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What Does Sent as Text Message Mean?



What does sent as text mean

It’s interesting how so many people are using iPhones📱 these days. As an iPhone user, have you ever sent a text only to see the regular blue bubble turn green🟢 with the mark “sent as text message“? This can happen when your message is sent as a regular SMS or MMS through the mobile phone’s SMS protocol, indicated by the green bubble.

Are you wondering why the text bubble has switched to green? You might be interested in understanding its significance and learning how to correct this situation.

Don’t worry. In this blog, we will discover what sent as a text message means, explore whether these messages are successfully delivered, and highlight the differences between text messages and iMessages on your iPhone.🌟


  • ‘Sent as text message’ means the text is sent through SMS protocol despite an iMessage.
  • Messages can be successfully sent when it shows ‘Sent as text message’ but no delivery confirmation.
  • If the color of the bubble turns green, it means the message was sent via SMS.
  • ‘Sent as text message’ indicates forwarding a message to the recipient’s device, whereas delivered indicates the message is received on the recipient’s device.
  • iMessage can be sent through Apple devices only, but text messages can be sent through any mobile phone.

What does “sent as text message” mean? 

“Sent as text message” means that a message was sent using the traditional Short Message Service (SMS) interactive protocol rather than through an internet-based messaging service. This can happen when the sender’s or recipient’s device doesn’t support advanced messaging features like iMessage (on iPhones) or Rich Communication Services messaging (RCS on Android devices) or when connectivity issues prevent using these advanced messaging options.

When a message is sent as a text message, it is delivered using the cellular network and may not include features like read receipts, typing indicators, or multimedia support that are available in internet-based messaging platforms.

Did the message labeled “sent as text message” successfully go through?

Yes, “sent as a text message” means the message was successfully sent through the cellular network. However, it cannot ensure delivery confirmation because factors like the recipient’s network connection, phone status, or service provider issues can affect the delivery. 

Thus, it means your message has possibly been sent, but you won’t get a read receipt or delivery confirmation.

How do you know if your message was sent as a text message on your iPhone? 

To find out if your message was sent as a text message on your iPhone, various techniques are available in the following section:

1. Check the color of the bubble

Pay attention to the color of the message bubble on your iPhone to determine if you sent your message as a text message. 

  • If a green text bubble appears, it indicates that the message was sent as an SMS (Short Message Service) to a non-Apple device.
  • If a blue text bubble appears, it signifies the message has been sent successfully as an iMessage to an Apple device.

2. Look for the “Sent as Text Message” Status 

Another way to find out if your message has been sent as text message on your iPhone is by looking for the status below the message that appears as “sent as text message,” which confirms that the message was sent using the SMS (Short Message Service) protocol.

3. Delivery and Read Receipts

Another way to identify if your message was sent as a text message on your iPhone is to check the Delivery and Reading receipts.

Nevertheless, “sent as text message” doesn’t necessarily ensure delivery confirmation but indicates that your message was sent successfully via SMS (Short Message Service).

Look for a notification of a “Delivered” or “Read” receipt, which signifies that your message has been successfully delivered and read by the recipient.

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What does “sent as text message” mean on iPhone? 

The “sent as text message” on iPhone means various things occur for multiple reasons, such as the recipient not using an Apple device, disabled iMessage, or connectivity problems.

Here are the reasons why “sent as a text message” appears on an iPhone:

1. The iMessage was delivered as SMS messages. 

When an iPhone user’s message is labeled as “sent as text message,” it indicates that the message has been sent as a regular SMS or MMS rather than iMessage. 

Although “sent as text message” ensures the message was successfully sent through SMS, it cannot guarantee delivery confirmation like iMessage.

2. The “Send as SMS” option is enabled.

When your message is sent as a text message on an iPhone, you might have enabled the “Send as SMS” option, which automatically lets you send messages as regular SMS or multimedia messages (MMS) when iMessage cannot send the message.

However, you can disable the “Send SMS” option by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap the “Messages” option.
  3. Turn off the switch next to “Send an SMS” and make it grey.

3. The recipient’s device is switched off. 

When a message is marked as “sent as text message”  on an iPhone, it can mean that the recipient’s device is switched off. 

