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Ringover Pricing: Can It Beat KrispCall?



Can Ringover pricing beat KrispCall

Choosing the best and most affordable VoIP service provider for your business can be a hassle, as many options are available on the market. Let’s break down your hassle by comparing two standard VoIP providers: Ringover and KrispCall. 💡

Ringover and KrispCall do share some similar features in their plan. However, they differ in pricing and capabilities, even on the same tiers. Also, it is to be noted that the features of one Ringover plan differ from those of another plan. 

In this blog, we will explain the plan and pricing of two VoIP providers and their features on different plans. We also cover the pricing of both Ringover and KrispCall plans. This blog will surely answer the above questions: Ringover Pricing: Can it beat KrispCall?


  • The subscription plan for Ringover starts at $21 /month per user.
  • The subscription plan for Ringover starts at $12 /month per user.
  • KrispCall’s pricing plan is more cost-effective than Ringover.

Ringover Plans And Pricing 

Ringover is a cloud telephone system that provides a calling and messaging system through VoIP features. The plans and pricing of Ringover vary according to business requirements and are divided into three main parts.

Ringover Pricing and Plans

Smart Plan: $21/month/user (Billed Annually)

The smart plan is targeted at small businesses. The calling feature is limited to 90 destinations only, and the text message features have geographic barriers available for US and CA numbers only.

Smart plan features include:

  • One local number per user from 43 countries only.
  • Costs extra charge for adding additional numbers.
  • Call notification.
  • Smart Dialer.
  • Text messaging features are available only in the US and Canada.
  • The out-of-plan destination features cost an extra charge to include in our plan.  
  • Inbound call management features like IVR and call hold. It doesn’t include features like smart routing, call queues, etc.
  • Email notification of voicemail.
  • Access to Ringover SDK
  • Call recording features.
  • Email and phone support.

Business Plan: $44/month/user (Billed Annually)

It focuses on serving mid-level businesses and includes more call management features and local numbers than smart plans.

The business plan includes all of the smart plan plans and a few more.

  • European mobile number available.
  • Call forwarding to the receptionist.
  • Smart Routing.
  • Call queues.
  • Call campaigns.
  • Video conference tags.
  • Native integration is available.
  • Private chat during video conferencing.
  • Call whispering.
  • General Blocklist.
  • Access to our webhooks.

Advanced Plan: $54/month/user (billed annually)

The advanced plans are suitable for large and enterprise-level businesses. This plan includes all the features of smart plans and business plans. It adds only a few more features than business plans.

Some of the features of the Advanced plan are:

  • Custom code entry option available in IVR.
  • Call campaigns.
  • Call scripts.
  • Voicemail drops.
  • Local presence dialing.

Additional Cost

The above-mentioned plan’s prices exclude taxes. The actual price is more than the mentioned cost. The exact price depends on your plan.

Free trial

Ringover provides only a 7-day free trial.

KrispCall Plans & Pricing

The KrispCall Plans and Pricing model offers customizable and flexible options for your business. KrispCall’s plans are priced lower than Ringover’s.

Pricing is planned on a monthly and annual basis, choosing annually is the best option, as it reduces your cost. They also offer a customizable option on their plan and pricing. The customizable option helps you pay for your requirements only.

KrispCall’s plans and prices are divided into three main parts.

krispcall pricing

Essential Plan: $12/month/user (Billed Annually)

KrispCall’s essential plan is recommended for small businesses, startups, and freelancers that include advanced cloud telephony features. 

Features of the Essential plan include:

  • Advanced call-handling features like call forwarding, call listening, call barging, call blocking, and call whispering are included in the essential plan.
  • Custom Caller ID (Number Masking)
  • Number sharing
  • IVR features.
  • Call analytics for better customer experience.
  • DND for phone numbers and callers.
  • International Messaging (US & Canada)
  • Internal Reply Thread
  • SMS and MMS messaging features.
  • Call Notes in Callbox and Dialers
  • Voicemail and voicemail filter.
  • Integration with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamic 365, Nimble CRM, and many more
  • Multiple Agents and Agents Groups are effective for call centers

Standard Plan: $32/month/user (Billed Annually)

The standard plan focuses on mid-level businesses as it adds more features than the Essential plan. KrispCall’s standard plan is recommended for call center businesses.

