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Best Sales Enablement Tools to Streamline Sales Process



sales enablement tools

Picture yourself looking at a sales pipeline that is full of deals 💰 that aren’t moving and potential customers who aren’t interested.

You’ve tried every tactic and tweaked every pitch, yet growth remains elusive.

What if the missing piece wasn’t in your strategy but in your toolbelt?

In this blog post, we will discuss the top sales enablement software solutions available in the market, from content management systems to coaching platforms to sell more deals and improve the sales cycle. 

Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, this list has a tool that can boost your sale­s 💹 team’s performance.


  • Sales enablement equips the business sales and marketing teams with the resources and knowledge to engage with prospects and close more deals.
  • best sales enablement tools include KrispCall, Pipe Drive, Monday Sales CRM, Vipe Cloud, Salesforce, Highspot, Showpad, Salesloft, Mindtickle, Seismic, and Ambition.

Get ready to crack the code and reignite your revenue engine!

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is about giving the sales team what they need to connect with potential customers and increase sales.

These resources include content, tools, knowledge, and information. Shortly, sales enablement is all about training your salespeople to sell – and sell better. 

what is sales enablement

It’s like giving your sales reps a magic toolkit filled with everything they need to sell products or services to customers.

Sales enablement content types include blogs, Templates, Scripts, Ebooks, case studies, proposals, sales presentations, testimonials, brochures, etc.

What are the Benefits of Sales Enablement Tools?

“The recent research conducted by Learn Hub found that when sales representatives employ the best sales enablement strategy, 84% of them achieve their quotas and experience almost 14% increases in annual contract values. This data shows the massive positive effect sales enablement has on sales.”

Considering these statistics, we can say that businesses must leverage sales enablement tools if they wish to close more deals. 

Here are some benefits you’ll get if your business uses sales enablement tools:

  • Increase efficiency: Sales enablement tools boost efficiency by providing the sales team with all the resources they need to engage with the prospects. Also, it provides valuable data insights on agent performance, industry trends, and customer behavior. This information can be used to boost agents’ efficiency and productivity.
  • Empower the sales team: Sales enablement solutions equip reps with the knowledge and resources they need to handle any situation confidently, leading to higher morale and motivation.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Sales enablement tools provide information on customer behavior and industry trends. Sales representatives can use this information to tailor customer service, provide excellent customer support, and modify their sales and marketing efforts.
  • Faster onboarding: When new team members are provided with all the training materials and tools they need within a single platform, they quickly adapt to the new environment. A recent report shows that new sales reps became productive 3.4 months sooner when a business uses the best sales enablement tools.  
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11 Best Sales Enablement Tools in 2024

A sales enablement tool is software where all the information and resources needed for engaging with customers and selling products are integrated into a central location. 

We picked up these tools based on the reviews from G2 and Capterra and the platforms they are available in (Mac, Windows, and Linux.) 

Here is what we found in the Sales Enablement Tool Comparison overview.

Sales Enablement toolsStarting PriceKey FeaturesLimitationsDeployment Platforms
KrispCallStarts from $15 monthlyCall management features like call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, IVR, etc. Integration with popular business software.Unavailable in Mac and Linux OS (Coming soon).Web app, browser extension, android, and iOS app.
Pipe DriveStarts from $9.90 monthlySales automation tools, workflow automation, integration with 400 business applications, Kanban-style visual pipelines, etc.Integration issue. The free trial does not allow real-time chat with agents.

