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Top 17 Sales Dialer Softwares to Automate the Workflow in 2023

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Why must businesses use Sales Dialer tools over traditional methods of dialing clients? 

Sales Dialer tool is a technique or software that helps your sales agents to reach more customers or convert the prospect into clients quickly.

Sales Dialer tool is the best alternative for your business over the manual process of dialing prospects or clients. It assists your agents & helps to save time and cost.

Are you seeking the best and top sales dialer software and tools that help to automate the sales process?

You’ll get the best sales dialer tools to automate the workflow in this article. We’ve analyzed the top 17 sales dialer tools in 2023.

What is a Sales Dialer?

A Sales Dialer refers to a technique that automates the time-consuming and manual process of dialing lead, prospect, and customer phone numbers, allowing sales agents to concentrate on their interactions with those individuals.

Call recording, integrations, transcript, voicemail transfer, and call monitoring are standard features of sales dialers.

Why use a Sales Dialer?

Sales dialers focus on saving workers time by dialing numbers reliably and speedily. They frequently include other features that make activities more practical, such as call queuing, which assists in prioritizing interactions with the most valued prospects first.

Sales dialers improve productivity and add value in other ways as well. For example, you can combine your tool with your CRM to keep all of your contacts, records, and data in one place.

What are the Types of Sales Dialer Software?

The two types of Sales Dialer Software that differ from each other are given below:

1. Power or Progressive Dialers

They’re similar to preview dialers, but they don’t let salespeople choose which leads they wish to call. 

Once a call is completed, they automatically dial the following number on the list.

2. Predictive Dialers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in predictive dialers to increase salespeople’s speed and performance, allowing them to make more calls & close more deals.

It studies various patterns to predict the percentage of calls that will answer. 

Best Sales Dialer Softwares to Automate the Workflow

We’ve analyzed the top 17 sales dialer tools to automate the workflow. Let’s Check out:

1. KrispCall

KrispCall Sales Dialer is a valuable software solution for automating and managing contact dialing activities on single or numerous phones. It assists you in avoiding call errors by removing repetitious dialing.

KrispCall Sales Dialer

KrispCall sales dialer solution boosts sales team efficiency by decreasing manual dialing time and human blunders during sales conversations.

Features and Benefits of KrispCall

With capabilities that automate company contacts and accelerate outreach campaigns, the KrispCall sales dialer solution provides various benefits to your team. 

Some features or benefits of KrispCall sales dialers are:

Increases the Sales Team’s Efficiency

Using the KrispCall sales dialer, remove complexity in your team’s outbound calls. 

Using its predictive dialing technology and fast dial services, you can make better use of your team’s working hours by cutting call time.

Reduce the Possibility of Human Error

Using its smart dialer technology, you can reduce the possibility of making a call error due to manual dialing. 

Utilizing a smart dialer, make consecutive outbound calls using your existing contact lists to reduce the risks of dialing incorrect numbers.

Increased Lead Conversions

The KrispCall Sales Dialer system enables you to navigate outbound calls to meet your sales goals effectively.

With its speed and predictive dialing tools, you can minimize the time it takes to reach out to potential prospects and speed up your overall outreach process.

Allow for Multitasking

Using call queueing and smart dialer tools, automate your call sequences and free up time to look into potential leads and follow-ups simultaneously.

Use its hold and resume feature to perform a second call or switch between two ongoing calls simultaneously.

Sales Campaigns that Work

Its custom-made solution for your sales efforts is Campaign Dialer. This feature of KrispCall Sales Dialer allows you to create call scripts and questionnaires for seamless and efficient telemarketing campaigns.

KrispCall Pricing

Essential(For small businesses, start-ups, & freelancers)Standard(For mid-level business)Enterprise(For Large Enterprise)
$15Monthly/User$40Monthly/UserContact KrispCall

2. HubSpot Sales Dialer

HubSpot is a vendor of innovative marketing technology solutions that manufactures a reputation as an innovator in social media campaign management, marketing automation, & wellness-focused on customer relationship management (CRM).


Features and benefits of HubSpot

HubSpot CRM is technically a separate tool, but it makes a list since it helps most of the marketing hub’s functions work. HubSpot’s CRM is free and at the heart of the platform.

It provides many features such as Emailing, Segmentation listing, Landing pages, Free CRM, Workflows, Paid ad tracking, Social Media Integration, Management, etc. 


PackagesMarketing HubService Hub
STARTER$35 per month$35 per month
PROFESSIONAL$560 per month$280 per month
ENTERPRISE$3200 per month$1200 per month

3. PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner is a tool that helps to import leads into the contact manager, record voicemails, and create emails. It allows a built-in contact manager to create a selected list for the dial session. 


