’t require you to dial Star 67 every time you make an outgoing call. However, be cautious and communicate about the cost since some providers ask you for a charge for this kind of service.

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Final Thoughts 

Star 67 is a simple way to hide your caller ID from the recipient’s phone during the phone call. It works simply by disconnecting your number from the call data, and recipients receive the altered data as ‘Unknown’ or ‘Private.’ 

Although this system started in the 1990s, it works perfectly on every device, including cell phones (iPhones and Androids) and Landlines. However, it doesn’t work when you call toll-free or emergency numbers. It also doesn’t work when someone blocks your number, and sometimes it depends on your phone service providers.

Also, remember that *67 is a temporary way to hide your calls. You must dial it every time before entering outgoing calls. For a permanent solution, you should switch to VoIP service, and KrispCall is an attractive option. 

So, Why wait? Go and Book a Free Demo with KrispCall.


Can *67 be traced?

Yes, *67 can be traced since it cannot ensure overall anonymity from tracing by the phone company or authorities like the police department.

Can someone call you back if I use * 67?

Nobody can call you back if you use *67 because caller ID hides your number. 

Will *67 block my number?

Yes, *67 will block your number when you make the calls, displaying it as “Private” or “Unknown” on the recipient’s end.

Does Star 67 hide your number?

Star 67 hides your number on Caller ID systems when you dial it before the recipient’s phone number.

Does Star 67 cost money?

Star 67 doesn’t cost money as it is free of cost.

What is * 67 vs * 69?

*67 blocks phone numbers on Caller ID systems, whereas *69 prevents calls from selected phone numbers.

Why does *67 not work anymore?

*67 doesn’t work anymore due to the limit caused by your carrier or specific settings on your phone.

Can you text from *67?

No, you cannot text from *67 since the *67 works only for voice calls.

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