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How to Sign up for ChatGPT (OpenAI) Without a Phone Number?



how to use chatgpt without a phone number

Have you ever wondered if you could use ChatGPT without a phone number? 🤔

ChatGPT has been a popular AI chatbot in recent times, but there is no option to skip phone verification during sign-up and verify your account without the number.

If you are still deciding whether to give your personal phone number to OpenAI for ChatGPT verification, you can use a virtual number as your second phone number for the verification. 

In this article, we will show you how you can sign up for ChatGPT without sharing your personal phone number. 


  • OpenAI asks for your phone number to verify that you’re a real person, keep out spammers, and ensure that your account stays secure.
  • You can use ChatGPT without providing a phone number by accessing it through various integrated platforms or using virtual phone numbers for verification.
  • You can register for ChatGPT without a phone number by using temporary numbers, friends’ or family’s numbers, WhatsApp in certain countries, or accessing it through Snapchat’s My AI feature.
  • To keep your personal information safe while using ChatGPT, consider using KrispCall’s virtual numbers.
  • You can get the virtual phone number for ChatGPT through KrispCall by selecting your location and completing the payment process.

Is OpenAI safe to give your phone number?

OpenAI is a trustworthy company, and many users use their personal phone numbers for verification. It is safe to give your phone number to the OpenAI while verifying for ChatGPT.

Phone number verification is required for the safety and security of the users. Also, the company states that your phone number will be used for verification purposes only, not for any other reasons. 

sign up chatGPT with virtual number

But you can choose alternatives and use OpenAI without phone number if you are skeptical about losing your personal information and keeping your phone number private. 

Why does OpenAI ask for a phone number?

OpenAI needs your phone number to verify and confirm your identity. Here are some reasons why OpenAI asks for a phone number. 

  • OpenAI requires your real number to confirm that you’re a real human and to avoid bots and fake accounts.
  • Phone number verification removes spammers who create multiple accounts and cause overload the servers, misuse the AI language model, and create problems for genuine users.    
  • OpenAI uses phone number verification to strengthen security and avoid potential risks like fraud and scams. 
  • Providing a phone number to your account in ChatGPT helps to add an extra layer of security like 2FA(Two Factor Authentication), which denies unauthorized users to gain access to your account.

Before you provide your phone number or personal information, it can be helpful for you to read and review the terms and conditions and policies of OpenAI. 

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Can you use ChatGPT without Phone number?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT without phone number. While signing up for OpenAI (ChatGPT), it is compulsory to enter your mobile number for verification, but you can access ChatGPT through different websites and messengers.

You can log in and register ChatGPT with different integrated websites and platforms, such as WhatsApp Messenger, Microsoft account, Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc.  You can register using your existing account without entering your personal number.

You can use virtual phone numbers to keep your personal information private. A virtual number as your secondary phone number can help you a lot to verify your ChatGPT account. 

Get Virtual Phone Number for ChatGPT Account.

Verify your ChatGPT account with virtual phone number and keep your info private.

Select numbers :

Also, ChatGPT is unavailable in different countries, so you choose your number from the location where ChatGPT is available.

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What are Alternative Ways to Register ChatGPT Without a Phone Number?

You can choose alternative ways besides using your virtual or private number. You don’t compulsorily require your personal phone or mobile number to register for ChatGPT.

Here are some alternatives to registering ChatGPT without a phone number.

1. Sign Up Using Email Address

You can use your email address to sign up for ChatGPT instead of a phone number. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to ChatGPT’s website.
  2. Click “Sign up.”
  3. Choose “Email.”
  4. Enter your email and password.
  5. Check your email for a link.
  6. Click the link to finish signing up.
  7. Start chatting on ChatGPT!

2. Use a Temporary Number

A temporary phone number is among the best options if you want to use something other than your own personal number or VoIP number for ChatGPT phone number verification. You can generate temporary numbers and receive verification codes through different websites.

There are many services that provide temporary phone numbers for quick verifications. These services provide numbers from the UK, United States, Canada, and more. 

Here are the steps to use temporary numbers for ChatGPT verification:

  1. Find a reliable temporary number generator website
  2. Generate the number
  3. Enter the generated number in your ChatGPT account.
  4. A verification code will be sent to the generator website.
  5. Enter the code, and you’re good to go.

Note:  OpenAI can reject and unauthorize temporary numbers. You can not fully depend on temporary numbers for OpenAI verification. 

3. Use Friends/Family Numbers 

You can use your friends or family’s numbers if you do not want to use your private number. If you talk to friends and family and ask for their numbers for phone verification, it can be best to keep your information private.

