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Conference Bridge: What Is It And How It Works?




Virtual meetings have become a crucial part of staying connected and collaborating with colleagues and clients. 🤝

This is where conference bridges emerge as powerful call features and make it easier to schedule and manage conference calls. It allows groups 👪 of people to connect and communicate over a single platform, regardless of location. 

This guide will help you learn about conference bridges, how they work, their benefits, and the top conference call providers.


  • A conference bridge allows multiple people to join in a single virtual meeting room.
  • Conference Bridge helps you to save travel time and money associated with face-to-face meetings. 
  • You can use a conference bridge when your team members are geographically dispersed or your business operates across the world.
  • While choosing a conference bridge service provider, you have to look at different aspects, such as user-friendly interface, pricing, and features.
  • Google Meet, Zoom, and GoToMeeting are the top conference bridge service providers. 

What is a Conference Bridge?

A conference bridge typically serves as a way for multiple people to participate in a single virtual meeting. It is required when there are more participants in a conference. Zoom, Messenger, Skype, and Netmeeting are just a few examples of conference bridges.

You can use software or even a browser can implement a conference bridge. In addition, there is no problem even when you are away from your computer, you can still use a dial-in number to join a conference. 

How Does a Conference Bridge Work?

A conference bridge works as a virtual space for a group of individuals to communicate in a single call. It uses VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol to connect people in a single meeting. 

The conference bridge has a specific phone number that all participants can dial to enter the centralized meeting room. Further, you can also join through the web interface by clicking on the provided meeting link.

You can use your mobile, landline, or desktop to participate in the call. Conference bridge also allows you to use multiple features such as recording the call, sharing screens, and mute participants 👇.

 Here is the breakdown of three processes of how the conference bridge works: 

  • The meeting host creates a meeting that automatically generates a bridge dial-in number and shareable meeting link or a code. 
  • The participants can click on the meeting link or code to dial in to enter the meeting. 
  • The host grants permission to access the meeting room. Then they can now communicate in the virtual meeting room. 
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What are the Benefits of a Conference Bridge?

There are several benefits that conference bridges can help business operations. But the most beneficial benefit is that you don’t have to travel to other places. It allows everyone to connect in a single call, in a virtual space, which eventually drives efficient collaboration. Here are the major benefits that Conference Bridge offers you:

Enhance collaboration efficiency

When more than a few employees are required to discuss a single project, the conference bridge has made it easier for them to meet instantly. 

All your team members or clients just have to click on a link or dial the phone number to join a conference in just a second. This real-time interaction helps you to efficiently project discussions and smooth decision-making, eventually propelling collaboration to new heights. 

In addition, you don’t even have to enter a code for conference software providers, which makes the process easier.  

Save time and travel expenses

The biggest benefit of a conference bridge is that it helps you to save your travel time and travel expenses. 

Without a conference bridge, most people have to travel in an attempt to meet face-to-face and discuss the project. It can be more challenging to find a time to meet when your team members work remotely from different locations. 

A conference bridge allows companies with remote workers to meet with just a click from a computer browser. It saves valuable time, which allows you to focus on more value-adding tasks and the cost of travel. 

Secure communications

Someone might listen to your conversation during a face-to-face meeting. But with a conference bridge, you can securely communicate with all team members.

Conference bridges always prioritize your data security. To protect your business discussions and sensitive information during calls, it offers encryption features. This is especially crucial for companies dealing with sensitive data. 

With a conference bridge, you can conduct your important meetings with peace of mind due to robust security measures. 

Streamline participation

The days are gone when you have to create complicated call setups and individual dialing. You can now effortlessly create a virtual meeting room

By clicking a link or dialing a designated phone number, attendees can easily enter the call in just a few seconds. This approach has removed technical barriers and also ensures a smooth connection to communicate.

Participants can seamlessly join from any location using their preferred devices, such as a landline, smartphone, or computer. 