PhoneBurner contains excellent features for marketers from all company sizes and experience levels. Here are some features:

Features and benefits of PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner has CRM + Salesforce integration which helps manage the marketers. 

It provides alerts of email opens, attachment views, Calls tracking, auto-dialer, reporting, and analytics. 

It helps send personalized emails and Voicemail and supports view call and session statistics. Professional Voicemail can be sent with a single click, so users won’t have to listen to the message first before going on to the next call.


STARTER$149 per user/month

4. InsideSales

InsideSales is a tool that provides the practice of selling far from an office-based environment, rather than relying on in-person sales. It uses phones, online channels, and emails to do business. 


Features and benefits of InsideSales

InsideSales is a tool that gives faster response time to leads. An inside sales team will respond to queries quickly over email or a phone call. 

It helps reduce the cost of sales, easier to scale the team, makes spending more time selling, and increases teamwork.


Communicate Plan$149 per user/month
Elevate Plan$195 per user/month
Accelerate Plan$295 per user/month

5. SalesDialers

SalesDialers comprises sales tools, online dialers, and data resources in front of sales managers who want the best results. 

It boasts easy integration with top CRMs when finding an effective sales dialer. This tool helps a lot. 

It offers a range of next-gen features that helps representatives convert leads into sales and make calls.  

Features and benefits of Salesdialers

Salesdialers provide so many features which benefit many organizations to work in progress. 

It reduces manual error by preventing manual operations, reducing them drastically. 

It improves your team’s productivity, increases call volumes, boosts conversion rate, lowers operational costs, and provides better customer service and satisfaction.


VanillaSoft$80 per user/month
CloudTalk$20 per user/month
Aircall$30 per user/month

6. CrazyCall

CrazyCall is a tool that increases your chances of converting prospects, and its phone system facilitates inbound calls, which helps to examine the prospects and treat them accordingly. 


It authorizes sales representatives to call numbers how they appear on the site.  

Features and benefits of CrazyCall

CrazyCall solves many organizational problems to work correctly, including client database management, Never losing a conversation again, and making calls locally. 

It has so many features that make it easier to work, such as call dialer and matching, call panel, sales analytics, app integration. 


Starter$11 per user/month
Team$22 per user/month

7. RingDNA

RingDNA is also called ‘’ A cloud-based tool that enables the perfect sales workflow and provides every solution a salesperson needs to convert customers, prospects and leads. 


RingDNA helps call more prospects and leads with ease.

Features and benefits of RingDNA

RingDNA helped discover how to unlock rapid growth with an AI-powered RevOps platform. It recommends what works best for the company to grow. 

It is mainly used to connect selling motions with Salesforce to drive efficiency, automation, and scale.


Essentials$11 per user/month
Professional$22 per user/month

8. Aircall

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system that sets up in seconds and contains no hardware. It helps many calls go better when all the correct information is collected together in the cloud. 


Integrate Aircall with CRM systems, Helpdesk solutions, and other essential apps. 

Features and benefits of Aircall

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system that enables productivity, monitors individual and team metrics in real-time to start making measurable improvements. 

It creates new teams, numbers, and workflows whenever new business requirements come.


Essentials$30 per user/month
Professional$50 per user/month

9. Voicent

Voicent makes Communication Effortless which helps the company exceed revenue goals and satisfy several customers. 


It automatically saves the caller information into CRM, and a screen notification pops up when the call connects. 

It sends modified and suitable messages to clients based on their behavior and other events.

Features and benefits of Voicent

Voicent is agent dialer software that is better for Call center outbound campaigns with many agents, delivering uniform marketing or sales messages by agents. 

It also supports political campaign phone banks to reach more voters, fundraising campaigns, and Business marketing campaigns. 


Essentials$30 per user/month
Professional$50 per user/month

10. CallHub

CallHub is software that smoothly integrates with your CRM. 


It reaches people with phone banking services, robocalls, and broadcasting texts software. CallHub is also available in more than 200 countries

Features and benefits of CallHub

Like other tools, CallHub also has many features and benefits that attract customers and organizations. Parties around the world broadly use their Banking software for political groups. 

They have modern volunteer management that helps campaigns grow smoothly with no other added cost.


Essentials$199 per user/month
Scale$499 per user/month
EnterpriseAs much per unlimited contacts

11. Five9

Five9 is a tool that manages agents with digital interaction recording & analytics, performance management, management of quality, gamification, and more. 


It helps the company to motivate, Attract,  scale, retain, and engage the best agents.

Features and benefits of Five9



Five9 gains business intelligence on scripts, call logs, customer feedback, ACD queues, and campaign activity. 