However, your information will be private and safe, but it can compromise their privacy and security. You should consider their privacy and personal information while using their number. 

4. Use WhatsApp

As of 2023, you can use WhatsApp instead of phone numbers to verify your OpenAI and ChatGPT accounts in certain countries. If you’re from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE, India, Vietnam, Ukraine, Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, and Egypt, you can register ChatGPT from WhatsApp.

Here are the steps to register for ChatGPT with WhatsApp. 

  • You can select your country while creating a ChatGPT account. If you’re from WhatsApp-supported countries, a question will appear, “Do you use WhatsApp?” just below the phone number.
  • Click yes and choose Send Code via WhatsApp for verification code.
  • Enter the code received from WhatsApp and use ChatGPT.

5. My AI Chatbot on Snapchat

Snapchat has initiated a new AI chatbot feature called My AI, powered by ChatGPT. Snapchat does not require a phone number to sign up, and users can access ChatGPT without any phone verification. The new feature has already been deployed on the Snapchat app and the web.

6. Try using a Temporary phone number for SMS verification

An alternative method to register is by utilizing a temporary phone number for ChatGPT (OpenAI) without a personal phone number. Numerous websites, such as and, provide virtual phone numbers specifically for SMS verification purposes. These websites offer a user-friendly interface for obtaining a temp phone number for ChatGPT. While initiating the number generation process, you will receive a verification code directly to your browser inbox.

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How to get a virtual phone number for ChatGPT?

With KrispCall, getting a virtual phone number for ChatGPT is easy. KrispCall provides international phone numbers with advanced security to sign up for ChatGPT.

Here are the instructions to get a virtual phone number for ChatGPT:

  1. Find a reliable number provider for ChatGPT, like KrispCall.
  2. Sign up with a new account and log in to the Dashboard.
  3. Select the preferred city and country as your location.
  4. Choose an international number for ChatGPT verification (OpenAI does not give access to a landline and toll-free numbers)
  5. Complete the payments and submit the necessary documents.
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How to Sign Up for ChatGPT With a Virtual Phone Number?

You can easily Sign Up for ChatGPT after getting a virtual phone number from KrispCall.

 Here are the steps to sign up for ChatGPT.

  1. Go to ChatGPT from a web browser and click on the “Sign-Up” button.
chtgpt login signup option
  1. Enter your email address and click “Continue” or use Google/Microsoft accounts.
chatgpt login page
  1. Enter a password and again click “Continue”.
chatgpt create account
  1. Verify your email address then enter your Name and date of birth. 
add information in chatbot
  1. A phone number prompt will be displayed; enter your new virtual number and submit.
ChatGPT verify phone number

A verification code will be sent to that number. Open the KrispCall app, check inbox messages, receive SMS, and verify your account. You’ll be able to use ChatGPT. 


We hope this article clarifies your confusion about registering OpenAI and ChatGPT without a phone number.  There are multiple ways to register and use ChatGPT, such as virtual numbers, WhatsApp, and other social media accounts.

A virtual number is suitable for registering and using ChatGPT without providing your private number and personal information. KrispCall provides a virtual number with enhanced features and high security to keep your information safe. You can get international numbers from 100+ countries.

If you want to keep your personal information safe using OpenAI and ChatGPT, try it with KrispCall virtual numbers!


How to buy a virtual number for chatGPT?

To buy a virtual number for ChatGPT, follow the given instructions:
1. Find a reputed Voip service provider like KrispCall
2. Sign up and log in to the dashboard
3. Choose the country and select the number
4. Complete the payment process.
5. Use the number to sign up for ChatGPT.

How to create an OpenAI account in unsupported countries?

You can use a VPN If you are in an unsupported country to create an OpenAI account. Once connected, simply visit the OpenAI website and follow the instructions for creating a new account. 

Can you make an OpenAI account without a phone number?

Yes, you can make an OpenAI account without a phone number. You can use virtual numbers, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack to register for an OpenAI account.  After registering, you can use it for content generation, language translation, asking questions, and solving problems.

Why does ChatGPT need phone number?

ChatGPT needs phone number to verify your account and for security reasons. It requires a phone number to avoid fake accounts and bot spammers from server overload.  

Is ChatGPT free?

Yes, ChatGPT is free for the public.  Currently, it is in the research and feedback collection phase. But a premium version is also available, which is known as ChatGPT Plus.

What are the ChatGPT Alternatives without phone verification in 2024?

The ChatGPT Alternatives without phone verification in 2024 are:
1. Perplexity
2. Writesonic
4. Otter
5. Bing
6. SpinBot
7. Jasper Chat
8. Bard
9. YouChat

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