Best VoIP Integrations with Bitrix24

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Best VoIP Integrations with Bitrix24

If you research the market looking for the best Bitrix24 integrations in 2024, then you will find plenty of providers that claim to be the best ones 😎.

However, you can be the subject of a scam if you trust anyone just because they give you their word. You need to consider several factors before you settle for anyone. 

To help you with this, we have composed this article where we will discuss the best VoIP Integrations with Bitrix24 available on the market. Also, we will look at some essential tips 📑 to consider when 🔎choosing the right Bitrix24 integration.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • Bitrix24 integration means connecting Bitrix24 with other software applications and tools. 
  • Using Voip + Bitrix24 integration can enhance collaboration, improve customer service, eliminate manual data entry, automate call logging, and optimize workflow.
  • KrispCall + Bitrix24 integration stands out as the best one with its affordable pricing structure, wide range of features, and customization options.
  • Other top Bitrix integration includes Acefone + Bitrix24 Integration, 3CX + Bitrix24 Integration, Zadarma + Bitrix24 Integration, RingCentral + Bitrix24 Integration, Asterisk + Bitrix24 Integration, Vonage + Bitrix24 Integration, and Yeastar + Bitrix24 Integration.

But, before digging into the main topic, let’s start with the meaning of Bitrix24 integrations 🔥. 

What is Bitrix24 VoIP Integration?

Bitrix VoIP integration means connecting Bitrix24 with VoIP applications and tools. These VoIP applications can be messaging apps or cloud telephony software.


Integrating Bitrix24 with VoIP apps makes workflows smoother, boosts productivity, and enhances efficiency. Also, this integration allows users to utilize the features of Bitrix24 alongside VoIP software features under a unified platform, creating a seamless and interconnected work environment.

What are the Benefits of Integrating Bitrix24 along with VoIP for Business?

Some of the benefits of integrating Bitrix24 with VoIP technology for business are:

  • Better customer service: With Bitix24 and VoIP integration, team members can view all customer data and information during the call or before receiving the call within Bitrix24. This helps them to provide personalized customer service. 
  • Access to advanced features: Get access to various features with this integration, like click-to-call, contact synchronization, caller ID pop-ups, and many more. These features facilitate making calls directly from Bitrix24, efficient data handling, managing phone calls, etc.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Bitrix24 integration with VoIP applications offers a unified platform for communication, teamwork, and workflow management. This eliminates the need for employees to constantly switch between tools to carry out work, resulting in improved collaboration and smoother information sharing.
  • Workflow automation and optimization: Bitrix integration with VoIP apps enables automatic call logging and record keeping on both platforms. This way, information remains up-to-date on both platforms. Also, there will be no chances of data entry errors in routine processes as no manual work is required.

How Does Bitrix24 Phone Integration Work?

Bitrix24 phone integration works by integrating with other business apps and software. Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect VoIP apps with Bitrix24: Select the VoIP app you want to connect with Bitrix24 and connect it with Bitrix24 using API keys or a third-party app. 
  2. Define the trigger: Following setup, choose a phone event to trigger Bitrix24. Use Bitrix24 records to define triggers such as leads, missed calls, and project status to automate calls.
  3. Select an action: After you’ve defined a trigger, select an action in Bitrix24 custom triggers. Actions like initiating calls directly from Bitrix24, automated dialing, call logging, sending voicemails, saving contact details, etc, can save you so much time and effort.
  4. Test and refine: Once the Bitrix24 integration setup is completed, you must test it to ensure everything works properly. Additionally, to increase efficiency, you can also customize your triggers and actions.

