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Best VoIP Integrations with



Are you looking for a way to manage your projects and customers’ data and have efficient communication with your team and customers? Do you wish there was a way to streamline workflows and communication in a single platform?

You can be frustrated by switching between different apps and manually entering the data between applications. It can be time-consuming and less efficient, losing all the work productivity. 

Don’t worry! integration with VoIP solves all your problems. Monday integration helps to automate tasks, sync data, and improve your overall communication and business workflow. 

Read till the end to learn about the benefits, workflow, and the best VoIP platforms that integrate with


  • KrispCall is the best VoIP phone system that integrates with
  • integration will help to organize data, improve customer service, convert leads, and increase overall ROI.
  • Integration with is possible from both VoIP phone systems and through itself.

Let’s start!

What are Integrations? is a project management tool that facilitates the management of tasks, projects, and workflows.

It allows users to integrate their account with external platforms. integrates seamlessly with other platforms using predefined integration flows.

GitHub, Facebook Ads, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Mailchimp, and Semrush are some examples of its integration capabilities. You can do this integration with login with the existing tools and platforms. 

The Semrush integration provides real-time keyword insights powered by Semrush without leaving the interface. Emails can be converted into action items using the Outlook integration. To target specific items, users can set up automation and integrations. 

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What are the Benefits of Integrating for Business?

Businesses can take great advantage of’s integration with VoIP phone service for their workplace. It minimizes manual work, automates tasks, and finds leads to convert into customers. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • Efficient and Organized Data Collection: Integration with helps synchronize and organize all information systematically. For sales representatives and support agents, it is useful to have customer case histories so that they can tailor their sales pitches accordingly. 
  • Automated call routing and forwarding: Teams can avoid missing important calls by routing incoming calls automatically based on caller ID, time, or schedule with integration.
  • Streamline Customer Communication: With integration, customers receive personalized service, including pop-up caller IDs and access to detailed profiles during calls. Additionally, automates follow-up messages, such as texts and emails, following a call for quality control and training purposes.
  • Monitoring Important Call Analytics & KPIs: Using call analytics, you can gain valuable insight into how your agents interact with customers. A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is included on inbound and outbound calls. It helps determine customer service effectiveness, employee productivity, and areas for improvement.
  • Effective Marketing Campaigns: With integration, customers can be segmented and targeted with specific marketing campaigns. This process can be automated and save time for businesses. Agents can market their products to targeted prospects after marketing.
  • Boosts Team’s Productivity: Interacting with clients and gathering information can be time-consuming and tedious when switching between different apps.  By integrating with, information can be gathered in one place rather than having to toggle between apps. It significantly improves the productivity and efficiency of agents.

How Does Phone Integration Work?

With, you can sync data with other applications and VoIP platforms, automate workflows, and answer calls, texts, or voicemails. The following is a breakdown of its working procedures:

How Does Phone Integration Work

1. Connect your VoIP phone system to

You can integrate with your phone system or through With API keys and login credentials, you can connect to using your VoIP. 

2. Define the Trigger

Once is set up, you can choose a specific phone event to trigger it. Custom triggers are combinations of triggers and actions that can trigger the signal.

As an example, a user may choose a “Leads Category” when selecting leads from a CRM system. The data will then be synchronized with

In this specific case, you will create a custom field type that will allow leads to be gathered from categories on the backend. Your custom trigger would then use these fields as inputs.

3. Select the Action

Once you have set a trigger, you can select the action in’s custom triggers. As a business, you can set actions based on your needs, such as recording phone logs, sending voice mail, saving contact details, forwarding calls, etc. 

4. Test and Refine

Once you have finished setting up Triggers and Actions, you can test them to see if they work. To increase your work efficiency, you can customize your triggers and actions according to your needs.  

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4 Best Integrations in 2024 is one of the best CRM platforms in the world. It is used by many businesses to improve their customer service and workflow. It improves customer experience and saves time and money. 