The Standard plan includes every feature of the essential plan and a bigger user limit. Some of the key features of the Standard plan are:

  • Here, the user’s limit is unlimited
  • Record Playback Fast Forward
  • Pause and Resume Call Recording
  • Bulk SMS
  • Call Recording and Storage are Unlimited
  • Call Transfer
  • Integration with Slack is also available

Enterprise plan: Custom Plan To Fit Any Need

Enterprise plan provides customizable features for your business. The customizable option helps you pay for your requirements only. An enterprise plan can be the best option to upgrade your small or mid-level business to the next level.

The enterprise plan includes all the essential and standard plans, and the only difference is that it is custom-built. The enterprise plan provides a few advanced features for your business. The key features of Enterprise plans are:

  • Developer Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Customizable feature option

Additional Cost

The above prices do not require additional costs. They include taxes. The prices are the same as mentioned above.

Free KrispCall Demo

You can book a Free KrispCall Demo any time to discover its exciting features. You can schedule a virtual meeting with the KrispCall product specialist to learn more about features and a comprehensive guide for your business requirements.

KrispCall’s virtual meeting is open all the time. Schedule your meeting with a few clicks.

Common Features Across All of KrispCall’s Plans

Common features of all KrispCall plans are:

  • Call handling features like number sharing, call blocking, listening, whispering, barging, and forwarding.
  • Call Analytics to keep track of customer activities.
  • Phone Trees (IVR).
  • Custom Caller ID (Number Masking).
  • Multiple Agents and Groups designed for call centers.
  • Integration with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamic 365, Nimble CRM, and many more
  • International SMS and MMS messaging features.
  • DND for phone numbers and callers.
  • Voicemail, voicemail filters, and voicemail transcription.

Which Is The Best KrispCall’s Plan?

The Essential plan is best for small businesses as it provides the most affordable and essential features. It includes all the standard features of running a small business.

The Standard Plan provides all the features that are good for both small and mid-level businesses at an affordable pricing option. This plan is highly recommended and best suited for call center businesses and is also a popular choice among customers.

The Enterprise plan will be best if your business needs some customized functions. The customizable option helps you pay for your requirements only.

Key Features of Ringover & KrispCall

To examine differentiate between them, inspecting their top feature might be a significant step.

Let’s check out their Top Features.

Top Ringover Features 

Some of the top features of Ringover are:

  • Local Number: Getting a number of local areas lets you build a presence in a specific region because people feel more comfortable engaging and interacting with local numbers than international numbers, and Ringover offers local numbers for that.
  • Unlimited calls to 100+ destinations: Ringover lets you make an unlimited call to 100+ destinations. However, your number should be located within the European Economic Area, EU, UK, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (excluding Switzerland).
  • Smart Dialer: It helps to autocomplete your number. It checks the database of your number and completes your typing number after finding matching contacts.
  • Sending SMS and MMS: Ringover provides International SMS and MMS services. However smart plans provide US and CA numbers only. Prices may vary according to the geographic location and the pricing plans.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): IVR engages the customer when call traffic is high. It provides pre-recorded audio messages and the option to input the key for a particular service. It routes your call to different department’s reception, support, contact, etc.

Top Features of KrispCall

Some of the top features of KrispCall are:

  • Sophisticated Call Management Feature: Call handling features are common and the top features of KrispCall. Some of the call-handling features are call listening, call whispering, and call barging.
  • Unified CallBox: Unified Callbox is a centralized interface that brings all the cloud telephony features together for easy use. The main purpose of a unified callbox is to assist the user in saving time and being more productive so that users do not have to open another window to use different features.
  • Global Calling: Global calling refers to calling someone internationally or globally. Global calling features help diversify businesses globally. KrispCall provides international call service across the globe. KrispCall provides a virtual number of 100+ countries that help to expand your business in a particular region.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode (DND Mode): DND mode silences all your notifications, including calls, alerts, and SMS, temporarily. It reduces distraction, allowing the user to concentrate without any interruptions. Using DND mode helps to increase productivity at work as it reduces all distractions.
  • Call Analytics: Call analytics is one of the metrics of call analysis that helps to assemble, inspect, and assess business phone data for further decision-making. It helps monitor your customer’s call details and track the performance of your customer engagement on both inbound and outbound calls. 
  • Bulk SMS: Bulk SMS is the process of sending messages in bulk to a huge number of customers at once. Sending the same message manually to different customers is time-consuming. With the Bulk SMS features, you can convey a message to a large audience. 