Web app, Desktop App (Windows and Mac), Web Catalog Desktop (Win, Mac, Linux), On-premise Deployment.
Monday Sales CRMStarts from $12 monthlyAutomated task generation, work automation, lead management, etc.Need to upgrade the plan to add more users. Takes time to load the app.Mobile app (Android and iOS), Desktop App (Windows and Mac).
Vipe CloudStarts from $25 monthlyLead management, lead capture, CRM integration, Card and table view, etc.Expensive.Difficult to use.Web app, mobile app (Android and iOS)
SalesforceContact the support teamAccount and contact management, sales automation, lead tracking, sales forecasting, etc.Costly pricing structure.Difficult learning curve.Mobile app (Android and iOS) and desktop app (windows).
HighspotContact the support teamLead generation, marketing automation, sales analytics, AI-powered recommendation, etc.Hard to copy texts.Difficult to modify existing templates.Mobile app (iOS and Android) and Desktop app (Mac, Windows, and Linux)
ShowpadContact the sales teamSmart search and filtering, content grouping, shared spaces, automated onboarding and coaching, etc.There are times when it is difficult to locate precise courses. Sales enablement content has limited designs.Mobile app (iOS and Android) and Desktop app (Mac, Windows, Linux).
SalesloftContact the sales teamSales forecasting, sales tracking, sales performance dashboard, sales Coaching, etc.Dialers sometimes hang up. There are some issues with its SalesForce integration.Mobile app (iOS and Android) and Desktop app (Mac, Windows, Linux).
MindtickleContact the sales teamConversation intelligence, analytics and dashboard, sales coaching, sales content management, sales readiness index, etc.The search function doesn’t work perfectly. Issues in admin functionality.
Mobile app (iOS and Android) and Desktop app (Windows and Mac).
SeismicContact the sales teamBuyer engagement, enablement intelligence, sales content management, etc.
It can sometimes be difficult to find content.Absence of process and procedure forms.Mobile app (iOS and Android) and Desktop app (Windows, Linux, and Mac).
AmbitionContact the sales representatives.Sales gamification, reporting and analytics, leaderboards, sales coaching, etc.
Availability of too many filters.Difficult user interface.
Desktop App (Window and Mac)

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is one of the most reliable sales enablement tools, it provides a call analytics feature that provides insights on a variety of sales enablement metrics that provide information on various aspects.

These aspects include how long customers spend at each stage of the sales cycle, how long contact center calls last, how long it takes to convert a prospect, and how responsive the agent is. Through these metrics call center agents can learn from every interaction they have with prospects, even if they do not become paying customers.

Besides this, KrispCall’s cloud phone also has some of the advanced call management features including call routing, call recording, call forwarding, voicemail, IVR, auto attendant, etc. These features help sales teams improve their outreach, interaction, and engagement with prospects and customers. 

krispcall one of the best sales enablement tool

Not only this, KrispCall seamlessly integrates with existing business software like Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zapier. This integration eliminates manual data entry, automates mundane tasks, and lets sales reps se­e customer information, record calls, and instantly change­ records on both programs without changing betwee­n apps.

👓 KrispCall Top Features

  • Unified Callbox
  • Global Calling
  • Text messages
  • Voicemail
  • Number sharing
  • Call forwarding
  • Call analytics
  • And Many more…

💰 Pricing:

  • Essential: $15 /month/user
  • Standard: $40 /month/user
  • Enterprise: Custom


  • Wide range of call management features
  • Integration option with other CRM software


  • Unavailable in Mac and Linux OS (Coming soon)
  • Click To Call Button/Widget unavailable

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2. Pipe Drive

Pipedrive is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps both sales and marketing team streamline their sales processes.

With Pipedrive, you can track your sales pipeline, manage leads, and automate your entire sales process in one place. Its full pipeline customization lets you track customers and collaborate on deals.


Furthermore, you can set reminders for when it’s time to act, segment your leads, and get detailed reports on your sales activities. Pipedrive offers a variety of features that help businesses excel beyond sales targets, including email tracking, workflow automation, and game-changing integrations.


  • Unlimited contacts
  • Sales automation tools
  • Workflow automation
  • Integration with 400 business applications
  • Kanban-style visual pipelines


  • Essential: $9.90/month/user
  • Advanced: $19.90 /month/user
  • Professional: $39.90 /month/user
  • Power: $49.90 /month/user


  • Integration option with 400 business applications.
  • Free trial available.


  • Integration issue.
  • The free trial does not allow real-time chat with agents.

3. Monday Sales CRM

Monday sales CRM is a highly customizable sales enablement solution suitable for businesses of all sizes and types, including manufacturing, retail, construction, finance, real estate, and healthcare. It consists of several features that help sales representatives manage and analyze client outreach and sales pipeline.

monday dot com

Monday sales CRM offers advanced reporting features that provide insights into several sales aspects. You can use this information to make data-driven decisions and sharpen your sales strategy, as well as save valuable time.

Also, it lets you automate repetitive tasks such as allocating prospects to salespeople­, scheduling upcoming task reminders, informing whe­n a potential customer opens an e­mail and many more.


