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Google Voice Text Forwarding: Is it Possible?



Is Google Voice text forwarding possible

Are you looking for an app that enhances team communication without intriguing your privacy? Do you have any thoughts on considering Google Voice? 🤔

Although Google Voice provides text-forwarding features, it comes with limitations that might not meet your business demand if you are operating worldwide. 

So, in this blog, we are going to help you set up a Google Voice for text forwarding feature. This blog will also give insight into Google Voice limitations and a better alternative to Google Voice. 💡


  • Google Voice can forward text messages using other phone numbers or email addresses but not multiple email addresses automatically.
  • Some limitations of Google Voice text forwarding features are it is slightly expensive, does not provide toll-free numbers and has no CRM integrations.
  • Some of the best SMS forwarding apps are KrispCall, MightyText, Join, Pushbullet, etc. 
  • KrispCall forwards text messages (SMS) received from one phone number to another phone number helping users get easy access to messages and providing flexibility.

Can Google Voice forward text messages?

Yes, you can forward text messages using Google Voice to other phone numbers or email addresses. However, you won’t be able to automatically forward text messages to multiple email addresses. It is necessary to note that Google Voice doesn’t support email addresses other than the one it has on its file. 

This feature is crucial if you want to receive messages on multiple devices or if you want to unify your communications in one place. Moreover, you can also manage your forwarding settings through the Google Voice app regarding how you receive and respond to messages. This will provide the user with more flexibility and convenience.

How does text forwarding work in Google Voice?

Google Voice text forwarding works by allowing you to forward text messages to the email address linked with your Google Voice account. As soon as someone sends a text message to your Google Voice account, you can manage your settings. After that, you can forward these messages to another phone number or email address as required. 

Also, Google Voice doesn’t integrate with any app that isn’t a part of the Google Suite. Therefore, you can’t automatically log SMS messages into your CRM. So, this works best if you’re just looking to receive text message notifications to your Gmail address.

How to forward Google Voice text messages?

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to forward Google Voice text messages:

  1. First, log in to your Google Voice account by going through the website
  2. Then, click on the setting options in the top left corner.
  3. Search for the options related to “messages” or “text forwarding”; it may be labeled differently as per the interface.
  4. Turn on the text forwarding options and specify the forwarding destinations. 
  5. Then, save the changes you have made. 

While specifying the forwarding destination, enter the phone number or email address where you are willing to forward. This may require further verification. After enabling this setting, when someone sends you a message on your Google Voice number, it will forward the message to a specific destination.

Finally, you can directly reply to the forwarded text messages from your preferred device or email account wherever you have received them. Google Voice will send your replies using your Google Voice number.

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What other limitations does Google Voice have besides text forwarding?

Some of the other limitations of Google Voice are:

Unavailable in most of the countries

Unlike other SMS forwarding apps, Google Voice is only available in the United States. The regulatory constraints, difficulties in securing local numbers, complex service integration requirements and legal compliance issues, makes it hard to be available in other countries. This implies that individuals living outside the US and Canada will not be able to sign up for Google Voice. 

Has limited texting features

Although Google Voice supports sending and receiving MMS messages, its features are rather basic compared to traditional messaging apps. Besides, users lack some modern messaging capabilities since it does not support Rich Communication Service (RCS). RCS Messaging offers features like typing indicators, read receipts, and higher-quality media sharing. 

The Google platform doesn’t offer cross-platform syncing or integration. Moreover, there is no end-to-end encryption and offers very limited customization options.

Free texting available to only US customers

Since free texting is only available to US customers only, people from other countries will not be able to access such services. Therefore, businesses need to choose beyond Google Voice if they aim to provide services all over the world.

Does not offer toll-free numbers

Google Voice doesn’t offer any toll-free numbers, which may not be appealing to businesses and organizations. A lack of toll-free numbers will reduce accessibility to provide free communication channels for the clients. Hence, businesses will have to have to spend more money on customer communication. 

No CRM Integrations

The lack of ability to integrate CRM in Google Voice often poses a challenge for businesses in optimizing their communication processes and managing customer relationships. A highly competitive CRM landscape and the diverse needs of businesses across different industries make it complicated for Google Voice to enter into the market. This inability of Google Voice makes it more inclined towards individual uses than business.

Slightly expensive 

Google Voice seems to be rather expensive for the limited features it offers. It might be unreasonable for businesses and individuals to pay more just for some basic features such as call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and text messaging. Besides, some features rather than basics like international calls or texts, advanced call routing options, etc, come with the additional cost. 

How to overcome Google Voice limitations? Is there a better alternative?

In order to overcome the limitations opposed by Google Voice, you can look for alternative service providers that are quite popular in the market for the unique and advanced features they offer. One of the popular text messages forwarding apps is KrispCall

KrispCall is one of the most preferred apps, especially due to its text-forwarding features. The text-forwarding features facilitate effective communication along various devices. It can seamlessly integrate with other CRM applications such as Hubspot, Zapier, etc. It is a part of the cloud phone service with additional functions such as call forwarding, voice-to-email, call transfer, and more.

KrispCall Vs Google Voice: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Let’s compare the functions of Krispcall and Google voice side-by-side:

Factors KrispCallGoogle Voice
PricingStart with $12 per month per user. (if billed annually)( price may vary upon customization)Starts with $10 per month( plus $6 per user per month for Google Workspace)
SMS/MMS to the US & Canada            ✅From the US only
Unified Callbox            ✅          ❌
Additional phone numbers            ✅          ❌
Shared phone numbers            ✅Upgrade needed 
Text forwardingForwards text automaticallyfrom one device to another. Only works for Gmail addresses.
Auto-attendant            ✅Upgrade needed 
CRM integration            ✅              ❌
iOS and Android apps            ✅              ✅

KrispCall: A Best Google Voice SMS Forwarding Alternative 

KrispCall A Best Google Voice Text Forwarding Alternative

SMS forwarding in KrispCall forwards text messages (SMS) easily to alternate number for improved collaboration. This function also helps users easily access messages and provides flexibility, which simplifies overall SMS management. 

Besides text forwarding feature, it also offers advanced SMS forwarding, facilitating effective collaboration along various devices. It can seamlessly integrate with other CRM applications such as Hubspot, Zapier, Pabbly Connect, and many more. It is a part of the cloud phone service with additional functions such as forward calls, voice-to-email, call transfer, and more.

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Google Voice helps forward text messages to other phone numbers or email addresses, but it doesn’t allow you to forward text messages to multiple email addresses automatically. Besides, it also doesn’t offer toll-free numbers to allow your customer to call you at free of cost. Additionally it does not enable integration into other platforms.

Considering all these, you will require an advanced and updated application to meet your business or personal requirements. You need to choose a service provider that best suits your needs. One of the applications you can choose for the best text-forwarding feature is KrispCall. 


Why is Google Voice not forwarding texts?

If your Google Voice isn’t forwarding texts, it may be due to various factors. Some of the common factors may be incorrect settings, poor network connection, lack of service, and other technical issues.

How to forward Google Voice texts to iPhone?

In order to forward Google Voice texts to iPhone, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, open the Google Voice app
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines to access the menu
  3. Go to “settings” and select “ messages.”
  4. Turn on “Forward messages to email” and enter the email address associated with your iPhone.
  5. Make sure to check your iPhone’s email settings to ensure messages are syncing.
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