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How to beat your competitors with a virtual business phone?



beat competitors with virtual business phone

Businesses always face loads of competition in the market. You need to be at least one step ahead of your competitors to have a successful business. A business can implement numerous strategies, but the best strategy is to strengthen your business communications with a virtual business phone.

A virtual phone system displays the brand image of your business to customers. It is the quickest way to connect your business and its services with potential leads.

Customers need to get great value in less time to consider your business over your competitors. If you want to beat your competitors, you need to follow these eight ways to improve your sales process with a virtual business phone.

What is a virtual business phone?

A virtual business phone is a communications device that allows you to handle business calls over the internet. It allows users to accept and make calls via a desktop app, a mobile app, or a VoIP phone. It uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) VoIP technology to make phone calls over the IP network.

virtual business phone services

A virtual business phone can be put almost anywhere as long as it has access to the internet. You can use your existing device like laptop, mobile, etc. It has a virtual phone number associated with it. It has several features that aren’t available on traditional phones.

In a virtual business phone, your voice is converted into digital signals. These signals are compressed and sent over the internet as data packets. The data packets are uncompressed to normal audio once they arrive at their destination.

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8 ways to beat your business competition with a virtual business phone

1. Be available 24 x 7

Gone are the days where you usually can take calls only at your office desk. With virtual business phones, you can pick up calls anytime, anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. You can be available whenever your customers need support.

Businesses that can maintain proper contact with customers are more likely to buy your products. 30% – 50% potential leads are converted into real customers when they get customer services at any time.

Even if some customers ask to talk to a particular agent, the call can be easily transferred to that agent’s mobile device. With the virtual phone software on your devices, you can call back any missed calls.

2. Create an ideal customer profile

A business cannot thrive unless they recognize their target audience. Knowing your audience will help you in understanding what your customers are looking for in your products.

Setting up a virtual phone number line is the best way to reach a mass audience who are viewing your products. Most customers make a  call to query about a product whether they will buy or not. This gives a business a perfect chance to filter the characteristics of your target audience.

Create Ideal Customer Profile

All the information from inbound calls assists you in creating a profile of an ideal customer. Once you have an idea about your customers, you can focus on making products the way your customers like.

3. Retain existing customers

Making someone buy your product is one thing but making that customer keep coming back is whole another thing. Retaining customers is crucial for any business. It is about 40% – 60% cheaper to retain an existing customer than to gain new ones. Also, it keeps the integrity of your brand value intact in the market.

Whenever a business loses a customer, they look for other similar businesses. To avoid these situations, you should make follow-up phone calls. What better is to automatically make follow-ups using a virtual phone system regularly.

increase customer retention

Follow-ups allow your customers to get more connected with your business as well as get to query product details, get offers and new information. This way, your businesses can put a strong competition in sustain in the market.

4. Improve customer experience

The more the customers, the larger the business becomes. So, the main priority for any business should be giving the best experience to customers. Satisfying any customers requires giving what the customers want from you.

A virtual business phone is responsible for giving the best customers experience. Fast responses, to-the-point solutions, and good interactions are the three key factors of a successful phone call.

Your business phone system stores all the information of your customers, including their call and purchase history. This information helps you to tackle any customer inquiries to provide them the best service.

5. Stretch your global reach

If you want to grow your business internationally, then you need a virtual business phone. A business phone system gives you access to international phone numbers that help you create a local presence in the international market.

Reaching the international market will bring in more potential leads necessary for competing with your rival companies. More leads mean more chances of making higher sales and improving your revenue.

A virtual phone number will emphasize your brand’s value by making your international customers contact you easily. A toll-free number or a vanity phone number is the best option to make your customers call you since it is free of charge.

6. Tweak with CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has revolutionized the sales and marketing process of a business. CRM tools provide tools that manage your company’s and customer’s data to improve productivity and ROI in all sorts of ways.

CRM tools can be easily implemented in virtual business phone systems. Your phone system alone is enough to deal with inbound and outbound calls. But with CRM tools, you have the privilege of automating the workforce and eventually leading you to get more tasks done in very little time.

The working pace of your business impacts your position against your competitors. There is very little room for attracting an audience to your business. This is managed by CRM tools using all the available data. Your business will fall behind the market trend if you do not integrate CRM into your system.

7. Connect in one click

Most people don’t waste their time looking for contact information to contact you. So it is essential to place your number front and center where it is easily noticed. Otherwise, people quickly move into other businesses providing the same type of service you are offering.

The virtual business phone offers you a click-to-call feature that allows your website’s visitors to call you in just one click. The study says that there is a 50% -70% rise in sales with the click-to-call feature.

Customers get fast responses while makes them stick to the business. This way, customers do not look for alternatives and buy products from your website. Also, it helps you to collect vital data for creating profiles of your ideal target audience.

8. Reduce expenses

The virtual business phone saves you a lot of money. It reduces the extra expenditure of physical infrastructure required in traditional business phones. Also, its subscription charges 70% cheaper than a traditional phone line. You and your customers do not have to pay any international charges.

All in all, you can take your business ahead of your competitors by cutting down expenses to maximize profit margin. It does not seem like a virtual business phone reduces huge money, but you will find a difference when applying practically.

You can easily scale employees in your company without any extra expenses using the business phone system.

Summing up

In today’s age of cloud services and social media, virtual business phones have become integral for any business. It is difficult for a business to compete in the market without setting up a proper business phone system. It will assist your business in handling business communications, managing customer relationships, and streamlining the sales processes.

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