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How to Create Uber Without a Phone Number?



How to Create Uber Without a Phone Number

Do you want to Sign Up for Uber but not want to share your number or are you looking for a way to bypass Uber verification without using your personal cellphone number?

Uber is a famous transportation network service that provides ride services through its app. 🚗 But it needs a phone number to create an account and receive ride confirmation text messages and updates.

If you are still wondering how to create an Uber account without a phone number or sim card, you can use virtual phone numbers as an alternative for OTP verification. 

In this article, you’ll learn alternative ways to sign up for Uber without using your private phone number!

Without wasting any time, let’s get started! 👇

Why Does Uber need a phone number?

Uber requires a phone number for the safety of the users. Here are some key reasons Uber needs your phone number. 

  • Identity verification: Users need to enter their phone numbers during the registration process for Uber.  It ensures each user has a unique legitimate account and prevents identity theft and fraud. 
  • Notifications: For important updates such as features, ride confirmation, and bug alerts, phone numbers with internet access are needed to alert the users. 
  • Safety and Security: Having a phone number in an Uber account helps reach out to the user or driver in an emergency. It also helps to create a safe environment, and users can report any incidents or safety concerns during the ride. 
  • Contacting the Uber driver/Client: When a user requests an Uber ride or Uber Eats, it connects to the nearby driver. They need a phone number to have clear communication for describing the pickup location and destination via text messages or calls, guiding the coordinates, and confirming the ride. 

How to Create Uber Account Without Phone Number?

If you don’t want to use your sim card or phone number to sign up for Uber, you can use any of the below methods to open a new Uber account:

  • Method 1: Use a virtual phone number
  • Method 2: Use a temporary number       
  • Method 3: Use Friends/ family member’s number   
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Method 1: Use a Virtual Phone Number to Sign up for Uber

One popular method to create an Uber account is using a virtual phone number.

With KrispCall, buying a virtual phone number for an Uber ride is easy. With 5 simple steps, you can effortlessly buy a virtual phone number for Uber; 

  1. Find a trustworthy virtual number provider like KrispCall.
  2. Sign Up and Log in to the Dashboard
  3. Select the preferred country
  4. Choose the number and make payments
  5. Submit the necessary documents for verification

Benefits of using a virtual number for Uber

  • Privacy: With a virtual phone number, you can use a different number for Uber than your number. This is a good option if you don’t want to give your number to drivers or Uber drivers. 
  • Security:  Virtual numbers are not associated with a physical location, making it harder for people to track you.  
  • Flexibility: Not only for Uber, but you can use virtual phone numbers for other verification purposes. Also, you can use a virtual phone number for Uber from any country as it has no location boundaries. 

Now you have a virtual phone number. Follow the steps to create a new Uber account with a virtual phone number.

For Mobile (iOS/Android)

  1. Download the Uber app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Click “Get started” and enter your phone number
  3. Enter the verification code that is sent to your VoIP App.
  4. Now enter your email address. (You can enter a temp email if you want to maintain email privacy) 
  5. Enter your Name and Choose payment information. (you can skip the payment process and do it later)
  6. Agree to terms and agreements and tap the “Next” button.

Now your new Uber account is ready. 

For Web

  1. Go to the Uber website and click Sign up on the top right.
  2. Choose the type of account you want to create (Driver/Rider/ Uber Eats / Uber Business).
  3. Enter the virtual phone number.
  4. Enter the verification code from your VoIP app inbox and your email address.
  5. Enter Your first name and Last name, and choose payment methods.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions and click on the Sign-Up button.
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Method 2. Use a Temporary Number to Create Uber Account

Temporary phone numbers are the best alternatives if you do not want to use your personal or VoIP number for Uber. You can find websites on the web that provide temporary numbers for OTP verification codes. 

You can generate phone numbers from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, France, Netherlands, etc. You can choose the preferred number and enter it while signing up for an Uber ride.

Follow the steps to use temporary phone numbers for your Uber account.

  1. Find a trustworthy temporary number provider.
  2. Choose a number and enter the number on the Uber.
  3. Refresh the provider’s page and look for the verification code
  4. Enter the code, and your Uber account is ready.  

Disclaimer: Uber can reject numbers from unreliable number generator sites, make sure the temporary numbers providers are reliable and Uber accepts the numbers


  • It provides privacy, as you don’t have to use your number
  • Uber drivers/riders can’t get access to your actual phone number
  • Protects you from spam calls and messages
  • Easy to use Uber if you’re traveling internationally


  • Uber may reject verification from some providers. 
  • You won’t be able to get calls and SMS from Uber drivers
  • Restricts Uber features such as sharing ride status with friends/family
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Method 3: Use Friends/Family Numbers to Join Uber

You can borrow your friend’s family number as an alternative to using your private number. If you consult with friends or family members, you can enter their number on Uber and ask for a verification code. 

It can be the best way to protect your information. However, it can compromise your family/friends’ privacy. So you should be careful and responsible while using their number. 


  • You don’t have to consider using temporary and virtual phone number
  • It is a legit method and has no risk of Uber rejecting the verification process
  • It can be a temporary solution if you plan to use Uber occasionally.  


  • While booking a ride via Uber, a driver may not be able to contact you, they can contact your friends/family. 
  • Using your Uber account with someone’s number may violate Uber’s terms and services.
  • Your friends and family can receive unnecessary messages and notifications on their phones that can bother them. 
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Method 4: Get a friend to book Uber on your behalf

Suppose you want Uber ride but don’t want to use your number to create an account. You can book a ride from your friend’s account. 

After you request rides from the Uber, you can inform your friends to coordinate with your driver for the pickup location. However, Uber agent drivers will have your friends’ contact details, but your phone number will be safe. 


  • No number sharing
  • Convenient solution for urgent/temporary use. 
  • Helpful for non-tech savvy persons.


  • Dependency on others as you have to ask a friend every time you need an Uber
  • Your friend may not always be available whenever you need an Uber
  • Your friend’s privacy can be compromised


We hope this article will clarify your confusion about signing up for Uber without a phone number. You can use temporary/virtual numbers or family/friends’ numbers if you don’t want to use your private phone number.

These alternative methods can help you to maintain your privacy and protect your sensitive information. 

To ensure maximum security using Uber, we recommend you try virtual phone numbers from KrispCall with high encryption tech and security. The wide availability of KrispCall in over 100 countries will allow you to choose a number from different countries for Uber. 

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Can I create a Uber account without a phone number

Yes, you can create a Uber account without using a phone number. You can use temporary or virtual phone numbers to sign up with Uber without buying a sim card. 

How to bypass Uber SMS verification?

Here are the ways to bypass Uber SMS verification
1. Use virtual phone numbers.
2. Use temporary email/phone numbers.
3. Use third-party verification apps.

Why wont Uber app verify my phone number?

Uber app won’t verify your phone number because of the following reasons:
– Your phone number is incorrect.
– Cellular network errors.
– Unreliable internet connection.

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