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Best VoIP Integrations with Microsoft Teams



Best VoIP Integrations with Microsoft Teams

As businesses continue to embrace remote work and collaboration, the integration of VoIP with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams has become crucial.”

You, being ‘the’ decision maker for your business, may be considering implementing a virtual phone system + Microsoft Teams integration, right? ✅

There are many VoIP options available today and said integration might be something you’re interested in getting your hands on in order to take advantage of improved communication and productivity.

🔥 It’s important to note that there is a lot to consider when choosing a VoIP provider that integrates with Microsoft Teams, so we’ve done all the research for you and compiled this definitive list of the best VoIP integrations with Microsoft Teams.


  • Integration of VoIP systems with Microsoft Teams makes inter-team collaboration and telecommunication easy and sophisticated.
  • Using VoIP + Microsoft Teams integration can improve customer service, sharing information & carrying out cross-platform project management across platforms.
  • When choosing a Microsoft Teams integration, consider your organizational needs, assess the capabilities of the VoIP system, look into feature offerings, and read actual user reviews.

So, without further ado, Let’s get started. 👇

What is Microsoft Teams VoIP Integration?

Microsoft Teams VoIP integrations are a set of plugins that allow users to connect Microsoft Teams to their VoIP phone system. Through the integration, users can make & receive phone calls or even utilize other functionalities like teleconferencing, file sharing, and video calling through the ‘Teams’ interface, eliminating the need to use separate apps.

What are Microsoft Teams VoIP Integrations

For example, when the integration is complete, you can use all the functionalities & capabilities of your phone system over on Microsoft Teams. All those may include routing & recording calls, call groups, call analytics & monitoring, voicemail, and voicemail transcriptions.

With the integration in place, the communication workflows, as well as the collaboration of the users (organization), typically improve and lead to better productivity.

What are the Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Teams for Business?

Even though Integrating Microsoft Teams with a business phone system brings up better functionalities on its own, the benefits themselves can be of way more value to businesses.

To give an essence of what are the advantages of Microsoft Teams integrations, here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

What are the Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Teams for Business

1. Streamlines Communication and Collaboration

This integration, as said earlier, brings all your communication aspects (channels) into a single central one. This, by its sole existence itself, streamlines communication, and with that, team collaboration becomes even easier as there’s no need to switch between platforms.

2. Increases Team Productivity and Efficiency

With this integration implemented, file and data sharing becomes more convenient because you get to use everything that Microsoft has to offer with its Office suite. As an added benefit, it also gives you access to other popular business tools, so you can access everything you need.

3. Improves Project Management and Visibility

Integrating Microsoft Teams with a VoIP phone system also makes project management easier, as you can carry out voice calls, video calls, and screen sharing from a single platform. And all that while having a clear idea of what’s happening, you can visibly keep checks on deadlines, assignments, and checklists to keep everyone accountable and moving forward.

4. Centralizes User & Data Management

With Microsoft Teams + Cloud phone system integrations, businesses also have access to added benefits in the form of centralized data. By implementing this integration in the right context, businesses can simplify the management of communication systems by enabling administrators to manage user and data access, permissions, and configurations from a central interface.

5. Improves Customer Service Delivery

Lastly, For businesses that rely on customer interactions, integrating VoIP with Microsoft Teams can enhance customer service delivery. They get to use all VoIP features like call management, number sharing, call analytics, and global calling or use virtual numbers to contribute and deliver a more streamlined and responsive customer experience.

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10 Best Microsoft Teams Integrations in 2024

Organizations typically use Microsoft Teams integration for a variety of purposes that may include team management, improving workflow productivity, or staying connected. As a result, most businesses integrate Microsoft Teams with their company’s phone systems.

So here we are with a selection of 10 best Microsoft Teams integrations with cloud phone systems. Worry not about the quality of the list, as we have already done the research and put forth the list based on the following factors:

  • Compatibility of the VoIP phone system
  • Features offered with the Integration
  • User Experience and Reviews
  • Ease of Integration
  • Pricing

But first, here’s an overview of Best VoIP Integrations with Microsoft Teams, and what we found.