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8 Best Bitrix24 Integrations in 2024

We handpicked top VoIP tools that can integrate with Bitrix24 by analyzing reviews on the trusted review site GetApp and also considering several factors, like,

  • Price
  • Features included
  • Device compatibility
  • Easy to use

Here is what we found in the Best Voip Bitrix24 Integrations:

IntegrationPricingFeaturesBest for
KrispCall + Bitrix24 IntegrationStarts at $12 / month ( billed annually)Caller ID and contact pop-ups, Contact synchronization, Automatic call logging, Call metrics, and KPIsAll business types and sizes
Acefone + Bitrix24 IntegrationStarts at $17.99 /monthOne-click dial, Call pip-ups, Call recording, Call logs, Follow-up notes, Lead managementAll business types and sizes
3CX + Bitrix24 IntegrationStarts at $175/ year Click to call, Call pop-ups, Call journals, and Contact lookups, Caller ID to Contact NameAll business types and sizes
Zadarma + Bitrix24 IntegrationStarts at $44 /monthOne-click call, Pop-up client card, Full call statistics, Automatic call routing, Automatic lead creationAll business types and sizes
RingCentral + Bitrix24 IntegrationStarts at $30 /monthCall logging, Caller ID, Make and receive calls directly from Bitrix24, Click-to-call, Call noteAll business types and sizes
Asterisk  + Bitrix24 IntegrationStarts at $52.95 per month. Automatic new lead creation, Callback via Bitrix24 widget, Click-to-call, Call routingAll business types and sizes
Vonage + Bitrix24 IntegrationStarts at $13.99 / monthClick-to-dial, Click-to-SMS, SMS logging, Call Notes, Real-time loggingAll business types and sizes
Yeastar + Bitrix24 IntegrationStarts at $45 / monthSingle-click dialing, Call handling, Call screen pops, Contact synchronization, Automatic call logging, Auto contacts creationAll business types and sizes

1. KrispCall + Bitrix24 Integration (Coming Soon)

One of the best VoIP integrations with Bitrix24 is KrispCall. KrispCall seamlessly integrates with Bitrix24 to give its users the experience of unified communication and help them manage leads, phone calls, and sales processes. Businesses can get several benefits from KrispCall’s integration with Bitrix24. 

KrispCall-Bitrix24 integration helps in efficient data handling. This integration automates the process of manually recording call logs, notes, recordings, and contacts. Also, any changes in one platform are reflected on the other platform, giving you access to the most current and up-to-date contact, call, and customer data. Automatic recording of such data means no chance of human errors and data misplaced. 

KrispCall Bitrix24 Integration

Moreover, integrating Bitrix24 with KrispCall means combining the features of KrispCall with Bitrix24. With this, you will be able to place calls directly from the Bitrix24 dashboard, get information about callers (name, contact history, notes) before receiving calls, and be notified of new calls.

Not only this, you can also gain actionable insights on business and employee performance through KPIs and metrics present in the call analytics dashboard. You will be able to locate where you are performing well and where you need to improve.

💡 Features

  • Caller ID and contact pop-ups
  • Contact synchronization
  • Automatic call logging
  • Call metrics and KPIs

💰 Pricing

  • Essential: $12 /user/month [billed annually]
  • Standard: $32 /user/month [Popular]
  • Enterprise: Custom

🤝 KrispCall also integrates with

2. Acefone + Bitrix24 Integration

Another top VoIP integration with Bitrix24 is Acefone. Acetone integration with Bitrix24 offers endless possibilities. This integration allows businesses to differentiate between new and existing leads using call pop-ups. This integration also offers automatic lead distribution to optimize call flow, as well as customizable web forms so that no lead is missed.

Acefone Bitrix24 Integration

Additionally, Acetone and Bitrix24 integration allows users to add notes to each call for hyper-personalization. Plus, users can access many cloud phone system features such as IVR, call recording, call forwarding, call logs, call tracking, conferencing calls, and many more features.