Top Conference Calling Features

Conference bridge offers you an extensive range of features in order to enhance business communications. It uses VoIP technology that allows callers to dial-in phone numbers to enter into meetings using their preferred device. Here are some key calling features that Conference Bridge offers:

  • Call Recording: When you are a host of the call, you can record the entire call, which can be listened to in the future if needed. It helps with meeting recall and monitoring employee performance. 
  • Screen Sharing: Conference bridge allows every participant to share their screen which can be seen by every other participant. It enables you to share your screen to display documents, presentations, or visuals. 
  • Chat and Messaging: Participants can even exchange text messages during the live conference call. It allows you to send questions, brief comments, and additional context without interrupting the call. 
  • Call Transcription: When you are at a conference, you can enable call transcription, which converts spoken conversation into a clear, concise, and accurate written format for record keeping and accessibility. 
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When to Use Conference Bridging?

Conference bridge has simplified the process of meeting team members in a virtual space. It’s an essential tool for all businesses operating in different locations and time zones. Here are some key points when to use conference bridging. 

  • When your business operates across multiple locations and time zones: If your business operates across different locations and time zones, you need to contact your clients from different locations. This is where the conference bridge helps you. It allows you to connect with your multiple clients from multiple locations in a single call meeting
  • When your business has geographically dispersed teams: If you have a geographically dispersed team, it’s hard to meet face-to-face for projects and other discussions. To connect them in a singular meeting room, a conference bridge allows you to create a virtual space where everyone can join just by clicking a link or dial-in the phone number. 
  • When your company works closely with vendors and partners: When you send a lengthy email or text messages to vendors and partners, you can miss some important communication. However, conference bridge calls allow you to invite larger groups to one call and tackle more complex issues.

How to Set Up a Conference Bridge?

The first step in setting up a conference bridge is to have admin or super admin permissions. Then, follow the below steps 👇:

  1. Log in to the unified admin portal.
  2. Select “conference bridges” in the left navigation menu and choose “add conference bridge.”
  3. The extension will automatically populate with the next available number. Change this number as necessary.
  4. You can enter a name for the conference bridge.
  5. To adjust the settings for the new conference bridge, click the admin portal check mark symbol and then pick the bridge.

Then, you can distribute dial-in numbers or access code to participants via email. As you are a host, you can control the entire participants such as muting one individual or grant permission to call recording.

How to Choose the Right Conference Bridge Service?

It is necessary to look out for different aspects when you choose the conference bridge service that enhances your team’s communication. Here is the breakdown of the essentials that you need to look for while choosing the right conference bridge service:

  • Assess your team’s size and requirements: Evaluate the size and requirements of your team. It allows you to select the provider as per your team size and needs.
  • Go for a user-friendly platform: Choose a provider that has a user-friendly platform that helps new employees understand and use the interface easily. 
  • Look for compatibility: Find out whether the bridge integrates and configures seamlessly with your existing technology. 
  • Prioritize scalability: Always select a provider that easily adapts to your growing team and meets needs. 
  • Analyze the features: The main thing to consider is the service provider features. Check out whether they offer advanced features such as screen sharing, recording, or security. 
  • Reliability and support: To avoid disruptions, focus on providers who prioritize customer assistance and excellent uptime. 
  • Compare pricing: Compare costs and features to find a solution that is within your budget. 
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5 Best Conference Bridge Service Providers

There are several conference bridge service providers that might confuse you when choosing. But don’t worry we have selected certain providers as per their price and service.

Here are the top five conference bridge service providers:

1. Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the popular video and audio conferencing service providers. Developed by Google, Google Meet seamlessly collaborates with integrations across Google Workspaces such as Gmail and Docs. 

You can easily set up meetings to stay connected and collaborate with family and friends no matter where you are. 

For businesses, you can seamlessly schedule meetings with the agenda, attachments, and participant RSVPs all in one place. 

✅ Google Meet’s Top Features

  • Companion Mode
  • Bi-directional Interoperability
  • Support for Android-based Appliances

2. Zoom

Zoom is a widely known and used video conferencing platform. With its user-friendly interface, Zoom offers an all-in-one collaboration platform, making it easier to connect, more immersive, and more dynamic for both people and businesses. 