Integration Pricing Features Best for
Webex + Microsoft Teams Contact Sales Speed Dial, Webex Calling, Call Forwarding Status, Call/Search Input Enterprise-sized Businesses.
3CX + Microsoft Teams Starts at $0/system (hidden charges) Call routing, Call reporting, Video Conferencing, Call Queues Small to large-sized Businesses.
Intermedia Unite + Microsoft Teams Starts at $27.99 2-way presence sync, Auto Attendant, Call Queueing, Business SMS Small to large-sized Businesses.
Zadarma + Microsoft Teams Starts at $0/month/5 users (additional parameters) Calls in one click, Call recordings, Call routing, Speech analytics Small to large-sized Businesses.
Virtual PBX + Microsoft Teams Starts at $9/user/month Calls in one click, Call recordings, Call routing, Speech Analytics Small to large-sized Businesses.
XCastLabs + Microsoft Teams Contact Sales Instant messaging, Voice calls, Video calls, Document sharing Small to large-sized Businesses.
Ultatel + Microsoft Teams Starts at $16.95/month/ user Global PSTN Access, Session border control & direct routing, Voice Calls, SMS & MMS Small to large-sized Businesses.
GoTo + Microsoft Teams Contact Sales SMS, Dial plan editor, Ring groups, Call recording Small to large-sized Businesses.
Nextiva + Microsoft Teams Starts at $18.95/user/mo Voice Calls, Voicemail, Call flow, Call analytics Small to large-sized Businesses.
Aircall + Microsoft Teams Starts at $40/license Voice Calls, Contact Cards, Contact Management, User availability syncing Small to large-sized Businesses.

1. Webex + Microsoft Teams Integration

Enterprises looking for a solid and decently balanced combination can opt to choose Webex + Microsoft Teams integration. Webex + Microsoft Teams integration acts as a solution for businesses looking for a unified platform to help them achieve better telecommunication, collaboration, and productivity.

Webex Microsoft Teams Integration

Together with the combination of the strengths of both platforms, i.e., accessibility of all of Webex’s calling features directly over on the Teams interface and vice versa, businesses can improve communication efficiency, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately achieve their goals.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Make and receive audio & video calls directly within the Microsoft Teams interface
  • Use quick access buttons for frequently called contacts within Microsoft Teams.
  • View the call forwarding status of your Webex Calling contacts directly in Microsoft Teams.
  • Search for contacts and initiate calls directly from the Microsoft Teams search bar.
  • See if your contacts are available for calls or meetings, regardless of which platform they’re using (Webex or Teams).

💸 Pricing

  • Contact Sales

2. 3CX + Microsoft Teams Integration

The integration of the 3CX phone system with Microsoft Teams is another one of the finest combos. The integration brings all of 3CX’s capabilities over to Teams, which lets users make calls via SIP trunk carriers in their region and gives users a seamless, unified calling experience across 3CX and Teams.

3cx Microsoft Teams Integration

3CX + Microsoft Teams integration brings users a good number of benefits working on both platforms. The integration brings over accessibility to advanced PBX functionalities and call center software features on Teams, making it a great resource for businesses for a complete mixup.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Use the 3CX phone system to receive and make calls.
  • Access detailed reports on call activity like duration and caller details over on Microsoft Teams.
  • Make video calls between 3CX and Microsoft Teams users.
  • Use call queues to hold incoming calls.
  • Manage and track agent activity, including availability, login/logout, and performance metrics.

💸 Pricing

3CX FREE$0 for up to 10 users
3CX SMB$ 175/system
3CX PRO$ 145/system
3CX ENT$ 180/system
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3.  Intermedia Unite + Microsoft Teams Integration

The integration of Intermedia Unite and Microsoft Teams brings into play the close-to-perfect pairing of cloud telephony together with the collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Intermedia Unite offers two-way native integration with Microsoft Teams.

Intermedia Microsoft Teams Integration

Being one of the many trusted Mircosoft partners, Intermedia offers support to a comprehensive range of services from Microsoft. With the integration, businesses get to enjoy award-winning cloud telephony features, reliability, and flexibility, as well as a great communication experience.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Synchronize presence status across Unite and Teams.
  • Set up and manage your auto attendant directly within the Teams.
  • Manage your call queue, monitor wait times, and adjust settings all within the Teams interface.
  • Compose and send text messages from the Teams chat.
  • Share files from Intermedia Unite to Microsoft Teams and vice versa

💸 Pricing


4.  Zadarma + Microsoft Teams Integration

Zadarma, being a telephony provider that deals with all sorts & kinds of services in the field, offers free cloud phone integration with Microsoft Teams. The integration offers a convenient and feature-rich solution for businesses looking to organize communication and leverage the power of both platforms.

Zadarma Microsoft Teams Integration

With the integration, users can dial straight from Microsoft Teams – connect a phone number, and make and receive calls. While the integration is free, besides, it does not require the installation of additional apps or software, and all you need to do is connect and start communicating.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Call clients straight from MS Teams.
  • Set up call routing for different call scenarios.
  • Configure voice menus straight from Microsoft Teams.
  • Access all MS Teams call recordings with the Zadarma Interface.
  • Analyze all calls using 50+ parameters by transcribing them.