If you face this status, iPhone users can try resending the message later once the recipient’s device seems online.

4. The recipients no longer use Apple devices. 

When you message an iPhone user and see the message “sent as a text message,” which means the message has been sent as a standard SMS (Short Message Service) instead of an iMessage, it might be possible that they are no longer using iOS devices. 

5. The receiver doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection. 

After sending messages, if you receive “sent as text message,” then it means that the receiver’s phone is not connected to the internet or cellular data. Therefore, make sure to have a stable internet connection for iMessage functionality.

6. iMessage is turned off in the receiver’s phone. 

Sometimes, suppose your message is sent as a text message. In that case, it indicates the recipient’s iMessage is turned off, eventually sending text messages as a regular SMS (Short Message Service) or MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) instead of iMessage.

7. iMessage is inactive on your or the recipient’s end. 

iPhone users may find their messages sent as text messages due to iMessage being inactive on either their device or the recipient’s end. 

Therefore, when iMessage is inactive, the message may be sent using SMS protocol instead of iMessage.

8. You might be blocked. 

Unfortunately, if your message is sent as a text message, it means you may have been blocked by the person to whom you intend to send a text. However, this does not decisively guarantee that you have been blocked; it merely acts as an indication.

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Sent as text message Vs delivered: What is the difference?

The main difference between a ‘sent as text message’ and ‘delivered’ is that ‘sent as text message’ indicates the message has been dispatched from the sender’s device and is routed to the recipient’s device. 

However, when ‘delivered’ conveys, the message has successfully reached the recipient’s device.  

All in all, ‘sent as text message’ signifies that the message has been forwarded from the sender’s device, whereas a ‘delivered’ message denotes that the recipient’s device has received the message.

Sent as text message Vs iMessage: What are the differences? 

The difference between iMessage and text messages is that iMessage uses an internet connection, while text messages depend on cellular data networks.

A blue chat bubble typically identifies iMessage, whereas a green chat bubble identifies regular text messages. iMessage stands out from SMS messages by offering features like read receipts, typing indicators, and superior file-sharing capabilities.

iMessage works only on Apple devices, while text messages and multimedia messages can be sent on any device. Also, when it comes to security, iMessage offers end-to-end encryption, whereas SMS texts do not. 

Moreover, iMessages can send photos, videos, and other large files, which cannot be done by text messages. Finally, regarding speed, iMessages are faster than regular text messages due to Apple’s servers and propriety format.

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‘Sent as text message’ means your text has been sent using SMS protocol instead of an iMessage, which can occur when the recipient’s internet connection, devices, or iMessage service is unavailable. This may also occur if the ‘Send SMS’ feature is enabled or if you have been blocked. 

Therefore, don’t worry anymore when you encounter this message. Moreover, understanding the differences between sending and delivering a text message helps to avoid unnecessary worry about the status of your message.

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Does “Sent as Text Message” Mean Delivered?

The “Sent as text message” doesn’t necessarily mean that the message was delivered, but it indicates the message was sent successfully through the regular mobile network routes. Since SMS doesn’t consistently offer delivery confirmations, it is not guaranteed the message has been delivered successfully.

Does being sent as text message mean being blocked?

No, The “sent as text message” doesn’t conclusively mean your number is blocked.

Why does it say sent as text message?

It says “sent as text message” because the message was sent using the SMS protocol, server Sending SMS, rather than any messaging app or platform that uses mobile data or an internet connection.

Does green text mean blocked?

Green text doesn’t mean blocked, but other reasons exist, such as sending a message as a standard SMS instead of iMessage.

What does “sent as a text message” mean on Android devices?

“Sent as a text message” means that the message was sent using SMS protocol or when the recipient’s device does not support RCS (Rich Communication Services), which is especially relevant for Android users and Android devices.

What are RCS messages?

Rich Communication Services (RCS message) is an enhanced form of text messaging that allows for features like read receipts, typing indicators, high-resolution media sharing, and group chats. It offers a more interactive and engaging messaging experience compared to traditional SMS messages.

What do the green and blue messages mean in iMessage?

Green messages indicate SMS messages sent to non-Apple devices, while blue messages indicate iMessage messages sent between Apple devices.

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