It shortens the integration timelines and startups. All the controls are in the hand of the business user. 

It also allows access to the functions and features. 



12. ChaseData

ChaseData is a tool that Inbound or outbound, no matter what industry, a company’s call center is an excellent vital quality for the client experience. 


It helps get every call quick, personal, and efficient with the ChaseData Call Center Software’s surrounding solution.

Features and benefits of ChaseData

The administrator can monitor active engagements and then track progress with real-time updates. 

Call centers can use the solution to conduct many campaigns simultaneously and switch between them in real-time.


Small Business$89.00 per user/month
Professional$139.00 per user/month
Enterprise$169.00 per user/month

13. Sales Sling

Sales Sling is software that offers the latest technology systems in a dashboard that requires training to run. 

Sales Sling

They customize to suit the sales pipeline of workforce management tools that work without charges and distant employees.

Features and benefits of Sales Sling

Sales Sling’s cloud-based call center software launches call to many numbers at once, routes call agents only once when they are connected, and utilizes the predictive dialer function to increase call volume. 

It helps record calls to store the data into the system, maintaining a complete contact history.


Starting$49.99 per user/month
Enterpriseper agent

14. CallFire

CallFire is a tool that allows the telemarketing team to efficiently and effectively contact sales prospects where uploading phone numbers and names is easy. 


The auto-dial feature with the message drop to voicemail concluded in telemarketers focusing on the calls with the least setup time.

Features and benefits of CallFire

CallFire provides many benefits and features, including transferring unlimited calls, Data collection & reporting, tracking results, collecting responses, customizing scripts, and transferring data to see agents’ performance.


Startup$199 per month
Lite$99 per month
Pay as you go6¢ per minute/text
Pro$599 per month

15. FreshSales

FreshSales is a tool that personalizes engagement, helps grow business, sales cycle shortening. 


It helps to have conversations with automating time-consuming tasks and spend valuable time selling. 

It keeps teams satisfied with solutions that are easy to implement and easier to use.  

Features and benefits of Freshsales

FreshSales help enhance prospects with high-quality leads, focus on the right deals, keep on top of sales activities, Improve conversion rate, Increase deal value by upselling and cross-selling, and boost customer satisfaction.


Growth$15 per user/month
Pro$39 per user/month
Enterprise$69 per user/month

16. Zapier

Zapier is a tool that provides easy automation for busy people and moves pieces of information between web apps automatically, which helps focus on the other important work and link the web apps with few clicks and share data. 


Features and benefits of Zapier

Freshsales help enhance prospects with high-quality leads, focus on the right deals, keep on top of sales activities, Improve conversion rate, Increase deal value by upselling and cross-selling, Boost customer satisfaction. 





Starter$19 per user/month
Professional$49 per user/month
Team$299 per user/month
Company$599 per user/month 

17. Leadiro

Leadiro is a cloud-based tool that increases the company’s sales pipelines. It provides the world’s advanced and actionable B2B data intelligence. 


This tool connects directly to the decision-makers, seamlessly looks for and engages ideal buyers.

Features and benefits of Leadiro

The UI is simple to use & the data inside is also helpful. 

They have an ideal position business that requires an acceptable amount of tuning to find the best agent to fit the business needs. 

It has a very positive atmosphere and the salesperson are great to deal with. The leads are affordable and guaranteed, which is efficient enough for a business. 


Premium$399 per user/month
Business$249 per user/month
Professional$99 per user/month


Sales dialer software targets to improve results by clearing up the manual dialing process of calling prospects.

We have already discussed the top sales dialers tools to automate the workflow. However, if you have to select the best sales dialer software, you should always prefer KrispCall Sales Dialer, and KrispCall advanced Sales Dialer is the best among the best.

KrispCall advanced dialers employ cutting-edge dialing technology and contact management tools to assist salespeople in saving time and prioritizing new leads.

The KrispCall Sales Dialer solution works by automating and streamlining dialing procedures.

The KrispCall Sales Dialer is a feature-rich tool that your sales team can utilize to expedite cold calling and campaign calls.

KrispCall Smart dialer features enable your salesforce to work more efficiently.

Sign Up KrispCall for free & enjoy Schedule Free KrispCall demo now as well. It provides you with the price plan according to your business.


Which is the Best Sales Dialer Tool?

KrispCall Sales Dialers software is the best sales dialer tool in 2022.

What is the best outbound dialer software?

Some of the best outbound dialer software is:
1. KrispCall
2. AirCall
3. Voicent
4. CallHub

What is the best auto dialer software?

Some of the best auto dialer software is:
1. KrispCall
2. Five9
3. PhoneBurner
4. Voicent


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