💸 Pricing

Standard$0 per month per 5 users (additional parameters)
Office$44 per month per 10 users
Corporation$88 per month per 20 users

5.  Virtual PBX + Microsoft Teams Integration

The VirtualPBX + Microsoft Teams integration offers a convenient and powerful way to connect your business cloud phone system. With the integration in place, you get to improve communication efficiency, enhance customer experience, and boost team productivity as you get to utilize the power of both platforms.

Virtualpbx Microsoft Teams Integration

And, if your team already relies on Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration, the VirtualPBX integration can be pivotal for your business as a whole. Furthermore, this integration seamlessly connects your VirtualPBX phone numbers and features with the native calling functionality within Teams.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Use Virtual PBX’s auto-attendant menus over on MS Teams.
  • Using ACD queues, agents see incoming calls and caller information within the Teams interface.
  • Ring groups for simultaneous rings on the Teams devices of all assigned members.
  • Set up speed dials for frequently dialed contact to be accessed over on MS Teams.
  • Access detailed call reports directly within the Teams interface or through the Virtual PBX.

💸 Pricing

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6.  XCastLabs + Microsoft Teams Integration

Being a renowned business VoIP services and products provider, XCastLabs’ cloud phone system can also be integrated with Microsoft Teams. What makes this unique is that in this integration, you get to choose whether Microsoft Teams will be the primary or secondary device for your Hosted PBX or SIP Trunk.

Xcastlabs Microsoft Teams Integration

When using the integration, you can make outbound calls through their XCastLabs PBX or Trunk account via Teams or, on the flip side, receive calls to a phone number associated with that as well. The integration also includes features like sending and receiving messages, video calls, and document sharing.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Send and receive text messages directly within MS Teams, eliminating the need to switch between applications.
  • Make and receive audio calls directly from within MS Teams, leveraging XCastLabs’ PBX system or SIP trunk connection.
  • Conduct video meetings directly within MS Teams, using XCastLabs’ video conferencing.
  • Share documents and files directly within MS Teams chat conversations.
  • Access and manage your XCastLabs contact list directly within MS Teams.

💸 Pricing

Essential$ 15/user/month
Standard$ 40/user/month

7.  Ultatel + Microsoft Teams Integration

Ultatel, being a certified solution provider for Microsoft Teams, offers easy integration with their VoIP system that not only lets users work together but also enables them to make phone calls outside of their PSTN with a session border controller (SBC).

Ultatel Microsoft Teams Integration

What makes it stand out among the rest is its excellent collaboration and conferencing capabilities that it offers with its enterprise-grade cloud phone system integrated with Microsoft Teams. Additionally, the integration is designed to make remote work easier, faster, and more efficient, ultimately improving customer service.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Use traditional PSTN from anywhere in the world using the Microsoft Teams client.
  • Use a Session Border Controller (SBC) to connect your existing phone system to Microsoft Teams securely.
  • Make and receive VoIP calls through the Microsoft Teams interface.
  • Send and receive text messages (SMS) and MMS directly through Teams.
  • Use Ultatel’s native contact center solutions over from MS Teams.

💸 Pricing


8.  GoTo Connect + Microsoft Teams Integration

The integration of GoTo’s Connect product with Teams is also considered a good option when talking about Microsoft Teams integration with VoIP systems. When you integrate GoTo Connect’s phone system with Microsoft Teams, you get access to a simple and intuitive phone system that allows you to make calls without having to leave Microsoft Teams.

The integration is easy to do, and you have three different options, namely Teams Connector, Teams Edition License, and GoTo Phone App to do it. Through the integration, users get to streamline their communication workflow and boost productivity.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Send and receive text messages directly within the MS Teams interface using the GoTo Connect phone number.
  • Manage call routing directly from Microsoft Teams without needing to switch between platforms.
  • Answer calls from ring groups directly within Teams.
  • Initiate, manage, and access call recordings directly from the Teams interface.
  • Manage user accounts, monitor call activity, and analyze performance metrics using GoTo Connect’s administrative tools and dashboards over on MS Teams.

💸 Pricing

Standard$32.00/user /month
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9.  Nextiva + Microsoft Teams Integration

Nextiva and Microsoft Teams integration is designed to bring all your cloud phone service seamlessly into your Teams environment. Like all other choices on this comparison, it also can improve communication efficiency and streamline workflows for your business. 

Nextiva Microsoft Teams Integration

No apps are required to be downloaded, no browser plug-ins to install, and no training is required since the integration uses Microsoft’s Direct Routing Method.