  • Automated task generation
  • Content generation and summarizing
  • Email composing and rephrasing
  • Formula building
  • Work automation
  • Lead management


  • Basic CRM: $12/seat/month
  • Standard CRM: $17/seat/month
  • Pro CRM: $28/seat/month
  • Enterprise CRM: Contact the sales team


  • 14-day free trial available
  • Easy to use


  • Need to upgrade the plan to add more users
  • Takes time to load the app

4. Vipe Cloud

VipeCloud is a comprehensive customer interaction platform. This platform boosts your customer engageme­nt without needing extra staff. Imagine­ putting all top communications tools into one place you can access dire­ctly from your email. That’s VipeCloud. 


VipeCloud offers a range of features, including CRM, email tools, social selling feature­s, content handling, live demos, digital de­als, and integration with CRM apps. Trusted by over 300 companies globally, Vipe­Cloud can be a reliable choice for making business inte­ractions smooth and effective.


  • Lead management
  • Lead capture
  • Collaboration tool
  • CRM integration
  • Card and table view


  • Plus:$25/month/user
  • Pro:$50/month/user
  • Enterprise: $75/month/user
  • Agency: $100/month/user


  • 15-day free trial available. No credit card is required.
  • High customization option.


  • Expensive.
  • Difficult to use.

5. Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful CRM software and is an essential tool for sales enablement tool used by over 150,000 small to big companies worldwide. With Salesforce, you can manage all your sales opportunities and customer journeys in one place. It’s because Salesforce brings together all of your data, no matter where it comes from. 


Its finest product, Customer 360, brings sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT teams together with a single view of customer data. Besides this, artificial intelligence is integrated into Salesforce’s products to help everyone work more productively and deliver better customer experiences.


  • Account and contact management
  • Sales automation
  • Lead tracking
  • Sales forecasting
  • Prompt Builder
  • Conversational AI assistant

Pricing: Contact the support team


  • There are lots of configuration options.
  • Ability to track products, quotes, sales, leads, and campaigns in a single platform.


  • Many users complain about its costly pricing structure.
  • Difficult learning curve.

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6. Highspot

The Highspot platform enables enterprises to deliver sales enablement through AI-powered search, contextual training, application support, and guided selling. It allows sales representatives to store all their sales playbooks and content they may need during their daily self-guided learning and outreach activities.


Highspot empowers the sales team to communicate with customers more effectively with its variety of features. Combined with content management, sales training, coaching, and customer relationship management tools, it creates a unified platform for sales success. Highspot not only manages content but also provides sales analytics to assist you in identifying gaps as well as how each piece drives results.


  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales analytics
  • In-house collaboration
  • content and email templates
  • AI-powered recommendations


Contact the support team


  • Integration option with other 1,500 business apps
  • Easy to find old documents and files


  • Hard to copy texts.
  • Difficult to modify existing templates.

7. Showpad

Showpad Content, the­ main product of Showpad, serves as a comprehensive tool for managing sales conte­nt. It is a one-stop ce­nter for relevant sale­s materials. This innovative tool helps businesse­s effectively arrange­ and sort out content, with features to filter information base­d on various factors like roles, portfolios, locations, and others.


But this platform is more­ than just content storage. It aims to e­nhance the success rate­ of the sales enableme­nt process. It offers me­aningful content analysis, enabling businesse­s to figure out which materials are hitting the­ mark with their audience. It doe­s not stop there; Showpad also embe­ds training and coaching tools within the platform, equipping sales te­ams even further.


  • Smart search and filtering
  • Content grouping
  • Shared spaces
  • Automated onboarding and coaching
  • Integration with existing business tools


Contact the sales team


  • User-friendly design
  • Navigation of content is easy


  • There are times when it is difficult to locate precise courses
  • Sales enablement content has limited designs

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8. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is a smart re­venue workflow tool powere­d by artificial intelligence. It provide­s assurance for all revenue­ activities and interactions with customers. As a b2b sales enablement tool, it assists in sealing more contracts, improving forecast pre­cision, and guiding sales te­ams to achieve success.


How doe­s it do this? Salesloft has numerous top-notch sales management features. For instance, it has a live e­mail tracking system and analytic feature. This feature gives sales reps an unde­rstanding of customer involvement and re­sponsiveness, enabling te­ams to adjust their strategies whe­n needed. What’s more­, it seamlessly connects with other CRM systems and busine­ss tools to allow data to flow easily during the sales proce­ss. Besides these­, it offers several other features, which are mentioned below.