💡 Features

  • One-click dial
  • Call pip-ups
  • Call recording
  • Call logs
  • Follow-up notes
  • Lead management

💰 Pricing

  • Business: $17.99 /month
  • Premium: $19.99 /month

🤝 Acefone also integrates with

  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

3. 3CX + Bitrix24 Integration

The third choice for VoIP integration with Bitrix24 is 3CX + Bitrix24 integration. 3CX integrates with Bitrix24 through the 3CX API. This integration comes with features like Caller ID to contact name, call and chat journaling, click to call, and automatic call logging.  

3cx Bitrix24 Integration

The click-to-call feature enables users to make calls from their CRM software (Bitrix24) in a single click using the 3CX browser extension for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Likewise, the caller ID feature enables customers to view customer details before receiving a call during inbound calls.

This facilitates users to provide personalized customer service. Furthermore, call records and call logs are automatically entered into customer records without manual intervention, thus reducing the chance of human error.

💡 Features

  • Click to call
  • Call pop-ups
  • Call journals

💰 Pricing

  • 3CX FREE: $0
  • 3CX SMB: $175 /year (Small Business)
  • 3CX PRO: $145 /year (Professional)
  • 3CX ENT: $180 /year (Enterprise)

🤝 3CX also integrates with

  • Freshdesk
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho

4. Zadarma + Bitrix24 Integration

Zadarma, a cloud-based phone system, seamlessly integrates with Bitrix24, a robust CRM tool, to make business communication and customer service easier. This integration can change how you reach out to your customers.

Zadarma Bitrix24 Integration

Zadarma and Bitrix24 integration allows Bitrix24 users to make calls straight from the Bitrix24 dashboard. Likewise, popup cards show vital customer details; this helps tailor each conversation immediately.

That’s not all! This integration offers insights into call statistics through a call recording feature and aids users in enhancing their customer service. Additionally, this integration creates new leads automatically when incoming calls come in, streamlining lead capture.

💡 Features

  • One-click call
  • Pop-up client card
  • Full call statistics
  • Automatic call routing
  • Automatic lead creation

💰 Pricing

  • Standard: $0 /month
  • Office: $44 /month
  • Corporation: $88 /month

🤝 Zadarma also integrates with

  • Salesforce
  • Ms Teams
  • Freshdesk
  • Shopify

5. RingCentral + Bitrix24 Integration

RingCentral and Bitrix24 make a powerful integration that can make your business communication, lead management, and overall business process much smoother. If RingCentral and Bitrix24 are part of your communication toolkit, then integrating these two platforms will offer you several benefits. With this integration, you won’t have to switch between applications for making calls or handling CRM tasks.

Ringcentral Bitrix24 Integration

Moreover, you can see client details instantly during calls. You will also gain valuable insights into customer interactions through detailed call logs. Likewise, you can easily find this integration as an app in the Bitrix24 Marketplace. Locate it and install it. Once installed, link your RingCentral profile, give permission, and you are good to go. This app links RingCentral and Bitrix24 using RingCentral’s APIs.

💡 Features

  • Call logging
  • Caller ID
  • Make and receive calls directly from Bitrix24
  • Click-to-call
  • Call note

💰 Pricing

  • Core: $30 /month
  • Advanced: $35 /month
  • Ultra: $45 /month

🤝 RingCentral also integrates with

  • Salesforce
  • Microsft Office
  • Slack
  • Zendesk

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6. Asterisk  + Bitrix24 Integration

Combining Asterisk and Bitrix24 can benefit businesses that use both VoIP telephony and CRM software. This integration enhances communication, boosts efficiency, and uncovers important insights into customer interactions. 

Asterisk Bitrix24 Integration

With this integration, users can view caller details in CRM before picking up the call. Plus, call details can be recorded and preserved for future examination. Not only this, users can also make calls right from Bitrix24 contact cards with a single tap, and calls are also routed to the most appropriate agent depending on their availability, skills, or other factors. This makes customer service speedy and effective as all necessary information is readily available.

There are multiple ways available to integrate Asterisk and Bitrix24. These ways include linking through Itgrix Connector, Asterisk Integration by Informunity, or a custom development.