Users can make full use of this integration to access all of Nextiva’s VoIP system offerings over on Microsoft Teams and manage all their communication needs.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Make and receive phone calls directly from your Teams interface using the virtual phone system offered by Nextiva.
  • Receive voicemail messages for your Nextiva phone number within Teams
  • Design customized routing rules for incoming calls based on time, day, caller ID, and other criteria through MS Teams.
  • Track and analyze call data like volume and duration through Teams Interface.
  • Automatically transcribe voicemail and call recordings into text, making them easier to search, review, and share

💸 Pricing


10.  Aircall + Microsoft Teams Integration

The integration between Aircall, a cloud-based phone system, and Microsoft Teams aims to streamline communication within and outside your organization.

Aircall, being a well-known name in the VoIP market, provides decent functionalities with this integration and can act as a powerful solution for businesses looking to improve communication, collaboration, and customer service delivery.

Aircall Microsoft Teams Integration

The integration is easy to set up, provides administrative privileges in both Aircall and Teams, and comes along with some unique features like availability sync, managing contacts with in-chat icons, and dealing tickets with teammates.

✨ Key Integration Features

  • Make calls to customers and prospects using Microsoft Teams.
  • Deal with tickets and opportunities together with teammates.
  • Use In-Chat icons to organize and manage your contacts from one place.
  • Use activity sync to prevent missed calls and interruptions.

💸 Pricing

CustomCall for details

Tips to Choose the Right Microsoft Teams Integration

Having learned all about the top cloud phone system providers and how their integrations can be beneficial for you and your business. Well, it’s time for you to learn about some tips that you should follow when choosing one.

You should remember that selecting the right Microsoft Teams integration is crucial as it helps businesses achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and customer service by simplifying workflows, enhancing communication, and improving team productivity. So, let’s get going with the tips:

  • Select or build a Team + virtual phone structure/plan that fits your business requirements.
  • Assess and select a cloud-based phone system that is easy to use and cost-effective.
  • Look for a telephone system that has core functionalities like call initiation, call & contact management, and call routing.
  • Once you’ve got your eyes on one, move on to reading actual user reviews to get insights from them.
  • Make sure you have access to 24/7 ongoing support to help you integrate the platforms to streamline the process and check that it’s scalable.

Final Words

To close things up, we explored all the available options for integrating VoIP systems with Microsoft Teams, not to mention the fact that using and leveraging Microsoft Teams integrations with all of those can bring numerous advantages. 

From streamlined workflows and centralized communication to enhanced collaboration and productivity, integrating your existing systems with Teams can unlock a new level of efficiency, connectivity, and success.

But when it comes to choosing the best VoIP phone system integration for your Teams environment, KrispCall stands out as the top choice with ease of setup, feature offerings, unmatched value, and capabilities that can unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams for your business telephony. 


Does Microsoft Teams integrate with HubSpot?

Yes, Microsoft Teams integrates with HubSpot. Using the integration, users can connect their Microsoft Teams account with HubSpot access and use all of HubSpot’s features and functionalities made available. This integration is available in all of HubSpot’s subscription plans.

Does teamwork integrate with Teams?

Yes, Teamwork integrates with Microsoft Teams. Through this integration, users can view and interact using projects as well as create new tasks, messages, and comments. Additionally, content can be searched and posted in Microsoft Teams.

What can Microsoft Teams integrate with?

Microsoft Teams integrates with many apps and software that help people manage their productivity, communication, projects, HR, and finances. Additionally, Microsoft Teams can also be integrated with web applications, cloud phone systems, and devices for enhanced functionality.

What happens if I experience technical issues with the integration?

If you are experiencing issues while integrating Microsoft Teams with your VoIP system, you should try to find out the nature of the problem and then take specific steps to resolve it.

Here are some general issues and their fixes that can be helpful:

  • Connectivity and Authentication: Ensure you have a stable internet connection and your credentials are correct. Check Microsoft Teams service status for any ongoing outages.
  • Licensing and Permissions: Verify you have the necessary licenses and permissions for the specific integration you’re using. Contact your administrator if unsure.
  • App-Specific Issues: Some integrations have known issues. Consult the developer’s documentation or support channels for known problems and workarounds.
  • Exchange Server Issues: Investigate delegate scheduling issues between Microsoft Teams and Exchange Server. The issue may need to be validated for compatibility with the version and environment, as well as escalated if necessary.

In case the technical issues continue to occur, you head over to these Microsoft resources: Troubleshoot configuration issues with Microsoft Teams integration, Microsoft Teams Known Issues, and Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams.

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