Zoom offers you a wide range of features such as chat, meetings, an omnichannel contact center, and many more. It helps hybrid teams to collaborate effectively and get more done. 

In terms of integration, Zoom integrates with your contact center to your critical applications. 

✅ Zoom’s Top Features

  • Breakout Rooms
  • Vanishing Pen for Annotations
  • Profile Picture Customization

3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a robust video conferencing platform mainly known for its secure and encrypted collaboration access. You can also customize settings that enhance the meeting experience for users.

No matter where you are, you can effortlessly deliver professional client meetings. GoToMeeting is fully loaded with a wide range of features that are specially designed to give you the best web conferencing. 

With its background noise suppression and built-in audio, the meeting attendees never miss a word. 

✅ GoToMeeting’s Top Features

  • Built-in audio with VoIP and Toll
  • Background Noise Suppression
  • Recordings and Transcriptions

4. Vast Conference

Vast Conference is a comprehensive calling provider that delivers quality, onboards users easily, and keeps your teams in sync. It offers you an easy, intuitive way for everyone to attend the call from anywhere or any device. 

With its vast technology, Vast Conference makes your communication needs worry-free. No matter how or where you want to meet, you can simply connect with colleagues, investors, customers, friends, and business partners. 

You can host calls in just a few clicks or set up meetings in advance with your dedicated dial-in. 

✅ Vast Conference’s Top Features

  • Past Presenter and Control
  • Unlimited Cloud Recording
  • Messaging and File Transfer

5. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a leading collaboration platform which offers a comprehensive suite of tools for virtual meetings. This software offers you a unified platform and enterprise-grade features which gives you a seamless collaboration experience. 

You can easily schedule and join meetings from any device with just a single click. And you can also use their Webex assistant for time-consuming tasks such as note taking and calling. 

With the use of Cisco Webex, you can ensure your meetings have the ability to engage no matter their location, language, or communication style. 

✅ Cisco Webex’s Top Features

  • AI-Powered Functionality
  • High-Quality Video Conferencing
  • Seamless Workflow Integration

KrispCall: Simplify team communication with a single powerful platform

KrispCall, the leading cloud telephony, leaves its competitor behind in every aspect. With its rich and advanced features, you can streamline your interaction with team members and enhance productivity. 

Further, you can also leverage the KrispCall unified callbox feature to communicate with your team in a centralized platform. However, you can also chat privately with one of your team members if needed. 

KrispCall has a user-friendly interface and robust capabilities that make your team communication more convenient, efficient, and productive. 

Book your free KrispCall’s demo now and improve your team communication.


A conference bridge is a way to invite more than a few people to a single meeting. Participants can join in just a few seconds by clicking on a link or dial-in phone number. It offers you an extensive range of features such as call recording, screen, sharing and call transcription

These advanced features help you to enhance team collaboration and streamline participation. Besides that, it allows you to save travel time and expenses associated with face-to-face meetings. 

You can use a conference bridge when your business operates across multiple locations, has a geographically dispersed team, and your company works closely with vendors and partners. There are several conference bridge service providers in the market. So, it might be challenging for you to choose a suitable one. 

But you can choose top conference bridge service providers such as Google Meet, Zoom and GoToMeeting.

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What is the difference between a bridge and a meeting?

The main difference between a bridge and a meeting lies in the functionality and setup. A bridge is a centralized system that allows multiple participants to join virtual meetings. In contrast, meeting refers to discussions who come together physically or virtually to communicate and collaborate on specific topics. 

What is the difference between a conference call & a conference bridge?

A conference call basically involves calling individuals to add them to a conversation where the organized dials each participant directly. In contrast, a conference bridge allows multiple participants to join virtual meetings though a dedicated phone number or link. 

What is a bridge invite?

A bridge invite simply refers to an invitation to join a virtual meeting via a dial-in phone number or link. Participants can dial the given specific phone number or click the meeting link to join the conference. 

Are bridge calls secure?

Bridge calls are indeed secure due to their data encryption. It ensures security and confidentiality during virtual meetings. 

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