Thus, is often integrated with businesses’ workspaces and phone systems. Here are the best Integrations in 2024 based on the following factors.  

  • Range of features
  • Pricing
  • User interface and experience
  • User reviews
  • Compatibility with devices
  • Using Demos and Trials

1. AirCall+  Integration

AirCall is one of the first VoIP services to integrate with Using this integration, you can sort that data within intelligent workspaces that are customized to your needs. 

Aircall voip integration with

Teams can customize workspaces and workflows without coding or IT assistance. This allows teams to track and leverage call data from one place by automatically logging calls into these workspaces. 


  • Automate calls based on call data, such as contact information, recordings, tags, and notes.
  • Prepare for calls with all the information you need
  • Real-time, actionable customer data


Essentials$30 /license
Professional$50 /license
CustomContact sales team

2. RingOver+  Integration

Ringover is a cloud-based phone system that offers integration with Through this integration, users can make and receive calls directly from, access call logs and recordings, and create new contacts.

RingOver voip integration with

Using the integration, call data can also be logged and synchronized with Ringover + Moday integration streamlines the process of managing and syncing conversations between sales and support teams.


  • Enhance the efficiency and productivity of your team
  • Experience enhancement for customers
  • Communicate more efficiently
  • Enhance the accuracy of data
  • Workflow simplification
  • Enhance visibility and control


Smart$24 per user/month
Power$49 per user/month

3. CallTools+  Integration

CallTools is a call center software that offers a complete outbound and inbound solution for call centers. Its integration with helps to streamline agents’ workflow and employee productivity. It tracks and leverages data, manages projects, personalizes conversations, and helps work faster without switching platforms. 

Calltools voip integration with

For contact centers like CallTools, makes it easier by offering features such as predictive dialing, call recording, call analytics, and others


  • Initiate calls with a single click directly from
  • Receive screen pop-ups for incoming calls
  • Automatically log calls with detailed information
  • Enable contextual collaboration for efficient communication
  • Configure seamlessly with user-friendly settings
  • Set up webhook subscriptions for real-time updates
  • Access and review call logs effortlessly within the platform

Contact sales

4. JustCall+  Integration

JustCall is a fully featured VoIP service that integrates seamlessly with, with features like recording and logging outbound calls automatically and offering click-to-call functionality. With JustCall, which is tightly integrated with, you won’t have to spend time logging calls and SMS manually. 

JustCall voip integration with

Using this powerful tool will also improve your outbound calling team’s customer satisfaction and help you close more sales.


  • From, you can call prospects with one click
  • There is no need to switch between applications
  • Keep a record of all outbound calls, voicemails, texts, and missed calls 
  • Identify and analyze outbound calling metrics and monitor agents on a proactive basis


Essentials: $29 per user/month
Team:$39 per user/month
Pro: $69 per user/month
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Tips to Choose Right Integration

  • Analyze Your Business Needs: Consider what features and functionalities you will need from any integration to meet both short- and long-term objectives. You can narrow down the right integrations for your business based on capabilities, cost, etc. 
  • Identify And Evaluate Specific Integrations: After identifying possible integrations, read reviews and customer testimonials or ask someone who has used them for advice. If you need data security and automated processes, make sure the provider offers these without requiring too much technical expertise. 
  • Option For Customization: When integrating new systems into their communication system, businesses require different customization options. You must ensure that the business phone system or communication platform offers more customization options and better service. You won’t have any bad surprises when you choose a customizable option. 
  • A Few Extra Tips: You should look for availability,  scalability, customer support, and uptime. In case of problems, the support team should be available at all times to assist you. If no one is around to handle issues when they arise, no matter how great an integration might appear, it won’t be much use.

Conclusion is a reliable Customer Relationship Management tool to automate workflows and improve productivity and customer satisfaction for businesses. It can be easily integrated with popular VoIP software, making it an even more powerful tool to manage workflows.

A business can improve ROI, generate leads, and convert them, as well as improve its overall organization with the help of integration with VoIP software. 

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