User Feedback Based on Price and Feature

As per some of the genuine promising KrispCall reviews on the g2 website, it can be said that KrispCall is the preferred choice over Ringover for several reasons. KrispCall offers a more cost-effective solution with a monthly subscription starting at $12 (billed annually) compared to Ringover’s $29 per user, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Additionally, KrispCall provides many advanced functionalities & capabilities that can enhance team interactions and productivity for all types of teams. Moreover, KrispCall also has more feature offerings than Ringover and is more versatile overall, based on reviews.

Lastly, KrispCall is also praised for its telephony services, user-friendly interface, and stands out as a more cost-effective and feature-rich cloud telephony system

Comparison Table 

Comparison table of Ringover plans and pricing with KrispCall pricing plan:

Feature/ FunctionalityRingover Smart planRingover Advanced planKrispCall Essential PlanKrispCall Standard PlanKrispCall Enterprise Plan
Monthly price per user on annual billed$21$54$12$32Custom
Local NumberOne(1) number per user/companyOne(1) number per user/companyMultiple numbers per user/agentMultiple numbers per user/agentMultiple numbers per user/agent
Local Number From Country43 countries65 countries100+ countries 100+ countries 100+ countries 
Extra charge on planExclusive taxExclusive taxIncluded tax. No more extra charge.Included tax. No more extra charge.Included tax. No more extra charge.
Call whispering✔️✔️✔️✔️
Call recording✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
DND Mode✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Power Dialer✔️✔️✔️✔️
Perosonal block list✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Mobile, web, and desktop✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Integration with other CRM-like software✔️✔️✔️✔️

Ringover or KrispCall: Which Is The Right Provider for Your Business?

Choosing the right provider for your business hinges on various factors, such as company size, growth plans, and specific feature requirements. When comparing Ringover and KrispCall, it’s essential to consider their pricing, features, and suitability for your business needs.

Ringover offers a cloud-based telephone system with decent functionalities and with it pricing ranges from $21 to $54 per user per month, which may be slightly higher compared to other VoIP providers. However, it’s crucial to note that the features included in Ringover’s smart and business plans may be more limited compared to other providers in the market.

Moreover, Ringover has restrictions on the availability of local numbers, covering only 65 countries.

On the other hand, KrispCall presents a compelling alternative to Ringover, with a focus on sophisticated features and expansive coverage.

KrispCall’s pricing options are way simpler and offer a comprehensive set of features at an affordable starting price of $12 per user per month when billed annually. Each plan includes essential & advanced features such as call barging, IVR, SMS and MMS, and call analytics, making it suitable for businesses looking to establish a strong telephony foundation.

For businesses with larger-scale operations or call center needs, KrispCall has all it takes to support every telephony need. Additionally, it is also a customizable solution, allowing businesses to tailor their telephony setup according to their unique needs.

That is why KrispCall’s cloud telephony system is the ideal choice for businesses looking for a budget-friendly solution. 

KrispCall Leads With Better Value and Pricing

KrispCall provides sophisticated features at an affordable cost. KrispCall’s essential features include more advanced cloud telephony features than other VoIPs.

The following reason justifies that KrispCall can lead with better value and pricing.

Starting price in low-cost

KrispCall provides sophisticated features at a low price compared to other VoIP service providers. The essential plan of KrispCall starts at just $12 with more advanced cloud telephony features.

Sophisticated plans

KrispCall’s basic plan includes all the call-handling features and many more features that are perfectly fit for small-level businesses. The standard plan lacks only a few features, than enterprise plan. Standard plans are almost the same as enterprise-level plans. Even the standard plan is enough for mid-level call center businesses.


KrispCall’s service can be accessed through any device. It supports mobile, tablet, and desktop versions. All the call-handling and other CRM features can be accessed through the use of mobile devices. Any device will fit perfectly because of its responsive nature.


Scaling your business plan is cheap and feasible. During your plan upgrade, there will be no hassle. KrispCall will take care of all your old data. Scale your features alongside your businesses.

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