  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales tracking
  • Sales performance dashboard
  • Sales Coaching
  • Lead management
  • Sales automation


Contact the support team


  • Pre-set CRM and quote templates.
  • Integrate with other apps seamlessly.


  • Dialers sometimes hang up.
  • There are some issues with its SalesForce integration.

9. Mindtickle

Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform. Big companies like Snowflake, Square, Johnson & Johnson, Splunk, and Wipro have used Mindtickle to increase knowledge, learn be­st sales practices, and adapt to change to grow their revenues. Users of Mindtickle experience 45% reductions in ramp time, 47% increases in revenue generated by reps in their first quarter, and increased deal sizes. 


Mindtickle offers the only single, integrated platform for building and implementing sales readiness strategies.

It helps businesses to identify the winning sales behaviors that bring good busine­ss results. It also helps businesses provide the training, practice, and reinforcement necessary for every salesperson to emulate positive behaviors. This platform also lines up content for instant access by sale­s reps when require­d. Moreover, it offers sale­s team coaching.


  • Conversation intelligence
  • Analytics and dashboard
  • Sales Coaching
  • Integration with business apps
  • Sales content management
  • Sales readiness index


Contact the support team


  • Provision of leadership training modules
  • Availability of reporting features


  • The search function doesn’t work perfectly
  • Issues in admin functionality

10. Seismic

As another popular sales enablement tool, Seismic helps organizations engage customers, empower teams, and increase revenue. 

The tool helps teams develop the right skills, content, tools, and insights to grow and win. More than 2,200 organizations around the world trust Seismic for their enablement needs, from global enterprises to startups.


There’s a reason why over 2200 companies use Seismic. First, it provides sales representatives with the knowledge, skills, and content they need to succeed every day. 

Secondly, it organizes content effectively so that sellers can find up-to-date information on launches, market changes, and news. Thirdly, it provides data-driven insights into what’s working in order to increase revenue.


  • Buyer engagement
  • Enablement intelligence
  • Learning and coaching
  • Sales content management
  • Strategy and planning


Contact the sales team.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to create playbooks and toolkits for products and projects


  • It can sometimes be difficult to find content
  • Absence of process and procedure forms

11. Ambition

The last sales enablement tool on our list is Ambition. The platform is designed to boost productivity and efficiency in sales teams. 

It provides a wide range of features to track, analyze, and motivate sales performance, bringing transparency and accountability to the sales process.


Ambition’s dynamic dashboard allows sales enablement manager to monitor their team’s progress and set customized goals and benchmarks. 

Moreover, its gamification features on the platform encourage individual sales reps to reach and surpass their targets by adding a competitive and exciting element. 

Using analytics, businesses can also identify trends and areas for improvement, supporting a culture of continuous learning.


  • Sales gamification
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Leaderboards
  • Sales Coaching


Contact the support team.


  • KPI monitors, booking statistics, and call logs are available
  • Automation of coaching operations


  • Availability of too many filters
  • Difficult user interface

How Can KrispCall Help with Sales Enablement? 

how can krispcall help with sales enablement

KrispCall, with its advanced cloud phone call analytics­, helps in sales enable­ment. It enhances telephony conversations and incre­ases the efficie­ncy of the sales team with features like:

  • Global reach: Thanks to the cloud-base­d technology, the sales team can dial and receive calls from anywhe­re. This keeps the­m stay connected with clients and prospects, no matte­r where they are­.
  • CRM integration: It integrates effortlessly with Custome­r Relationship Management (CRM) software like­ Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Zapier. This grants sale­s reps quick access to client data during calls, helping them to provide more tailored service.
  • Call recording and analytics: KrispCall’s cloud phone comes with call recording and analytics features. These features offer valuable insights into customer interactions, which helps sales teams understand customer needs and preferences.
  • Auto logging: The platform automates call logging, reducing manual data entry for sales reps. Also, auto-logging ensures accurate record-keeping, which is essential for tracking customer interactions and making data-driven decisions.


One of the best ways to empower sales teams is to provide them with the right sales enablement tool. The right sales enablement solution will provide the sales team with the right materials, resources, and tools, which will help them close more deals, which leads to an increase in the revenue of a business.

If you are looking for a reliable sales enablement tool for your business, consider KrispCall. KrispCall can empower your sales teams in many ways, from auto-logging to helping reps close deals faster. 

Why are you waiting? Try KrispCall Now!

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