💡 Features

  • Automatic new lead creation
  • Callback via Bitrix24 widget
  • Click-to-call
  • Call routing

💰 Pricing: $52.95 per month

🤝 Asterisk also integrates with

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Docker
  • Apptivo
  • VICIdial

7. Vonage + Bitrix24 Integration

One of the many integration options available in Vonage is Vonage and Bitrix24. Vonage integrates with Bitrix24 to empower employees, increase customer experiences, and boost profits.  With the integration of Vonage and Bitrix24, users can manage contacts, manage calls, manage customer interactions, and log real-time interactions.

Vonage Bitrix24 Integration

The integration also enables easy access to the system from any browser or device, wherever you are, at any time with an internet connection. Furthermore, users can view call volumes, histories, and customer data within the native reporting dashboards of your business application without switching between apps. This integration also automates tasks without needing to write a single line of code.

💡 Features

  • Click-to-dial
  • Click-to-SMS
  • SMS logging
  • Call Notes
  • Real-time logging

💰 Pricing

  • Mobile: $13.99/ month
  • Premium: $20.99/ month
  • Advanced: $27.99/ month

🤝 Vonage also integrates with

  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Coronet
  • Google Workspace

8. Yeastar + Bitrix24 Integration

Integrating Yeastar P-Series Phone System with Bitrix24 allows you to align customer data with customer calls and streamline workflow to improve productivity. Also, with Yeastar and Bitrx24 integration, you can keep track of every customer interaction with all crucial data in one place and connect with your clients anywhere using any device at your convenience.  You can also make outbound calls by clicking on the phone number in CRM.

Yeastar Bitrix24 Integration

In addition to this, you will also have access to several other functionalities, including automatic lead generation, missed call registration, automatic case creation at the end of a conversation, statistics on the load on telephone lines and operators, and many more. 

💡 Features

  • Single-click dialing
  • Call handling
  • Call screen pops
  • Contact synchronization
  • Automatic call logging
  • Auto contacts creation

💰 Pricing: $45 / month

🤝 Yeastar also integrates with

  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • Odoo

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Tips to Choose the Right Bitrix24 Integration

As already discussed, Bitrix24 integration with right VoIP telephony system helps increase the efficiency of your business operation and increase customer satisfaction level. Hence, extra effort should be given to choose the right Bitrix24 integration. 

Here are some tips you can take into account to choose the right Bitrix24 integration:

  • Goals you want to achieve: You might have several objectives for integrating Bitrix24 with other business tools and software. For instance, you might want to bring all customer interactions into a  single platform, automatically generate leads, automate manual data entry tasks, or track performance. Know the goals you want to achieve through Bitrix24 integration and search for the tools that facilitate these processes.
  • Customization ability: Look for the Bitrix24 integration that allows you to make necessary changes with time. Also, check if it can expand to changing business needs.
  • Security: You must also consider several security factors. Those factors include knowing where data is stored, the certifications of the CRM system, how data is backed up, and whether or not there are multi-level security options.
  • Price: Another tip to consider is the price. Ensure that the chosen Bitrix24 integration falls within your budget. For this, you can compare available integration option pricing plans and then choose the one that meets your budget requirements.

Final Words

The integration of Bitrix24 with other business tools, project management software, CRM software, or cloud telephony makes up a powerful business tool. This is due to the fact that this integration makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks like call logging, bring all customer data into a unified platform, provide personalized customer service, and many more.

Additionally, Bitrix24 integration offers features such as call notes, call recordings, screen pops, and auto-call logging. These features help businesses make calls to their customers without switching platforms.
Likewise, among the eight above-mentioned best VoIP integrations with Bitrix24, KrispCall + Bitrix24 integration stands out as the best one, considering the features offered, pricing range, and customization options.

Arun Chaudhary

Arun is SEO Analyst at KrispCall. He has written in extensively in the field of cloud telephony and call center solutions.

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